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New York City Streets

Subject: NYC Hooker Sites

This is a compendium of the Best Hooker (street action) sites in NYC.
(Use at your own risk)

11 Ave. between 24 and 30th Streets ***
Houston and Crystie Streets * +
133 Street and Park Avenue * + ^ #
8th Ave. between 42nd and 48th Streets **
Lexington Ave. Between 24th Street and 30th Street ***
12th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues *** +
9th Ave. 44th to 50th Street **


36th Ave and 22nd Street LIC (Powerhouse) ** ^ +
36th/38th Ave Between Vernon Blvd and 21st Street LIC ** ^ +
22nd St and 48th Ave. LIC ** ^ +
35th Ave. and Prince Street Flushing ***
Queens Blvd and Woodside Ave. Woodside **

Quality of Girls

* = Vomit
** = $5.00 Girls (queasy)
*** = Not Bad $10+
**** = Good $20+

+ = Mostly Junkies
^ = Mostly Black
# = Use Caution

Cum in good health!!!!

From: Hure Whoreman Date: July 30, 1995 Subject: NYC Hooker Sites: The South Bronx This is a compendium of Active Hooker (street action) sites in the South Bronx section commonly known as Hunts Point in New York. I have adapted this from the "ny_hookersites.txt" available on I have researched these areas for over a year and would like any feedback on any new hooker sites not mentioned in previous editions. CAUTION: AS ALWAYS USE AT YOUR OWN RISK !! South Bronx: The South Bronx area that I am discussing is a relatively large area where substantial numbers of hookers ply their trade. The girls here are about 60% hispanic, mostly puerto rican with all the rest being black with very few whites and rarely an asian. The looks and body types range from ghastly to tolerable. Activity in these areas is pretty much 24 hours a day, seven days a week because these girls service the truck drivers delivering goods to the Hunts Point Market which is a large food wholesale distribution point for the New York metropolitan area as well as the guys who work in the factories that surround Hunts Point. The real action usually starts at NIGHT TIME: things really start to heat up usually after 7-8 pm until late in the morning about 2 am. These hookers serve a large variety of clients at night usually in their cars or trucks. All sexual favors are obtainable. On some occasions when the police "sweep out" parts of Manhattan and other areas, the more expensive white and asian hookers in traditional whore costumes will migrate to this area. This will happen usually about once a month or so and cannot not be predicted, you will be just driving along and hit a pocket of well dressed white and asian whores. Use caution with all of these areas! Most Active Street Locations in Hunts Point Seneca and Edgewater ** ^ + @ Near Dexter Chemical Company Lafayette and Edgewater ** ^ + @ Lafayette and Whittier ** ^ + @ Lafayette and Manida ** ! + Lafayette and Barretto ** ! + ~ Lafayette and Tiffany ** @ + ~ Near Corpus Christi Monastery Longfellow and Seneca ** + @ Longfellow and Faile ** + @ Longfellow and Faile ** + @ Barry and Burnett *** + @ ~ Barry and Longwood *** + @ Barry and Worthen *** + @ Tiffany and Spofford * + @ Randall and Worthen ** + @ Randall and Manida * + @ ~ Randall and Truxton ** + @ Randall and Casanova ** + @ Oakpoint and Worthen ** + @ Oakpoint and Barretto** + @ ~ Quality of Girls * = Vomit ** = $5.00 Girls (queasy) *** = Not Bad $10+ **** = Good $20+ ~ = Active spot with usually more than one hooker to choose from + = Mostly Junkies (Crackheads with a few heroin users) ^ = Mostly Black ! = Mostly Hispanic @ = Black and Hispanic mix Handjobs and fingerfucking are about $5. Blowjobs can range from $5 to $15. Half and half (blowjob and fucking) will range from $10 to $25. Make sure you have a rubber on hand just in case! Cum in good health!!!!
Date: Fri, 13 Oct 1995 18:42:54 UTC There are 3 sites that I know in Brooklyn: Site one: Bushwick Section : Wyckoff Ave. and Troutman St., Wyckoff Ave. and Flushing Ave., Cypress Ave. and Troutman St.. Site two: Williamsburg Bridge Section : Metropolitan Ave. and Driggs. Wythe Ave and N. 3rd St. Site three: 3rd Ave. and Nevins St, Nevins St. and Butler St. All sites are commercial area. There are also lots of drug dealing. Use extreme precaution. Bring your own protection.
Subject: Hooker on wheels Date: Sat, 13 Apr 1996 06:46:37 UTC On April 02, 03. Daily News published an article regarding the use of vehicles by hookers to solicit business. They'de drive around the Lincoln Tunnel Area and blow kisses at cars at stoplights. Get a client, then they'd drive off somewhere to do their business. It was a well kept secret till the News article got published. In NYC, it used to be that the area around 11th Ave. and 29 St. was a high streetwalker district. There'd be traffic jams at 3:00 am on a warm weekend night. Cars would just pullover and get on with business right there. That was a few years ago. It used to be that Park Avenue and the low 30's was also a high streetwalker area. There too was traffic jams around 3:00 am on a warm weekend night. The girls would walk around in the slinkiest outfits, you'd think you're in a titty bar. Tits and Ass hanging out all over. That too was a few years ago. But scenes of streetwalking whores also lead to ease of