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Olongopo, The Philippines

Date: Wed, 25 Sep 1996 17:56:47 -0500

Do you remember Mount Pinatubo?  It erupted in June 1991, I believe.
It sort of destroyed the military bases in northern P.I., usually
known as Subic Bay.  The U.S. pulled out for quite some time
following, leaving the devastated area to heal itself.
        The town outside the naval base is called Olongopo.  It
catered to drunk and horny marines and sailors.  When I finally got
some shore time, I went to the bars with some friends.  One guy had a
hooker that he always stayed with and found her quickly.  My other
companion found a hooker after going to a few bars.  To give you an
idea of P.I., it's very boring in the bars.  Most of them had one
clothed woman dancing, and often she was the ugliest one there.  But
when we entered each one, we were usually mobbed by 6 to 8 [buy me
drink] girls.  I have to admit, San Miguel beer rocks.  The kids (6 to
12) would sell bottles for 25 cents.  The purple jungle juice was
expensive at $4.50 a glass, but they were easily worth it.
        Our focus was to get a girl for the night, play some pool (damn
those hookers were good), get a buzz, and find a hotel.  No street
hookers there, all of the girls were owned by the bar, and that's who
you paid.  I didn't give a dime (per friends' oreders) to the hooker
before or after.  Now, I didn;t exactly pick the best-looking chick.
But it wouldn't matter, as you shall see.  After some confidential
words from my friends in the john, I went aead and told the bar tender
what I wanted.  I don't think this chick had quite expected this, but
she went "inside" and brought out an overnight bag the size of a Big
Mac after 15 long minutes.  The 6 of us left and went bar hopping some
more.  Not that other bar owners like it, but hell, we had to buy the
bitches drinks.
        After one of my buddies was hammered, we started to look for
1qrespectable hotels.  Then we got desperate.  I was so lost in the dark,
I don't know how we ever found anything.  But then I reached a stunning
conclusion: I had taken way too much money.  You see, the hotel room
cost more than the hooker.  Compare $25 to $15.  And with hand jobs at 6
or $8 (in the bars), I was like a little kid.
        Anyway, we get to the room.  It's even got a TV, which I turn on
(hey, it's my fucking $40, if I wanna watch Philipine news, that's my
right!).  Now, being perfectly terrified of AIDS (this was my first
hooker), my brains got the best of my sack.  Not enough San Migual, I
suppose.  I ask for a blow job.  "Suckee, suckeee?"  You got it,
bitch.  This was also after I had taken off her bra and found such
little breasts (not to mention guya, she was an _ugly_ Philipino).  So
she dissapeared into the bathroom.  I know now that this was her
professional preparation.  She was pulling her hair back.
        Now to say that this was the best blow job ever would be a
stretch.  Mainly because I couldn't hang for long.  I had even been -
you know - preparing for the last few days so this wouldn't happen.  I
had even "prepared" only hours before.  But there it was, 2 - 3
minutes tops.  Talk about spewing.  She politely took it all and went
to the bathroom shortly after seeing my dazed look.  So much for that,
I watched TV for a half hour or so, and then asked for another.  Who
would want sex after that - there was nothing to it, and I was pretty
drunk, anyway.
        It was a 100% re-run.  Exact same preparation, she pulls back
her long hair, goes to town, I spew violently, she spits in the sink.
I couldn't do a damn thing about it.  The words for her are
"professional" and "methodical" and "impressive."  I found out later
what it was that had driven me so wild.  I read about it an article in
some men's magazine.
        It's called the "lick trick."  It requires accurate licking, and
timing.  Very little of the traditional deep-throating is required.
One must lick the man's penis, followed in a timed succesion a lick of
each of the nipples, followed again by the penis, etc.  If I could
remmber how it was done, boy I'd like to be able to direct other women
to do this, too.  (say, one that didn't have a gap in her teeth and
the tits of a 13-year-old) If a hand job is a 5, a blow job is an 8,
and a fuck is a 10, then the lick trick is an 11.  A 12 or more is
reserved for those fantasy-fucks.
        Back to me, though.  I was out for the count after that 2nd
performance.  At 6:30 the next morning I said goodbye to my ugly date
as s we neared the US military gate.  The guy with a "girlfriend" gave
her a shitload of money (he wanted to marry her).  I guess I could
have given my bitch return cab fare, but we know she would have
walked.  I did come up with an idea, though.  As we passed a street
cigarette vendor, I bought some breath mints to give to my whore.  The
third guy gave his slut one of the polaroids he had taken, and then we
all ran off to make it back in time.

        For all you guys who know about the barber shop idea, well I
actually needed a haircut.  This was a few days later.  I kinda got
ripped off by not asking how much before the trim.  Some boys took my
Kaepa's and cleaned them while I got a face massage.  The total was
more than I had left.  So I gave them all the funny money I had and
left the Phillipines forever.  Two weeks later, when I returned, the
volcano had destroyed the little town, and I never left base to see
it.  From what I've heard, all the girls are in Manila, now.

        I will always remember P.I., and not because I got hit by a

One last shopping tip for P.I. --> Timexes are made there.  Stock up
on them and watch bands.

Subject: RE: Olangapo, Philippine Islands. Date: Sun, 29 Dec 1996 20:59:00 -0600 I just read the "nostalgic story" about Olangapo, Philippine Islands. It is wrong on a few counts: 1) The US Military Base at Olangapo closed when PI government attempted to drastically raise lease fees; the Pinatubo eruption was not a factor. 2) I last visited Olangapo a little over a year ago; the city certainly has a depressed economy (stores tout sad little "Olangapo will survive!" signs everywhere) but the city has hardly vanished. 3) Bar Girls (and prostitution in general) still is fairly easy to find in Olangapo, though it is confined to a "main drag" of about 10-15 bars just north of town. 4) The Pinatubo eruption DID devastate Clark Airfield at Angeles City. (a few hours away from Olangapo). However, note that Angeles City is without a doubt the most 'happening' place in PI for prostitution. I've been there 4 times over the past 5 years; each time I see more new clubs & bars. The best area is Bagio (an Angeles "suburb" between Angeles proper and the old Clark Airfield), that contains at least 40 establishments within a 1-mile radius. San Miguel beer is a staple at $1/bottle, and the standard price for overnight full-service is $20 barfine + $30 for the girl. Other tips: 1) Avoid Manila. 2) Cebu (Cebu City & nearby beach areas only) is a good spot, but prices are higher -- Plaid Monk
Date: Wed, 8 Oct 1997 21:14:45 -0400 (EDT) Dear Atta, I returned from the Philippines on October 6 ,1997. I visited Olongapo and I was in Manila. The only advice I can give to all who go to Olongapo is to stay away from a place called Lipps as it is a ripoff and the girls are there to drink but do little else. I want to recommend a place called Asia club in Manila which is really great but the new prices for a bar fine are 5000 - 6000 pesos for the night in Manila so don't let anyone tell you different. I had a very pleasant experience in Olongapo and Manila. I stayed in the Bayview Manila Hotel for around 85 dollars US a night and close to Burgos and alot of clubs. I found out that alot of bar girls do not like two girls for the same guy so although that is what I hoped for I did not find it. Anyway I am going back in March for two more weeks of fun again and who knows I may stay there as I really love the Philippines.

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