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Subject: Oriental Massage Parlors

 A couple of weeks ago, after I posted about my search for a decent massage
parlor in Philly, there was some talk about Oriental parlors and whether
they were worth going to as opposed to places with regular women. I wanted
to share my views and experiences on Oriental services and hopefully get
some dialogue and debate going on this.

 My own experiences come from having used several different Oriental massage
parlors in Manhattan over the past five years. These places generally
advertise in the Village Voice in addition to sex-service publications such
as New York Action and Screw magazine. Most of the parlors advertise
themselves as being "Open 24 Hours", although in reality, if you go to most
of these places before midafternoon, you may very well be told that there
aren't any girls available. The ads almost always give the street address of
the place, and while you can call ahead, it's easy enough to just walk in
off the street. The majority of these parlors are located in the midtown
area, the greatest concentration being between 50th and 23rd streets. These
are areas of high Korean population, and those are the kind of girls you're
likely to find in these parlors. Don't be fooled by Japanese- or Chinese-
sounding names; Manhattan's Oriental parlors are almost exclusively a Korean

 When you first go into these places, a woman will greet you at the door
and take your entrance fee. This is $40 almost everywhere, and it doesn't
get you anything, just gets you in the door. Once you're in, a girl will
take you to a tiny little room, usually just big enough for a bed and not
much else. Once you're there, you negotiate with the girl for services.
The "tip" for full service is anywhere from $160 to $200. Exactly what this
gets you in addition to sex is variable. In the better places, you'll get
to warm up in a sauna for a few minutes, then you'll be taken to a shower
room where you'll lie naked on a padded table while the girl washes your
whole body. What happens during this part of the service gives you a good
hint as to how good things are going to be in the bedroom. If the girl pays
a lot of attention to your cock and balls during the wash, she'll probably
also work hard for your pleasure in bed.

 Once you get back into the bedroom, the real fun begins. The quality of the
girls, and what they will do, is highly variable. The better ones actually
know how to give a real massage, and will start with that. After working you
over, they generally give the signal that the sex is about to begin by
taking off their tops and sliding their bare tits over your back or chest.
Full service at these places is usually the standard "half and half", i.e.,
blowjob and fuck, but I find that most of these Oriental girls have no idea
what a good blowjob is, and figure that their obligation is fulfilled after
rapidly moving their lips up and down your cock in a mechanical action that
doesn't really give any pleasure.

 One extra that you generally won't find in a standard brothel is that some
of the Oriental girls will let you eat their pussy. This is a plus if you're
into that, and usually the girls who will let you do that will give you a
better fuck as well. I find that about half of the girls are really into the
fucking, or do a good job of pretending to be. These girls will often let
you come a second time for no extra charge. Unfortunately, the other half of
the girls have terrible attitudes, and make it obvious that they're just
going through the motions for the money. These sorts of girls make me feel
like I've been ripped off, even if I have a satisfying orgasm. The name of
the game is customer service, and in a massage parlor, the man is supposed
to feel good. This means that the girl should make him think that she's
enjoying every minute of the experience, whether she actually is or not.
I've noticed that the girls with the worst attitudes are the ones who speak
the most English. They seem to think that because they can talk to you,
you'll have to treat them as some sort of an equal. When I go to an Oriental
massage parlor, I'm not looking for conversation, I'm looking for total
attention to my sexual satisfaction. If I want a girl that I can talk to and
generally treat as a person, there are plenty of non-Oriental places I can
go to for that. Having to pretend I'm interested in talking to these girls
in their broken English takes away from the experience for me. The best
Oriental massage experiences I've had have come from the girls whose English
was limited to "Ooh, nice cock", "Fuck me long time", and "Ahh, good, good".
All of the other communication that needed to be done was accomplished with
their hands, lips, tongue and cunt.

 So, that's a general rundown of the Oriental scene in Manhattan. From what
I've read here, it's different in other parts of the country. I'd be interested
in hearing how others' experiences and opinions compare to mine on this.

Date: Sun, 18 Aug 1996 19:46:31 UTC If your looking for outstanding full service in New York, there is a new place in the East 30's that you should check out. Trust me- I've been everywhere and this is the best I've had. 6-8 beautiful Asian women - all young, fun, and vigorouus. I can't tell you the location, but their number is 212-448-9274. Ask for Sunny or Gigi (but they're all fantastic).