getting caught . Especially while you're in the act!! I guess it's illegal to engage in any type of sex in your vehicle in public. At any given time, while driving down these busy streets the hookers can go from leaning into your car trying to grab your cock to running down the street cause a patrol car is coming up behind you. Or all of a sudden, while the whore's going down on you, you glance into your rearview and see two officers walking right up behind your car. Now it 's so hard for the working girls to make a dollar that they have to resort to driving around getting business. It's a little "safer" than getting business done in "hot" areas. But if that whore's car is a recognized by a patrol car driving by and the new rookie wants to bust some balls, the cops can just cruise on down the street looking into every car to sse if they can locate her. Now that sucks literally to have your cock sucked then the pleasure gets interupted by "big brother". Also I'm sure that it's a little harder to see if the girls in the cars are cops or not. Usually the street decoys would not wear revealing clothes as the streetwalkers do. But in a car you don't see what or who else might be in the car if the windows are tinted. If you're lucky enough to grab a hooker and get serviced, be sure to get a beeper number or something so you don't have to cruise around. Usually car service only costs bout $20- $30 . Now if you wanted to go to hotel, it'll cost you hotel room and bout $100. That is only good for one load. Which kind of sucks cause either price, you still "come". Unless she stays with you for a true full hour and sucks and fucks you for that hour. Now on the other hand, for a Asian brothel, for the price of bout $150 includes room fee. You can get a shower, a great massage and release. I'd rather pay the $150 and get all that was mentioned. Massages from "legitimate" masseuses run around $60/hour.
Subject: NYC HOOKERS IN CARS Date: Thu, 9 May 1996 15:39:47 UTC Regarding that Daily News story about the hookers riding around in their cars looking for business, that has been going on for over 1 1/2 yrs. Best bet is with a girl named Angie, she has a black Chevy Tahoe or Suburban, with NJ plates. REAL pretty. All the girls have license plates from either NJ, PA, or Missouri (most likely their pimps cars, but who knows?). Only know of the West side girls....anybody seen them in other parts of the city?
Date: Fri, 28 Jun 1996 01:50:37 UTC Subject: The best NYC Streetwalkers found here Well this is my second official post so I'll spare the bandwith and be brief. First off I would encourage everyone to post so we could all benefit with each others knowledge. Now for the meat of the post, so to speak. The best place I know of is 25th to 29th streets between 9th and 10th avenues. However watch out for 25th and 26th streets I hear there are some undercover scorps operating. A lot of the girls won't stand out on the streets because of the police action so they've taken to their cars as far as I've heard the scorps haven't. Beware of police they will pull you over if your seen with a girl. Now I guess is a good time to mention of that I've only heard these I haven't engaged in any illegal activity myself or I wouldn't post it here. The girl I would highly recomend is Angela, she's a stunning blonde and drives a red toyota camery with gold trim and NJ plates. One more thing, I also heard its about $30 for a BJ from a girl like Angela whom I'd rate about a 8 or 9. Most of the girls are getting smart and take there dates pretty far from the "strip" the police have been pretty active, so beware or better yet rent a room and you could do anything for probably under $150 with the room. To date undercover scorps will not get in your car and will negotiate without entering the vehicle. So it's always best to get the girl then talk on your way. Good luck boys,
Subject: [ASP] NYC street action blows Date: Fri, 22 Nov 1996 12:25:36 GMT I hate to say it, but it appears Giuliani has successfully killed the streetwalker trade. I haven't seen anything above a 4 in ages on the east side (3rd & 11th, Lex & 29th or so and Houston & Allen). And it seems most of the 7+'s around 10th Ave & 29th St are driving around in cars and charge more than what it would cost to visit an apartment. While I prefer going to the incall places, I also enjoy the streets. Anyone know of any other spots? How 'bout Hudson County in NJ, i.e., Weehawken, Hoboken and Secaucus?
Subject: Queens Latino Women Date: Mon, 13 Jan 1997 14:36:50 -0500 This is about the Latino women of Queens. To find them, you must drive on Roosevelt Ave. in Queens between 82nd and 108th Streets, slowly after around 8pm. There will be young Mexican looking guys standing around and looking for slowly moving cars with guys in them. They will come up to your car and hand you little cards with addresses. They will also tell you have to get to these apartments. Once there, depending on how you look, cop-like or not, you will be patted down and then let in. There will be chairs to sit on with girls waiting there. They range from throw-up nasty to fairly decent. So with really nice attitudes and some with really horrendous ones. Never-the-less, the girls charge $25 for full service which had better last under 20 min. or you'll be paying more for it. Pretty good deal for a mere $25. -The Queens Bandit
