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New York City Trip Report

Date: 12 May 1995 11:37:47 -0600


ABSTRACT: Two New York out-call agencies..."Desire Escorts" and "Top
	Flight"...are investigated. The first is found to provide
	acceptable services at a reasonable price, and is recommended
	with one minor caveat. No judgement is reached on the second,
	due to lack of data.

	Proposed changes to the NY zoning laws are discussed, and
	three books by John Varley are reviewed.

I went to New York a few weeks ago, and decided to get an escort
delivered to my hotel room. Following the advice I've seen on-line,
I picked up a copy of NY Action, which can be obtained at any
reputable erotica shop. (In the unlikely event that anyone has trouble
finding an erotica shop: Go to the corner of Broadway and 42nd
Street and walk west along 42nd. You can't miss them.)

Finding this tabloid might be harder in the future, though...there
are plans in the works to change the zoning laws and shut down most
of the adult stores. They would be generally be restricted to a few
"red-light districts" in the Chelsea area. (One rule would prevent
adult stores from operating within such-and-such a distance of a
church, and this would shut down all but 5 of the 50-plus stores
around Times Square. None of the churches would be shut down, which
is IMHO awfully unfair.) Anyway, if you don't approve of the proposed
regulations, then this is an excellent time to speak out.

Anyway, the first agency I called was Top Flight (212-593-xxxx). They
got a glowing review in NY Action, and one of their contractors was
featured on the cover (Hailey, a stunning redhead who looks hot-hot-hot
and is probably booked solid until sometime in the next millenium).

The guy who answered the phone said that they were closed that day,
which doesn't make a lot of sense to me. I mean, an outcall agency is
basically a human being, two phones, and a list of beeper numbers.
How can they be closed and still have someone there to answer the
phone? And how many agencies are closed on Friday nights, anyway?
I didn't see any point in arguing with him, though.

I'm guessing that he somehow got the idea that I was a cop and/or
a serial killer (which I'm not). This suggests a level of paranoia
that's likely to lose them a lot of customers and drive them out
of business before long. Anyway, if anyone has better luck than I
did, say "Hi!" to Hailey for me.

I next tried Desire Escorts (212-686-xxxx). They claim 24-hour
service, but I got an answering machine when I called at 4PM and
never got a call back. I tried again at 7 and got through.

Price is a flat $250/hour for outcalls in Manhattan; elsewhere, there's
a $50/hour surcharge and a two hour minimum. This is for full service;
you shouldn't have to negotiate with the escort for anything. (Judging
from the other ads, $250/hour is currently the going rate for outcall.)

They sent over "Gaby", a slender Mediterranean-type brunette. She
got down to business the instant I finished signing the credit-card
form, which was a pleasant surprise for me. (I *really* hate having
to play the "let's negotiate for services" and the "prove you're not a
cop" games.) The service was almost flawless, and well-worth what I
paid for it.

I did have one minor problem: I tend to get nervous around escorts,
and when I get nervous I tend to babble. I always make a point of
asking for an escort who's good at making conversation. It's easier
for me to relax if I can feel like I'm actually talking to somebody
instead of just pouring a monologue out into thin air.

I was especially nervous that evening, because Gaby had gotten
stuck in traffic and showed up half-an-hour late. By the time I
finally got the knock on the door, I was half-expecting it to be
the hotel detective, a SWAT team, and an Action News camera crew.

So, here's a transcript of an early part of our meeting:
    Me: So, "Gaby", is it? Are you a John Varley fan by any chance?
    Her: Yes.
    Me: I don't think I've ever seen the name "Gaby", except in
	that series by Varley...
    Her: Oh.
    Me: Um, what was the title again? "Titan", that's it.
    Her: Oh.

At this point, I detected a pattern emerging. If I had continued the
conversation, it probably would have gone like this:
    Me: Of course, there's also Gabby Hayes, but I don't imagine
        that you would have wanted to take your name from him.
    Her: I see.
    Me: You don't understand a word I'm saying, do you?
    Her: Yes.

I tried changing the subject a few times, with predictable results.

To her credit, Gaby was quickly able to get me to relax by using a
variety of non-verbal techniques, so the evening wasn't ruined for
me. But it should be noted that the agency doesn't appear to be able
to handle specific-but-unusual requests. So, the bottom line is:
Recommended, but with some reservations.

The John Varley series alluded to is the "Gaea" trilogy, which
contains the books "Titan", "Wizard", and "Demon". This is a
science-fiction series set on and around an intelligent life-form
which is the size of a small planet and contains a complete
ecosystem inside itself. It's a real page-turner.

