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New York City Brothels

>> I usually go by Joe XXXX's paper that I get from the shops selling
>> videos/magazines etc.. I used it because it was quite reliable
>> (with one exception, Xnd Avenue Affair; don't go there, it's dirty,
>> dark .... ). Anyway, I have not bought one for a long time and got
>> one last weekend. To my big surprise, the no. of houses listed under
>> NY has dramatically reduced.
>Are these full fledged brothels? Can you please describe them a little
>bit, i.e. price, niveau, service etc.?

The papers you can get from the shops I mentioned list the services
(look for "full services"), price, opening hours etc.. The price is usually
around $135/hour with tipping expected. (Expensive, isn't it?)
There is also half hourly rate which varies from $90 up.
Quality of service, cleanliness varies. The price is not negotiable though.
(Or just I have never tried to negotiate?) Of the $135, only a portion goes
to the server, so the tipping is also important to your server. I usually
don't give the tips until AFTER the service has been provided.

I tried about 4 or 5 places. I found one of them dirty, dark, the employees
there look not very "healthy". I made up my mind to leave rather quickly.
They would ask you why you want to leave and try to make you happy (e.g. if
you would like to see/wait for someone different). I told them honestly that I
was not happy with the place and was allowed to leave without any problem --
I even offered a tip but they refused nicely. The other three places I
tried are all quite clean & reasonable. If you are paying $135/hour, you can
expect to get: a rather clean room, a (reasonable) no. of towels, and time
for shower after the one hour. Also, if you are unhappy with anything,
you *should* complain to the i.c. (in-charge person). The employee
serving you would do everything to make you happy, within acceptable
limits. Some server will do this, some will not. All of them will provide
"full services" (It is what you expect from them normally.)
Also, if your server is pulling a trick on you
(e.g. saying it's the time of the month ... etc.), don't believe the server,
go to the ic. I was once ripped off like this.
The employees at all places I went to only do things "safe". They don't do
"unsafe" things. Also, you should at least have a few choices of your

The other things you can figure out along the way.
Believe it or not, I usually bring my own shower gel.
One place requires all customers shower before
being served, which is a very good thing, but I don't like sharing the
soap with all the other customers! The towels look reasonably clean to me
and I believe they laundry the used towels. (In any case, I have a shower
after I have got home. Believe me, it is necessary.) (What usually
happens is, for a new customer, a new sheet, or more often, a few clean
towels, are laid out for you on the "serving area". These will be thrown
away for laundry after the service.)

PS   My information is based on my experiences about a year ago in NYC. I have
     not been to those places for more than a year now, because I cannot afford
     it. I have employed the service of a few other "cheaper" ones, but those
     services are horrible --- one was trying to buy drugs from my car, one
     asked for more money in the middle of the service. All in all, I feel
     that services in the houses are more expensive, but cleaner and less
     complicated (except when you are being involved in a bust!).
     Making a private arrangement with someone you meet have a lot of drawbacks.     In one case, I agreed for a service with someone for $100,after negotiating     from the original $150 offer. (During the negotiation, I had to keep on
     looking at the mirror in my car to see if "they" are behind me.)
     I paid $40-$50 for a room and the server asked
     for an extra $50 in the middle of doing it. Going to a house actually
     provides you better service than you realize. You get a room, clean towels,     some kind of regulation (by the i.c.), a choice of server under
     non-stressful situation etc.. In a way, it is also less of nuisance to the
     society, since everything goes on indoor.

PPS One more word on those "papers". In them, you find an overwhelming amount
    of phone nos. and photos. The people that appear in the photos DO work
    at the places, but perhaps not all the time. You should NOT completely rely
    on the photos as a measure of the quality of the service. You really
    have to go to the places and use your own judgment. Also, a lot of
    places will need an appointment. During peak hours, call up at least
    one or two hours in advance. A lot of the people working there will NOT
    appear on the photos.

PPPS This will be really be the last paragraph of this post.
     When you use the service, you will probably be given an address and go to
     a building. Very often, these houses are in residence  apartments.
     Try to be considerate and don't cause any trouble with their neighbors.
     A lot of people in the houses rely on this to survive. If you cause any
     trouble with the neighbors, and they complain, you may end up in a bust
     yourself! Try to be considerate.

