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Visted a place in NY called Corporate Affairs yesterday. They advertise in
New York magazine. Since I told them I found out about them through this
newsgroup as well as New York magazine, they asked if I could post a
little review for them.

I received a very nice massage from a attractive young lady. This place
was so nice that the two of us and the receptionist continued to talk for
90 minutes afterwards!  Basically on how I found out about them, what I
thought on how about what would appeal to me regarding information over
phone, and many other things (it was a slow afternoon they said).

All in all a nice clean place, with really friendly people. They have a
variety of services and prices. You will get what you ask for, no more, no
less. They are very up front about things.
Have fun.

Date: 3 Mar 1995 10:03:04 -0500 Corporate Affairs is in Manhattan, NY. They offer "massages" ( relaxing hand jobs) -$180 hr. 2 girl "massages"- $300 hr. Escorts in call/out call $300 hr. They also have male escorts and phone sex I think. I can't give the address or phone or a contact name (sorry). Check New York Magazine's classified section under massages. Hope this helps
Date: Thu, 09 Mar 95 22:20:37 PDT Corporate Affairs is probably one of the best incall establishment in the NYC area. From 11 AM until 1 PM, they charge $100 per half hour and $130 per hour. After 1 PM, they charge $130 for the half and $175 for the hour. For those who don't know, these rates are very competitive. They have at least 25 working for them with typically 6-8 per shift. They run the full spectrum of ethnic and body types. For those interested in incall, they charge $300 for the hour. They are located on 34th Street between 1st and 2nd Avenues. They have four rooms available for their clientele and can be reached at 545-1714. They do have quite a bit of turnover so don't expect anyone to be there more than 3 months. Their current "hot" number is Kelly. Kelly is a busty, blue-eyed 24 year old, 5' 7", 120lb blond who is a topless dancer. She hails from the Midwest and is saving up enough money to go back and open up her own bar. Her only negative is a flat personality. If you are interested in brunettes, ask for Julie or Chanel. For redheads, ask for Allison. They are similar in age, height, weight. However, they do not have the same beauty as Kelly. However, they do have better personalities. Due to police crackdowns, Corporate Affairs is quite selective. If there is any hint or queasiness about you, they will deny you service. They do have "Security" on site; I'm note sure if that's good or bad. However, they are quite reputable. And, you will be very satisfied with their "full service".
Date: Fri, 9 Jun 1995 12:54:29 UTC Subject: Re: tips on using 'escort' services >I would appreciate advice on what I can expect if I call one of the >'escort' services in my local yellow pages, and what is the usual >protocol for making inquiries intially and then when dealing with the >escort? Most of the services have names that are intended to imply >that the escort is willing to do more than just be an attractive >companion for dinner and a drink, but I'm sure there are services who >are more than happy to deliver a lot less than they imply, specially >when dealing with neophytes like me. >I have no previous experience with any sex or companionship for hire >services, so please don't hesitate to include things that you may >think should be obvious to me. Email or post, as you prefer. Since I >am using, posting will probably be less problematical. First off, I can only tell you about New York. Most, if not all, the services listed in the yellow pages are sex for hire services. I'm sure they will be happy to provide women for "real" escorting, but they are really prostitutes. Anyway, if you call one, make sure you are able to ask for a girl that fits your needs. They often have quite a few women to pick from, so you might as well get what you want (ie. red head, blond, black girl, hispanic, etc.). Next, you should ask the price. Most of these places will be charging in the $250-$350 range for one hour. There are a few cheaper services in NY, but they are not as good. If cost is a problem, use an in-call place. Once you agree to the price and get a girl who sounds to your liking, see if it is possible to talk to the girl before they come to your apartment. This way, you can get a better idea of what your should expect. If you can find out over the phone, see how much you'll be able to do in the hour. I've found that the women will come to my apartment, and then give me a blow job so good that I cum too soon, and that's all she wrote. She will stay the rest of the time if I want, but no more sex! Many girls do not have this rule. When the girl gets to your apartment, you will negotiate. What do you want to do, how long is she staying, etc. Lets say you decide that you just want a blow job and straight sex, and she will stay for an hour. This is the basic service anyway, and she should not ask for any more money. Treat her nice and she'll treat you nice. She will use a condom for everything including the blow job. This is for both your and her protection. If she wants to do anything without it, don't let her! When the hour is up, you may be expected to give the girl a tip also. If you had a good time, it is a good idea, as much of the original sum will go to the agency. Depending on where you are, you also may have to pay her cab fair. Hope this helps.