The "Gaby" character in the books has some problems which make it
difficult for her to interact with men, and so she probably isn't
cut out to work at an escort service. On the other hand, the "Gaby"
that the agency sent over didn't seem cut out to explore strange
and possibly dangerous alien worlds. So I guess it all balances
out in the end.

Date: Mon, 3 Jun 1996 05:20:50 UTC Subject: NYC review (long) I just visited NYC recently and gathered some experiences that I would like to share. I started by going down to 42nd street / Times SQ. to look around at the various peep shows to see what all the fuss was about. PEEP SHOWS - In NYC, it seems to be the norm that for a $5 tip you can fondle the girls breasts or pussy for the duration of one token (about a minute). Almost every place I went to in the area allowed this. Sometimes the girls will let you fondle just their breasts for longer (2 tokens worth) for the $5 if you don't touch down below. Overall it's kind of a drag because all the girls I saw were SO ugly that you wouldn't want to touch them if they paid you! And the window is small enough that it's an awkward reach anyway. I'm not sure how hygenic it is for either you or the dancer if you touch them and touch yourself too. Though traditionally I suppose you reserve one hand for each purpose... - One place, ShowWorld had the best looking girls in the "no touch" talk booths (just glass between you). They also had the most pushy and demanding other girls walking around trying to lure you into "touching" booths. Warning, some of these women are men! I found this out by accident and didn't really notice because I didn't consider it a possibility. The center booths on the 2nd floor are all TV's. I noticed it when I couldn't touch her below, just her breasts and ass. I noticed when I looked to the right that someone had taken one "girl's" penis out and was jerking him off through the window. When the girl I was with saw me notice, "she" asked if I wanted to touch "hers." It was a pretty curious situation indeed. Some of you homophobic types might have taken offense at the deception. NYC scam #1 - Another note about ShowWorld. They have a "VIP" type room in back where you pay $5 to get in and $5 for a drink. Then a girl sits on your lap and tries ferociously to lure you into a back room for something like $120 total where she promises to "get you off by touching." I was pretty horny but wanted to save my money so I bargained & she offered to take me back for $80 and do it. I agreed so she took me to a not so private room (the cheaper room she said) set off by curtains and said it would be an additional $40 for her to touch me and $30 for me to touch her. I was pissed off by this point because she had, in effect, lied to me but I wasn't going to argue. I just took my losses and left. - Note, the place mentioned in this guide elsewhere on 42nd between 7th and 8th avenues where pretty "college girls" and such were supposed to be is now closed so don't look for it, it's not there. STREET ACTION NYC scam #2 I did something really really dumb in NYC. I let this guy talk me into giving him $90 so he could set me up with a 3-some in a hotel. I knew I was going to get scammed but I was way too curious to see if it panned out. He approached me outside of a peep show and showed me some pictures of really cute amateur girls naked and said he could get me them for cheap. We walked around the block and I told him that he better not be fucking with me because if you treat someone badly, it will come back to you. Kind of my "good karma" pep talk. I said, "look, I've done nothing bad to you, so why would you want to take advantage of me? I know where to find you anyway so it would be more trouble than it's worth for you" He genuinely seemed honest (great bullshitter) and said "man, I just do this for money, I'm more worried about you calling the cops on ME than anything" So I picked the girls, gave him $90 and he gave me a piece of paper with a code on it and told me to go into a hotel and buzz room 1. I KNEW you should never let anyone out of your sight with your money but I wasn't thinking and he kept offering to call the deal off if I wanted to back out. I went up the steps of the cheap hotel and was met by a very angry Indian man who had no idea what I was there for so I ran back out and of course the guy was gone... with my $. Don't be stupid, don't try this yourself. BROTHELS and the GOOD PART Now I'm down hundreds of dollars and still want to get laid so I go to Corporate Treasures which advertises in the sex mags. They are located in 30's on 2nd ave. You have to call first anyway and they will tell you where to go. They ask me the usual screening questions to see if I'm a cop (they asked for picture ID! but I'm sure it was only to see if I was a cop, he just glanced at it, he didn't write anything down about me). I'm led into a room with 7 women in it, most of which are that good looking really but some seem kind of sexy in a way. One is dressed up like a high class secretary and is pretty but too busty for me. One, Angel, was cute and blonde with 34B breasts. I have this thing for smaller breasted girls so I chose her. We go into a room and she asks me if I want the hour or 1/2 hour. I choose the 1/2 and she makes me strip. She comes back into the room in 2 minutes and takes her own clothes off and gives me a pretty great blow job with a condom. Sex workers, if they are good really know