Date: Wed, 10 May 1995 12:35:46 UTC Subject: Apartment Brothels in NYC They are the best bargain. The price is about one third to one four of a "legitimate" house. No since the demise of the "Dime" parlours in the early 1990's has there bee a bargain like this! In NYC they are usually staffed by hispanic/black/older females, who charge from $10 to $25 for about 15 minutes, and who will be most gracious for a $2.00 to $5.00 tip. Although they are not the prettiest, the "all cats are gray in the dark" rule applies here. These houses will not let in anybody, they are very fussy unless they get to know you. After that, you are welcomed with open arms(legs?). A referral or a first visit with a friend who is known there, initially will help get you in. They advertise by word of mouth, and are very sub-rosa operations. It might help to become friendly with some of your horny co-workers who can give you a tip. The local porno video store clerk is also a good fellow to ask. All of them are not located in apartments, they can also be found above stores and in warehouse areas. revised 5/95
Date: Sat, 13 May 1995 18:53:04 UTC Subject: Apartment Brothels ****** Sorry Guys :-( Obviously, if I were to divulge the addresses, they would be swamped and busted. They are not that hard to find. Look above stores on Roosevelt Ave. in Queens 60 St. to 70 St.(NYC), Downtown Flushing (NYC), Hell's Kitchen (11th to 8th Aves in the 50's - 40's). The post was FYI only....I hope you can understand my position.
Date: Thu, 1 Jun 1995 18:08:40 UTC Subject: Kissing at In-call joint Here is an experience that I think some people here might be interested it. Once in a while I try different in-call establishments. I usually end up staying with the few that I like (there are only maybe three or four really good ones in NYC), but sometimes I like the adventure. Anyway, I found an ad for one in the free paper called the New York Press. The woman who answered sounded real sultry on the phone and said how the women there want to please the customers so they will come back and see them. Anyway, they were in the east village (not too far from work) so I decided I would go during lunch time. I got there and there were only three girls in a very small apartment (already I had my doubts). All of the women were hispanic, Two of the girls could not even speak much english. But one girl who did speak english was fairly good looking (maybe a 6.5 to a 7) and she had great looking tits (at least through her tight leather dress). So I choose her. From here on nothing was like any other in-call place I had ever been to. She took my money first and then came right back in (usually they wait a few minutes). She did not ask me to take my clothes off before she came back. For those who do not understand this practice at most places, they will not take your money until you have taken your clothes off (the better places will take the money at the end too). Usually they will usher you into a room and tell you to get completly comfortable, sometimes adding in like the day you were born. Anyway, they will come back in about 3 minutes and take the money. This is proving to them that you are not a cop. Cops will not come in and take their clothes off. Anyway, here, this did not happen. She came back in the room and then grabbed me and started kissing me. Not on the lips, but all over my neck and my face. She also sucked on my ears and put her tongue in my ears. Then she took my shirt off and my pants off. I took her clothes off at this time and saw here great tits (they were about 38D I think). She then took me to the bed and continued to kiss me all over. Then she did what I never thought I'd ever see in an in-call place, she kissed me on the lips, hard and long and with lots of tongue. I also shoved my tongue into here mouth! It was unbelieveable. Then the only downside came. I began to such on her tits, and they tasted really bad. I figure that in Brazil (where she is from) they do not bathe as often and so she was not too clean. Not only was it a turn-off, it was gross. Anyway, I continued, because I had paid and I did want to get off. She then began to suck on my cock without a condom! That felt good, but I knew it was not the smartest thing to do, so I told her that I wanted to fuck. Then she put on the condom and we fucked. I came fairly quickly because of all the foreplay, and then she wanted me to keep going. I tried, but had to stop as I was going limp and the condom want coming off. Anyway, after I took it off, she started to try to get me hard again. Stroking it and sucking on it again. To my surprise, i think I might have been able to come again, and had she been more appealing, I would have let her go on. But I stopped her and left. I am curious if anyone has any similar experiences.
