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Palmdale, California

Subject: Antelope Valley CA prostitutes

If you are smart and you decide to look for some action in
the Palmdale Lancaster CA area, I advise you to make a complete
180 and head down to Ensenada or TJ. The hookers in this valley
are druggies and are only for the most desperate at heart. Most
of them hang out along Sierra Highway. I have never partaked
any action, but it is real cheap $10 for blow job $30-40 for a
piece of ass. If you see a real good looking woman, chances are
they work for LA county sheriffs. Take my advice... AVOID THIS
PLACE AT ALL COSTS! I can hardly wait until until I leave this
place. It only good for a nuclear test site! I'll see if any
new action is happening in Puerto Vallarta and post my report
after the next trip

El Tiburon

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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