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Panama City, Panama

Date: Sat, 27 May 1995 13:18:00 GMT

>I will be in Panama next week and was wondering if there were any good
>services or places(clubs) to visit while I was there.   I will be staying
>downtown in the El Panama area.


   Check out the Ancon Inn in downtown.  Chicks range from fat and butt
   ugly, to drop dead beautiful.  They have a floor show, but it's
   nothing to write home about.  Prices are cheap, from $30 up, and
   there's a hotel on the premises.

   There's another place called the Blue Goose, out of town to the
   north.  Any taxi driver will take you there.  No floor show (no loss
   either) and the girls tend to be a little better looking.

   Stay away from "La Palace", they have centerfold quality women, but
   way, way overpriced.  $150 might get you a hand job, and that's about
   it!  Their floor show is tough to beat though, some of the girls are
   actully quite talented.

   Pick me up an "Acon Ranger" T-Shirt would you?  Mine's about worn

   Have Fun!

Date: Mon, 29 May 1995 04:25:16 GMT I second the info on the Ancon Inn. Had many a good night there a few years back! Also, don't know if it's still there but if you walk out of the Ancon, turn left and then at the next street go right, there should be a club called the Ovalo. Not exactly Ancon, but sometimes has more semi-pros (they had a more relaxed attitute about girls who didn't really work for the house hanging around). Look for a blonde named Patricia, if she's still there. She may only be about a 6 or 7 on a 1-10, but she tends to be friendly and very open-minded (most of the hookers could be pretty straight-laced; most came from Columbia as it's illegal for a Panamanian to be a hooker). Almost all the clubs are located on/around Calle J, just take any taxi and tell the driver "calle jota"; he'll know where to go. Especially on weeknights you can usually wander the bars/clubs in the area with little or no cover charges (i.e. Ancon had a $1.00 entry charge, but that got you a chip good for a beer at the bar). Enjoy...I sure did!
Date: Wed, 21 Jun 1995 14:47:08 UTC I've lived and worked throughout Central America and have to heartily recommend the prostitution in Panama. I lived both in Panama and in the third largest city, David. Both have brothels. Standard procedure is very similar to the Dom. Rep. article posted here. Talk with a girl in the bar area, and find the one you like, and take her to a room. When I was in David, the rate was $7 per 10 minutes. So the locals bought, you guessed it, just ten minutes. Paying $25 seemed to get you as long as you really wanted. Quality varies. I was with everything from a girl that I was her first trick, to one that I was her regular customer, who let me get away with murder (*figuratively). If you want to take a girl home, it can be arranged for about $75 (Panama uses US Dollars as currency). For that $75, you can truly put her through the paces, even demand slightly unusual sex. Street prostitution is really common and really cheap. I was constantly offered blowjobs on my way home from work. Average cost? $15, with swallowing, of course. One caveat: make an inspection (upper and lower body) to make sure you are getting a woman, that is, if that is important to you. Many TVs there, similar to the Katoys in Thailand. The cheapest prostitution I ever had was a four dollar blowjob, of course I had to throw in a six pack of american coke. If you are staying at a hotel, room service is readily available; this might take a good working knowledge of Spanish. In fact, knowing Spanish makes the prostitution much better and interesting because you can request things and enjoy a little more freely.
Subject: Panama City, Panama Date: Tue, 20 Feb 1996 10:48:51 UTC Visited Panama in November. No evidence of street prostitution, but widely available in whorehouses and bars. Club Phoenix is a whorehouse right out of an Ernest Hemmingway novel. The house is located in a lousy part of town and should only be visited in groups or with a cabbie. The front part of the house is a bar where you mingle with and select your "hostess". After selection you go into the back which is like a seedy hoel and get down to business. Price is negotiable but is usually in the $30.00 for straight sex. Another choice is the strip clubs. La Mina is a club with mostly Dominican girls First they strip then they mingle. The aim here is to get you to buy them drinks. Before you can leave the club with a girl you gnerally have to buy her about five or more drinks then pay a fee to the bartender to "release" her, about $45.00. You then can take her back to your hotel and "do the nasty" for an additional tip. I gave the particular young lady another $30.00. It was fantastic. The very best way to find out where all the action is, is to check the list of U.S. Military "off limits" locations, prominently posted in the lobby of the Costa Del Sol Hotel in downtown Panama City. Last word. It is generally agreed by most men in Panama that the most beautiful women there are from Colombia.