From: (The Connoisseur) Subject: A review - The girls from Ipanema NYC Date: Mon, 15 Jan 1996 02:27:52 UTC About a half a year ago I posted a review of my favourite places in and encouraged others to do the same. Since then 99.9% of the non-commercial postings to that group seemed to be folks looking to glom information. Precious few seemed to want to take the time to share what they know. I stopped posting. Over the last few weeks several folks have posted some interesting information to this forum. So, I'll again try to get things going by sharing a review of a place I just tried. Before I get to it, a word to you lurkers. Start posting! Those few of us WILL NOT continue to share our experiences while you just suck it all in. For information on using an anonymous posting service see the end of this post. Several weeks ago I saw an ad in New York Action for a place called `The girls from Ipanema'. Having once had a Brazilian Babe (a most enjoyable experience), I decided to give it a try. After calling, I discovered that this place was being run by a French chick named Tiffany, who for many years ran an apartment in the same place advertised under the name Tiffany's. I had some good budget times there. I needed to be in mid-town that afternoon so I made an appointment (phone numbers [censored]). As she had the first time I had visited in the past, she made me call from a phone both on the corner of 56th and Broadway. After checking me out (probably via binoculars), I was told to go up to an apartment on the 23rd floor of her building. After getting up there, I was shown about 6 women most of whom where a little long in the tooth (older). A couple were real bow wows. A couple were in the 5 - 7 range. There was one named Brigit. She was the only Brazilian in the place and I'd call her a 6 or 7. She was about 28 yrs old. Acceptable but not great body. Sexiest thing about her was was the accent (she didn't speak a lot of English). I was asked whether I wanted the $90 1/2 hour or $130 hour. I took the $90 1/2 hour. We took a quick shower together. I thought it my be erotic, but it was mostly utilitarian. Then it was to the tasteful and clean room. After a bit of foreplay (anything I wanted but kissing on the mouth), she slipped a rubber and gave me a very decent blow job. After about 5 or 10 minutes of that she mounted me. We did several different positions and I have to give her a B+ for effort. She was very energetic and made all the right noises. After I shot my load, I took another quick shower and was out in a little more than 30 minutes. As the place had a pay one price policy, I did not leave a gratuity. All in all it wasn't bad. For $90 you can't go wrong. Had I dropped a couple of bills on the experience I would have been disappointed but I definitely got my money's worth. Fellows, now let us hear from YOU. The Connoisseur
Subject: Review of Secret Gardenia of NYC Date: 7 Jan 1996 03:36:30 GMT I was happy to see that some people appreciated my review of Mademoiselle and requested a review of Secret Gardenia. I hope this gets an information flow started from contributors as well as readers. Secret Gardenia can be reached at [censored]. I went just before New Years so there was only one girl available. Rates are $160 for the hour and $120 for the half hour and they are located on 48th Street, just East of Fifth Avenue. Donna is a 25-year old WF of German descent. In fact, her accent is still quite prevalent. Donna has brown hair and blue eyes, stands 5' 8", weighs 125 pounds, and measures 34-24-36. Her face is slightly below average but her body and skill more than compensates. Donna started by doing a very sexy striptease of her black lingerie. Once naked, she gave me a very invigorating backrub. She spread my legs apart and gently rubbed my anus, giving me an intense erection. Donna turned me over and slipped on a condom. She proceeded to give me an excellent blow job for about ten minutes. She then rubbed some KY jelly on me and mounted me in a squatting position. Her legs were in excellent shape to do the equivalent of deep knee bends for 15 minutes. She moaned and groaned, pinching her nipples and then mine. We continued by doing it doggie style. Unbeknown to me, she had slipped some jelly on her hand and rubbed my anus and balls each time I plunged into her. I told her I was about to come and she quickly slid away from me and threw me on my back. She ripped the condom off me and gave me a wonderful hand release. With one hand she stroked me and the other continued to massage my balls and anus. All throughout, she begged me to come all over her breasts, which I finally did. Donna allowed me to catch my breath and then cleaned me up. The hostess apologized for only having one girl around and encouraged me to return after New Years, when she would have 3 or 4 per shift. She gave me a private number to call and assured me I would received "priority" handling. The apartment was well-appointed with comfortable furniture but the bed had a few too many lumps in it for my taste. Otherwise, I would say Secret Gardenia is well located and Donna is skilled in her work.
