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Orlando, Florida

Date: 07-13-2001

At first glance there seems to be plenty of good street action on 43rd, just W of Orange Blossom Trail & around the Chevron Staion on OBT, a mile S of Hwy 4. Also a few by the "Gentleman's Club" a mile N of Hwy 4 on OBT. Take a much closer look and most are TVs. Watch for a tall black woman by the "Gentleman's Club" who'll pick your pocket while giving a 2nd rate BJ. She wanted me to "get out of the car so we can do it standing up". Just as well I didn't or I'm sure I would have lost my Avis rental. There's a motel just N of Hwy 4 on OBT with some decent looking prospects hanging out in the parking lot. Chose not to sample these, as some of the other guests looked a touch intimidating. Also saw a busty babe about a mile N of Hwy 4, still on OBT, by a quickie-mart getting in & out of cars. Unfortunately I wasn't quick enough to pick her up. Overall, there's still street action on this section of OBT at most times of the day & night, but a lot of imitation women. It's worth the drive just to see these creatures.

Date: Sat, 14 Oct 1995

Just a few words about Orlando cause I noticed you didn't have any info on the central fla area....Orlando is known for its body scrub salons....Mostly hand jobs and bjs but thats all,just look in the sports sec of local paper, Escort agencies start around $160 with the girls tip extra. There is also another source here in O Town and that is the Trade papers, you know the ones that are free and advertise cars and motorcyles, well in the back is a load of personal ads taken out by the girls themselves and let me tell you I found a gem of a girl named Paula and I can just say WOW. The best strip clubs are Rachels and Club Juana in Casselberry, anyplace else in town they wear pasties. But you can't beat a short drive to Tampa for MONS VENUS. Unfortunately Tampa seems to be a lot more Liberal minded than Orlando. Hope this helps, and yes please post this without Identifyers please thanks

Subject: New Orlando Posting Date: Thu, 18 Jan 1996

Hello, I noticed a new listing under the heading "Orlando". The author mentions the local free rags with direct advertisements from girls. I have tried a few and have never been happy. I got ripped off a couple of times, and the other full service were pleasant but not attractive.

Subject: Escort Service in Orlando Date: Fri, 15 Dec 1995 14:21:07 UTC

Thought I'd relate an experience with a service named Blondes-R-Us. The agency fee was $150 cash. When asked over the phone if the fee was for full service the answer was yes. The discription was off by 20 pounds and 10 years. The Fee provided for a "soft touch" body rub which was none too exciting by the fully clothed attendant. Anything more was $50 for a hand job by the fully clothed attendant to $300 for full service - not what I'd pay for the girl they sent. I'd rate the service a first class rip off. 12/12/95.

Subject: Orlando Date: Mon, 1 Apr 1996

As mentioned by others here and various other sources, the typical escort services in Orlando are a rip-off. I met Taylor through one service; all I got was a massage a quick hand job. Of course, she promised to stay a "full hour', but she left in 35 minutes. Actually, I was happy to see her go. She was a most unpleasant person. A number of call services were closed down on 3/26/96; maybe, she is no longer in business.

Club Juana ( just north of Orlando outside Orange County) is a great place for total nudity/dancing. Cherry (she tells me her real name is Jennifer) is a petite knockout who has a wonderful "wink". I can't believe that she could not make more money in Atlanta at the Gold Club or Cheetah's. She says that she has been recruited there. She and a number of the girls at Club Jauna are definitely worth a visit.

The best part of my stay occurred the last night. I finally found a copy of The Florida Adult Entertainment Guide at an XXX video Store (they charge $6 for it). I contact Diane. She's a somewhat slender but extremely pleasant 35 year old likes "generous, discriminating gentlemen". I got a full hour of conversation, exciting head, and a pleasant doggie style "love" mating. She may have some adverting in some out ot twon papers (Chicago and Dallas she told me) either as Diane or as 2's Company. If you like a warm comfortable experience, she's the one for you.

This trip to Orlando has taught me what I have known before: either get a referral, find a nice independent girl BUT DEFINITELY STAY AWAY FROM SERVICES. Please folks, post reliable information here so that we don't all waste our money and get turned off to these expericences.

Subject: Re: Orlando massage? Date: Thu, 21 Mar 1996

>Any recommendations for Orlando massage?