how to stealthfully put a condom on you, she did. After 5 minutes she tells me to get on top and fuck her but I didn't want to for personal reasons. She was plenty pretty though. So she just returns to giving me head...great head. I'm trying to touch her and kiss her breasts but she keeps putting herself in positions that make this difficult. She didn't say no but it just didn't happen much. I touched her pussy but not inside. Finally I asked if she could take the condom off and give me a hand job and she said "sure!" That was amazing and I came my brains out in a few minutes. I asked her if people ever last the whole hour? She said jokingly, "hell no! the point is to get them off as quick as possible." At least she was honest about it. Overall I found her really funny and likeable. She joked around a lot during the sex. Sarcastic jabs at me and comic mumbling while giving me head. She talked with me until the 1/2 hour was up about their having group rooms where you and your buddies can rent multiple girls at the same time. She also said they don't allow for couples (m/f) to come for 3-somes with a worker which I thought was a drag. I know girls who would probably want to try that. She gave me a code to use when I came back and said if I use them a lot, it gets cheaper. Lastly, she asked for "3 million dollars" and then laughed and said "no, $125 will do." I gave her $140 and left. Nice girl, good technique, nice place. I'd come back. It's a much better deal than any peep show or ShowWorld.
Subject: NY Trip Report: Studio 90, Harmony, etc. Date: 1 June 1996 I get to New York City every two or three years, so I get a "snap-shot" view of the sex scene there. This is a report on my recent few days there. I decided not to try an incall place in spite of recent good reviews on the net of some of the girls (especially at Jillian Bradley and Friends), partly because I didn't want to spend the $160-$200 for what I can get for less closer to home, and partly because the mood didn't hit me strongly when I was there. I was also a bit disappointed in the ads in the sex papers (I checked New York Action, NY Sex Guide, New York 2000, and Screw). The girls in the ads didn't appeal to me much except for a few that obviously were not of girls that would actually be available (e.g. the Oriental ads and Priority Gold). I almost tried Executive Suite because two of the photos in their ad appealed to me a great deal. I called them on a Friday night to see if those girls were working but there was no answer so I presumed that the place was booked up for the rest of the evening. I therefore restricted my rovings on this trip to Studio 90 and the two Harmony Theaters. Studio 90 advertises lap dances but delivers much more. They used to be called Club 2000 and before that they were called Club 90 (they are still listed in the phone book as Club 90). The World Sex Guide has an article from about a year ago on "The Late, Great Club 2000" which recalls an exceptionally attractive girl named Christina who used to work at the old Club 90. I remember her well, too. She had just about the most fantastic tits I have ever felt, and I still pine for her after many years. A girl at the new Studio 90 remembered her too. She told me that Christina had gotten fat and moved back to Minnesota. Bummer on both counts! I give a mixed review to Studio 90, but it is a very unique place that is definitely worth at least one visit. It is located at 205 W. 38th St., 4th Floor, near 7th St. between 7th and 8th. The phone is (212) 719-2979. They are open seven days from noon until 10pm. When you go in, you pay a $20 entry fee the first time, and they give you a membership card good for a year. Once you have a membership, the entry is $10. There is a little sign on the window that no sex is available here and not to ask for it. Don't believe it! This sign must be meant for the authorities, but it is true that you needn't ask for sex here, because they will ask you! What makes this place so unique, though, is that what goes on is basically in full view! You get ushered into a room that has a few couches and chairs. The couches are generally turned facing each wall to give a modicum of privacy. When I entered, I could clearly see a guy getting a hand job on the front couch. I sat in one of the chairs while the girls slowly came in one by one to ask if I would like some company. I didn't see anyone who appealed to me so I politely said that I just wanted to hang out for a while before deciding. I did ask one of the girls if it ever got busier and she said this was about it, about one or two guys at a time. This is unfortunate, because this place would be really a lot of fun if it was packed like in the old days. Whenever a guy has company here, he naturally tries to find the couch with the most privacy (i.e. furthest away from anyone sitting in the chairs). If four couches got filled, you would necessarily end up with a "ringside" seat for at least one of them. Unfortunately, the busiest it got while I was there was three couches! I clearly saw one guy getting a blow job in various positions (although I could not see well enough to tell if it was with or without a condom). I also clearly saw one of the girls apply a lubricant to her pussy and then sit down on the guy's lap and bounce up and down (although I could not see well enough to tell if intromission was actually occurring). Meanwhile, I was getting discouraged at the selection