Date: Thu, 6 Mar 1997 06:29:50 +0100 (MET) Subject: Manhattan massage for WSG Here are some short reviews of non-Korean massage parlors in Manhattan, NYC; all found advertised in the Massage section in back of New York Magazine. Some info may be out of date. "ALEXANDRA'S BODY WORKSOP", near Penn Station. Based on one bad experience would not return. OK facilities, small apt, shower available...nice looking Black girl (7-8) but unenthusiastic. Paid $200 for full service, including poor massage, and was rushed out door at end of session by rude telephone girl. VILLAGE, 13th Street walkup between 6-7 Aves, Good massage but no full service (hand release with rubber glove) by nice, intelligent coed type blond (6-7) named Lauren. Paid $160. Shower available. Several girls work here, but only one at a time. "HOLISTIC", 56th near 6th Ave., Variety of girls (you choose) full service usually available as is attended bath. International staff (Black, Hispanic, Russian, etc. ranging from 5-9) $120 for massage and hand release, an extra $40 for full service (maybe more). Have had good times here. "HERBAL BATH", East 20s, older Hispanic lady (said she's 39, but like Jack Benny she's stretching it...49 is more like it) who treats you well, nice apt., nice bath, good massage, excellent oral, not sure about full service. Full hour, cum twice for $200. Prostate massage available (this is requested she says, by older clients). Single practitioner. "PARISIENNE", 48th Street near 5th, much like "Holistic" but girls 5-7 and a bit older, mostly Hispanic. 45 mins. with bath is $50 plus tips which vary, as some workers here will not provide full service. Your mileage may vary and you might get full service for a total of $100, a bargain. Professionally run. "GENTLE" West 75th Street. Skilled massage with hand release only and limited touching (if any) of attractive late 30s Hispanic female. About $100/hr. but worth it due to thorough body work and sensual finish. Single practitioner, very professional.
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 1997 16:25:26 -0500 (EST) Subject: NYC Guide submissions Hello! First, let me commend you for some truly incredible work. Thanks for all your time and effort--the site is certainly worth it! Second, here is a load of info for you. I hope (1) it isn't too much at once and (2) you find it useful. All of it is true and up-to-date, and covers the NYC area. Here we go: * * * * * Manhattan Massage Parlors 1. Are you turned on by older, busty, fairly attractive Spanish women? Then this place is for you. Advertised in New York magazine (a great offline source for massage parlors, prostitutes, role-playing, etc.) and located off Eighth Avenue near 47th Street, this bordello charges $80 for (roughly) 40 minutes and $110 for the full hour. It's a friendly, safe place that, if you're not big on model-like looks and figures (and model-like fees!), will get you off. Hours are Mon. thru Sat., 10am-10pm (or thereabouts). Showers and drinks are always offered. Personal favs include Nina, Anna and Flori. All are easily over 40, have enormous bustlines and worth it (if, like I said, this is your thing). 212-957-XXX3. 2. I took a chance and patronized a place called "Linda's Bodyrub" that advertises in New York magazine. The prices were $95 for a half, $140 for the whole, the place was small, near Grand Central and I was there looking for a girl named Monique (a tip I received from another site like this one, but has since closed down). Except, on the day I decided to drop in, Monique was not there. Oh well... I had called earlier in the day, made an appointment for 6, then called back at about 5:50 to inform them I would be about 10 minutes late. No problem. I arrived, got buzzed in, and made my way up to the fifth floor. I rang the bell and was greeted by an American woman peering through the two-inch crack she made with the door, asking me to come back in twenty minutes. I don't know about you, but this sort of thing pisses me off--a lot. I mentioned how I had made my appointment earlier in the day, and even called to let them know I would be arriving late. Her excuse was "Well, someone decided to stay a little longer." I asked if I could wait somewhere in the apartment--no. Bathroom? No. So I told her I would expect some sort of discount for my trouble. She said she would "mention it to her." (I never did find out who "her" was.) Anyway, I returned twenty minutes later and was let in. I had a choice of the rather iffy-looking American chick who greeted me at the door and an older (well, she looked more "mature" than "older," I should say) Spanish (I think) woman named Lina. I chose Lina. After paying her $90 (what a discount!) for the half hour, I tried to get some dirt on what I'd read about Monique (to try and convince myself that this was indeed the same place, and that I would have an equally good time). I found out that a busty girl named Monique worked there, but only on Mondays. Great (it was Thursday). The bubble bath was average (I had to mention it--Lina didn't ask me), but she did not do the same things that I had read about Monique. She got naked, gave