Do Not Try Executive Retreat, they advertise in the paper in the sports section as a "FULL SERVICE" salon. All you will get is a FULL RIPOFF! They do not put the name of the company in the ad just a phone number with the full service come on. The place is located north of Orlando I think the name of the town is Altomosa Springs or something of that sort.

Subject: orlando escort services Date: Sat, 4 May 1996

I had a terrible experience with a service called "Execudate" which I found on the WWW. Their web ad gave rates of $165 for 1/2 hour and $200 for a 2-hour "evening out on the town" for dinner and/or dancing. My friend and I paid for two girls and when they arrived, I was impressed with my date's beauty, but felt horrible for my friend who was promised a "beautiful thin blond" but was stuck with a short, dumpy english woman with dirty brown hair.

I have to give my friend credit though, he did hang in there and was very respectful to her, as we all opened up and talked about our backgrounds. The big rip-off came however after Jazmine (my date) collected the money and then called in to report how much she had collected. She turned to me after she hung up the phone and asked, "so what do you guys want to do?" I hesitated with the thousands of options that raced through my mind. "Well, what's on your mind?" I asked, trying to be vague and allow her to talk about her expectations of what would transpire. "It's not up to me. YOU'RE the client. We'll do whatever you want." That was all I needed to hear. I perked up instantly and foolishly answered, "Great, let's have sex!" Bad choice of words. Jazmine quickly told me that "we're not prostitutes. I don't know how escort services work in your town, but in Orlando, we don't do that. We can either go out somewhere, and spend some time together or we can just leave." One important point is that they had arrived at our hotel at 5:00 am. Two hours later than we requested. Where were we going to go at 5:00 am? "What do you want to do, go to breakfast for a half-hour?" I asked. Anyway, they left with the money and we realized that in some sense, we did get "fucked" that night.

Subject: Orlando Florida street prostitution Date: Mon, 13 May 1996

Orlando, Florida, Feb/96

[BTW, this information appears to be quite consistant over the last three years I've been there for a week each.]

When you give up on the little private ads or incall massage services after again verifying in person that all you will get is a decent and very expensive ($125 plus $100-ish tip) hand-job, you can always head out to the "Trail" - the Orange Blossom Trail, blocks and blocks of it.

While I've even had an aging hooker try to pick me up in the middle of the afternoon on a *Sunday*, the best selection is usually found between 9pm and 3am. All sorts, shapes, ages and colors are to be found. So is at least one police cruiser per hooker, so be ultra careful! Wait until they get busy with the usual robbery or somesuch or stop to hassle the street riff-raff. Then the girls come out of hiding. The rest of the time, parking lots and adjacent back streets are often worth crusing. Beware of transvestites (a one-night companion warned me), and possible stings. Expect to play the "need a ride; show me yours and you can play with mine" routine, and if it's cool, leave the area immediately with her.

Expect to pay between $40 for oral to $100 for full service for a few hours and if you're really lucky for the night.

Best advice: be careful and be patient. There are some really nice girls available, even if you do have to be in the right place at the right time. If looking for a combination of exceptional beauty, a great personality, and intelligence, it might take you a few nights of cruising. Druggies are common - avoid them. Don't even *think* about forgetting your protection, use it!

Subject: Orlando, Florida Escort Services Date: Thu, 20 Jun 1996

I own an Escort Service in Orlando (Abra-Cadabra Escorts), I also have a website. After being open for 4 years, I have chosen to close in the next month (paperwork to do first). I have been harrassed to extremes by local authorities, they call from a variety of hotels and residences on a daily basis (I guess Orange County can afford it) they question me to death, constantly, half of the time they don't even bother to check in to hotels, they just quiz me from cellulars claiming to be at a Disney Resort(it doesn't show up on caller I.D.).Needless to say I've had it with telephone calls, they're succeeding! Now I find out that various local and Disney Hotels are taking a razor and cutting out the entire Escort section of the telephone directory. I paid $60,000 for this years ads, so naturally I'm thrilled! For 2 years they were blocking my telephone lines through their PBX systems, and yes that was confirmed and admitted to me. On Wednesday June 12, 1996 I had an escort that was convicted of...1)Entering a structure with the intent of comitting prostitution 2) Failure to obtain an Occupational License...She did not accept any money, nor did she have sex. When it was over with (the case took 2 years) I stood in front of the Orange County Courthouse and screamed "What is intent? Are you scanning our brains?" She had spent $37,000 on the four different Attorneys, and was still convicted by a Jury of 6 men and 1 woman alternate. A Jury of our peers?? Totally unimaginable! So, if you call a service in Orlando, you might have a better idea of what not to ask. Also, if a person checks into a hotel and they are in their own room, it's certainly not illegal for that person to "get naked", perhaps a lot of ripoffs would be avoided that way. It has been 4 long years in Disney town! By the way, the State of Florida is shooting for the maximum of 120 days in jail for that escort, because of her Not Guilty plea. I always thought a person had to be proven guilty beyond a resonable doubt, apparently not here!

