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Date: Thu,  7 Dec 1995 07:31:04 UTC

A Review of "Village Fantasies" in NYC

        This is a review of an excellent role playing service in NYC named
"Village Fantasies". They feature a selection of women from the mid
twenties up through the mid fifties. The typical session involves two
therapists and lasts from 2-4 hours. Prices are $85 for the first half
hour and $50 for each half hour thereafter per therapist. For
instance, a two hour session with two therapists would cost $170 for
the first half hour, and $300 for the next hour and one half. Tipping
is at the discretion of the client. I usually tip at least %20.

     The number above may be called to receive a description of the service
and make an initial appointment. After making an appointment you will be
given a private number to call in the future.

     This facility is located down in the heart of Greenwich Village. Upon
arriving, you will be led across a courtyard to the secluded private entrance
of the establishment. A therapist will take you to a private room and discuss
your fantasy in detail. If you do not have a specific notion of what you
would like the therapist will help you arrive at an agreeable scenario. There
is no charge for the time taken by the initial consultation.

     At this time you will be asked to undress and wear a robe. I presume
that this allows the therapist to ascertain that you are not a cop. This is a
good policy; in twenty years of service this establishment has had no trouble
with the law. In fact, they are licensed as therapists by the state of NY!
This is a big plus as it really provides a safe and relaxed environment to
indulge in one's pleasures.

     The women at Village Fantasies are professionals and, in my estimation,
are excellent actresses. They are attractive, warm, and really seem to work
hard to make a man feel indulged in his fantasy. They really give the
impression of enjoying their work and I have never encountered a girl here
with a bad attitude. I also have to add that these are intelligent women!
I've enjoyed not just the time engaged in pursuing my kicks but also the time
spent talking before, after, and in-between.

The service:

     The emphasis of Village Fantasies is on the !safe! Pursuit of one's
erotic delights. Safe is the operant word here. This is NOT a "full service"
establishment. There is NO penetration of the therapist's body at all. That
means no oral, anal, or straight sex. Frankly, this has always been fine with
me. I just assume live a long time so that I can return and use this service
and generally enjoy life. On the other hand, The client is allowed to have
multiple releases during each session. Unlike a prostitute, where she turns
off the second you have an orgasm, the therapists here will get you hard
again and continue to indulge you. I always enjoy showering with the
therapist after the session and releasing one last time in the shower.

      What the therapists will do is allow you to rub against them fully
nude, give hand jobs, and any other safe way to indulge you can think of.
Further, the client may choose to be penetrated and this is fine.

    The establishment has a wide variety of clothes, wigs, and period dress
to give your fantasies realism. The overall decor of the place is warm with a
sense of the Victorian era or turn of the century NY.


     If your fantasy includes bondage that may indulged to the hilt but only
in sessions with two therapists. This, of course, ensures the safety of the
women involved.

A Description of a few sessions:

    My first session was 2 hours and included two therapists. I had always
wanted to have sex with two women as well as to indulge in a rape fantasy.
The first therapist was a 37yo brunette and quite attractive she played the
mother of the second therapist, a cute twenty year old blond.

     I hid in the bathroom and the young girl entered fully nude and slowly
dressed in a Catholic school dress. While she dressed she touched her self as
per my previous instruction. When fully dressed she entered the bathroom
where I lay hiding. I grabbed her, wrestled her to the floor, and bayed her
to be quite, "or else." She informed me her mother would be home soon and
"I'd better leave." It was then that I heard her  "mother" coming up the
stairs. I told the young girl to sit, and not to give my presence away, while
I hid behind the door. When her mother entered, I grabbed her and tied her
hands and feet to a chair. I then fondled the young girl while the mother
implored me to take her instead and to leave her daughter alone (ever seen
the movie "Cape Fear" ? If so, then you get the idea). I then untied the
mother who proceeded to satisfy me. Upon completion of the act I tied the
mother up again and "had" her daughter while she implored me not to, stating
that I had promised to just have her. All in all a quite satisfying evening.

      My next session involved a single therapist in her mid 30s. Tall, thin
and quite attractive she really worked hard to please me. Again I hid in the
bathroom. This time she played "room service." The scenario was that she did
not know I was in the bathroom when she "picked up" a wallet I had left on a
table. I came out and surprised her pretending not to know she had taken my
wallet. She acted quite alarmed to see me and nervously asked if I liked the
hotel. All the while moving toward the door to make her escape. I blocked her
exit and asked her to have a seat. I then informed her that I knew she had
taken my wallet and that this would cost her her job! Unless, of course, she
was willing to do certain things for me. I stripped her slowly, leaving her
only in her red high heels. I then proceeded to paint on her with edible body
paints I had purchased, and then proceeded to cover her in baby oil. Once she
was nice and slick I had her undress me and return the favor. I then had her
lean over bracing herself against a chair and proceeded to relieve myself
rubbing against her gorgeous backside. Again, a very satisfying evening.

Finale: The warm ambiance of Village Fantasies harkens back to another era.
It is a safe and comfortable place in which to indulge one's self and I have
never been disappointed. If you are visiting NY, I can give this
establishment a high recommendation!

Subject: Village Fantasies Date: Fri, 19 Jul 1996 00:55:37 UTC update on Village Fantasies from owner, Lisette- 1st paragraph- new pricing: $125 for first half-hour and $75 for each half-hour thereafter (per hostess). For example, 2 hour session with 2 women is $250 for the first half-hour and $450 for the next half-hour. 4th paragraph- not accurate to say "that all are licensed by the state of N.Y." This reference should be removed. 7th paragraph- "What the therapists..." Satisfaction is guaranteed and gladly provided, yet this description could get VF in trouble with authorities. 12th paragraph- "proceeded to relieve myself:rubbing against her gorgeouos backside..." Again could get VF in trouble with authorities. Please inform readers that VF is a reliable, safe, convenient establishment who cares about repeat business. The staff is gorgeous, bright, and eager to satisfy.

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