Date: Thu, 29 Feb 1996 19:21:18 UTC You want to check out Josephines; it is a six star on a five star scale. It's the best place in panama.
Subject: Panama Date: Fri, 21 Jun 1996 13:07:02 UTC Hi! I lived in Panama for six years between 88 - 94 and i will be very pleased to cooperate with this sex guide. I've read the reports about Panama and eventhough they are correct in some sense they are not complete. All of them talk about low level protitution, 20 - 30 dollars! you can get that price, even lower in any poor street in america. Come on guys! what's that? We have to treat ourselves in a better way. The art of seduction is one of our best arms, we have to seduce, if not we can only masturbate. Panamanian girls love to make love, you only have to go to a Happy hour in almost every hotel (hotel Ceasar Park or El Panama) or disco in the city, thursday or friday starting 6 p.m. and you'll find lots of girls ready to make new friends and if they like you everything is ok. for free! in this countries you have to pay only in a desperate situation. You can carry them to your hotel room and if you can't there are a lot of motels named "push bottoms" renting clean, and confortable rooms with hot water, frigobar, t.v. videos etc, for 10 - 20 dollars 2 hours. They know very well where they are. If you are looking for prostitutes I recommend Le Palace or Josephine's there you'll find very pretty women colombian or dominican's, they will table dance for 10 box, you can touch them whereever you can!. Don't try to get them to your room that very night ask them for their home phone it will cost you less than 50 %. 100 dollars. have fun!
Date: Wed, 10 Jul 1996 23:53:06 UTC Listen. I live in panama. To start, Andcon Inn does not exist any more. It was destroyed in the invasion. Josephines, Josephines Gold(NEW) and Le Palace are the best places in town, but the most expensive. Prostitusion in Panama is almost legal. There are places like LA Gruta or La Gloria or El Gato Fenix that charge between 10.00 and 15.00 dollars to go up. This means, that in the second floors are the rooms were the girls will take you and will have intercorse with you. The payment is only for you to come, and any extra services are additional, but you can negotiate anything. Aids in Panama is still very controlled, but as you comment use always a condom. If you are planning to come to Panama let me know, since I will be more than glad to take you around the city. Sincerely Yours,
Subject: Panama Date: Wed, 21 May 1997 10:16:20 -0500 In reference: Panama I worked with PNP (Panama National Police) on a joint US and local law enforcement patrol between Sept. 89 - Oct 95 and this is what I've learned. There is NO I repeat NO mandated check for any "virus" at any club in Panama. I got to know the owners and doormen very well. Some might tell you different but they will be smiling. I don't think my fishing buddies would tell me lies about how they operate. Remember every disease in the world goes through the canal. The clubs hand out condoms or the girls have them ready but I suggest to bring your own as most club owners don't spend alot on overhead and that includes discount condoms by the ton. La gloria...Big women, not the greatest to be offered. If La gloria, the horse, is racing take note because if she comes in first there will be a good party that you should see. Fenix the man suggested bring a friend. They have a clearing barrel at the door for those with weapons (not the best area in town). Once inside get ready to have a great time.. Great bands great entertainment and great ladies. I remember right before I left oil wrestling and some other modified american past times were catching on. They didn't quite have the concept down when I left; sometimes the girls would beat the shit out of each other and spectators would never see a tit. Overall a great place. Not real happy to see "Grigos" , Owner was PDF Capt. prior to invasion and isn't going to open his arms to most americans. learn some spanish and write the man that lives there. Gruta Azul...Quiet juke box kind of place, the lighting helps some girls appearence but there is plenty to chose from. Go there with a friend of latin blood, this will save you alot of cash as locals were paying $10.00 I observed and laughed with friends as Amercans were paying $30.00 for the same time frame. As for the clubs on Calle J it's pretty much the same deal not much money needed but only a place to go. Most girls don't have alot of money so I suggest go have a good time and have a place to stay a great hotel doesn't cost much in comparision to the states. So spoil yourself. I suggest the Hotel Panama Centraly located to all the clubs great service great price and cab won't be but a couple of bucks to anywhere. Again you will most likely pay a little more if you can't pass yourself as a local but don't worry it won't be much and don't argue because most police don't smile on Americans (most were Noriegas soldiers turned policeman so resentment is still there. Also Nightcourt "ever see Midnight Express" is always happy about seeing Americans walk in - you will lose and you will pay.