Date: Mon, 19 Aug 96

>Incall services almost all ripoffs.. beware

Not true. Abra Cadabra in Orlando is quite nice and not a ripoff. They also have a home page, but don't use it. Go with the number listed in the phone book. It's cheaper.

Subject: [ASP] Report on Orlando Escort Date: Thu, 30 Jan 1997

(key words: Orlando, incall, sex, prostitution, escort, service)

I am pleased to report that an escort service can be found in Orlando, FL that is not a rip off. I saw earlier in this group about a guy asking about the ads he found at the web site at I checked their page and called several of the numbers listed. As was said, several of the numbers, at least, all ring to the same location, and they seem to have a number of girls to choose from. This does not seem to be a typical escort service, but a sort of collection of girls who use a central "dispatcher". They are very discrete and though they will give descriptions of the girls, they won't go into what the girls will do. Anyway, one of the girls they described sounded interesting, so I made an appointment to see her. Since I did not ask permission to use her name, and I don't want to get anyone in trouble, I will not give out her name.

The girl I chose was a young blonde, adverstised as being in her early 20's, 34C-23-34, very pretty with great legs and an hourglass figure. I was directed to her apartment in a nice area of North Orlando (Winter Springs or Longwood or someplace around there just off of highway 436 not too far from highway 17-92). She wasn't _exactly_ as described, but close enough, so I was pleased overall. She had a very pretty face and shoulder length bleached blonde hair -- nope, not a natural, which is what I wanted. :( She invited me in, led me to her bedroom and told me to "get comfortable". I had hoped for some conversation first, but I stripped down and waited on the bed for her to return, which she quickly did. She immediately stripped down to her bra and panties then got on the bed with me and we started touching. I then started kissing her and took off her bra then, a monent later, her panties. We were both a little awkward (I am pretty new to this escor thing, and she hadn't been doing it for very long, either). Her breasts were maybe a B, lacking nipples, pretty much, so nothing special, but certainly a mouthfull. I was gently and slowly feeling her all over and was surprised to notice some wetness between her legs. (In the past, it seemed the first thing the girl did was apply some lubricant). Anyway, I kissed and fondled some more, with me rubbing her slit and her gently carassing my now raging hard on. She did this very delicately, which I found very arousing and unique. Others I have had always seemed to be a bit more mechanical at this. After a few minutes of this, I gently placed her on her back and got between her legs, kissing her face, down to her breasts, on down to her naval and then around her pussy. She even let me go down on her! I was very surprised at this. I licked and kissed to my hearts content and was able to confirm that her juices were indeed natural and that there was no KY jelly or other non-nautural lubricant in use. Her pussy lips were just wonderful to look at and she was clean and sweet. She was gently moaning and told me that it all was really feeling good. By the wetness of her pussy, and that look in her eyes, I beleived her, too. After a few minutes I inserted a finger into her and it felt just wonderful - a wonderfuly tight, wet pussy! I couldn't wait to slip my dick in there. After a fair amount or licking, I cam up and she went down on me - no condom! Another first for me in this business! Put quite simply, this girl gave a fantastic blow job. She really went all out. Unfortunately for me, I have a problem about cumming orally so, try as hard as I could, I just couldn't cum, but she gave it her best and I must give her an A for effort. I almost came several times, but a stray thought or something would interfere, so it was my problem, not her effort. Whether she would have swallowed, I don't know, but she sure seemed to enjoy the giving. All in all, it was probably about the best BJ I have ever had, certainly the best ever from an escort. The fact that she really tried made it all the better, too.