of girls, whom I considered rather unattractive and none of whom met my picky standards. Then, suddenly, a very sexy number appeared in front of me. "Would you like some company?" Well, with this girl, I certainly would! Her name was Giselle, and when I asked how much she just said "you give me a good tip." Not a good sign. I gave her a $20 and told her it was just to get started and see how things went. She took off what little she had on and sat in my lap and as I was caressing her she asked "Would you like to have sex with me?" Since I usually like the girl to take the lead and don't always know exactly what I want to do ahead of time, I sort of stumbled over the question. She then asked if I would like a blow job and said she gives a wonderful blow job, but only with a condom. I said that was fine but asked how much. She replied $200! Definitely not a good sign. I replied that that was way too much and she lowered it to $100, which I still didn't want to go for. It was becoming clear that she was strictly mercenary and was going to try to wheedle as much as she could from me rather than try to please me. She then repeated how really good she was at giving blow jobs and said that if I didn't like it I wouldn't have to pay her. Yeah, right; I'm going to get a blow job from this very sexy girl and then say I didn't like it? So I asked her what about a hand job for $30, and she settled for $40 (which made $60 with what I had already given her). This was for a quickie from someone who was not very good at trying to please the customer, so the value was marginal. She was very sexy, but her personality did not measure up. The girls at Studio 90 are very casual about what they are doing. It is not at all uncommon for a girl to come in and ask another girl for something (like a cigarette) while the other girl is in the middle of being very intimate with a customer. I like this kind of ambience! It can't compare to the old Club 90, however, where I was able to get a "ringside" seat for what was going on right next to me, on both sides! I did not discern if there was a "going rate" at Studio 90 (it was $65 a few years back). Most of the customers seemed to be repeats who asked for a specific girl and got right down to business immediately. I had never been to the Harmony Theaters before, having just learned about them on the internet this year, so I wanted to check them out. For those who might not know, admission is $15 and topless contact lap dances are $10, where you can fondle to your heart's content. I first went to the one on 22nd St. because it was the closest. I only found two girls there I found attractive: January and Mona. I only got one dance from Mona because she reeked of alcohol, so my vote goes for January. Next I went to the Harmony on Church Street. What a wonderful place! I went back several times, and found that at all times there are a lot of girls to choose from, and I never had a problem finding ones I liked (and I'm picky). There have been some negative reviews on the net, but I just loved the place. There is nude stage dancing, and for a dollar tip you can touch the dancer's breasts, although I felt this was a bit intrusive and didn't do that much. Each stage set lasts 15 minutes, which is too long for my taste because I like to check out what the girls look like before I commit $10 for a dance (so I don't get fooled by push-up bras, for example). However, by looking around the room you can see what the dancers look like when they are dancing for someone else. This is especially true upstairs. The downstairs (the nonsmoking section) is darker. If anything extra is going on (such as hand jobs) it would have to be in the darker reaches downstairs, but I saw no evidence of this whatsoever, and didn't ask about it. I spent a blissfull hour at the Harmony with a dream doll by the name of Vaila (I asked her how to spell it), whose personality and intelligence match her great looks. She used to dance at the New Century in San Francisco. She will be quitting dancing in July, so you better get over there before then! She usually comes in every day at 3. I also had a great time with Perry, who had the most wonderful pair of breasts that I have felt in a long time. I couldn't keep my hands off her. Unfortunately, that was her last night. The only problem with the Harmony is that $10 lap dances can add up awfully fast. The Harmony is at 279 Church Street near the corner of White Street, and is two short blocks from the subway station at Canal Street on the A, C, or E lines. It is open seven days noon to midnight. One other place I should mention is called Acquiesce. It is the only "swing club" in New York that allows single males. Although I did not go there on this trip, I have been there twice some years apart and it had not changed at all. A description of this place can be found in the World Sex Guide, but not the name or how to find it. I do not recall the address (it is in midtown Manhattan), but their phone is listed in Screw. It is (212) 644-1020. You need to make an appointment by phone first anyway. They apparently now charge $110 ($20 more than I used to pay). Newcomers pay an additional $10, but you can avoid this by saying you have been there before but it was a long time ago so you don't remember the address. When you get there they buzz you in and take you to a check room where you place all your clothes in a locker. They give you a towel to wrap around