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New York City Cops

Date: 29 May 1995 08:06:12 -0400

>I just saw a news segment about NYC's 'Losing Proposition' an
>anti-prostitution initiative.  The decoy for the police actively
>solicited business, arrest you and intimidate you into plea.  They
>contact your employer and several city employees lost their jobs thru
>this.  The police were nice enough to go to the workers
>administrative hearings just to make sure they got fired.  The crew
>going over the line seems to operate in Queens and Brooklyn where
>they all but said they are on a quota for arrests.  One guy went out
>for chinese food and cause of these cops lost his job and 4 month old

>source of this blathering
>Mike Taibbi segment CBS news Memorial Day news around 6 am

I saw something about this on CBS (Channel 2) in New York City on Sunday,
the 28th of May on the 11 P.M. news. The segment was about 6 minutes
long. I have it on tape. One of the men who fought the charges in court
managed to get the charges dismissed.

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