Anyway, all of this time I had been wondering when she would pull out a condom. There had been a moment when I had been going down on her when I raised up to kiss her face and I let my cock rub against her belly, that the way she was feeling it made me wonder if she would have let me slip it in right then sans rubber! I didn't ask if I could go bare, nor would I have considered it anyway (come to think of it, and one of the reasons I failed to cum orally, was when she was going down on me my thoughs were diverted to the fear that maybe she didn't have any condoms and that I was either gonna have to make a quick dash to the Circle-K to get some or I would have to settle on a hand job!).

Well, back to the story. Feeling the need for release I meekly asked if the had any condoms, crossing my fingers that my fears would not be realized. Happily, she got one out but, unhappily, she told me to put it on. Oh, well, no big deal. So, with rubber on, she laid back and let me insert my hard dick into that tight, warm little hole of hers. Now, all the time before (which hasn't been very much, mind you) the girl has always taken hold and guided me in, so I was pleased to be able to do this honor for myself. I must say this girl was not the best conversationalist, and she never did kiss me back, but her pussy really, really felt great. I am trying to think of words to describe how it felt and how it felt different from others, but I can't. It helped that there was no unnatural lubricant in use, but the tightness and warmth and the internal feelings were just simply wonderful. Within a minute, I was cumming. I kind of felt bad for cumming so fast, especially since she seemed to enjoy my going down on her so much, and I had wanted to try some different positions, but, alas, I couldn't help myself. I probably had enough time left to go a second round, and I sure would have loved to lick and kiss that wonderful pussy of hers somemore, but I was running late and she wasn't making any moves to make me stay, so I got dressed and left. I was dissapointed that there was no goodbye kiss or hug or anything, just a thank you, but that is the way it was.

In summary, I had a good time. I was dissapointed in that she didn't really spend time to make me feel comfortable or especially that she didn't kiss me back, but her wonderful, energetic blow job and the fantastic feel of her cunt more than made up for it. She said she is new to this, so she is still a little awkward herself, so maybe she will loosen up in a while (well, loosen up personality wise, not pussy wise!). I am glad to have found a reliable place in the Central Florida area that is discrete and not a rip off and that offers incall servies. I think I will see this girl again, but only after going without sex for a week first so I will be so horney that I will for sure cum orally! :)

Saturn V

PS I would be happy to hear reports from others using girls from this web site, or others in the area. Also, I am still looking for my fantasy girl: early 20's, long, soft natural blonde hair, killer face and figure with medium large breats and legs that won't quit! Please report or reply privately if you are aware of such a creature.

PPS At the header of this report, I listed some key search words. I did this since I think it will help others in doing an archival search via Deja News. I know I spent a lot of time searching and trying to filter out things. By including these key words, one who is searching for incall service in Orlando will be sure to get a hit. What do you guys think? I know the "[ASP]" sure helps to clear out the spam.

Subject: [ASP]Orlando Street scene report Date: Sun, 2 Feb 1997

I just returned from a trip to Orlando. A contact made on this news group fell through, unfortunatly, before I left and from the rip off reports I have read on the services I thought I would check out the street scene.

There is a very active street scene in Orlando on Orange Blossom Trail which is miles long. The area I found was near the intersection of Rt4 and Orange Blossom Trail. The best route to get there from the Lake Buena Vista area is Rt 4 east to exit 33 (intersection of Orange Blossom Trail). About two miles on the Trail north and south is active.