Subject: New York Escort Services Date: Tue, 14 May 1996 16:03:28 UTC I have traveled to NY and used the escort services a number of times. Since a recent large bust in December 1995 of a large group of services, the prices seem to have gone up for the high-class services, perhaps reflecting increased risk to them. I saw the recent posting recommending Mademoiselle, and gave them a try last time. I saw "Sophia," a very pretty blonde, early 20s, 5'8" 115#, 36D-24-34 (and all natural, if you can believe it). She was advertised as Swedish, but turned out to be Russian; not that it mattered. She was very friendly, gave great safe, full service that she obviously enjoyed along with me. The phone operator was also very friendly and patient, with a large selection. I recommend the service. However, the price was $500, which is pretty high, so plan on hitting the ATM. The few services at the $300 range I have tried recently did not send girls that were worth the money.
Date: Tue, 4 Jun 1996 03:54:58 UTC outcalls in nyc. Communicate you know what you want and be specific. State clearly you will give a big tip for a great girl, but if she is not to your liking you will send her home with cab fare. This will alert the institution you know what you're doing, and you might get noone (better off). If you do need to send her home, be nice aboout it -- lie howw you waanted someone oriental, or taller, or whatever. These girls have a hard life and we should resspect it. Best of all is go shopping for someone you feel comfortable taking home. You might want to repeat. BE SAFE! Not all will insist.
Subject: [ASP] Report NYC outcalls Date: 14 May 1997 12:33:49 GMT I have great experiences with two NYC outcall places. They were: Discret Escort and Royal Sands (Both are listed in latest Yellow Pages and most magazines). Royal Sands sent me a great Russian girl (most are Russian). She was a bit nervous at first (her friend had gotten busted that week), but we proceeded to have a great hour (wonderful BJ) for only $200 and a small tip. Discret's girls are more classy and they have all types. There price starts at $300. Some girls are more. They give great service and aren't rushed to leave.
Subject: (ASP) Report on "Sabrina" of #1 Park Av. Agency (NYC) Date: Tue, 20 May 1997 17:21:07 -0600 Last Thursday I had a business trip to the Big Apple and, while staying there, decided to try out an escort agency. I chose one which I had used many years ago, in 1985 to be exact, when I last had reason to be in the city on business frequently. They had always provided stellar ladies and services then, so I had some hope of similar results now. The name of the agency is Number 1 Park Ave. Sadly, I was sorely disappointed. I called and described my desired lady to the service. They said they would get back to me within 5 minutes to confirm the lady I selected. 30 minutes later (not auspicious) they called to say that they were having trouble reaching the lady and would I consided someone else. I declined. About 15 minutes later, while I was considering other options, the agency called back and said the lady had been reached if I was still interested. We agreed to go ahead and I was told she'd be there in about 20 minutes. I proceeded to freshen up and placed the fee ($300) on an end table. She arrived as promised. She did her checkin and we "small talked" for a couple of minutes. She asked what I had in mind and I gestured in the general direction needed, whence we proceeded. I "made myself comfortable" and she started to do the same. After removing her blouse, she suggested that she always asked gentlemen to shower first. As I had showered while waiting for her, I saw no particular need, but I complied anyway -- taking the precaution of taking my clothes with me. I was in the shower no more than 3 minutes, only a rinse off and towel dry when I emerged to find her fully dressed and heading for the door (with my $300). She mumbled some excuse and returned to disrobing herself, though only as far as bra and panties. I lay on the bed while she began manually interesting me. After several moments of enjoyable stimulation she offered to orally continue the stimulation. Out came the condom which she applied, bobbed up and down no more that 3 times and resumed manual action. I asked her to take off the rest of her things, but she only removed the bra. Stimulation of her below the waist was refused and the panties did not come off. I asked her to resume the oral action. She put her head back near the object of my affections but never again did the rubber meet the road. After some very frustrating minutes, I told her to remove the condom and finish by hand, since it was obvious that was all there would be from her that evening. All in all a terrible experience which was improved not at all when she asked for a tip. I told her that I tip for good service not just out of habit. Had she made any serious effort to make the experience something more than what she did, I would have tipped generously. As it was, she was pleasant and polite but a zero in amour. Agency Number 1 Park Ave. New York, NY Escort Sabrina (Blonde/Blue 5'5", 110#, 34c-22-34, 24yo, American) Cost $300 10 point scale 0 (low) 10 (perfect) Appearance 8 overall Figure 9 Face 7 Attitude 6 Courtesy 5 (attempted to leave without service) good conversation Activity 5 good as far as it went, it just didn't go where it was supposed to Cost 5 Average for NYC, awful considering the service. Agency 7 Escort was exactly as described and fit my stated desires but it still felt like a rip off. Promptness 9 arrived promptly but long delay in initally reaching her Overall 6.43