my cock and balls a decent scrubing, but for the most part, was rather uninspired thoroughout the whole session. After returning to the room for an "okay" massage, I would sum up my experience like this: She was attractive and very polite, had fairly nice tits and gave a good tit-fuck, but her breath was God-awful and, like I said, rather average in her talk and action. I would only return if I could gaurantee Monique would be there--and that this is the same Linda's that I read about. * * * * * Queens Massage Parlors Although brothels and massage parlors are usually two separate "businesses," there are quite a few places that operate as both within the borough of Queens. This review will give the low-down on one located in Flushing. Our first stop is 718-886-XXX8. It is located within the vicinity of Union Street and 34th Avenue. Here you have a choice of two girls at any given time. What's interesting about this place (and a few others that have since closed) is that they have new girls *every* week. The majority are young and Spanish. I would say once or twice a month will you come across a white, black or asian woman. Fees are $80 for 30-40 minutes and $125 for an hour. The hour session is usually a "two-cummer," if you know what I mean. Showers are available and you are offered a drink. The hours normally run 11am-8pm and they are closed on Sundays. The session starts out as a massage (you're lying on your chest) but once you turn over, well, we all know what happens then. I happen to like this place a lot for many reasons: it's cheap (don't know how some of you can part with up to $400 at one time!) and it occasionally employs my kind of whore (strong word, yes, but it's the truth): busty, lusty (what I mean by this is that she doesn't just lie there or not take any interest in sucking me off), willing to not only blow me without a condom (yes, risky, but I only let it happen when the situation presents itself) but also allow me to tit-fuck her to completion and finally, allow me to go down on her (again, only when the time is right). Please understand that this doesn't happen all the time; it's just that some of my preferred "activities" happen to take place at this location. * * * * * Some General Info A great source for Asian massage is the Queens Tribune. Now, what I mean by this is, you pay a door fee (anywhere from $30-$50 for about 40-45 minutes), get a private room (tho' some places aren't even close to knowing what "private" means) and, sometimes, your choice of masseuse. What would come next would be any number of things, depending upon the "type" of place it was. Here's a breakdown: Type A: You receive a massage and a hand job. Sometimes you can touch the masseuse, sometimes not. Tip may or may not be expected. Most of the time, these are "quasi-legit" places. The decor is heavily medical-related and sometimes, a request for a "manual release" is turned down. Type B: You might get a table shampoo; actually, for the most part, this type of massage parlor is really a brothel. After the shampoo, some sort of massage may be administered, but the real purpose is for the masseuse/prostitute to then ask "what else would you like?" and, well, we all know what comes next. One can either hit or miss at places like this. Personally, I think you're wasting your money--if you really want to get it on with an Asian babe, shop around at the numerous apartment brothels around this town until you find one. It won't be too difficult and you might just save some money. And to just keep on ranting, I think the best places are those that charge by the half and whole hour, but do not expect you to tip their employees as well, not to mention charge you that blasted "door fee." Is this selfish? Perhaps even mean? Maybe, but I don't think so. * * * * * Michelle Michelle (the name I've always called her--I know she has one or two others) has been in the bodyrub-cum-full service business for quite some time. She's Spanish, very, very busty, in her late 30s to early 40s, and a really fantastic fuck. Hot talk, tit-fucking, condomless cock-sucking--abfab. I first met her in Manhattan, at a first-floor brothel in an East 48th or 49th St. apartment building. I went there after seeing a photo of her in an ad in Screw. She wore a long, blonde wig in those days... The next time I ran into her was at a Flushing massage parlor. The wig was gone but it was still Michelle. She spoke about her son and gave me her beeper number... The third time was at another massage joint, again in Flushing. This time I actually managed to hold on to her beeper number and have met her a couple of times at a motel and at another Flushing massage parlor "after hours"--since she possessed the keys to the place. She told me she frequently accompanies a customer of hers to Le Trapeze, and would love to do it more often... I've listed a lot of details here--she sometimes has clients come to her apartment in Astoria, and I've always contacted via beeper or cellular phone--rather than actually tell stories and relate experiences. The reason I've done is to see if anyone else knows Michelle. Does anyone out there?