(sorry gettin' off my purpose) Actually the fancy Vegas style clubs are within' walking distance as well as Mcdonalds being on the corner as well as many food places you will recognize. They don't like to admit it but Panama is very Americanized including the currency so no need to worry about that. La Palace and Josephine's awesome babes. If your looking for a quick lay you will pay to leave the club to take her and then her asking price. I've seen local light skinned American girls (girls that grew up in the canal zone with parents working in Panama) make $500.00 for a one time deal and return with bigger bucks as the night goes on. Maryilyn from La palace (drool is dripping down my chin) Awsome!!! What I suggest is going to a nice club buy a big bottle of something good make friend and the girl will take you home free of charge.. not always but not unusual. Be nice to Jack night manager (la palce and he'll hook you up). On your trip if nothin' comes to nothin' La Movida is a Hotel down by central just knock on a door then pick and chose but you never know what's on the other side. Well enjoy and you can have what your heart desires in the way of variety as women from all nations of Central, South, and a few North American women are waiting to serve you !!!
Subject: WSG posting for Panama City Panama. Date: Tue, 13 Jan 1998 17:03:01 -0500 I am an American living in Panama for the last two years and I thought I would pass along some of my experiences with getting laid here in Panama City. I will begin with the don'ts: 1. Don't try to pick up hookers off of the street, in particular Forth of July Ave. (Cuatro de Julio in Spanish). Although this is the cheapest place to pick up a hooker in Panama City, you are taking a very big risk. The first of which is disease. Many of these women are drug users and carry all kinds of nasty gifts. secondly, you stand a good chance of getting mugged. This is not a very safe part of town, it is a very poor and rundown area with very little lighting and lots of dark back streets for her associates to be hiding in, just waiting for her to bring in a sucker. The third and in my book most important reason is you stand about an 80 percent chance that the "lady" you pick up will in fact be what the locals call a "cuako". To put it in English, most of the women working this area are actually men who make themselves look very convincingly like women. If you insist on shopping in this area, you should look very closely to make sure you are truly getting a woman. Make her prove to you that she really is a female. If she is she'll have no objection to showing you her goods. Even if you do manage to find a real woman in this area, I'd be real surprised if you can find anything above a 3. Keep in mind that most of the better looking ones in this area are transvestites. 2. There is a sort of red light district on J street (calle J) that is basically a couple of blocks of little run down bar/brothels. They are one step above the street, and I don't think you'll have to worry about the Transvestites here. But they are mostly frequented by the locals and I'm not too sure how receptive they are to gringos (North Americans). I would recommend only going here if you speak pretty good Spanish. Once again, this is not in a very good part of town. 3. There is a chain of three strip clubs here called Josephine's, Josephine's Gold and Josephine's Elite. You can find them listed in the phone book under clubs or ask any taxi driver. Although I do highly recommend you check out these clubs I do not recommend trying to buy a lady for the night, unless you are willing to spend lots of money. ($250-500). The clubs all have open bar on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. On these nights, you pay $20 to get in and drink local beer and booze for free all night. I would recommend going on one of these nights since drinks are $5.50 each on other nights. The clubs are very similar to strip bars in the U.S. a girl on stage dances for two songs, getting completely naked on the second. They offer table dances for $10 at your table and $20 