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Osaka, Japan

Subject: Osaka, Japan

  I lived in Osaka for several years, coming back just this past spring
(March, '97).  If you know where to go, it's easy.
  There are three places where women crawl: Umeda, Shinsaibashi, and
Tennoji.  Shinsaibashi is where most of the gaijin bars are, the most
notorious being the Pig and Whistle.  Generally, if you ply your target
chick with enough drinks, you can get a free trip to one of the many
love hotels that dot the area.  Sometimes, it gets better than that: I
had one who was so hot, we ended up copulating on the deserted 5th floor
of the building.
  Up till about 1993, peeling clothes off a Japanese bar-hopper babe was
easier than peeling the wrapper off a Hershey Bar.  Then, around that
time, the double-whammy of the AIDS scare and the realization that most
foreigners out for a fuck treated the women awful put a serious sexual
damper on the scene.  The AIDS thing speaks for itself; AIDS has been
publicized as a "foreigner's disease," and one you can catch if you
screw a foreign guy.  The scare worked well.  Also, the foreign guys
themselves were to blame for a lot of the problems.  Most of the women
are going for foreign guys in the first place because a foreigner
represents an escape from Japanese society.  One word got around that
the foreign guys were treating the women just like Japanese guys, the
scene shut down pretty quickly.  From 93 on, it was tough, but not
impossible, to score a one-night stand.  In the mid-to-late '80s, there
was an endless supply of fine-looking women around, but around 1992, the
quality started to become gutter trash.  Then again, it could be just
because I was getting older and wiser...
  If you just gotta pay for it, you can have some wild times.  Starting
at the Dai-4 building in Umeda, go across the main street toward the
shotengai.  Keep going straight.   Walk across Mido-Suji, underneath the
elevated overpass.  Take the first right, down the small street, and you
should run into a small cluster of love hotels.  It is at the "T"
intersection where most of the hookers hang out.  A prostitute will
approach you and ask, "Issho-ni asobimasenka?" which means, "Do you want
to play together?"
  They come out around 7:30 or 8pm.  Most are Thai, but there are some
Chinese and Japanese there, too.  Many of the Japanese are older, kind
of the "matrons" of the younger herd.  The younger ones are in their
early 20s, while the matrons appear to be pushing 40 or 45.  The matrons
play the game, too, and you can take them to the room.  The price is a
reasonable 20,000 yen for one hour, although the women are so good that
you will pop your wad in less than 15 minutes unless you have incredible
willpower.  There are no prorates or half-hour prices.  All of the
girls, even the older ones, are fantastic and one of the Japanese women
gave me a BJ that still, three years later, sends my mind reeling with
delight when I think about it.  The Thais, though, have incredible
tits.  As a foreigner, you can bend the rules they set for Japanese
customers, such as no kissing.  Mai, my first Thai laid down this rule;
I just smiled at her and kissed her.  'Nuff said about that.  You can
bend the rules, but you still have to respect her and what firm limits
she sets.
  Sex is with a condom, as is oral, but you may be able to get a
rubberless BJ if you play your cards right.  You are also expected to
pay for the hotel, which runs about 3,500 for an hour.
  If you treat the women with dignity and respect her as a person,
giving her credit for making the best of her situation, you will get the
best fuck of your life, guaranteed.  Respect is something these ladies
don't get a lot of and they will pay you back for your courtesy.  Most
of the Japanese guys who patronize these women go in, screw (no
foreplay) and conversation, nothing.  After I lost my
sauce, Mai, the one I mentioned above, got off me and started to get
dressed when I pulled her back down and just cuddled with her for a few
minutes.  That was a real turn-on for her and she gave me a second
service since we were still within the hour.  On the way down, she told
me that Japanese guys just plow for five minutes, shoot and go.
  The Thai girls are on tourist visas, so don't expect to be a steady
customer.  If you're lucky, you'll find a girl who just arrived and you
can go out with her several times before she has to go back to Thailand.
  Going down south to Tennoji, you can find Tobita, the only brothel
street in Osaka.  Go from Tennoji station to the shopping street across
the street from the Kintetsu department store.  As you wind your way in
the back, you will come upon what you would think would be a residential
neighborhood.  The girls waiting outside will either beckon or ignore
you, depending on their preference of a foreigner.  The whole operation
here is gang-run and, unless you want have a team of Yakuza on your butt
faster than you can say "Sayonara," don't push yourself on a girl.  Let
them make the first move.  They will indicate whether or not they like
foreign guys.  Some are skittish about the idea, some are willing to
take on the exotic monster.  Prices are a bit higher than Umeda: 10,000
for intros, an additional 20-30,000 for full service with condom - no
  PLACES TO AVOID:  There are a number of clubs with really wild names
(such as Fantasy Island, Copacabana, etc.) that have women waiting for
customers in them.  Generally, there is a barker out front trying to
lure people in, yelling "Irrashai, Irrashai" (welcome, welcome).
Inside, provided they allow foreigners, you get to sit next to a girl
for 10,000 yen and a free drink (usually a Coke).  She will ask if you
want two girls and, if you say no, she will continue to push and push.
At this point, it's your option to leave, minus 10,000 yen, or say yes.
If you go for the two, the cost leaps to 30,000 yen and they will start
to play with your dick.  While one jacks you off, the other will let you
play with her tits, but that's the limit of it.  And, when you are done,
you're escorted outside.  One time, I got drunk, went into one of these
places, and left 50,000 poorer with nothing but a hand-job and regret to
show for the effort.  Some girls won't even take their top off for the
money, asking for more and more to give less and less.  These places
aren't dangerous, but they are rip-offs.  For the same amount of money
and time, you can get the real thing, not a couple of glassy-eyed,
ignorant, bored, spoiled college bitches.

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