Subject: [ASP] JayHawk's Review of Oriental Summer in NYC Date: 26 Mar 1997 02:30:20 -0500 JAYHAWK'S REVIEW OF ORIENTAL SUMMER, NYC I found myself in New York City for two days last week and thought I would check out some of the local action. Much has been written about the in-call brothels (Corporate Treasures, Men's Club, Kimberly and Friends, etc.) so in the interest of research I thought I would check out some of the Asian houses which have barely been mentioned in this group. Several of these are advertised in The Village Voice ($1.25) and New York Action ($4.95). New York Action (official name is "Action, New York Edition") has great ads with loads of pictures, and is available in most adult book stores, although I also found a copy at a newsstand in a train station. There are several Asian places, all around midtown, and most are in the several blocks from 33rd to 38th Streets between 3rd and 6th Ave. Action reviews Asian Ecstasy, Asian Heaven, Jade Garden, and Seven Stars. According to Action, all have a $50 door fee and tips are extra. I chose Oriental Summer because (a) it was not reviewed by Action, and (b) they had an ad in the Village Voice saying "Grand Opening Special, $99 Complete!" They are located at 23 W. 36th Street between 5th and 6th Ave. and they are *impossible* to find. When you get to number 23, there is a sign for some kind of fashion place and a doorbell that says "2nd Floor." I said, "What the hey" and rang the 2nd floor bell, and was buzzed in. After walking up a flight of steps leading to God-knows where, I was met by a Korean woman named Diane. I would rate her a 6 face, but an 8 body, with very large breasts. She said the door fee was $50. I asked about the "$99 Complete" special and she said, "Oh that ended a few weeks ago." I figured this was a come-on and I had been had, but the $50 entry was the same as the other places in town so I said OK. I asked to use the rest room and was led into a room where 3 other women were sitting on a sofa. I thought about asking to choose one of them, but I did a quick check, determined that they were about the same as Diane, maybe 6-7, and decided to stick with her. She led me into the massage room and was quite friendly and playful. She asked me to get undressed and immediately started feeling my balls. Then the other shoe dropped. She said, "For really fun time I cost $170." Adding this to the $50 fee would put this well above most of the non-Asian houses in NYC and I told her so. I said flat out that $170 was way too much and that I didn't have that much (I only had about $130 on me). We went round-and-round for awhile, and finally I said, "Look, just give me a massage for my $50 and I'll leave." I was serious and she knew it so she said, "How much you want to spend." I showed her that I only had $130 in my wallet, and needed some cash to get back to my hotel, so I offered her $120. We went round-and-round on that as well. ("You give me $130 and go to ATM to get more cash to get home.") Finally she gave in and took the $120. By now I was somewhat irritated and thought that this was going to be an unpleasant waste of money, but when she came back a few minutes later she was very friendly, stripped naked (showing off a gorgeous pair of probably DD breasts that were definitely natural) and proceeded to give me a massage all over with her boobs, a first-rate blow-job, and we had sex in several different positions. I was definitely in the mood to take my time and she did not rush me at all, although I suspect I was still only there a little over half and hour. One minor negative. I asked to take a shower afterwards and I don't know if they don't have one, but she said she would bring me a wet towel to wipe me off with instead. So overall, for a total of $170 ($50 + $120) it was a fairly good deal, and she gave a very nice performance. What I paid would put it at about the same as other NYC houses (or so I assume based on other posts to this group), but this is a good $30-50 more than one would pay for the same service at Asian places in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Philadelphia, Greensboro, or just about any other city in the U.S. She kept telling me how New York City is "so much more expensive for everything," but I don't buy it. By the way, before I went to Oriental Summer, I cruised several of the streets that are posted as good streetwalker sites just to see what was out. There was nothing on Lexington, 10th, or 11th Avenues between 24th and 30th Streets as has been reported. However, on 29th Street between 10th and 11th I noticed a lot of cars with guys circling the block. I got in line and followed them and realized that several women were working out of parked cars on 29th. Guys would pull up, roll down windows, and they would negotiate! I don't know if they got serviced in cars or in local hotels. I saw 3 women working, and all looked pretty nice. Two were black, one probably Hispanic, all would rate 7-8, were in fairly nice cars, and were well dressed. I have never heard of this and wonder if other NYC guys are aware of this. I have one final question for the NYC gents: Studio 46 in midtown quotes the very low rate of $85 a half-hour and says they offer Greek. Can you really get anal sex here for this price and, if so, what do the girls (assuming they are girls) look like? JayHawk
