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Subject: Additional words about Panama

Comments on the Republic of Panama;

    Panamanian men treat their women like SHIT!  The guy's idea of a
good time is to take his pay check, go to the local cantina, get bombed,
and then go home and beat the shit out of his wife.   I've seen it time
and time again.

    So, lucky and just slightly more refined men, like a tipical
American slob, can go to Panama, go to happy hour, strike up a
conversation, and pretty much be guaranteed of getting laid.  As about
the last article said, the women really are friendly, and they
appreciate a little style.

    Now, I am not a great looking guy, I did not have alot of money, and
I am not "smooth" at all.  But, in Panama, I thought my privates would
fall off from being over used.

    If anyone is going for an extended stay, it's very easy to establish
longer term relatioonships with the women.  AND BY THE WAY, if your
married, LET THEM KNOW - IT DOESN'T MATTER TO many of the women, and
they will appreciate your honest more than ever.

    Two resturants with "YOUNG" women working, La CASCADA on Balboa
avenue and Las Costillitas  (COAS TI HEE TAS) on Via Argentinas, both
owned by (no kidding here) George Bush.

    Very nice and cheap Hotel near downtown but not on the main and very
noisey Via Central is the Hotel Las Vegas - run by Henry Stec and his
family.  THIS IS NOT A PUSH BUTTON HOTEL - Sorry but you can't use it as
a cat house.  I mention it as it is centrally located, nice, and
actually hid Americans during the Liberation (or invasion if your pro

    Fishing in Gatun Lake is IN EF-in CREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!  If you want
a cheap day of saltwater fishing, take a day to go to Togoga, walk to
the top of the town, turn left and ask for TOPO   (Toe  Poe).  He has a
larger (or smaller compared to a larger boat) sea worthy cyuca (sp?) and
for $20-$30 will give you a pretty fair day out around the islands.
Bring extra beer and plenty of ice.

    There were some long term folks at the American Embassy who had a
house out at Contradora Island - for rent - fairly cheap.  Don't
remember who.

    The girls at the Blue Goose were also willing to go sailing for the
weekend, as a small group of five, out to the Carribean side - for
nothing more than the promise that I wasn't after them and the boat was
fully stocked.  Well, my boat was fully stocked and as I lived up to my
word, they saw fit to return their thrill of a once in a lifetime boat
ride with a once in a lifetime six in the rack.

Date: Thu, 8 Jan 1998 21:37:15 EST Subject: Panama I was at an American base in Panama a few months ago. Drunk and horny I called a cab and asked him to take me to a strip club. He asked me what my intentions were and I told him that I wanted to see young naked girls. He said that if my intention was to get laid, he knew of a better place. He took me to a place that looked like a dump on the outside(behind another business) but very nice on the inside with neon lights, suana's and tv's. I walked to the bar and had about 10 pretty good looking women staring at me. I chose one that was young, beautiful with an awesome complexion and long black hair. The price was $120.00 and she was a bit nervous (good if you like newbies), but the service and sex was awesome. I've learned like others have said, that pussy is like merchandise........ you get what you pay for and don't pay for anything you don't want. This 18 yr old la chica was one of the finest I've met in my life.

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