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Palau General Information

Subject: Palau

Palau is an island in the Pacific Ocean and is a tourist resort visited
by many who enjoy scuba diving etc. It is just west of the American
island of Guam.

Palau - the capital Kuror has a few textile factories where all the
staff are from mainland China. Some of the girls intended for the
factory obviously do not make it. Madalaii Chinese Massage is one such
place that some end up. Tradition massage it says on the door - as
traditional as a Bangkok knocking shop !!!!!!  The entry fees is US $ 35
per hour, but does not include the extras. Taking the girls top off and
playing with her tits while she rubs you off will cost a tip of $ 10 -
20. A fuck the asking price is $ 100 but I suspect you could get away
with only half of that. The girls are all young - 18 - 22 years old
beautiful chinese girls, not so experienced but all willing.  Having
just arrived from mainland China the majority do not speak any English,
but sign language is easily understood. It was a great experience.

The telephone number is 488 5307, which if you call they will send a car
to your hotel to pick you up - it's included in the $ 35.00 admission
charge. Its 20 meters off the Madalaii trafic light junction in down
town Kuror.

Happy fucking.

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