your waist so you are ready for "action." The girls there do not wear a towel, however, but wear clothes instead (often pretty skimpy). What is different about this place is that the girls are there because they want to have casual sex. There is no guarantee that you will score, however, or that you will find someone you like. I was there about two years apart, and I remember the same two ugly girls there. When they asked if I would like to "go in the back," I declined and said I would just like to hang out for a while. I later watched one of them give a guy a blow job. When he didn't come, she pulled off the condom and started giving him a hand job. He still didn't come, and she started to get very angry. I got the impression that she was insecure about her looks (not without reason) and was there to try to prove that she could turn a guy on. The management tries to maintain a fairly even male-female ratio at the place, and they do a pretty good job. The first time I was there, I met a reasonably attractive black girl who told me that she loves to give head. Naturally, I offered to help her out. The second time I was there, there were two very attractive girls, but unfortunately I was a bit shy about striking up a conversation and some other guys beat me to it. Whether or not you score at this place, it is fun to watch what is going on. There are baskets full of condoms readily available, and everyone seemed very concerned about safe sex practice. The place is unique and certainly worth a try. Enjoy!
Subject: Another visit to JB's Date: Sun, 19 May 1996 14:43:34 UTC It was exceptionally difficult to make a decision last night at Jillian Bradley's. I seriously considered another session with Samantha, but there also was Lynn, who's a cute Asian-Ameican girl, and Chloe, a who's tanned and speaks with a British accent. Lynn seemed to have a bouyant personality, so I asked to spend an hour with her. Good call. We spent a lot of time talking about "the life," for my fascination with working girls continues. I didn't ask how much formal education Lynn has, but she's very bright and talked eloquently and freely about why she does what she does and what sort of personality it takes to succeed in the business. Lynn said that 95% of the girls would do something else for a living if they could make the same amount of money, but that the other 5% really enjoy the sex as well as the financial rewards. Lynn said she's in the 95% category, but also that she certainly recognizes her obligation to provide her customers with an enjoyable experience. She also put into words better than I could a description of Nicole, whom she characterized as being "really into" the good money that the life provides her and provided some recommendations about some other girls at JB's: She thinks Samantha's really nice (I do, too), Sasha's a little weird (I didn't get that impression), and she advised me to stay away from Brianna and Ava (whom I wasn't really interested in anyway). Lynn also recommended that I meet Brooke, a petite, busty blonde, next week upon her return from Chicago. Lynn made it clear early on that she would be very receptive to my wishes. I don't have any particularly outlandish desires, but she did take some initiative and suggest various position changes during our session. Her tongue also spent some time in a part of my body that nobody's ever placed one before, a unique and pleasurable feeling. She did not hesitate when I asked to come in her mouth, and as I did, she induced even more pleasure by barely inserting her finger where her tongue had been a little while before. Lynn's bright, enthusiastic, energetic and cute. I'd guess she's 5-6, 115, 34B-24-34. An hour with her is one well spent.
Date: May, 1996 Executive summary of my many posts from my New York trip: Jillian Bradley and Friends (low east 30s; 779-3332): $160/half, 200/hour. Tips are appreciated and maybe even expected. I tipped $40 per session as a matter of course, so I didn't determine whether a tip was required. The rooms are truly luxurious, the women attractive (even though I generally find only one or two to my liking each visit) and intelligent, the sessions truly enjoyable. I've had five good encounters, one not so good. Samantha was good, and so were Sasha (Indian) and Lynn (Asian). Britt is outstanding -- a little pudgier than I usually like, but with a very pretty face; my three encounters with her have been highly erotic and sensual, as compared to the others, which have been highly enjoyable sexual experiences, but just not of the same caliber. Stay from Nicole (not very into sex, but very into money), as well as Brianna and Ava (head cases, according to one of the girls I've been with). Kimberley and Friends (Upper West Side; advertises in the sex newspapers as Wendy's Wicked Women): Elena provided me with the greatest sexual experience of my life, but she wasn't there when I went back, and none of the other ladies were even close in looks. I walked out the second time without doing any business. Then I found Jillian Bradley's and just never went back to Kimberley and Friends. Men's Club, Corporate Treasures: Why go there when you can go to Jillian Bradley's? Price, I suppose, but value is more important to me than price. I gladly paid the extra money because I perceived greater value at JB&F's. I walked out of Men's Club and Corporate Treasures without conducting any business either. A cyber-correspondent