As per a previous post there is a lot of chaff and a little wheatand about 80 percent black. Particularly at night watch out for the TV's if they are not your cup of tea, There is a low income residential are on either side of the trail with roads running parallel to the trail. They are worth a cruise particularly when the police are frequenting the area which they were when I was there. I was told they picked up four girls the first night I was there. When I first got there I cruised for a hour or so to get the lay of the land. I saw two or three likely canidates but by the time I decided to purchase they were gone. About 2:30 AM I was approached by two black ladies who tried to convince me two was better than one. After being sure I stashed my wallet we headed off to a parking lot. Once there they would not agree to oral sans condem. We agreed to part ways them telling me "You toot your horn I you find someone who will do that". Was the best miss I ever had because about 15 minutes later I met the most lovely nubian princess wearing a short summer dress with spagetti straps that revealed an absolutly lovely body, who by the way was standing about50 feet from the first two girls . I told her what I want, she agreed and of we went. We stopped in a apartment complex parking lot and procedded. We talked for a few minutes and she had the sweetest voice and seemed to be well educated that is she did not have that rough edge so many of the girls in the business have. I fondled, licked and sucked her absolutly beautiful breasts, moved down to here stomach then asked her if I could playwith her pussy. She was very obliging and actually enjoyed being eaten. After a little of this she started working on me with a wonderfull slow wet technique. Just before I was about to come I stopped her and went back down on her for a few minutes until she came then she finished me off. We then snuggled for a few minutes at which time I told her Iwould like to see her tomorrow night for a couple of hours. I gave her my hotel and room number.Very, very unfortunatly for me I never saw her again in spite of spending quite a few hours over the next two nights looking. Her name was Patricia and very special lady. So much so I would make a trip back there just for her. Back to the first two ladies. I had stopped to shoot the shit with them on a couple of occasions so we had a certain level of familiarity. Well the last night I was there they asked me to drive them to Denneys to get some food and I obliged. We chatted about Patricia and they had not seen her since the first night so we drove around looking for her to no avail. The taller of the two said "Shit you don't want to fuck you want to make love" I said absolutly right. Well I droped them of near Denny's. The minute they got out I rememberd I stashed my wallet under the passenger seat and not two far under. Well the wallet was there but not the credit card. The little one sitting in the back feined innocence and started saying I accused her because she was black. I guess she thought the best defense is a good offense. Oh well I am really madder at myself for forgetting someone was in the back seat and being generally careless. If any of you are down there these two are always together both black, one short great little ass, wears a long straight or wavy wig, and some sort of outfit not usually revealing. The last one was silver longnpants with matching hip`length coat. Her friend is taller and bigger but by no means fat just a bigger lady. If you see them tell them the guy who fell in love with Patricia says hello.

Subject: New Rocket Guy Report on Orlando Date: Fri, 21 Feb 1997

Well, I am back from another trip from Orlando. As you may recall, I reported on an incall service I tried out, which advertises on the web at (and who I am in no way affiliated with). I had a very favorable experience 3 weeks ago for a total outlay of $180 and was itching to get back and try out another girl to ensure my first time wasn't a fluke. I am happy to report again that full service can indeed be found in Orlando!

This time I met Renee, a decent looking gal. She was advertised as being 5'7", 120 lbs, 34C-24-34 with auburn hair and olive skin. She was not my first choice, but my first choice couldn't be reached so I went with her. I was directed to her apartment in NW Orlando. She invited me in and we talked a few minutes. She told me she had been a nurse and some quick mental calculations showed me she had to be more like 35, though she looked around 30. I asked if I could clean up a little and she directed me to the bedroom and its attached bathroom, where I could undress and wash up. She told me to place the money on the dresser and she would phone in.

She came back in and undressed. The bedroom had no window and she had it illuminated with candles. Kind of romantic, but the room was hot and I like some light so I can see what I am getting. Though I could not see her clearly, she had a decent body for her age - decent even for a 30 y/o. No wrinkles or waves of fat. Her pussy appeared to be cleanly shaven and she sported several tatoos and a belly button ring. Her tits were more like a B cup, but they hung down, offering a mouth full. She had me lay down on my stomach and she proceeded to give me a body massage, both sides. She concluded the massage with a decent condom-less blow job. Too soon, she stops and asks me if I brought a condom. Oh, no, I thought, am I getting ripped off here? No, I wasn't. She had one, but said she doesn't always have them, as she can get her busted, for some reason. (So, if you see one of the girls, you might want to bring a condom along, just in case.) So, she puts on the condom, and climbs on top. She bumps up and down for a while then asks if I want to try a different position. I like to do it doggie style, so we did that for a while. Her pussy felt ok, but nothing special. I mean, the girl I had before simply had a wonderful and tight pussy. Renee's was more average, I guess. I thought about trying to go down on her, but I really didn't feel comfortable with it with her, so I didn't. Her pussy just wasn't all that attractive looking. Anyway, I changed position again to the missionary position and finally allowed myself to cum.

She let me take a shower then gave me her pager number and I was out of there. In summary, she was a nice lay, but the experience was not as nice as the time before. I can recommend her, but I can also suggest you try another girl.