Subject: [ASP] New York City Street Experience Date: 16 Jan 1997 14:03:50 GMT I have had the opportunity to travel to New York City frequently over the past 10 years. Usually, I stay in one hotel, the New York Hilton, which is in one of the prime districts for working women. In the late 80's and early 90's, Avenue of the Americas (6th Avenue) from about 55th Street on up to Central Park South had sometimes up to 50 hookers plying their trade. It was heaven. You could choose young, miniskirted sluts or tall classy, business-suited women. There was always a variety of colors, body styles, ages, hair color, boob was a hornball's paradise! I often planned my trips to the ad agency based upon my horniness level, and would choose 3 or 4 women during a two day trip just to feed my need for high variety. Alas, all good things come to an end. During the past two or three years, I have not seen very many women there, often none at all. Late in November, 1996, I had the opportunity to visit once again. First of all, I found Wolf's Deli closed (that was a major bummer), and after walking three or four times up and down sixth avenue, I saw nothing. Fortunately, on my walk back to the hotel, I noted a young woman, tall, blonde, with a very pretty face, and well-dressed, standing on the northeast corner of 58th and 6th Avenue. Well, for all I knew, she could be a nicely dressed woman waiting for her husband or whatever to show up. That particular thought was quickly dismissed when she asked me, "are you looking for someone tonight?". Whomp, there it is. I looked her over (not bad), negotiated a price and invited her to my hotel room. After we got to my room at the hotel, I paid her and she proceeded to disrobe (rather quickly and without my participation). She gave me some oral with a condom, and let me fuck her. Disappointingly, she only allowed missionary position, whereas I favor variety over the course of a fuck. In addition, after she disrobed, her body was not quite as perfect as I originally thought, she seemed slightly overweight (but not grossly so). (NB: For those of you who might think that I am rather picky in my various posts, let me discuss my personal feelings on selecting a prostitute. First, I find it rather easy to have sex with women who have 4-5 looks, usually with the cost of a good dinner and some music. However, my particular lust level ranges towards 8's and 9's, which is probably out of my league unfortunately. Therefore, if I am going to pay for it, I want only a babe, someone who I would really have to work to fuck. Second, I consider personality to add or substract considerably to a woman's fucking skills and looks rating. In the end, I would turn down a woman rather relieve my sexual stress if she doesn't meet my standards, but only if it is a paying relationship. Otherwise, I'm hardly picky at all.) Fucking skills: 4 Looks: 5 Cost: $150 Time: Maybe 30 minutes, which sucks If anyone has had any different experience in that particular part of Manhattan, I would appreciate hearing from them. Random One
Date: Wed, 13 Sep 1995 23:04:22 UTC For the past five years i have been getting a blow job from the same girl in the south bronx. location is jackson ave between 138th street and 144 st street. Important to note: operation "Losing proposition" is an ongoing thing all over NYC. Not just Brooklyn (got great blow jobs there).
Subject: [ASP] NYC Street scenes Date: Wed, 28 May 1997 16:12:04 -0600 Here are four ladies I've picked up in the past 6 months or so on the NYC West side (check out WSG at for location). Christina - ~23yrs old - Blond, Hazel eyes, ~5'4" ~140lb(?). Her waistline isn't thin, but all her other parts are very nice. She usually drives around in a minivan. Independent. I've seen her TOO many times. Cynthia - 20 yrs old - Brunette, ~ 5'6" ~130lb. VERY NICE breast. Like Crhistina, her waistline is the turn-offs. However, she is ALWAYS into it, and DEMANDS 2 loads if you take her to the motel (NOT kidding). She treats *this* as business. Has a pimp (which I object whole heartly). Tiffany - ~25 yrs old - Blond, ~ 5'10". Nice figure, but not very into it. I only *had* her twice. Independent. Lexus - ~18 yrs old - Brunnette, ~5'7". Had her once. AWESOME TITES (40DD), all naturale. However, VERY LOUSY attitude. Has a pimp. In term of body types, Lexus is the best. However, the *best* bang for the bucks are Cynthia and Christina respectively. I've befriended both Cynthia and Christina. Both are trying to get out of this business. Cynthia has already started her own lingerie store. Christina is trying to start her own beauty shop. The crackdown has really slowed the work for all the girls. According to Cynthia, she used to make $600/day 2 years ago. Now a day, she would be lucky to go home with $400/day.
