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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

In Oklahoma City the oriental rate is consistent, considering they are
all owned by the same company.  $30/half hour and $50/hour, which gets
you a good massage followed by a body shampoo.  For a $50 dollar tip
you can get a handjob and feel up your masseuse.  Most seem unwilling
to negotiate any further.

But for $100 you can get an escort for an hour fom one
of the many services that advertise in the yellow pages.
And that's a flat fee, no tipping required when she gets
there.  Although they have never turned one down


Date: Mon, 19 Aug 1996 22:11:40 UTC Cruising OKC last week, I picked up a nice young girl named Cinnimon (that's how she spelled it on the paper). She's a beautiful young redhead, about 23 yrs, 5'4", probably 34A-24-34 (totally guessing). We went back to my room and had a VERY good time. She gave me her pager number in case I wanted to get in touch with her on my next trip thru OKC. Definitely recommend finding her if you can. She also had a couple cute roommates that I wouldn't mind meeting (Capri & Pearl). My other experience was with an older woman named Kay. Medium brown hair, on the far side of 30, sagging.... stay away.
Date: Fri, 20 Dec 1996 14:07:35 -0700 Subject: REVIEW: Hong Kong Oriental Health Spa in Midwest City (OKC) OK Hong Kong Oriental Health Spa Massage 2201 S. Air Depot Blvd Midwest City (OKC) OK My experience agrees almost exactly with the general info on Oklahoma City (above). I pay $50 for a full hour of massage and an additional $50 tip up front will get you a hand job at the end of the massage. The selection is pretty modest, although there is one very attractive masseuse that I've managed to end up with on each of my visits. Ask for "Lee". The massage isn't bad, the hand job is pretty straight-forward, and the shower afterwards is very good. Not hard to find at all.
Date: Sat, 22 Mar 1997 11:59:32 -0800 Subject: Nikita's Brat's-OKC, OK I was in OKC on business last week and in need of some company, so I got out the old phone book. I scanned the "Escort" section in the Yellow pages and picked a service with same prefix to allow for proximity. I called "Nikita's Brats" and talked to a lady named Kim. I answered her questions and we settled on a lady named Lindsay. A few minutes later, Lindsay called and we set up a meeting. She was knocking on my door in just 15 minutes. She was exactly as she described; 5'5", brown/brown, 34B-24-34, and a vision of the girl-next-door. After showing my ID (to prove I wasn't a cop),I paid the agreed upon fee($125-no extras)and she proceeded to undress(a nice dress with matching panty hose. As things progressed, we both became very excited, as you might guess. She wasn't very vocal to start off, but she had a way of letting you know how to please her. If she didn't come, she was a hell of an actress. After sex, she hung around a few minutes just chatting. All in all, a gorgeous lady definitely worth a repeat perofrmance when i go back to OKC.
Date: Sun, 6 Apr 1997 05:02:10 -0400 (EDT) Subject: Oklahoma City area Prostitutes I have an update on prostitutes in the Oklahoma City Area. I have never used an escort/massage service. All of my experience is with streetwalkers. There are 2 main areas to pick up streetwalkers in OKC. The first is on South Robinson between SE 44th and SE 25th. These girls are from 3's to 10's. Sometimes you will get a better fuck from a 5 than from a 10. But some of the 10's are actually high school girls that are around 16 years old! The best spots to watch are the pawn shop on SE 44th and Robinson, the gas station at SE 36th and Robinson, the gas station at 28th and robinson, and the bus stop at 25th and robinson. These girls have a pretty wide range of prices. A decent loking 5 will charge $25 for BJ and $35 for half and half. The pretty high school girls will charge anywhere from $40 blows to $80 half and half. Anal is alwyas about $20 more....if they are willing to do it at all. The services given depend on the girl. Some will allow you to go down, finger, deep kiss, finger ass, etc for no extra charge. others will charge and some wont do it at all. My experience is, the prettier the girl, the worse the service. Most any girl is willing to get a room on S.Shields for $10. Many of them are time conscious, but some are not. The second place to find them is in the blocks between NW 10th and NW 5th and Penn and Walker. There are several small neighborhood, shitty ones, where the girls walk the streets. Also, gas stations are a big hit. But be very careful over here. There are a LOT of gangs and drugs around. And I was robbed in a motel room while on a date, although technically I gave the guy my money. The girls over here are usually pretty bad. Many are homeless. Stay away! But you can find $10 blows and $15 fucks, if you are willing to take the chance. All in all, south robinson is a great place to go. If there are no girls walking the streets, stop in Truelove's pool hall and bar.....they are probably in there dodging the cops who cruise the streets. If you are on Robinson, look for Cathleen, Connie, Vickie, and April. All of these are in the 5-8 range and cost under $40 for a good half and half with kissing, fingering, and plenty of oral.
