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New York City Swingers

was listed as a swing club which accepts men and has a lot of voyeuristic
activities going on. I don't remember the name, but get a copy and it
will be listed.

The deal is 115$ to get in. This allows you to stay 2hrs. The night I
went the guy running the place told me he had lost his lease and was in
the current space temporarily. It was pretty small.

First, I called the place and told them what time I would be coming. It
was an Apt. on the East side. I got there a little early and checked out
the people going into the bldg. Mostly guys. I figured out later the few
women I saw going in were probably residents of other apts. in the bldg.

I went in and rang. A male voice told me to come up and wait. I stood in
the hall for a few moments and a slender grey haired mand of about 45 let
me in. A woman had a checklist and I told her my name (first only,
natch). I gave someone the money and they gave me a towel and a garbage
bag. I put my clothes in the bag, gave the bag to the guy put on my towel
and went through the little wall of hanging sheets blocking in the small

In the room was a weird sight. I twas a living room with a couple of
couches and a small kitchen off the side. In the LR was about 15 guys in
towels, some holding glasses of soda. At the back of the LR was a small
hallway connecting two bedrooms. Guys milled back and forth between the two.

I grabbed a Coke and headed for the back room. In the room to the left a
group of about 7 guys surrounded a slender attractive young looking
latino girl. She was lying on her back getting fucked. She had two guys
on either side and she alternated between sucking and jerking them.
Another guy was reaching between the two fuckers and feeling her tits and
pussy. A few guys were kneeling around her watching, slowly rubbing their
cocks. I stood over the crowd and watched her legs bouncing and listening
to her saying "Fuckme, c'mon, fuck, ughg.." It was pretty wild. I tried to
get down and copa feel, but I really couldn't get close.

I headed over to the other bedroom. The floor was covered in mattresses
and there was a couple rutting off in the corner. I walked in and sat
down on the floor in the far corner. I rubbed my cock a little and
watched a youngish good-looking guy plow a 30-35 yr. old latino woman
with a few extra lbs.

I walked back into the LR and sat down between two women and started
talking. After about 5 min. of standard small talk she says "Do you want
to go into the back room?" "Sure."

We go in and lay down on the mattress on the far wall. I lay on my back
and she puts on a rubber. She lays across my stomach and starts blowing
me. I rub my hands over the leopard print bathing suit, but don't feel
her pussy. She sucks me for about 10 minutes while 4-5 guys watch in the
dimly lit room. I turn her over on her back and suck her tits for a
minute and she pulls her suit off and spreads her legs. I plow her for
about 12 minutes, my cock real hard. Finally I come and get up and go
wash my dick in the bathroom. She e kept her eyes closed while I fucked
her and didn't say much.

Later, I follow the young latino in the bathroom where she is taking a
shower. I get in and she pushes her wet ass up against my cock. I reach
around and feel her tits. I'm getting really turned on. She puts some
soap on her left hand and reaches around to tug on my hard dick. I'm
feeling her bush and shoving a finger or two up her pussy. Fuck, I don't
have a rubber. She keeps jerking me. Another guy gets in and stands in
front of her.She is rubbing him and I'm playing in her crack as the water
beats down on us. She has a fucking sexy little body. Suddenly she gets
soap in her eyes and the fun is over. I help her wash the soap out and we
go out into the living room. I grab a smoke and talk to the guy who owns
the joint.

Later, I go into the back room and some black guy is giving this girl
another plowing and she's going crazy. He finishes and she's done. She
goes and showers again.

Later I'm talking to her for a while. I light her smoke and get her a
Coke. I put my hand on her thigh and say, Hey lets fuck. or something
like that. She balks because she doesn't want a million guys jumping on.
I say, Hey, my times almost up, c'mon. Most everyone has left. She says

So me and another guy lay her down. This guy is real young and has been
walking around with a tent pole hard on all night. She lays down and puts
a condom on him and pulls him into her snatch. I'm kneeling down and she
is gasping as the guy fucks her and she is wildly pulling on my cock. I
put on a rubber and she starts sucking, groaning so hard she vibrates my
cock while she sucks it. Her long hair is flying around and this other
guy is fucking her. I rub her pussy as he blows a load.