Subject: NYC Street Scene Date: 15 Jun 1997 04:07:42 GMT While not a frequenter of the street scene, I could not help but notice the review of the NY street business in the WSG. Since I travel often to NY, I of course am interested in what is happening there in the commercial market. The WSG mentions that the area of 6th Ave, from about 52nd to 57th (up to the Plaza hotel) is blessed with professionals of high quality. Perhaps, it may be so. Since I stay often in that very area , I have taken a few walks lately. I will say that post 10 PM, and if the weather is fine, there are quite a few attractive ladies about, with also quite a few desperate looking souls also. Just this past week, (June 7- 13/97) the area was quite busy. If you stroll area, you will be approached often for a "date", very often by a fairly attractive person. Further, I have taken several walks in the past few weeks, and have seen many of the same ladies, so those, at least, are not any kind of sting. Since I really do not wish to partake, I may not negotiate too well. So far, I have been quoted as high as 400, with a negotiated rate to 200. Since I know many reputable NY houses will do better than that (check your WSG), with high quality staff and no risk, I have declined. I do believe a harder bargain can be reached, but that is for you to decide. There is a small hotel in the area that the girls do take a break at the bar (no, I will not mention it, you can find it if you wish, though,) to sit and have a cigarette. If you find them there, you can get a chance to talk, and evaluate better than on the street. However, be discreet. The hotel knows who they are, but are nervous. So respect the girls and be subtle as you chat. I have not yet partaken, perhaps someday I will. But for now, I believe I have better, more "sure" options. But, for the sense of adventure, who knows?
Subject: Re: Howdy, It's the real Chester from Chicago Date: Sun, 17 Aug 1997 13:39:32 PDT 1. New York - 26th between 9th, 10th and 11th. Lots of black girls AND white girls!!! Although the cops have been cutting down lately, on a good night you can find at least 5 gorgeous white girls there. The only downside is that they can get expensive. 2. New York - 8th Avenue @ 42nd. Still lots of transvestites, but if your looking for a deal, you will probably find it here. Mostly druggies, but you can occasionally find a younger gem. (female of course.) 3. Park Avenue and 35th (vicinity.) Got a blow job for 25 dollars from a beautiful (I mean gorgeous) black girl. I usually don't go with black girls, but this one was outstanding and dressed nicely, not in hooker garb. She was very good. 4. Tried the Long Island City (Queens) strip, but didn't see one girl at 10 PM. Maybe they got swept by the cops. 5. Don't ever go into Runway 69. Some (but very few.) of the girls are good looking, but the entire place is a rip off. For the 20 dollar dance, the girls expect a 50 dollar tip! Fuck that.
Date: Sun, 28 Dec 1997 12:57:13 EST Subject: nyc street action Thanks to the local gov't administration in NYC, The local street hooker trade is a done deal. On the corner of 11th Avenue and 26 Street, now sits a police site. It is literally dead at night. With the exception of the local club activity, there is nothing else. All other areas are virtually dead too. It think the only current way to get a girl now is to now visit expensive incall or hire outcall. Unless the travelling hookers on wheels have found another area to cruise? Any ideas?
Date: Mon, 2 Feb 1998 08:31:29 EST Subject: Review of NYC prostitution site I have visited several of the sites listed in the WSG in New York City. Brief report follows: 1. 12th Street (Manhattan) between 2nd and 3rd Avenues: Visited this site twice, both on weekend days, once in the early afternoon, once in the evening. Expanded search to include 3rd Avenue from 14th St. to St. Mark's Place; St. Mark's Place btw. 2nd and 3rd; and 2nd Ave. from St. Mark's Place to 14th St. There were absolutely no signs of hookers at any of these sites. There are many young girls in the area due to dormitories for NYU, some of them are good to look at, but you cannot make eye contact with any of them. The closest I came to a pickup was a young girl who was interested in scoring some drugs, but did not mention sex. Spent 1-1/2 hours checking this area both times. In the early- to mid-1980s, this was one of the best areas in the city for pickups. 2. 11th Avenue (Manhattan) from 24th to 30th St. On an early Sunday evening, no sign whatsoever of hookers. Checked area by car. 3. Long Island City, Queens Plaza area and area under el: On a Saturday afternoon and into early evening, there were a few very scaggy looking women. Spoke to one black girl (from the Bronx) who had no personality, returned her to her patrol spot.
Date: Thu, 09 Apr 1998 20:17:56 -0400 Subject: New York Street Scene The once robust area on 10th & 11th between 24th & 29th is now dead. Several cop cruisers patrol the area at all times & there's also a police truck stationed there permanently, presumably to handle arrests should anyone try anything There is some action on Park & Lexington between 30th & 27th. The decent girls are usually in cars. In particular there is a nice blond that drives around in a red Lexus.
Subject: Re: (asp) NYC Street Action?? Date: 1998/04/12 More specifically in the Times Square District from about 38th St (near the old Evans Hotel) to around 48th Street.

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