But, most importantly, I have found a decent service in Orlando that offers what they advertise - full service. The descriptions of the girls are not totally accurate, but close enough, and they don't hassle you or ask for more money.

If anyone has any other information about Orlando or if you meet one of these girls, I am trying to compile a list of area girls, which I will share with other list or ASP contributors. I have some information on what may lead me/us to a really beautiful girl. I hope! Keep those reports coming. :)

Until next time,

Date: Tue, 20 May 1997

Hello, I just read the last 2 postings in the Orlando section, and I felt the definate need to reply. I attempted to find the escort services mentioned , but couldn't. The site adult-orlando contains no mention whatsoever of escorts or incall services in Orlando. I am the former owner of Abra-Cadabra and currently a phone person at Valentine's(the same URL). This is a very conservative area, and I promise you the local authorities would not allow an incall escort service to operate very long, before much time went by they would take it over! Currently there is only to other agencies in the Orlando area, one was busted last month and hasn't made it to court yet, so she's extremely paranoid and directs everyone to Seminole County (10 miles north of Orlando). The owner of the other one has been busted so many times that no one understands why or how shes still here(if you catch my drift). Just 2 weeks ago I noticed a new service appeared on the web, they claim to be in exsistence since 1992, however, I've been looking into it and discovered thats a new telephone #, it's a downtown area phone number, and I researched the last 3 years telephone books and the name doesn't exsist.(don't just believe me, check it out gentlemen) To open a new service in Orlando at this time is impossible! Orange County will not issue a license unless you provide them with the following....1)the previous years client list, including names, addresses and tel #'s 2) allow the local authorities to view a client book on a daily basis including names, addresses and tel#'s and the escort they booked withs info. 3)The escort must check in with the front desk of the clients hotel and furnish the desk with a copy of her license, and announce the client's name. 4)operating hours are between 9 am and 10 pm only. 5) the escort can't touch, be touched, offer a lingerie show or anything else. This is part of a 55 page revision of the Adult Entertainment Code. Valentine's holds it's licenses in Seminole County, which has now put a moratorium on all Adult Entertainment related licenses, so no one else can get one. We have in our website we only go to Seminole County because of this deplorable and unconstitutional ordinance, so please guys, if I ask 20 questions it's only because I must be absolutly positive you're not a cop! More than anything I count on my psychic powers. We do go into Orlando, regardless of the stupid ordinance, and we do not keep any sort of book on clients, so I must even drill the repeats to death, but I assure you that the info given is shredded nightly! The unconstitutional ordinance went into effect Nov. 4, 1996 and to this date I have not sent one escort to a cop, which is real good if you consider that they have called at least 600 times from hotels all over the area (even a few residences). If they are trying to drive me insane with calls it's kinda working. Another problem here....the MBI (our local vice) harrassed and intimidated every publisher in this town....Sprint, Bellsouth, The Orlando Sentinal, The Orlando Weekly, The Orlando Post to name a few to not accept advertisements from escort services. They threatened several with racketeering charges(incuding the Sprint Phonebook) if they published my ads in the 1997 Directory. They actually set the ad reps up on video and audio with the MBI Agents. So far they won, if anyone has any solid ideas on how to stop this suppression of my 1st Ammendment Rights, please let me know! Thank goodness they can't censor the web!!! The ACLU of Florida has accepted the case against the City of Orlando, but as yet I haven't had any answers, I guess these things take lots of time! Thank you for listening! Laura

Subject: [ASP] Report on Orlando's Victoria Date: 3 Jun 1997


Due to some ISP and anonymous server problems, I (the Rocket Guy) have been gone for a while, but I am back and I have some good news and some bad news.

For most of you who have forgotten me, I made several reports back around February about an incall service I found in Orlando that advertised on the Internet. You can see my reports in the ASP archives. I had separate reports on two girls I had tried, and was pleased to state that non-ripoff, halfway reasonably priced full service could be obtained in Orlando. Price was $160 for all inclusive service from reasonably attractive ladies in their own apartments. In my last report, I noted that I wanted to see a girl named Victoria, who was described as a young college student with long black hair and who was a "10". I was drooling to meet her. Well, in March I got my chance. Here is my story.