in a private room. If you go for the private room the girl will let you be much freer with your hands. Yes touching is allowed especially in the private room. If you just have to have a Josephine's girl your best option is to spend a little money on her in the club, you can buy her a $13 drink or two plus a couple of dances. Treat her nice, like a regular person, not like a whore. Then if you seem to hit it off, try to arrange to meet her away from work. Many of these girls are from other South and Central American countries and don't know many people outside of work. They all dream of meeting a rich North American (remember, we're all rich to them). If you play your cards right you could manage to meet up with her in the afternoon or on her day off and get laid for no more than the cost of a meal. Trust me, I've seen it work many times in the past. Plus if she feels she's with you because she likes you and not because you paid for her (the girl has no choice if she gets bought out of the club she has to go with the guy or loose her job) she will probably show you a much better time. Now for the Do's: 1. There is a little bar called "My Place" it is right beside the Hotel Panama, just off of Via Espania. Again ask a Taxi driver they will know it. It is mostly frequented by U.S. military personnel stationed in Panama. Although it is quite a dump, on a good night you can find a pretty good selection of what I like to call semi-pros. These are woman who hang out both in and outside of the bar and although most of them are not full time hookers they are willing to work for a little extra money. Once you strike up a conversation, some of them will come right out and proposition you, and some will be a little less direct. Do not be surprised if you take a girl home and she asks you for "help" or "taxi money" the next morning. This is her way of asking you to pay her for sleeping with you without coming right out and admitting she's a whore. Since many of the women here have this attitude, be sure to never bring up the subject of money for sex. Leave that up to her, otherwise you could end up getting your face slapped. Plus she will probably blackball you with the other girls who hang out there. Just one more note on My Place, the girls who hang out outside the clubs tend to lean more towards the professional (straight money for sex) and the ones inside tend to be more amateur (taxi money). 2. The best way I have found to pay for sex in Panama is to visit on of the local massage parlors. They are all fronts for Prostitution and offer the best deal as far as price and quality of girls. I have personally visited two and the chicas (girls) range from 5 to 8. Basically, you pay $20 to the establishment for an hours massage. You then get to pick depending on the time of day between 5 to 20 girls. You can take your time making your selection your hour doesn't start until you get into the massage room. Once you pick a girl she will take you to a little room with a massage table. She will busy herself putting a clean sheet on the table, this is your key to get undressed. Once you are naked and laying on the table she will spend about 30 minutes giving you a massage. Some of the girls can actually give a pretty good massage, others are just faking it. After a half hour, she will ask you if you want her to continue massaging you or if you want something else. If you pick more massage, that's what you'll get (there is no need to be secretive here, you're not breaking any laws). If you ask for something else she will start to negotiate price with you. Remember the girl gets nothing out of the first $20, that all goes to the establishment. Like with all things the price will start high but you can work her down. I usually costs me about $35-40 in addition to the $20 at the door to get a blow job followed by sex (both with a condom). The two that I have visited are the Aquarius on Via Argentina, just off of Via Espania. They tend to have a larger selection of younger girls (18-22) but they don't seem to give as good of a massage. The other is the Caribbean Center on Ave. Miguel Brostella in El Dorado. It's right across from the Do it Center (how appropriate). The girls here are usually a little older, but most of them can actually give a pretty good massage. These are the only two I have experienced personally, but there are about a dozen more listed in the phone book under Masajes, or if all else fails just ask any taxi driver and they will take you to one. Use this method as a last resort since the taxi driver gets a kick back from the establishment, this will raise your admittance fee to $30. If you have to take a taxi, be sure to pay attention so you can find it yourself next time or just pick out a landmark close by. That way on future