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Okayama, Japan


Okayama (pop 660,000) lies on the main island of Honshu about one hour by
bullet train from both Osaka and Hiroshima and so is easily accessible.  It
has many redeeming features, and one of the most attractive is the
prostitution scene.  There are generally two problems facing foreigners
looking for a little action in Japan.  The first is that prostitution is
usually closed to foreigners, unless of course you have a Japanese friend
who can introduce you.  The second is that even if you do manage to locate
a place which will allow foreigners the price tag usually renders it
prohibitive - nothing comes cheap in Japan.
Okayama was a pleasant surprise in both of these usually troublesome
respects.  The district in which sexual services may be purchased lies
directly in front of the main railway station (where the Shinkansen
arrive/depart).  Unfortunately as I am not overly familiar with the area I
am unaware of its name.  However, it is easily found; just walk out of the
station, cross the road, go down an alley with the station at your rear -
and there you are.  This is obviously the entertainment district and is
full of salaryman type bars, hostess establishments and karaoke joints.
Some of which can be very expensive, charging a cover charge between
Y10,000 and Y30,000.
Steer clear of these places (for obvious reasons).  Many places offering
sex will not admit foreigners, however I managed to find two places in
which I had an enjoyable time.  The first was in a love hotel about two
blocks back from the station and near the Maira hotel.  There is usually a
pimp standing outside who, for the Y20,000, plus Y5,000, arranged for an
hour of full sex in the hotel.  He was very non-commital about the
attractiveness of the two women working that night, and I later discovered
why.  The first one which arrived in my room must have been at least 60
years old.  Obviously totally unacceptable - so with a demand for a refund
I sent her back to the pimp hoping for something a little better.  Finally,
this did arrive, in the shape of a rather plumpish early 40's Japanese
woman.  By this time half an hour had elapsed and there was no way I was
going to pay Y25,000 for half an hour with this!  However, the pimp assured
me that I could have a full hour and so I did.  She was very enthusiastic
and first gave good head with no condom.  After which we fucked, with a
rubber, in a variety of positions until I came inside her.
In summary it would be over priced any where else in the world, but in
Japan you can't really expect much more for that sort of money.  Despite
the woman's lack of physical beauty the fact that she was enthusiastic
about having sex made it worth the money.
My second experience was in an area further away from the station, about
ten minutes walk from the love hotel where the above took place.  This,
again, is an entertainment district full of the same sort of places and
lies close to the Main Post Office in an area called Akura Dori.  Here
pimps approached me on the street offering sex with Taiwanese girls for the
same price as above.  I never followed up on these, but they sounded quite
promising.  Generally speaking I did not get the impression that these
pimps were there to rip you off, but it would be wise to ask to see the
girl first, before parting with any money.  In this district I enjoyed the
pleasures of a "Suck Off Lounge".  To cut a long story to medium length;
this cost Y10,000 which got you 40mins of fellatio with a young attractive
woman (things were looking up).  You pay the money at the door and are lead
up a narrow flight of steps to a very dark room.  The room is full of
little booths with long couches.  Next to the couch is a lamp.  When the
lamp in a booth is off it means that the booth is occupied and someone is
getting "serviced".  I went up there and waited until the girl arrived, at
first thinking I was alone in the room, and then noticed the sucking and
swallowing sounds that surrounded me - in some ways this public atmosphere
actually makes it more of a turn on, as other men can't see what is being
done to you because it's too dark - but they can sure guess.
The girl arrived after 2 mins and asked me if I wanted a drink (free).  She
returned with the drink, fell into my arms and allowed me to rub her tits
and masturbate her.  After 5mins she undressed, turned off the lamp and
asked me to unfasten my pants.  She gave an excellent blowjob without
rubber and allowed me to come in her mouth.  All in all it was a very
enjoyable experience, well worth the money and one that I can recommend.
A few tips for scoring in Okayama:
(a) Ask the men on the street who look like bouncers or touts for various
bars/clubs what happens in the club (in some places you pay Y30,000 just to
talk), how much does it cost and are foreigners allowed?
(b) wander around and solicit the help of these touts, frequently even if
their establishment won't allow you in they can point you in the right
direction to get what you want.
(c) You can't really tell those places offering sex, and which allow
foreigners, from those that don't from the outside.  Those places that
obviously do offer sex are almost always closed to foreigners.  I found out
on my last night that there was a place around the corner that offered
blowjobs for the same price and which could have saved me a walk.  I found
this out simply by striking up a conversation with a tout on the street.
(d)  Finally, getting laid in Okayama is not difficult for foreigners, if
you can't get any action then probably the fault lies with you rather than
with an absence of supply.  Good luck.

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