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Orange County, California

Date: 8 Oct 1995 18:58:39 -0400


I was crusing Beach Blvd last night (Orange County, CA) at Garden Grove
Blvd when I saw a very gorgeous asian girl talking to several men in their
cars. I was curious and turned into the Hotel she was in front of. I
suspected she was a cop right off the bat because she was just too
gorgeous and she didn't seem to be drugged up. She looked way to clean for
a street girl.

Anyhow, She approached me and I asked her if she dated. She replied yes.
She asked me what I was looking for. I said  "everything". She asked me
how much. I said "I don't know what is typical?" She said $30. At this
point I only told her "I will come back in about 15 minutes ". I didn't
agree to anything. I was very suspicious that she was a cop because I
could tell she was trying to get me to say certain things.

I came back in about 15 minutes and she approached me. I told her that I
was only interested in a nice massage. She said is there anything else you
want I said no just a massage. She asked how much? I said I don't know
what is typical? She said $30. I said ok. I figured if she was definitly a
cop she wouldn't go through with it. If she wasn't a cop then maybe I was
going to get lucky. A massage alone would have been well worth it with
this girl.

I followed her to her room and as soon as the door was closed I was
arrested (along with about 30 others). I was sure I didn't soliciter her
but they say they got everything on tape. Anyways, that will be the last
time I even play around when I suspect  cop. I though I was being careful.

Is it illegal to solicit a girl for a massage? I definitly never agreed to
sexual favors for money. I did agree to meet her in her room for a
massage. What should I expect from here on out (in court)? I would
Appreciate all comments. thanx!

Subject: Re: looking for ladies in southern calif. Date: 16 Dec 1995 16:26:17 GMT >I'm looking for ladies of the night in southern calif. Would prefer >near Buena Park area. If anyone knows where to go please e-mail me. check out beach Blvd. or lincoln in Anaheim.
Subject: Re: Anaheim Options Date: 29 Jan 1996 19:25:43 -0500 Check out the "adult services" section of the Orange County Register. Many choices there
Date: Thu, 4 Jan 1996 00:52:56 UTC I was stuck in Orange County near the John Wayne Airport Friday night, 29 December 1995. I remembered reading in someone's post that he could recommend some places around the airport so I checked the yellow pages and found a bunch of them that were all within a few blocks of each other. I suspect there has been some recent law enforcement activity because they were all very very cautious. I was asked for all sorts of identification, denied entry to at least one place, and had a really surreal and absurd experience in one I will mention by name. It was called the "La Fontaine Spa." It was clearly a massage parlor that offers full service, but they were being extra careful like the others. Unlike the others, they took the hilarious step of sending a middle aged, over the hill Orange County cheerleader with graying blonde hair. She was wearing a typical skimpy massage parlor getup, but she had a laminated plastic photo ID card clipped to her shorts like a flight attendant. I guess it was to convince the police that she is a professional in the traditional sense. She refused anything other than a shitty massage and started out with the most phony, forced small talk. It was really depressing, and as I left after taking a very lonely shower, I noticed the card they made me fill out was taped to the door of the room where I had my massage. Of course, I took it with me. What a bitch that woman was, I'm just glad I was smart enough to just walk away. I think it's just the way Orange County is. I know the topless and nude bars are constantly harrassed down there. It's just awful. I'll be stuck there again, so I would appreciate any good tips anyone has on where the service has been better, otherwise, the hell with it, I'll just drive up to Industry.
Date: Wed, 22 May 1996 07:25:03 UTC You're right about the cops getting tough on the places around OC airport. The cities are now requiring the girls to have 500 hours of massage training to qualify for a license - that's longer than the police academy isn't it? As a result, many of the places have shut down and the massage schools are doing a landslide business. It's rough on the girls, cause most of them don't know any other way to make a living. The cops have been into the places trying to get the girls to solicit or touch in a suggestive way - so the girls have to be very cautious, and some have gotten into trouble and been shut down. As a result, what used to be a thriving little industry around OC airport has dwindled to just a few very cautious places. Known customers can still get "serviced" in many of the places - but it costs to be a "regular". La Fontaine and the place immedicately across the courtyard are the worst of the places - always have been. Those that advertise american staff are populated by aging wannabees - stick with the others.
