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Panama City, Florida

Date: Sat, 15 Jun 1996 23:26:07 UTC

I make an annual trip to Panama City, Florida.  I found a 38 year old
chinese massage therapyst who works out of her home.  She is
reasonably attractive an offers a "confidential massage" (handjob)
and a first class massage for $93.  You start out in the hot tub
wearing swim suits.  She massages you in the tub top to bottom.  Then
into the swimming pool.  She also usually bring out some wine and a
snack tray of some fruit and nuts.  The massage includes back walking,
chiropractic adjustments,  accupressure, and a regular massage.  She
keeps her cloths on but lets you feel through them.  Her family is in
the next room so you have to behave yourself somewhat.  Sometimes the
whole process takes 2 hours or more.  You can cum twice if you are up
to it.  She is very friendly and tries her best, without going too

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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