I met her at one of her friends apartment. I noted that her friend, whose name slips me at the moment, was the blond, large breasted gal who the agency had mentioned to me on my previous visit. Man, am I glad I chose Renee that time. This woman had a filthy apartment, a young kid, and was not at all attractive. She seemed pleasant enough, but she would have to pay me to fuck her. Ugh. Anyway, Victoria was quite pretty. Maybe not a 10, but a definite 9. Her long hair was now shoulder length, but she had nice legs and a nice, slim figure. We went into the bedroom where I got my first bit of bad news - she did not have "intercourse" with her clients. She would do anything else, but not that. I expressed by disappointment, but after getting assurances that she would suck me or wack me or whatever, I went ahead and gave her my money. She then started to undress, and I asked if I help her. She giggled and said yes, and helped me undress, too. Her breasts were nice, above average in size, but still a little strange looking. They were natural, I am sure, but a little lop-sided. Still, no complaints from me. Of the three girls I had seen, she definitely had the best body - very slim, trim and tight. I can only imagine what her pussy would feel like.

I felt her up and kissed her, and she rubbed her hands over me and started playing with my dick. When it got hard, she proceeded to give me a nice blow job and, as with the other two times, no condom was used. We changed positions after a while, her laying on her back with her head on the pillow. I kissed her breasts and kissed her on down to her pussy, which was nicely spread open before me. I licked her for a short while then moved up and over to put my cock back in her mouth. I fucked her mouth this way. In my first report I noted that I had never been able to cum orally before, for whatever reason. Well, seeing her fine, trim body and pretty face, that is now no longer true! As that special moment of release approached, I was debating about telling her I was cumming, in which case she might have pulled me out too soon, or if I should just go on and cum in her mouth without warning. I decided, heck, she wouldn't let me fuck her so I am gonna get my moneys worth and cum in this chick's mouth! With that thought, I quickly brought myself to the threshold. Well, being a pro, I guess, she sensed me cumming anyway and pulled me out just at the last second, and I spurted my load on her cheek and hair, with some hitting the edge of the pillow behind her head. That was really exciting for me, seeing my cum all over her face like that - almost making up for the fact that I couldn't fuck her pussy.

We cleaned up and said goodbye. (I was careful to scrub my cock with plenty of soap and water, just in case. My advice to all you guys is to do the same. As I have researched STD's more, I am finding that a good washing of the penis/vagina and mouths before and after sex is a good way to reduce the spread of diseases.) Anyway, I had thought of asking her for her personal number in case I wanted to see her again and avoid the agency fee, but forgot. Now I am sad I didn't.

So, the good news was that I had another good experience with this incall service, even if I didn't get the full service. And I came over a girl's face for the first time.

Now for the bad news. The agency apparently is out of business. Argh! Last time I was to go to Orlando, mid-May, they no longer advertised on the web page I had previously given. I called up several of the numbers I had saved and they were all disconnected. What a bummer!

Does anyone know what happened? If so, please let me know, or tell me if you know of other similar incall places/agencies that are safe and reliable and not over priced. I am still searching for that "10".

Date: Sun, 22 Jun 1997

The Orlando street scene has picked up despite the summer heat.

Locations vary based on policing activity, but side streets both E & W of Orange Blosson Trail around 45th or Texas have proven fruitful.

Don't expect much quality - 50/50 Black/White; Lots of oldies,heavies and druggies. The good news is that you can get your dick sucked for $20, sex for $30 and anal (not everyone) for $50 or so.

If you see a cute one on her own, she's a cop. This is especially true on the trail itself where the police activity is heavier due to visibility. Take the usual precautions.

Date: Sun, 08 Mar 1998 Subject: Orlando Street prostitution

3/6/98 Hey guys, watch out for a new girl on Orange Blossom Trail, she goes by Tamara or Tandra. She is very pretty, 5'6 brown hair and very thin. She is about 26 years old. I picked her up by a phone booth around 18th, she said she would suck and fuck me for $100, even do anal for another $50. I got a room, she went out to another room to get crack, she took a hit and we had sex. She blew me without a condom, and I suggested that we use condoms for fucking. The anal sex was great, I came real easily. Anyhow, she went into the bathroom while I was getting dressed, I had to take a leak so I pushed the door open and she was shooting heroin in her leg. I quickly realized what a mistake I had made having sex with her. I hope she doesn't have AIDS? Anyhow, I will not go down this trail again with Tandra.

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