Subject: About OC Register Listings Date: Wed, 22 May 1996 07:39:57 UTC The adult services section of the Orange County Register lists lots of names and numbers - also the massage listings. Most of the adult services are ripoffs - let me describe a recent experience: Ad read "shy Japanese girl, nude dancing" etc. The girl who showed up was not shy, not Japanese, but a horse-faced, thunder-thighed cheap hustler who danced in combat boots (!) and sported a huge, grotesque tattoo on her lower back. Never did get nude, got dressed after 20 minutes and left. Tried to hustle me for more money on her way into the front door - I've had similar experiences in the past - but every once in a while I find a nice, sweet, friendly young lady with whom I become friends and stay with for a while - so I keep trying and looking. By the way - I'm concerned about naming names and locations in this media - because the cops are the best subscribers to the LA Express and media such as this one. I'm not sure where they're headed with this. It seems as though we had a pretty amiable detente for a while. The cops were working to keep the streets respectable, at least until late at night, but were kind of just keeping an eye on the massage industry - where the business tends to be low profile, inoffensive and pretty clean. In a wonderful book called "Ain't No Body's Business if I Do" the author states that more than half our jail population consists of people convicted of "moral" crimes - between consenting adults - including prostitution, gambling and drugs. Of course the drug-related arrests are the most visible. It seems to me that what goes on between consenting adults should not be the subject of our laws, as long as there isn't exposure to minors or offensive behavior in front of the general population. Most of the massage parlor customers, and most of the street hooker customers are just people minding their own affairs, (no pun intended). Now the cities and cops have taken a hard line with the massage places, and I wonder if they really think they can kill the world's oldest profession?
Subject: Whores Date: Thu, 30 May 1996 11:04:04 UTC I've had much success in orange county, CA, in the areas of Beach/Garden Grove Blvd's. A "new" twist is that I've found several non-professionals working this area. I think some are runaways, but one I fucked was fromj a half-way house in the area. She let me fuck her without a rubber & cum on her stomach-all for $20.
Subject: Orange County is not that bad.... Date: Sat, 8 Jun 1996 04:15:47 UTC Sorry you had a bad experience at La Fonatiane... Try Niomi Gardens down the street. Excellent looking Korean girls will take good care of you. Real good care.... Good luck!
Subject: Orange Co, CA Overview Orange County, California is home to thirty-one cities. Each city has a set of community standards they deem appropriate. Visitors to the area are often confused about where to party. If it helps to know, locals are often confused also as sting operations move from city to city. A county task force has been established to help control "undesirable" actions. Areas of action, both on the streets and indoors, move frequently as determined by police activity. Post YOUR latest experience and we will all benefit. You knew things were a bit different in Orange County when you arrived at your departing airport: Your luggage was marked "SNA" (Santa Ana); The airline receptionist asked, "You are flying to Orange County today?"; As you landed, the flight attendant said, "Welcome to John Wayne Airport where the time is..." Look around as you leave the airport. The airport is located in Costa Mesa; the road in front of the airport is located in Irvine on the north side and Newport Beach on the south side. Get a good map and we will try to make this as easy as possible. These notes will be of most aide if you are staying in one of the many hotels located in the airport area or the Anaheim area. Purchase a copy of the Orange County Newspaper and look in the METRO section. There you will find news from each of the thirty-one communities. Save the SPORTS and CLASSIFIED sections. Read on. Street Activity Ladies walking the streets are not my thing but observation reveals that street activities move quite frequently. Sting operations seem to be wherever the action is located. Beware! Anaheim was a great area several months ago but not any more. Garden Grove, whose boundry borders Anaheim, saw the ladies move down Harbor Blvd. Continuing down Harbor Blvd. the next community is Santa Ana. A few walkers can be spotted from time to time along Harbor Blvd. in this area, but very few. Know that the police are watching and remember that word "sting". It means johns are arrested. Locate Disneyland on your map. On the north side is Ball Road, on the east is Harbor Blvd. About two miles south is Garden Grove Blvd. and about four miles west is Beach Blvd. (Hwy #39). Street activity is mixed nationalities at present located on (1)Harbor Blvd. south of Garden Grove Blvd. (2) On Garden Grove near Beach Blvd. (3) On Beach north of Garden Grove Blvd. Relief Centers The CLASSIFIED section of the Orange County Register newspaper contains a section daily titled: "Smart Classified - Services for Adults". In this section you will find listings for "2-SOCIAL CLUBS". Most of these contain only a telephone number. These tend to be above my limits for spending. Therefore no recomendations are offered. If you find one worthy of note, please consider posting it here. Following the club listings you will find a section "3-HEALTH AIDS" with more than 50 listings for in call services which use various names. Accupuncture, accupressure, stress relief, pain relief, massage, etc. Most of these establishments are open from 10 am to 10 pm. Again, due to the ever changing locations of "the best places," this post contains only three listings which have been visited in October 1996. Please post your most recent findings. 