recommends Ashley at California Girls (it's a one-woman agency). He reported the best bj of his life sans condom, and an otherwise good experience with a nice girl who was good company as well. And here's some more of the individual posts: ******* Re: Jillian Bradley and Friends Another report from NYC as I make the rounds of incall establishments, trying to find the best (ahem) bang for my buck. (As always, any recommendations are appreciated.) I paid a visit to this establishment last night and emerged with mixed feelings. I give it high marks for decor. The waiting room is adequate, but the room in which I had my session was beautiful -- tastefully decorated, with a luxurious king-size bed with a wonderfully comfortable mattress and lots of pillows, private bath and a TV playing adult videos from a VCR (I found this distracting and basically ignored it, but others may like the idea). I was a little less impressed with the women available. When I called, I was told that seven were working that night, but by the time I showed up for my appointment, I had only two to choose from. Both were dressed nicely, Farrah in a cross between evening wear and bedroom attire, Samantha in something approximating business wear. Both were attractive, but they were a little short of my hopes. I opted for Samantha, a Long Island college student who's probably about 5-7 or -8, slender, with very small, probably A-cup, breasts, brown hair, doe eyes and nice legs encased in black hose. Our one-hour session was unrushed. Samantha likes to touch and be touched, so we spent a lot of time letting our hands roam over each other. Once I was aroused, she administered some adequate oral attention before we began a 30-minute stint in several variations on the missionary position. She moaned and sighed convincingly and whispered all the right things in my ear. I kept asking her what she wanted me to do to enhance her pleasure, and all she would respond with was, "Just fuck me." I probably disappointed her several times as I pulled out to avoid an early climax. Than I asked her to let me finish in her mouth, a prospect to which she agreed but obviously wasn't thrilled with. After a few moments of trying this, I realized it wasn't going to be the experience I'd hoped for and returned to the missionary position. My orgasm was enhanced by her whispers of encouragement and those wonderfully hose-clad legs, which she raised up to my chest as I thrust away. All in all, a very enjoyable session with a pretty girl, but I would have preferred her to be a little more aggressive than passive and a little more willing to engage in various other positions. The door fee at Jillian Bradley and Friends is $200/hour, $160/half-hour. It's located in a multi-level townhouse near 32nd and Second. The phone number is 212-779-3332. Tell Samantha that "Frank" said hi. ****** I called Priority Gold (nee Luxury Off Lexington) last night and had a truly weird conversation. First, the girl who answered the phone asked me if I was a member. No, I replied. She asked my race. White. She wanted to know if I was in the city. Yes. She asked me if I'd been to any other NYC incalls. Yes. Then she wanted to know if any had given me a code. Huh? She explained that many such places give out codes after a guy's first visit and sounded confused when I told her that none had. I asked how to get a code. She told me I had to visit an incall establishment and get a code, and that she couldn't give me one over the phone. Then she hung up abruptly. Priority Gold obviously isn't too interested in my business; I'll oblige by taking it somewhere else. ******** I went back to Jillian Bradley and Friends for a second helping. Samantha was there again, as were six other ladies, at least two of whom I'd rate an 8. This time, I opted for Nicole, mainly because she looked great in a tan business suit she bought yesterday at Banana Republic. Nicole is a 22-year-old college student, majoring in political science, with hopes of becoming a lawyer. She's a strawberry blonde with shoulder-length hair, freckles, and a figure I'd guess at 34B-24-34 spread across a frame that's probably about 5-6, 125. She also does outcall work for Encounter (212-246-5511; she gave me a business card). Again, I opted to spend an hour in one of the lavishly appointed rooms at this place. I probably would've done better with the half hour, for Nicole wanted to talk, and we spent the first half hour as if we were on a blind date. She's also somewhat zany, a quality that may endear here to some but that I found a bit annoying. Once we got "more comfortable," I got the standard half-and-half, the first half being rather perfunctory, the second marked by frequent glances at her watch and an attitude I would characterize as less than totally involved. Also, Nicole's averse to saliva and wouldn't let me kiss her breasts, neck, etc. She interrupted me several times to ensure that the condom was still in place -- that's a first. She also countered my thrusts during orgasm by pushing my pelvis back with her hands as I was coming. Bottom line: On a 1-5 scale, I'd give Samantha a 4 and Nicole a 2. The facilities at this "gentlemen's bordello" are really, really nice, though, and the ladies are quite friendly in the greeting area. All sound at least halfway intelligent, and their attire is generally more discreet than I've seen in some other places.

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