Subject: ASP New York City Experience Date: 11 Jun 1997 21:27:57 -0700 I recently had the pleasure to travel to New York City on business/pleasure. I am happy to share with you a review of my experiences. I did ample homework before going to the Big Apple - reviewing your faq site as well as the Pleasure Seekers Guide to New York City ( These areas were full of helpful information. I used a variety of services while in New York - both in-call (American Beauties) and out-call (Le Directoire). I must say these experiences were exquisite. Overall, the experiences with the girls from Le Directoire were second to none. Each of these young ladies were model material ranking at least 8.5 on a scale of 10 for looks. They varied from 7 to 10 for their performance (full service). Since Le Directoire caters to up-scale executive clientele, they are a bit pricey at $500 per hour...yet I must say - I spent two hours with a couple of these beautiful women, and it was well worth it! You can see actual photos of some of the ladies at their web site ( These ladies have given me permission to tell the world about my experiences - though I will not share the details - you can use your imagination to visualize your own definition of "ecstasy". The next time I return to New York City, I can assure you, I'll be a repeat customer! Give the ladies at Le Directoire a call, you'll be glad you did! daytripper
Subject: [ASP] NYC - review: Cinthia Date: 7 Jul 1997 22:16:54 GMT Normally I don't post very often in this newsgroup - nothing usually worth telling, but this time.... Recently as I was looking forward as usual (?) to another birthday, my imagination starting working overtime to top other, past birthday experiences. Not easy. Then I remembered my past anniversary (yea, still happily married) when I took my wife out in Manhattan: dinner, etc. We followed this up by going to "TENS" a "gentleman's caberet" (expensive strip-club) where I had been one or twice before. Figured it was clean, the women were beautiful and my wife (a beauty herself) was in the mood for something different before we retired to our hotel. Well, it was great! The dancers all felt comfortable with us, paid a great deal of attention to my wife (and surprisingly, her to them). They thought it was wonderful I would take my wife there. I was also the idol of the other guys who were sneaking out of their homes by being there. Fun time had by all. Anyway, after seeing how excited (hot) my wife became when the dancers were breathing and licking her neck......a birthday idea! Recently saw a posted a review (by Peter) of Cinthia who seems to be an independant in NYC, working out of New Jersey. A very good review, near our area, a former Playmate (?), dancer at Scores, a little expensive, but seemingly worth it (for a special occasion) - a perfect plan. Called her up and arranged a meeting for the following weekend. She showed up a little late (but called to say she was delayed) and I let my wife meet her at the door, with me following close behind. She was indeed beautiful - a blond, 5'8", 38-23-34, 110# (I had asked for her measurements). We sat and talked for a bit to make us all comfortable. She was intellegent and a good conversationalist, and we all we laughing at how her stories about NY nightlife were close to our own experiences over fifteen years before. The two women moved to the bedroom with me following soon after. I was a little worried regarding how my wife would handle all of this (we had some m-f-f threesomes before this, but they were more concentrated on me, not her and the other female). I didn't have anything to worry about as Cinthia and my wife undressed each other and proceeded to do everything I, and I think she had hoped for. Cinthia was wonderful in making her feel both comfortable and highly excited. (Won't go into this too deeply in deference to her, but they both enjoyed themselves). She has an excellent body, with one of the smallest waists I've ever had to pleasure to see. I spent the first hour just watching and getting slowly involved (my preference). Then after a small rest break they both concentrated on me (yea!). A massage, an amazing oral time with both of them, followed by Cinthia blowing me while she was being fingered by my wife. She had excellent technique and was comparing notes about what I liked with my wife. Kissing galore, rubbing, and heavy breathing by all. I then enjoyed being mounted by Cinthia (wore a condom during this) and having by wife give directions for various position changes which we readily complied with. Finished by sandwiching Cinthia between my wife and I, entering Cinthia from behind while she and my wife kissed. Didn't want to go on this long, but we had a great time with Cinthia. As she was leaving, I promised I would write a little post about our evening. Per a post on ASP, I reached her machine at 212-631-5848. Our cost was $1000 for the two + hours (2 1/2). Didn't feel great about spending that much at the beginning, but turned out to be well worth it. You can mention this post and my name (Steve) if you hook up with her (already thinking about seeing her again for our next anniversery in the fall - marriage should never be dull! )