1) In Fountain Valley at the north west corner of Magnolia and Warner (1 mile east of Beach Blvd on Warner). The add states FULL BODY MASSAGE at 8907 Warner, #119. Kelly was the daytime attendant. She was a caucasian lady in her mid 20s. About 5-7 with a nice tan and firm legs. She asked and wrote down your first name upon entering. She collected the $40 fee and offered a shower. She also offered a second shower at the conclussion of the session. The room had a curtain door, no ceiling and a small sign on the table, "Gratuities appreciated". There was a locker with a lock and key and a raised massage table. She said to lay face down on the table after my shower. When she entered, Kelly immediately started an oil massage. She worked a long time at the foot of the table but eventually came within reach. She allowed me to caress her legs (she wore tight shorts) but that was all. She never asked if there was anything else she could do for me. When she observed my agitated state under the small towel, she repeatedly told me she could only do a straight massage. Did I make a bad impression? Did she suspect her license was a concern of mine? Could be. It was one of those days when everything didn't go just according to plan for me. I must admit, Kelly gave a great massage and while she didn't earn a tip it was not all that bad an experience to be seperated from $40. She earned that much. 2) Shiatsu (Madame Butterfly) is located directly across the street from the Party House Adult Book Store mentioned above. At 8776 Garden Grove Blvd. This business opened in September and a telephone call was cordial and encouraging. The actual visit proved to be another story. I'll just save you some time and effort by this little report. It is located in an Asian business complex and apparently caters to Asians. There were two attendants present when I entered. A Korean man and a Korean lady both clothed in white medical coats. The one room operation had open top cubicals with cloth doors. This openness was my first impression. The lady at the desk greeted me with, "not today". This leads me to believe that they deal with Asian clients only. I asked for Madame Butterfly and was told again "not today". I gave a bow and retreated. I offer this report because it is located in an area where one might expect to find gracious service. This place and the Oriental Garden on Beach Blvd. in Huntington Beach (reviewed in an earlier posting) should NOT be considered "Fun places". 3) Mentioned in an earlier posting by another gentleman. I am pleased agree with his statements. Located at 5900 (C-101) S. Bristol Street in Costa Mesa, at the corner of Randolph and Bristol, the gray buildings are labled A-B-C-D-E. Building C is located in the front on Bristol St. It is the the building on the south side (right side facing it). You will smile when you see the name on the door and again when you step inside the door. A recent add in the paper listed the name as DOVE NEST but the add now just states C-101. This is an Asian run establishment. It was very clean. Mina greeted me when I entered. She is a 7 in my book. She asked me for $40 entrance fee and then she escorted me to a room where she asked me what I wanted. I told her "exactly" what I wanted and she said undress and left. The room contained a mattress on the floor covered in linen and towels with a pillow. A small table with a lamp, plastic flowers which emitted a fragrance, a small wooden chair and a few PEOPLE magazines. The fragrance left its mark on my clothes for at least 24 hours. The walls were thin and carried voices easily. After a very long wait (20 minutes or more), a lady entered who told me her name was "Ty" she spelled it Tyus. She asked me what I wanted and proceeded with the treatment. She began not with a massage but rather went right to work offering herself as nurse. Her breasts were firm and pert, C size. I would judge she was in her late 30s but a fine body. She gave me kiss on the cheek, as if to say goodby, and departed for the south range. Soon her hands were busy working around the balls and then her mouth found my member which longed for attention. She swung around and offered her legs and rounded back side for my enjoyment. She did use protection and managed a fair job with her mouth satisfying my member at least to a point. She mounted and brought the complete satisfaction desired within a few minutes. She removed the covering from the shrinking member and left for a couple of minutes returning with a warm wash cloth and a warm wet towel. Ty cleaned my chest and member and toweled me dry. She then cuddled a bit and massaged my scalp and face muscles. There was no body massage except what has been described. No oil, no powder. At this time she rose and offered me my clothes. She helped me dress, one garment at a time including tying each shoe lace. Reaching in my pocket, I produced money which she accepted with a smile. No mention of amount of the tip ever took place. She accepted the tip offered and seemed content. What can I say? She was warm, friendly, firm, lean, loving and it ended all too soon. I'll return when the urge strikes. Outcall "Smart Classified - Services for Adults" (Orange County Register news- paper) has a listing "7-Business Personals" which contains well over 100 listings for outcall services. They each give a description of the individual performing the service or the service that they will perform. If you find a service of particular note, consider posting your findings here. Hope this paves the way for a memorable visit to Orange County, California.