Date: 28 Dec 1995 11:22:44 GMT NY Action has been mentioned here numerous times. It is usually stated that this paper is the authoritative source on NYC apartments. Bullshit!, in my opinion. First of all, it is far from up to date. Prices are often wrong, addresses incorrect, listed places closed 3 months prior, etc. Reviews in the "Guide to Adult Entertainment" section never change, except to add or drop places. Of course, part of the problem is the business changes so quickly making it impossible for printed media to be accurate. However, I believe the real problem is NY Action's reviews and the basis for including various establishments is based primarily on advertising. The "Rooster's Review" is a primary example. How often do you see anything negative about an establishment? Sorry, it's not my purpose here to rag on NY Action. It's still the best (and one of the only) sources available for adult entertainment in NY (that I know of). However, the purpose here is to come up with an online replacement for NY Action; one that is up-to-date and not influenced by advertising.
Subject: Kimberley and Friends (NYC incall) Date: Fri, 26 Apr 1996 01:30:36 UTC I went over to Kimberley and Friends last night. EXCELLENT! I was presented with a choice of two ladies (possibly three; I'm not sure if the lady who answered the door and patted me down was available or not, as she never introduced herself). Two other ladies then came in individually and introduced themselves. I chose Elena, a very pretty petite, tan, busty blonde in her mid-20s, over the other lady, a skaggy-looking Hispanic woman whose name I've already forgotten. Elena said she'd just started at this place and that I was her first customer, although she'd been doing this for three years. The rates were $130 for a half hour, $170 for a full. Having had a bad experience at another incall place recently, I opted for the half hour. Elena immediately put me at ease, complimenting me on my appearance (I'd dressed in fresh Dockers and a blazer for the encounter), telling me I smelled good (I'd showered and put on cologne), and praising the size of my manhood (I know I'll never compare with John Holmes, but it's nice to hear it anyway!). We cuddled and talked for a few minutes, with her lightly stroking me to arousal. Then I got a pretty good bj (with condom, natch) before she suggested we proceed further. We did, in a variety of positions that made me grateful that I'd decided on only a half-hour session, because I know I couldn't have lasted an hour! Then she suggested I conclude in her mouth (condom still on, of course), something I rarely get to do. The standard bj position -- me on my back, her attending to me -- just wasn't doing it, so I rolled over and began fucking her mouth, sliding between her ample breasts. It wasn't long before I had -- no kidding -- the best orgasm of my life. If Elena is more representative than the skaggy Hispanic woman of the other ladies available at Kimberley and Friends, I'll definitely be back. I found Kimberley and Friends on the web through, The Pleasure Seeker's Guide to New York. I don't know how else they get the word out, for they don't advertise in the NYC sex newspapers. Their phone number is 212-873-8158.
Subject: Kimberley and Friends (NYC) Date: Mon, 20 May 1996 10:48:51 UTC In a recent post, I mentioned that Kimberley and Friends, the NYC incall establishment where I had a truly tremendous encounter with a lady named Elena, didn't appear to advertise in the NYC sex papers. (I found them on the web.) I was wrong. I've since matched a couple of descriptions from K&F's web page with those from the NYC sex papers, and matched names and descriptions from the papers with faces I've met at the place. The place I visited advertises under the name Wendy's Wild Women.
Subject: kimberley & friends Date: Sun, 23 Jun 1996 22:53:15 UTC Went there for the first time two weeks ago. Great selection, great service, highly recommended.
Subject: RE: NYC Body Heat Date: Mon, 29 Apr 1996 01:46:33 UTC Atta, Here is the Body Heat info I found. I just had my first NYC encounter, an unsatisfactory experience at an in-call establishment called Body Heat (82nd and Third). I picked the place and the girl using New York Action, a tabloid that has pictures of lots of ladies. Erin was one of the two best-looking ladies pictured in the tabloid and easily the prettiest of the ladies I was introduced to. Being cautious, I opted for a half hour for $110 rather than the full hour for $160. That proved to be a wise choice, as Erin treats her work as just a job and was about as enthusiastic as a 9-to-5 government employee. I got a pretty short blowjob (with condom, of course), and a lengthy handjob that ended only when I asked whether a handjob was as far as the half-hour session went. Erin then reluctantly asked me if I wanted "to have intercourse" (how sterile!) and said we didn't have much time. She was equally lackadaisical about this, showing no enthusiasm and keeping her eyes shut until I finished. I was hoping for better; I'll not be back to Body Heat, not even for Anna Nichole, the other really nice-looking lady pictured in the tabloid. I haven't decided what my next move is; any suggestions would be appreciated.
