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Palermo, Italy

Subject: italy, Palermo sex-scene

I've been living here for more than twenty years naw and a few things
have changed in the last years: While you used to find hookers in the
city center, now you should search for them in more periferic sites,
like the "Favorita" park on the way going from Palermo to Mondello
almost at any hour of the day, from 9am up to dusk and then in the "foro
italico" just in front of the Jolly Hotel; most of them are black
(african) or south american girls, aged from mid-twenty to thirty ys
none of which could be scored a 10, but a good percentage ranges from
acceptable (better than a solo handjob) to really cute.
Could be also of some help, as most of the above mentioned, will offer
you to have sex in your car, to searc carefully the "annunci" section of
the local newspaper "giornale di sicilia" at the voices "14.prestazioni
professionali" or "30.servizi vari" and also "32.relazioni sociali";
call the numbers you'll find there and ask what you are looking for: the
girl will provide you with the info you seek.....
Expect to pay from 30000 italian liras (about 20 us$) for the street
hookers up to 100000/150000 it. liras (65-100 us$) for those whose
numbers are on the newspaper ... after all they (id you) have to pay for
the advertising service.
Shouldn't you find the right newspaper section can try these numbers:
they've been tested:
Sandy	611 0888
Dhebora	0368/685671 (cellular phone)

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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