Subject: 714 CA Orange County Report Date: Monday, 01 January, 1601 (714) CA Orange County OC California Anaheim Anahiem Stanton Garden Grove Westminister Westminster Santa Ana Costa Mesa Newport Beach Streetwalkers in Orange County, CA, A Report (based on a two week visit in September) there is very little action on Harbor or Beach BLVDS. you might try cruising Beach from Lincoln to the 22 FWY, then take the 22 to Harbor and cruise to the 405 FWY, but its spotty at best. one place worth trying is the fast food joints at Harbor & McFadden. the parking lots sometimes have a bit of action. i like to park and see a girl leave with a john, then see him drop her off before i approach her. PROBLEMS parking in a business area or retail parking lot is bad. OC cities have way too many patrol cars and they check cars. Stanton has the fewest cops, buena park & anahiem the most, it seems. residential areas are bad too. well lit, with lots of people who take walks, even in the wee hours. your best bet is to skip the $40 BJ and go for $100 full service in a motel. rooms run around $30. Don't let her pick the room even if she says she has one. ask her to show you something a cop would not. anything other than a quick boob flash means LEAVE NOW! Make sure that there is a room available. don't trust the vacancy signs. they never say no vacancy, even when all of OC is booked. the Jerk owners don't want the night clerk to turn on that sign before it fills up, so screw you if you are looking for a room! go inside and ask before cruising.
Date: Wed, 1 Jan 97 20:43:55 UT Subject: Orange County, California Please keep this message anonymous! Comments about Orange County, CA. Based on many articles posted during 1996 I provide you with a summary of my experiences. The street scene is dead and too risky. There used to be some great looking girls out there, but the word must be out that the cops have gotten tough. If you happen to spot one in the areas posted in WSG, chances are good she's a cop. You have to ask yourself "Is it worth the risk"? The best bet is the Acupressure, Stress Relief joints listed in the Orange County Register Classified section. Most offer what your looking for and a good way to tell if they are going to be good is by the low key ad. The places by the airport are expensive in comparison to the ones you'll find in elsewhere. Forget the Kawaii in Hunington Beach and any in Yorba Linda. Good ones are in Costa Mesa, Fullerton, and Hacienda Heights. You have to keep reading the paper to find out which ones are really "New Openings". These usually give you good service because they are trying to establish clientle. I have found that the place is not as important as the girl you get. The same place might have the girl of your dreams or your worst nightmare. Tell the Mama San what you are looking for after you pay (never before). Fourty dollars gets you in. Sixty dollars or more is a recommended tip. Happy hunting!
Subject: Re: [ASP] Orange County Ca. Date: Fri, 3 Jan 1997 20:02:21 -0500 (EST) First off, forget streetwalkers. There aren't any, when a new one shows up the cops talk to her until a cab arrives and takes her away. Sting ops are common, as are unmarked cars that will follw you, and a LOT of patrol cars checking out parked cars. The Orange County police have killed off the business. Bellflower is right outside of the county, and has a good street scene. See tha world sex guide for details. Inside OC, your best bet is massage parlors. What is nice about them is that if you find one that doesn't affer full service, you are only out $40 and you get a nice massage for your money. Try the C101 place mentioned in the Guide. It's pretty nice. Various peole in this group have their favorites, but you need to participate by trying places and making reports if you want the extra information...
Subject: [ASP] Orange County Date: 28 Jan 1997 06:39:02 GMT I was just ripped off by a girl named Amy. She is OC EZ Her profile in AOL, and her phone message when you call her, suggests she is a full service escort. She charges $170. This gets you a nude dance. She will give you a hand job for an additional $100.
