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New York City Treasures

Subject: Review: NYC rules!

New Yorkers think that have the best of everything... When it comes to play-
for-pay, I would agree. (please, no whining from the left coast..)

The highlight of my recent NY trip was a session at "Corporate Treasures" on
34th St.   I hooked up with a lady that had everything I find mega attractive
(dynamite personality & face/body to match).  Best $180 I've spent in a long
time.  I will go back next time...

There was also a babe in "Action" claiming to be a Penthouse centerfold
going for $650/hr, $20k/weekend.  Her picture was pretty lush.
Any of you high-rollers tasted any of that?

Date: Mon, 12 Jun 1995 12:53:11 UTC Subject: Re: Advice on the NYC scene, Please? >I am interested in hearing from anyone who has had experience at >Corporate Treasures in New York, especially their "franchise" >Kelly...she is a busty and attractive blonde who is consistently >advertised in the NY magazines... I highly recomend this establishement. They are the best in NYC! I have never had Kelly, but I keep dreaming of the experience. I do know she does work there, a few of the girls told me, but I think she only works at night, and does mostly outcalls.
Subject: NY In Call: Part 2 Date: Wed, 20 Mar 1996 17:20:07 UTC This is a followup to my recent review of Corporate Treasures in NYC. This past weekend found me back in NY with a little time (and $) on my hands, so I thought I'd give another in call establishment a try. I decided to pay a visit to Body Heat, which advertises in NY Action and several other of the sex guides you can find at many news stands. Body Heat is located on the Upper East side, about a $6 cab ride from midtown. The neighborhood is very safe, even late at night. I called for an appointment and was told the rates ($100 for 1/2 hour, I forget what the hourly rate was), where to go, etc. As a first-time visitor, I was subjected to the usual in call apartment scrutiny: call from a phone booth near the apartment so I could be checked out from the window. I passed the test and was told which door to go to and was then buzzed in. Unlike Corporate Treasures, where you are ushered into a waiting room where you meet all the available women and then select one (an awkward situation!), at Body Heat you are shown to a private room (spacious, clean) where the house mom brings the women in one by one to introduce them to you. She then comes back and asks for your choice. I really liked this procedure. As promised via phone, I was introduced to 7 women of all shapes, sizes and colors. There were three I found very attractive and settled on Bianca, a 19 year-old African-American with a perfect ass, legs that wouldn't quit, and a ready smile. It was a great choice. She was very sexy and sensual, into her work. She gave great head and was flexible in ways that have to be seen to be believed. After I finished we had a nice conversation about traveling. I'll be back to Body Heat to give some of the others a try. I liked the atmosphere much better than Corporate Treasures, the women were just as attractive (at least several of them were) and the 1/2 hour price is $25 less. about some reviews from the rest of you guys! I've got trips to Costan Rica, TJ and Rio de Janeiro in the next 6 months but will stop posting if others don't reciprocate...

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