I put on a second rubber and slide between her legs. She is a wild fuck.
She pushes up against me with her hips and thrashes and moans, but really
fucking, like I'm not slipping out cause she's grabbing my cock and
fucking me. I say Hey, I wanna do it doggie. She says You wanna doggie?
and turns over. Her round light brown beautiful ass is up in the air and
her hair is everywhere and I slide my cock into her pussy til I feel her
ass up against my hips and she's pushing back real hard. I grab on and we
start fucking. She's really into it and she's banging her ass up against
me and I look down and see her round ass and right in the middle I look
at her brown little shit-hole, and I touch it, and it feels tight and a
little rubbery and wet. And I see below that her cunt with my latex
covered dick embedded into it. Wow, what a fuck. I bang her (she bangs
me) like that for a while. I figure I should come soon so I turn her over
cause I want to be in this whores arms and legs when I blow. I'm fucking
her hard and she's writhing  and I suck on her neck an tits and finally I
slam her hard a few times and blow a long hard load. After a few seconds
I say Thanks and get up and whip the used scumbags towards the little
garbage pail in the middle of the run. I go the the loo and scrub my cock.

When I come out of the bathroom I look in the BR and she's laying there
with one leg splayed out and the other bent at the knee. Her head is
turned to the side and her hair is everywhere. She looks like she's been

A little while later she gets dressed. (black skin tight jeans and a tight
jersey top with little boots) and she heads out into the Manhattan
evening  to meet the black guy she was screwing earlier. Almost as soon
as I finish washing my number is called and I have to leave.


They guy told me the old place was bigger and I guess they were waiting
for a bigger one again. I think the usual time limit is 3 hrs., but in
the smaller place it was 2. But they still charged the same price.

It's funny. I'm pretty sure these girls were whores. But some appeared
not to be into everyone watching so close. A couple of them did not fuck
or do anything. But if you go here you _will_ get laid. And none of these
girls were greater than a 6. But you can fuck more than one, if you can
get it up and, I guess, if you ask the right way.

Subject: NYC SWINGERS CLUB Date: 1997/04/10 I was in NYC in January and checked out a swing club listed in Screw Magazine which accepts men and has a lot of voyeuristic activities going on. I don't remember the name, but get a copy and it will be listed. The deal is $115 to get in. This allows you to stay 2hrs on the Monday night that I went. The only other nights they operate when I was there was Fridays and Saturdays and they may allow you to stay longer (3 hrs?) on on those nights. I'm not sure. First, I called the place and told them what time I would be coming. They gave me the location and I made my way over there. It was their new place near Madison Square Garden on a not-so-busy street. I went to the building and rang in. I got in the lift and it deposited me onto their flat, some 6 floors or so up. A BIG black male let me in and checked off my name (first only). I gave him the money and he directed me to the changing area where I stripped down to my birthday suit, with just a towel covering myself. There is a guy managing the clothes check area too. The showers are just across the hall from the clothes check. Down the hall to the right, where the lift let me out was the living room area, where everyone congregates for some socialising, TV, a good selection of munchies, and drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic). Sort of like a living room. Down the hall to the left were several rooms with futons where the action takes place. The end room is about double size, with a TV showing XXX movies. Several of the rooms only had a large sheet draped over the opening for a bit of privacy. I sat down in the living room area and was soon approached by a friendly black girl, and no sooner did we introduce ourselves did she offer to head to a room. Once in, we got 2 condoms from the condom girl who walks around with a full basket and handing them out as needed. She gave a quick blow with the first condom and then replaced it when it was time to mount her. She wasn't much of a fuck. Performance was a 5, personality a 6-7, and looks a 6. I come out and mill around a bit. I go to the back and check out the XXX video and watch some of the action going on. It was a relatively slow night, so I had to wait a bit for action. Every now and then I'd find a girl getting ploughed in one of the rooms and there are guys just peeking in to take a look at the action. Later on a Venezuelan girl (probably in her 30's) comes up after finishing another guy and tells me she wants someone to make her cum. So I was happy to oblige. We went at it in the open end room for a while. A bit of a wild one, and I shot my second load fairly quickly. Performance was about 8-9, looks about 6, and personality was about 6 because once your time was done with her, she bascially ignored you as she moved on to someone else. But during your time, you get her full attention. Nearing the end of my session, I wanted to try to go once more with another girl, but then they told me NO MORE (in other words, they weren't going to hand out any more condoms to me). This was because of their 2 release policy that I was not aware of until too late. So if you decide to visit this club, be aware and chose your 2 with care, or at least ask in advance what their policy is for that night. Before leaving, I talked to the clothes check guy and asked him if other girls come up too. He said that there are several shifts of girls, thus pretty much giving it away that it most likely is also a whorehouse dressed up as a swingers club. But don't get me wrong, the place advertises that it also accepts women swingers, so it probably is a mix of whores and swingers on any given night. Overall, it is not a bad place. It looks pretty safe and everyone seems to respect one another. If they get more 9's and 10's in, then the place will definitely look better.

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