Subject: [ASP] 714-O.C. massage scene Date: 30 Jan 1997 01:43:26 -0700 Let me give something back to the group to the group which has provided so much interesting reading. I have noticed that in the recent adult classifieds of the Orange County Register (CA) that the massage parlors have now seemed to be congregating in Costa Mesa, and not one ad listed a Newport Beach address. I suppose that the Newport city fathers would rather make it tough on landlords than let discreet free enterprise operate. The massage places that I drove by seemed to be on the other side of the airport. I decided to try one place out, just to see what might happen. This was an accupressure place on Paularino (suite 145, you can find the ad). The fee was $40/ half hour and $80 an hour. At 9:00 pm there was only one girl working. She was born in Korea and it was unclear to me how good her English was, she claimed not good at all and I would tend to agree with her. She gave a very good massage, but there were none of the signs that anything else might be available, I was not in the mood to be aggressive. Perhaps as a first timer more caution was exercised. Bottom line is that I would go back only if I just wanted a good massage, because I think that is about all you would get. YMMV (sorry no good juicy story, but at least it might eliminate one place in your search for hot action.) Any more SoCal reports and especially Orange County reports would be most welcome!) an O.C. guy
Subject: [ASP] (714) C101 establishment Date: 18 Feb 1997 06:47:47 GMT Orange County, CA, USA (near the airport) Well I decided to give the C101 place (see the OC Register classifieds for the ad) a shot. I had been in once before, but it was closing time. I had recently read some of the high praises of some on the WSG and was hoping to have similar success. I went in and asked for a session. I was greeted by a girl who I would later know to be Chang? She asked me with a very think accent whether I had read the name of the place. I said I had and that I wanted a session. She seemed to be studying me. She eventually asked me for my $40 and lead me to the back into a room. It looked like your typical massage room. It did have the ugly walls that someone else had referred to in their review. I undressed and laid on my stomach and waited. Chang came in carrying something I thought that looked like a steering wheel. I thought she had a driving wheel to attach to a PC. (How did she know that I was into computers.) This device turned out to be a Power Shiatsu, a large vibrator. She turned it on and used it on my back for the next 5-8 minutes. It was loud enough that I thought conversation would be difficult, especially given the language barrier that already existed. When she turned the machine off she proceeded to walk on my back and legs. Perhaps its just me but not all of the back walking was relaxing. In fact at times I was very tense. I thought to myself that perhaps they had misnamed this place and it should have been called "controlled pain." Finally when that was done she did a quick hand massage of my back. (no conversation up to this point.) She finally asked me to flip over. There was a quick finger pull on each hand. The she asked me if everything was OK. I just muttered yes. And then she got up and said "that's it," and left the room. I really had no time to start any other conversation or inquiry into what else my be available or the possibility of tips. I thought there was a little more time for that. I think the total session time was 20-25 minutes. In retrospect I should have been more conversational early on. I don't know if the language barrier would have made that possible or not. Would I go back? Well I wouldn't go back just for the massage alone, I have had better other places. On the possibility that I would be luckier next time? Maybe. Adios
Subject: Some New Additions for L.A. and Orange County Date: Thu, 20 Mar 1997 16:33:14 -0800 In the City of Industry try a place called Gin Accupressure on Valley Blvd. This is a great place if you go in the afternoon and ask for a nice young girl. The entry fee is $40.00. Once inside, the place has the standard massage parlor look. The girls are nice, I had one who was an 8. She came in wearing a white dress and came in and locked the door. She then gave a massage for about five minutes until my arousal. She then asked what I was looking for and I said a blow job. She then left the room and came back with a condom. She put the condom on my penis and proceeded to take off her dress. She gave great head for about two minutes and then I asked her for full intercourse. She complied and rode me like an animal. It was great. I gave her $60.00 and went on with my day. It is a Korean place. Absolutely a must. I have been to almost 20 of these places during the past year and had my best experience here. A must....... I will add more stories as I have time.
Date: Fri, 09 May 1997 16:06:42 -0700 Subject: Orange Co I tried the C101 place on Bristol and was met by a girl named Mona, with an 7 face and 9+ body. Though i got a great massage, she told me she didn't do extras. I got the idea that extras would be available for regular customers.
