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Date: 1 Apr 1996 07:17:02 -0500

Just wanted to pass along this info about my experiences with a company
called "Chantilly Lace" (which has advertised in this forum).

Everything seemed normal, the person on the phone who made the deal very
experienced.  She described a model to my liking near my area, and awaited
her arrival.

When the girl arrived, the conversation went straight to fees.  I gave her
the agency fee.  When she asked how long I would like her to stay (usually
I negotiate based on services and not time, but she seemed
experienced)...I said about an hour.

She replied that would be $200.00.   I politely negotiated $175.00.
After several minutes of polite conversation, I gave her the cash, walked
toward the bedroom and started to disrobe.

She seemed a bit shocked at first, and then agreed to start a massage,
after telling me that she would NOT disrobe.   I quietly asked "Why?"  to
which she replied..."it's the law."

That's ridiculous since I can have a totally nude dancer come here and tip
her a helluva lot less than $175.00 (and more often than not get the
services I desired).

She then preceded to give me a very unenthusiastic rub down with one hand
while she talked about how she was so disappointed with her agency, since
she thought it was a (quote) "true escort agency...y'know...going out to
dinner with executives and stuff like that!"

The agency called about 50 minutes later...and she was off out the door.
She resisted any attempt I made to steer her towards conversation of a
sexual nature.

Anyway, it was an extremely disappointing experience from the word "go."
I have some experience here, and always conduct myself with decorum and
have always treated street and or escort personnel with the utmost respect
(all the rules that "Jayhawk" says).  But what did I do wrong here???
Maybe I just assumed too much this time.

Does anyone else have any experience with this agency?   If it's been
positive, do you have a model to recommend?

Subject: RELAXATION STATION 120 E NORTH ST, FOSTORIA, OH 44830-2807 (419-435-5109) Date: Mon, 24 Jun 1996 03:57:47 UTC I recently visited the Relaxation Station in Fostoria, Ohio. Let me start by saying it is an American place. Though the building left much to be desired, the lady (a white girl who used the name Amber) was friendly, enthusiastic, and gave out no bullshit. She charged the door fee of $40.00. Once inside, I had the option of taking a shower (by myself) and using the hot tub. I might add that the time spent in the shower & hot tub DID NOT count against my time. I believe 40 minutes was quoted for the time, but it was not adhered to very strictly. Once she finished the massage, she came right out with the price for services menu. I settled for the straight with loads of touching and foreplay ($100.00 tip). I got what I requested with no push to hurry that is the standard in the oriental places. Afterward, I showered and sat in the hot tub for close to 2 hours and chatted with her. It wasn't a busy day, and I don't know if this is the norm, but she claimed to be glad to have someone to chat with. Overall, I recommend this place.
Date: Tue, 08 Apr 1997 13:01:54 -0400 Subject: relaxation station welp, thought i'd check out this place since it was recommended.. i would not recommend it to anyone & would never go back myself... anyway, a review: as said in the original article, definitely no bullshit. door fee is 40$. they must have gotten rid of the hottub cuz there wasnt one around, and showers were not assisted even upon request. again, time was not strict & shower time didnt count against overall time. normal room atmosphere, with the addition of a tv mounted in the ceiling above the table facing downward rite above your head playing xxx videos. plenty of mirrors. price/services were discussed during the massage without being asked.. kinda wierd; must not be worried about getting busted there or something. *shrug* anyway, 20$ manual, 30$ manual with topless touching, 50$ manual with russian, 80$ oral, 100$ straight, 120$ half half. prices very non-negotiable & oral without condom is not an option. the only person working was a woman by the name of mary. personally, i'd give her a 3 rating. (seriously).. very unenthusiastic, 38 yo, fair face, and.. get this one.. about 6 months pregnant. thought it might have potential, but she wasnt lactating. *grin* anyway, i didnt want to have to deal with a preg. with the positions, so just opted for oral. decent, as long as you watch the porno in the ceiling instead of her *laugh* drove quite a way to get there though & didnt want to waste the trip. note: the same person(s) that own utopia in toledo, ohio own relaxation station & from what i hear they swap girls back & forth. so if at either place she's the only one working make sure you 1) have one hell of a buzz going or 2) really really like preg. biker chicks with stringy tits. not being cruel, just honest. note1: there is a bar next door to relaxation station, "knotaround", i think was the name... just an fyi so you dont have to pack a cooler & chug in the parking lot ;) note3: if you can, definitely take the time to drive to warren.. it's well worth it.

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