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Subject: The Late, Great Club 2000 (NYC)

 Anyone from the Big Apple remember Club 2000, at 799 Sixth Ave.?
Certainly not the classiest operation on the planet, but for cheap
thrills, it couldn't be beat. Chairs and couches along the walls of
a big room, and for an appropriate tip you and the girl could go
off to a dark corner (not that there were any light corners; the
place was barely lit enough to see your hand in front of your face)
and do just about anything you liked.

 Back in late '92 it had a bit of class and some girls who were
8's and 9's -- even one 10, a babe named Christina who was my first
encounter there and got me hooked on the place. If I hadn't seen --
and felt -- this chick in person I would have sworn she couldn't
exist in real life. About 5'10", wavy red shoulder-length hair, very
well-toned body, large and perfectly-shaped tits that, as far as I
could tell, were all natural. She gave me a mind-blowing, ball-draining,
crotch-wrenching blowjob for $40. You can bet I went back there again
as soon as I could!

 Unfortunately the place rapidly went downhill in quality in '93.
Christina had too much class for the place, and left there to work at
a place called Opulence, a much better environment for her (and for
me to sample her talents again). Opulence has been gone for a while,
though, and I've lost track of Christina -- probably she's left the

 As for Club 2000 itself, by the spring of '93, most of the 8's and 9's
had left, and the average girl there was around a 4.5. A lot of them
were black, too. Still, the place had a sort of excitement to it: there's
a certain thrill I got from being sucked off by a sleazy chick in a
dingy Manhattan building. Some of the girls there, weren't knockouts
for looks, but made up for it in enthusiasm. One "heavy-metal" looking
chick (long bleached blonde hair, leather outfit, tatoos) was giving me
a blowjob, and I was having a hard time getting off -- she looked up at
me, said "you look like you need more than just a mouth", and proceeded
to climb up on my lap and fuck my brains out! I came so hard I left
bruises on her arms, which must have turned her on more, because she
spent the next 15 minutes french kissing me and fondling my dick,
trying to get me hard again. She seemed disappointed that I couldn't
get it back up. I'd only brought $80 with me (I always figured someone
there would try to pick my pocket, though it never happened), and I
gave it all to her, saying I hoped it was enough. She said "Don't worry
about that -- just come back!" I did, but that chick was never there

 By '94, the place was a total dump. Not so much in physical appearance,
which had never really been much to begin with, but there were only one
or two girls, chubby or skinny Hispanics who barely spoke English. I
gave up on the place about a year ago, and I think it's closed now.

 Anyone else have memories to share about great Manhattan encounters?

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