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 1997 22:39:54 -0400 New York - Manhattan -------------------- Escort services here are very high. Most run $250 and hour cash and $300+ an hour credit. There are some around for less, but I don't know how they are. I chose one called Night and Day. This cost me $300 an hour on credit. I called them up gave them a quick description of what I wanted and they sent me Natallie. She said she was 28, but I know she had to be around 32. This woman was incredible though, and I ended up calling her 3 different nights. Natallie, is about 5'6", with Brown (red tint) hair a little past her shoulders, with green eyes. She has to weigh around 110 - 115, light framed. She used to be a tennis instructor and she is supper tone all over. I would guess her measurements to be around 34-28-34(36), perfectly proportioned to her body. Dark brown nipples, supper firm ass, little freckles all over her, and not a hint of hair anywhere on her beautiful body (except her head of course). The first night she came to my hotel room I was really shocked to get such a nice lady. She had a great personality and it made things go really easy. We talked for awhile and she started getting comfortable laying on the bed. We laid there and frenched for awhile while I just rubber her body all over. She asked me what I liked and I told her my fave thing in the world was to give oral sex. She delighted at this and she let me eat her cunt. She was great, she moaned and groaned and writhed all over the bed. She came twice and I lapped up every bit of it. She was intent on pleasing me then and starting giving me a blowjob. I asked her to let me eat her some more so she 69ed me and I worked on her pussy and asshole for a very long time. Natallie turned sideways on the bed so she could get a better position and she really started working on my cock. This is the most fantastic BJ I've ever had. She kept sucking me hard until I came in her mouth and she kept sucking until every drop was out. Then she just licked all over my dick and let the cum run out of her mouth all over my dick. (She didn't swallow) This all took about 2 hours. I called back the very next night and I had her stay for 3 hours. After we got all the formalities out of the way, we got comfortable quick. I had her straddle my face right off and I did nothing but eat her cunt for about 45 minutes. She came several times and my face was a complete mess. I told her to lay on her stomach and I straddled her back (with my back toward her head) and I buried my face in her ass. Natallie enjoyed this alot and I just sucked and licked her asshole for about another 45 minutes. She asked me if I wanted another blowjob and I said I would really like to fuck. She was more than happy to please. She put a condom on me and then she turned into a pure wild woman. She started off on top and rode me hard, making very loud noises (she ended up being very loud). After awhile I rolled her over on her back and fucked her hard. She asked me to fuck her harder, and I did, but she just kept wanting it harder and harder. She started scratching my back all up, and when I came she dug her nail into my ass. (That hurt) We where both completely exhausted. I talked her into staying about another hour (for free) and we just laid there and rested. Two nights after that I called her again, and she was very supprised. Natallie was really happy to hear from me and she got to my room in no time. Again I had her stay for 3 hours. Earlier that day I went out and bought all kinds of fruit and some whipped cream. She was really eager to try all this and we played with the fruit and cream for about 2 hours. Eating if off of each other and out of each other. She sprayed whipped cream all around and in her pussy and asked me to eat it out and this really got her off. Then she sprayed my cock down with whipped cream and started eating if off (wonderful feeling). After this was done, I asked her for another fuck and she laid back and said "only if its hard", and smiled. I fucked Natallie hard and again she still wanted it harder. So, I dragged over to the edge of the bed and stood up, grabbed her legs and started drilling her. This woman started screaming and she came over and over again. I swear I have never fucked a woman so hard and I still couldn't slam her as hard as she wanted. I was so exhausted I couldn't even get off. So, she told me to lay down, relax and she pulled the condom off and gave me another top notch BJ. She let me cum in her mouth again, and she actually looked dead at me, licking her lips, opened her mouth full of cum and let me watch as she swallowed it. She left me a very pleased man. I know this all sounds like something out of some big fantasy, but I promise you its all true. I paid well for it, and it was worth every cent I paid, if it puts me in debt for the rest of my life. If you are ever in Manhattan, call Night and Day and ask for Natallie. She will rock your world. Just treat her really nice and make sure you please her and I promise you she'll give your everything she's got.

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