Subject: [ASP] Review of Butterfly in NYC Date: 1998/04/21 JAYHAWK'S REVIEW OF BUTTERFLY IN NYC I spent a couple days in NYC and on a free evening decided to check out a couple of the Asian places. Amazingly, I was here only 6 months ago, and already *every single* Asian place previously listed in the Action, NY Edition guide is gone. Three were listed: Asian Apple, Butterfly, and International Gentleman's Club. All were listed with a phone number, location was "midtown" and no other info. I tried Asian Apple several times and the phone just rang and rang with no answer. Intl. Gentleman's Club's number (983-1660) is "no longer in service." This narrowed my choices to Butterfly. A woman answered and said they were $180. I asked if this was for an hour or half-hour and she said, "only one price." I asked if it was full service and she said yes. She gave me directions to an address in the 20-30th Street area. When I arrived, the place was a hotel. I called from a payphone in the lobby and she said she would be right down. In a few minutes, a young guy (maybe 18-19 max) came down, walked around, eyed me up and down, and walked to the elevator. He then said, "Psssst" to get my attention and waved me into the elevator. He took me up to one of the floors with rooms where I was greeted by a reasonably attractive Asian woman. She was maybe early 30's, 5'5", about a 5, and no better, but friendly. I didn't really want to shell out $180 for her and asked if I could see the other girls. First, she said she was the only one available right then. I looked her up and down and politely said, "I think I'll pass for tonight" and started to leave. She then stopped me and said "There is one more girl you can look at" and left the room. In a few minutes, a younger, prettier girl came in. Very nice, pretty face, maybe 7-8, but I couldn't really see her body since she had a robe wrapped around. I politely asked if she could open the robe (I could see she had something on underneath). At first she had trouble understanding, but eventually opened the robe. She looked really nice, maybe a 7-8 body. I later learned her name was Lily, she was from Laos (a first for me) she said she was 24, although she looked more like 20, and I would say she was a B+ or C- cup, but really nice, petite, smooth body. About 5'3", maybe 110 lb. Now here's where things got strange. First, I realized that her English was pretty poor. I asked her questions and it was obvious she wasn't getting it. Also, she looked totally stoned. I even asked, "Are you OK? Are you stoned?" It's possible she was asleep when the other woman got her, but she seemed really out of it. I had this feeling that sex with her wasn't going to be that great in this condition, but by now it was late, I didn't have many other options, and I decided to go for it. I asked her if she did anal and I had so much trouble trying to make her understand what I was asking that I finally gave up. She asked me to put the money on the table and offered me a shower. I got a bad vibe about this that was unfounded. While taking the shower I heard the door shut meaning she had left the room and I literally leapt out of the shower expecting my money and her to be gone, but it was still where I left it. She came back, now a bit more friendly (and alert) and she let me undress her. Very unrushed, passive, easy-going. I still wonder if she was stoned on something. Then she says "You got condom?" Huh? I never carry one, and said, "Don't you?" She looked around the room and eventually found a couple in one of the desk drawers. She slipped it on and started giving unenthusiastic head. She then asked, "You give me good tip?" Tip for what? Isn't everything included for the $180? My money continued to sit in view on the desk top. I continued to get bad vibes and was thinking about stopping there, tipping her $50 and beating it. But she was getting very friendly, working all the right places and so I said, "How much of a tip do you want?" She held up two fingers. I said, "$200?" She nodded. I'm thinking, she means $200 total. I said, "I thought full service was $180." She obviously didn't understand "full service." Finally I explained as clearly and slowly as I could, "I'll give you $180 for a blow job and sex, but will give you $200 if you do anal" and put my finger where I was talking about. I always bring my own lube, and she finally agreed (more on this later). So we finally start getting to it, and I have to say that after all these bizarre preliminaries, she is quite good. We do it doggie for awhile with her leaning over the bed and me standing behind her and she really seems to be enjoying it. Then I start to lube up her anus and she says, "NO. THAT WILL HURT!" making it very clear I'm not getting in there. I feel somewhat ripped off, but this feels really good, so I just relax and enjoy it for awhile. Really good sex, and I eventually finished with her flat on the bed and me inside from behind. She was clamping with her vagina really nicely too. Then something happened that I have *never* had happen before with a sex worker. A minute or so after I came, I grab the edge of the condom and carefully pull out, figuring we are done, then she flips over on her back and says "I'm not done yet." I was still hard and she pulled me back in. I won't last too long after an orgasm so I gave a couple dozen good hard pumps and she had what could not possibly be a faked orgasm. She said "Thanks for finishing" and then she pulled me out. So overall, it started weird, and the price ($200 for full service) was high, even by NYC standards (and about $50 more than I would have paid in any other city in America). I felt she misled me on the anal sex (or maybe I should give her the benefit of the doubt and say she misunderstood, because her English was *very* limited). But I have to say in the end (no pun intended) that it was quite good sex. Very pretty girl, nice body, very responsive, and it seemed a bit like girlfriend sex (even reminded me of an old girlfriend who always used to say "I'm not done yet" even after 3-4 orgasms). This is the second time I have been in a NYC Asian place where it started out kind of bad, but ended up nice. Maybe that goes with the territory. Summary: Lily, Butterfly, NYC Face: 7 Body: 8 Personality: 6 Performance: 8 Price/Performance ratio: 5 JayHawk

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