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Akron, Ohio

Subject: WSG

Hi, I like your guide.  Here is some info on Northeast Ohio:

Akron, Ohio:
Only one massage parlor remains open in the area, Stanley Spa on
Arlington Street.  You have a choice of girls, most in are 3 to 5's, not
that great.  The area it is located in is also one of the hot spots in
Akron for streetwalkers.  Howver, most the girls on Arlington are poor
"welfare mommas", once in a great while you'll see a gem, but not
often.  Also keep in mind that Akron Police provide plenty of patrols in
the streetwalker areas, in fact most of the working girls from Akron go
down I-77 to Canton to work, a lot less police pressure there.

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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