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Ottawa, Canada

Date: 06-30-2001

A week in Ottawa

I found myself in Ottawa that same Tue night. Nothing I would consider along Montreal Rd if *they* paid *me*.

The night before there were perhaps 10 in the market area, mostly looking too expensive. Monday night was eventually good for a very streetlevel $60 half'n'half but with the don't turn your back when she's in your room feeling. Probably a decent girl but with her situation it was exactly and only the absolute minimum. Said she's from Montreal a few years back. Tracey, Trisha, T-something. It was a hot sticky night - I should have put her in the shower first.

Tuesday after midnight was a good night to watch lots of police cruisers. At least they seem to be polite as long as they don't see you doing anything they might not like. Stopped for a "maybe" on the corner of Cumberland a few blocks from where it ends. She saunters up slowly, she looks left over her shoulder. So do I, at two cruisers with lights off sitting across the street in a parking lot. Time to leave! Finally at about 3am there was one that looked just fine on the corner of Cumberland and St.somethingorother. Dressed *very* tastefully and definitely not just standing there waiting for rain. Looked just a bit TOO good. Keep driving, see 3 cruisers circling these blocks. Got the "hey I'm available" signal on the second pass. Come down a side street and there's another parked cruiser. Eventually take the side street to her corner and see the two foot patrol uniforms not 1/2 a block away and yet another cruiser. Why did the word STING kept echoing? Time to call it a night. Nothing on Montreal Rd again on the way back or any any of the side streets - except of course more police cruisers. It was entertaining, but is it ALWAYS like this?

Picked up a newspaper the next day and made some calls. None answered, so I went for a short drive. Noticed a couple of tall maybe too-nice blondes, mid 20s, that sure look like they're "working" going down Montreal Rd. Came around for the third pass and stopped. One of them looks down the road and says "cop car coming". I drive on. On the forth pass, she opens my door, does NOT get in, but immediately just says it's $200 for both and they only work together with a "really nice" room provided close by at the Pari? motel. Maybe legitimate. Maybe not. Curbside negotiation with cruisers circling is not my idea of being safe. Besides, I didn't want 2, I wanted one, so back to the newspaper.

Some careful though more expensive shopping brought the loveliest 21 year old blonde to me for an evening I'll definately repeat. Actually, I already did the next night. How can you pass up a 5'6, 110, GFE with personality and a don't stop attitude? Ad read something like "from out of town" but she said she was going to change it. Independent, but hooked in with a "driver" service. Enjoy. She does.

I wouldn't want to cruise Ottawa window-shopping for more than a day or two before parking the car for a few months. Ottawa's a nice place after all, but I was way better off paying the $180 for way more fun, and avoid the street if what I saw is what passes for normal.

Subject: Re: Sex Wanted in Ottawa

When I was in Ottawa, about three years ago, I looked under "Massage" and found a place on Catherine Street not far from the bus station. Not full service, but I got a decent massage and BJ for CDN$120.

Date: Fri, 10 Jan 1997 01:38:09 -0500 Subject: Ottawa Prostitution

Ottawa street prostitution is centered in two main areas. First is in the Byward market area with the main street being Dalhousie. The second is in Vanier and they are usually standing on the steet corners on Montreal Rd. There are two basic types of prostitutes. The first is the ones that are controlled by pimps, and there price is usually $60 for BJ and $100 for sex. The second type are independants and their prices are a lot cheaper...$25 for BJ and $40 for sex. These independants are usually not dressed with thigh-high boots, they usually wear sneakers and dressed very normally. For escort services, there are a lot of ads in the Ottawa Sun and the going price seem to be $150 for a half and hour. There are also many massage places, and when asked how much a massage is, they usually state that it is $30 and the women work on tips. These prices are in Cdn dollars.

Date: Sat, 15 Mar 1997 10:17:46 -0500 (EST) Subject: Ottawa, Canada: Catherine Street "Spa"

This place was raided a couple of weeks ago, and is currently closed. Will get back if any change.

Date: Tue, 10 Mar 98 01:08:07 -800 Subject: Ottawa

Recent update on Ottawa scene,

There is a massage parlour on Dalhousie street in the "Market" near the corner of Guiges. Try it out and see who is working. I had a blonde girl, can't remember her name. She was very friendly, basic price was $35 for half an hour plus $40 on top of that for a nice comfortable hand job(some places make you wear a condom for a handjob, not this place)-very relaxing. There are now at least seven or so massage parlours, all found in the "Sun". Stay away from street girls, dangerous and there are stings on all the time.

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