Subject: {ASP}Orange County Date: Wed, 04 Jun 1997 22:37:34 -1904 The Getaway is still open despite constant police harrasment. Great place for full service. Donna's gone--she got busted by a john turned by the cops--but some of the other girls are hanging on. Word is that if the leave Newport that they will have a forwarding phone # to another location.
Date: Sat, 28 Jun 1997 01:14:07 -0700 Subject: Orange County Check this out if you like 18-22 yr old vietnamese pussy. One the corner of Bolsa/Euclid, the's a Union 76 gas station. Behind that, there' s sun tanning place. They've been busted by the vice so they say they don't do massages or anything. They'll tell you that they don't even put oil on you. You are supposed to oil yourself and get in the sun tan machine in your own room. That's all a cover. In the corner of every room, there' s a fold out bed that they fuck on. I got with Elizabeth(I think). She was 20 and a cuty. I went for her because she was 5"3' 105 lbs and she had a rack. She was just wearing a sun dress and her breasts were holding her dress up. I had to check it out, Duh, her breasts were plastic to my disappointment. Oh well. Her english sucks and the place is run down. But the young chick fuck. No special sex, just straight. Like I said, it's just a great place to fuck young chick. Nothing more.
Subject: [ASP] Orange County info - Getaway Date: Sat, 28 Jun 1997 02:52:37 -0600 Went to the Getaway last week in Newport Beach. $40 for the massage and $80 for the girl to give me a hand job. She was a nice looking white girl, nothing spectacular, but all she would do was jack me off and let me touch her. No fucking or BJ. Oh well. I'll let you be the judge about if it's worth it or not.
Subject: Re: [ASP] Orange County Police Bust at 2900 Bristol, C101, Mesa Pain Relief, Costa Mesa Date: Wed, 09 Jul 1997 02:21:39 -0600 CAUTION!!!! A good friend of mine just got busted in a police sting at this place in Costa Mesa at 2900 Bristol St., right near the freeway. The actual business name is: MESA Pain Relief Center, Suite C-101 Stay Away!! My friend, who has been there many times and knows the faces, visited this establishment on 7/5 and got busted by police vice cops who recorded the whole conversation! Apparently the put a hidden mike in the room. When my buddy asked for sex like he always did there, the policed rushed into the massage room, handcuffed him, and read him is rights. Seems like the police dept. somehow convinced this Korean brothel to cooperate in setting up this net to catch "johns". The worse part is they kept his $40 and he didnt even get a massage!! Stay away from Mesa Pain Relielf Control Center otherwise known as C-101!!
Date: Fri, 02 Jan 1998 12:44:16 Subject: Update on Orange County; California This brief report covers the city of Newport Beach, and Costa Mesa. This is note address the existing situation on massage parlor and escort services in orange county. At the moment the massage scene in Orange County is dead and you can find some escort, but they are very expensive and they are not worth a dime. There are few misleading advertisement that everyone should be aware of. Since we all work very hard for our money and money does not grow on tree, be aware of the services offered on There are two girls that I have visited and they don't do anything, not even a handjpob. These two are Jenna and Roxxane ( Roxxane advertise herself as samantha also, check out both ads). They both claim that they are a beauty, but both of them don't look like anything that they have described themselves. They are both ugly and they don't have the body they say they do have. They charge $250. for nude massage with absolutely no sex. The ad says they are goregous, but my friend that is bunch of crap, so buyers must be aware. It is very unfortunate that prostitution is illegal in U.S., so bitches like these, get away with almost anything. In Europe, these girls would be busted and put in jail for false advertisement. These two girls, or these three girls (Samantha, Roxxane, and Jenna: keep in mind Samantha and roxxane are the same girl) also advertise under under the sensual sections. I would appreciate if anyone has an update or used any of services in Thank you.
Subject: [ASP] Review Orange County,CA (714) Date: 1998/02/05 During my stay in Anahiem I tried to stay with independents. During my last night I decided to take a chance with the Wild Orchid service at WOW!!!! When you call you get an answering machine giving directions what to do and to leave a message. This is usually a warning that a call back will not happen, but in this case I received a return call within 5 min.(good so far) The lady that called described who was available (it was late about 11:45pm) and said she would call. The call came and Heather said she would be there in about 46-60 min.. She showed up on time and was just as described. The service was "full service". I only wish I had called them earlier in my stay. Price is $300 all included, no tipping. Looks:8 Attitude:10 Service:10

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