trips you can request the taxi drop you at the landmark and save yourself $10. Let me finish up with just a few general notes that might help you out: 1. Most of the girls will speak from a little to a lot of English but they will be a lot more impressed with you if you at least try to speak a little Spanish. Get out the old phrase book and brush up. 2. Most Latin American men treat their women like shit. If you treat her like a queen she will be so impressed that she may just forget she's in this for money and end up doing it just because she likes you. This is especially true in places like Josephine's. 3. With the exception of the women walking the street's most of these women do not consider themselves to be prostitutes. They just have a job that happens to include sleeping with men. 4. If you can't take her to your hotel or home because the wife or girlfriend is there, or your boss is in the next room, no problem. They have these little sex hotels all over the city called push buttons or just pushes. They are called that because each room has a garage in front of it. You drive your car into the garage role down the window and "push" the little button to close the garage door. This way, no one sees you getting out of your car and walking into a sleazy hotel and no one can drive by and see you car sitting in front of a sleazy hotel. I have found that these rooms are very clean, they scrub and disinfect the entire room between customers. Most have food and drinks available but like all honor bars it is very expensive. I would suggest bringing your own and just use their ice. Most of them cost about $15 for a standard room for 2 hours or $25 for a room with a hot tub for two hours. 5. Most of these women have no means of transportation other than a bus or taxi. If you're trying to convince a girl to meet you outside of work a good strategy is to suggest going to the beach on her day off. They all love doing this but the better beaches are a couple of hours drive from the city which makes it hard for them to get to them on their own. Not only will you impress the girl but you'll get a free guide and interpreter to help you discover Panama.
Date: Sun, 29 Mar 1998 00:31:24 -0600 Subject: panama prostitution Was in Panama city in Sept '97. Definitely a lot of action. according to cabbies, massage parlors are the way to go. didn't go this route so can't say. did go to Josephines and Gold club. don't bother. very expensive lady drinks (10) plus. table dances were american prices so didn't stay long. Most action streetwise centered around the disco "Dreams" . there were loads of avail babes inside and were very approachable. they would come across as "regular girls", but in the morning would ask for $20 "cab fare". i had several wonderful experiences this way. if you don't connect there, on the sidewalk outside were always 6-8 nice looking babes standing there. these girls definitely pay for play types. took a very attractive 19 yr old mulatta for $40. this was her asking price so i'm sure a little negotiating would bring this down. this disco is adjacent to Hotel Panama, a good base of operation. sitting in lobby here was approached by hooker who offered bj for $30. saw another club near taxi stand near Hotel Panama which looked like a pool hall but had about 15 girls sitting there obviously waiting to be rented. on another nite asked cabbie for a nude dance club, took to what i think was La Mina. had 40 dancers most of whom were Dominican. very attractive babes. they were all willing to meet after hours or on another occasion and quoted price of $70 for all nite which i again feel is negociable all in all, commercial sex very avail. i would check out the massage parlors at least once and definitly hit the discos if not inside, then at least the street outside. avoid the upscale topless places unless you have a lot of cash to burn.
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 14:22:16 +0100 Subject: Panama Dear Atta, I recently visited Panama City, and was sad to find my usual fitness centre (Brothel) closed and a cake shop in it's place !! With the assistance of a taxi driver I found another such establishment ! The Hawai Centre on Ave Justo Arosemena, next to the Hotel Roma - everyone knows the hotel. Just take a taxi to the hotel and it's next door. They are open 12.00 md - 3 am Mon - Sat and 4 pm - 12.00 mn on Sundays. There is quite a selection of girls some very good locking. The room is included and the cost for fucking and sucking is US $ 30 or 40 depending on the girl. The best place I've found recently. Another place to pick up girls in Panama City is at the Caesar Park (Westin) Hotel in the casino - they cost $ 100, but are not as good. Happy fucking

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