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Oxnard, California

Date: Wed, 22 May 1996 14:34:30 UTC

A few Asian establishments advertise Latinas or "international staff" in the
LA X-Press, but in my experience only Asians were working when I dropped in.

I did stumble across a HIGHLY reccommended all-Latina outfit in Oxnard, about
70 miles north of LA.  It is called Acu-Clinic and is located on the corner
of 9th and A Streets (one block off of Oxnard Bl).

The women are charming and beautiful.  All are petite and between 19-23.  I
have had the pleasure of being with Diva and Nancy, though Monica is a
knock-out as well.  Sex is uniformly uninhibited and enthusiastic.  The
ladies love to hug, kiss and giggle as well.  Massage is amateurish, but,
hey?  I always tip $ 100 and am told this is more than most.  Tipping is
after the session and isn't even hinted at by the lady.  Door fee is $ 40.

Go there, but treat these little angels well!!!

Subject: [ASP] REPORT: Oxnard CA All-Latina Massage Parlor Date: Tue, 19 Nov 1996 18:27:32 -0500 (EST) An update regarding the all-Latina massage parlor in Oxnard. Went there a couple months ago and here's my report. The place is in a quiet mini-mall off the main drag. Once inside there's a doctor's office-type window and a buzzer. When I rang the buzzer Monica appeared, a 27 year old Latina about 5'4, 120 pounds. Quite attractive but since I didn't have a choice of girls, I'll always wonder what the other girl looked like. After settling on a half hour session for $40, she led me to a room that was nicely furnished. I took off my clothes and lay on the table. The head of the table was apart from the wall, which was nice because the girl could stand at the head of the table and massage me from that position. Anyway, after she came back into the room we went through the regular 20 question routine, have you been here before, etc. From reading the FAQ on this place I was able to drop a few names. Evidently turnover is quite high, and none of the girls mentioned in the FAQ are there any longer. Monica herself had only worked there about a month. She gave a good massage but she had to answer the cordless phone because the owner was away. The phone rang a couple of times, which was distracting, but fortunately there were no interruptions during the moment of truth. As she massaged me I was able to feel her up, especially when she was at the head of the table. After telling me to flip over and paying special attention to my erect dick, she asked what I wanted. I said "How about full service?" She agreed and I asked how much. She replied, "How much did you pay last time?" So I said "How about $80?" She agreed. She left the room, then came back with a rubber. She lowered the lights, took off her dress, slipped the condom on me and started sucking on me. I couldn't take much of that without coming, so I positioned her missionary style. I didn't fuck her right away, but played with her tits and talked with her. She said she didn't get much sleep the night before because her 7 year old son was sick. She said it was hard for her to make it financially. But I guess that's the reason a lot of women go into that line of work, for the money. After that bonding experience I fucked her hard and came. All in all very satisfying. I drove in from Los Angeles for the experience, and while I had a fun time, next time I think I will stay closer to home. P.S. A word of warning! A few days after this visit I came down with a nasty virus. Don't kiss or otherwise put your lips on anything that someone before you may have sucked on, ie. nipples.
Date: Sun, 23 Feb 1997 01:17:49 -0800 Subject: oxnard, california want to share my experience in oxnard earlier this month. went to acu-clinic at deador and 'a' street. greeted by a very attractive latina. $40.00 got me to my room. the massage was fair at best. when she rolled me on my back however, she demonstrated her skills. without any mention of any tips, she proceeded to give me a tremendous hand job with the help of some baby oil. she allowed me to fondle her body at will while she stroked my cock. i asked her about going further, but she said next time....after a few minutes i came everywhere. she had a warm washcloth ready and cleaned me up. i tipped her $40.00. she seemed pleased and surprised. i hope this is a help. please keep this as confidential as possible. thank you for your guide and i'll keep you updated!
Date: Wed, 19 Mar 1997 22:46:55 -0800 Subject: [ASP] Report Oxnard CA Acu-Clinic Massage Parlor I drove by tonight and saw several police cars (code enforcement) and several cops on bikes detaining a beautiful young latina. Looked like she was on her way in to work. She started towards the door and they pushed her back. They scared her off then loitered out front for awhile. I drove by slowly to check it out then parked across the street, and they noticed me right away as it is a fairly quiet street. One guy pointed to me and motioned me to get out of the area now! Not trying to spoil a good thing-just be careful they are being watched..
Date: Thu, 9 Apr 1998 11:55:05 EDT Subject: contribution This is in Oxnard, CA. I've read the guide for a while now and yesterday I finally decided to take a chance and go to a local massage parlor. A friend of mine had attented Wagon Wheel massage before and reported to me that they gave handjobs so i decided to play it safe my first time and go there. It's in a shopping center by American Music right off the 101 freeway. If you're coming south you can just get off at the wagon wheel exit. If youre coming north you need to get off at Ventura Rd and drive around to the other side of the freeway. Anyway, you walk into the building and there is a small waiting room. I was greeted immediately when i entered by an older asian woman, probably around 40, who asked if i wanted a massage. I said "yes please" and she escorted me to a room. It was very clean with a nice bed and a mirror. Not very well lit but not bad. I gave her my 40 dollars and she left closing the door behind her. Now this was my first time so i had no idea what to do. She didnt tell me to get undressed and I was a little nervous because reading in here it seemed like they always asked you to take your clothes off. Well thats what i did. I got naked and layed on the bed for about 5 mins before she re-entered. At this point i was extremely disappointed because she went and got oil on her hands. She was going to be the one giving the massage! Now im a newcomer so i didnt know how to ask nicely for another girl so i just decided to suck it up and play it cool the first time. This was a nice place and i didnt want to blow it by being a dick. She went right for my packaged, grabbing my balls from between my legs. Stroking upwards for my dick saying "horny, horny boy." I rolled over and she jacked me off right away, then wiped me up with tissue. She then proceeded to give me a decent massage for about 20 mins before asking me if i wanted it again, then jacking me off again. One of the bad things, other than her being old and unattractive, was she kept telling me i need to get a wife or girlfriend and i shouldnt be coming to that place. Im a pretty young guy and i know i can get girls but the whole idea of this has been a fantasy of mine for a while now. Doing something like this for the first time was uncomfortable enough without her telling me i shouldnt be doin it. After she jacked me off the second time she said "thats it" so i got dressed. She returned to the room and asked for a tip. I had planned ahead putting a 10 in each pocket because my friend who came before said they dont ask for the tip until afterwards. I planned on giving the girl 20 if the service was good and 10 if it was just ok. I felt like i got sorta ripped off because the older woman did me so i just gave her 10 and she seemed pleased. I did ask how many girls worked there and she said 3. Also, my friend who went before said the girl he got was very attractive, and he got the same treatment (handjob, massage, another handjob.) Will i go back? Definitely. The woman was very nice and now next time i'm sure i could ask comfortably if i can have another girl next time. By the way i did ask if she would do anything other than a handjob and she said "no that's for your girlfriend to do." who knows?

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