Subject: [ASP] OKC escorts Date: Wednesday, 23 April, 1997 1:08 AM If you are going to be in OKC, try "Nikita's Brats" @ 947-7922. They charge $125/hr, no tipping. I've been with 4 of their girls in the last couple of months and haven't been disappointed yet.
Date: Sun, 27 Jul 1997 00:36:06 -0400 (EDT) Subject: Oklahoma City Ladies Check the area from 10th and classen to 10th and kentucky, and all the blocks in the area. The ladies are roamers and to eliminate the police, the real ladies will ask if you are dating first, cops don't. The ages vary, they don't get checked by the doc's. Prices vary from 10-20 for head, 20-30 for half and half. The action starts at dark, have fun.
Subject: OK City Date: Thu, 28 Aug 1997 02:30:48 -0600 I was in Oklahoma City June 11-15. Drove down South Robinson like the April 6 post said. I didn't see anybody much less anyone resembling a streetwalker anywhere for the first couple of nights. Cruised around from about 8:00 p.m. until after midnight. On Friday night I saw just two girls out. They were obviously working girls. One was at the station on 36th and Robinson and I don't remember where I saw the other standing. Before I could even drive up to the one at 36th someone else would stop and pick her up so I never got a chance to even talk to her. Each time she was back in less than 20 minutes. She had one guy just drive down Robinson a few blocks then turn into an alley and park- no need for a room. The other girl got in with someone and I never saw her again that night. On Saturday night I didn't see anyone at all. All in all, not much street action in OKC as far as I'm concerned. I tried to go to an Oriental Massage Spa that was listed in the phone book at the far south east part of town near the Air Force Base but when I got there it had already closed for the night (it was already past midnight by this time and since the street action was slow I thought I'd try it.) I can't remember the name of the spa, though.
Subject: [ASP] Review Oklahoma City, OK Date: 1998/02/07 I used to live in OKC and have had many experiences with escort services, massage parlors, and titty bars. I regret that I forgot to submit my review of the services while still fresh in my mind but will try and recount my experiences now (several months later). I read the post on streetwalkers at the beginning of the faq on OKC and headed down to S. Robinson to check it out for myself. The first night I went out there I saw not one hooker. I did stop in at Truelove's hoping to find one "dodging the cops." I talked with a regular patron of the bar and he told me that the management didn't let the hookers in the door. I gave up trying to find a streetwalker and resorted to one of the multitude of escort services. Several weeks later, I was coming back from a business trip and decided to cruise down S. Robinson to catch a glimpse of a hooker. This time, I found one standing in front of Truelove's. Actually kind of cute, but dressed like a whore - which was exactly what I was looking for. I rolled down my window and motioned to her to come over. After she approached, she asked if I was a cop. I assured her I wasn't. Then she asked if she could feel my pecker! I overcame my initial embarrassment and whipped it out through my fly. She patted it on the head and hopped into the passenger side. She asked what I had in mind. I offered her $30 for half and half. She asked me to take her to a hotel on S. Shields where I got a room for a half hour for $15. Very raunchy, but hey, it really added to the excitement of fucking a common street whore. She wasn't too hurried, but I was. I suppose all the ambience got to me. She had me lay on my back and crawled over me in such a way that I couldn't actually see her give me head. It felt great, but I suspect she put the tip of my willy in her mouth and then just jacked me off. Her head was bobbing up and down vigorously - that's all it took to make *me* happy that night. Not a bad deal for a paltry $30. Escort services in OKC are a pretty good deal. Most services only charge one all-inclusive fee. I've had a mix of girls show up, almost all of them slightly overweight. Only one bad experience - but I can't remember the name of the agency (sorry). The girl's name was "Raven" and she smelled like she'd been fucked forty times that night. It was so bad that I had a hard time staying in the mood. I've not had any disappointments with the range of services offered by all the girls - except for a new girl that had just moved down from Chicago (and wanted and extra tip for full service). All the others were perfectly happy to suck, fuck, or whatever - all for an average fee of $125 - $150. I've also been to a couple of massage parlors. I'm the one that posted the first review of the Hong Kong Oriental Health Spa in the faq. I had several additional enjoyable experiences but never could persuade my good budy "Lee" to give in and let me fuck her in the massage parlor. She's very pretty and gives a good hand job, but it's kind of frustrating to have such a sweet ass in front of you and not be able to pound it. I've also tried the Blue Moon one time and had a neat experience there, but I'll get to that in just a bit. Want something fun to do during the afternoon? I HIGHLY recommend checking out Covergirls from around 2-5pm. You can go with a wad of one dollar bills and have exquisite babes thrust their panty-clad snatches against your nose. Here's a great strategy. The girls all take turns dancing on the main stage. Afterwards, they move to a raised table towards the side of the club. You'll see it on the right when you face the bar. SIT AT A TABLE UP IN THE RAISED AREA! You'll be sitting right next to the dancer and get an excellent view. You can walk up to her table as she's dancing and hold up a $1 bill and she'll come over and do her routine on you. It varies from girl to girl but usually consists of a 45 sec combination of squeezing your face between her tits, wrapping her thighs around your ears and letting you sniff her crotch, and the usual bending over and looking at you as you stare into her ass-crack. I can spend hours at a time at Covergirls and get very excited for about $25. So, what you gonna do now that you're cock is rock hard and leaking pre-cum?.... Go next door to the Blue Moon massage parlor. Don't worry about the form they ask you to sign up front. It has a huge disclaimer in bold type that says something like "SOLICITATION OF SEXUAL ACTS IS A CRIME AND WILL BE REPORTED TO LAW ENFORCEMENT." Sign it and go on back to one of the back rooms. You may think that the reception is less than warm at first. Trust me, you can get what you want at this place. The girls here definitely don't compare to those next door at covergirls. I recommend you close your eyes and re-live the moments earlier during the day. The masseuse will give you a full rub down. As she touches any errogenous zones, do something to let her know that you're turned on and likely to want to order from their selection of special services. Whenever mine touched my thighs near my nutsack, I'd wriggle my ass and moan. Your mileage may vary. At the end of the massage the masseuse asked if there was anything else I'd like her to give attention to. <wink, wink> I blurted out "God yeah". She smiled and asked to see my license and any other id that would prove I wasn't the fuzz. Then she rambled off the list of available services. It's been a while, but I think I paid $50 for the straight massage, and an additional $100 for oral service while she was nude. She suited my pecker up and went to town on me. I explained that I was pretty worked up from my day next door and to please take her time with me. She smiled and slowed up a little. Her technique was excellent - I don't know if I've ever had head as good before or since. I asked her if I could touch her. She nodded (while my cock was in her mouth). I slowly worked my way up her inner thigh. She was standing and spread her legs slightly to accomodate me. I started working her clit and in 5 minutes she was drenched with pussy juice and moaning loudly as she sucked me off. At that point, things took a weird twist. She was obviously turned on and very much into the blowjob - but I was about to explode and wanted it to last. I pushed her back, got off the massage table and told her to climb on. She obliged. I had her turn her head to face me and slowly began fucking her in the mouth while at the same time working her clit. We were running way past our allotted time, but she didn't care. Another girl hollered from outside the room that time was up, and she still didn't care. I had to keep making her pause/continue the blowjob so I didn't cum too soon. After 10 or 15 minutes of rubbing her clit and finger fucking her, while fucking her face, she finally came. She then grabbed me, laid me back down on the table and finished the blowjob with great vigor and lust. Fantastic! Sadly, that was one of the last experiences I had in OKC. I'm looking forward to the Covergirls/Blue Moon combo on my next business trip to the area. If I stay at a hotel overnight, I'll probably stick with the escort services, but I have yet to find such a satisfying experience during the afternoon.

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