Subject: Disappointment at 3 NYC incalls Date: Sun, 5 May 1996 00:39:49 UTC I was disappointed with what I found at three NYC incalls last night, so much so that I excused myself from each without conducting any business. Of the three, Kimberley and Friends was the greatest disappointment. If you've read my post describing my earlier visit, you'll recall I had the greatest sexual experience of my life there last week. (Although that probably says more about me than it does the lady!) Unfortunately, Elena wasn't working last night, and I was presented with a set of five other young ladies, none of whom would rate better than a 5 on my scale. (I'd give Elena an 8.) After telling the last lady that I hadn't met anybody I'd care to spend some time with, I was shown the door. Next up was Corporate Treasures. I'd heard a lot about this place, but my expectations weren't that great to begin with. Aside from Logan, I haven't found the ladies depicted in CT's ads in the NY sex newspapers to be very attractive. Logan wasn't available, and I had a choice of three women who were not even as attractive as the five I'd met earlier. Two were black (sorry, not my preference) and one was a pudgy blonde with cellulite ripples up and down her legs. Again tactfully explaining that I hadn't met anybody I wanted to get to know better, I left. Last, I sought out the Men's Club. Here, I got a new spin on the meet-the-girls routine: I had to undress before they walked in to introduce themselves. I went 0-for-4 after three black ladies and a blonde to whom I'd give about a 6 introduced themselves. When the madam came in, I again explained what was by now an all-too-familiar situation, then dressed and left. To the credit of each of these establishments, they accepted my turndowns gracefully and without objection. Perhaps it was because I apologized profusely and thanked them all for their time. But I'm rapidly coming to the conclusion that the NYC incall establishments don't attach the same meaning to "beautiful," "gorgeous" and "attractive" as I do. I'd LOVE to hear from anyone who begs to differ and can show me I'm wrong!
Subject: NYC In-Call, Beverly Hills Models Date: 1996/08/26 Just had a great experience which I'd like to share with you. The place bills itself as Beverly Hills Models. They are located in an doorman, elevator building on 8th Avenue near 30th Street. Not the nicest of neighborhoods but the building is quite secure. The gal who runs the operation is connected with a slew of models who fly into New York from time to time. My episode was with a girl named Jennifer. She is 21 years old and hails from Orlando, Florida. She is up in New York to do some photo shots for a well-known modeling agency. Jennifer stands 5' 10", blonde hair, 125 pounds, and measures 37-24-35. She is a knockout to look at, has the cutest button-nose, and a great personality. She has a very deep tan, just like in the suntan commercials. Her technique is not the greatest, but I would give her an A for effort nonetheless. When you couple a reasonable performance with stunning looks, I think it's too much to pass up! Jennifer's fee is $400 for the hour, and don't be surprised if a small tip is suggested. You can contact Beverly Hills Models at [censored]. I can also recommend Rebecca (who only does in-call), and Ivy of Ultimate Ventures (also in-calls only). However, I'll save those for anyone who has a NYC experience to share.
Subject: New York Trip Report Aug 28-Sept 2 Date: Tue, 03 Sep 1996 00:47:28 -0400 Tiffany's/Girls from Ipanema - A NY Incall Apartment. I've been lurking these newsgroups for a while and I thought I'd give a detailed account of my trip to NY. I had checked out the prostitution tabloids NY Action and Super Guide to NY Sex. The rates at Tiffany's were US$90/half hour, $130/hr and the some of the girls seem quite nice. I called and made an appointment with a girl named Giselle. You are directed to call from a public phone at the corner of 57th and Broadway. You are then given the exact address and a code phrase for the doorman. The apartment building is _very_ upscale, so much so that I thought I had gone to the wrong place. A large lady named Nina lets you into a very nice 2 bedroom apartment. She pats you down, asks if you are a cop or have any weapons. Giselle was still busy so I had to wait in the tiny living room. You're offered a drink and there are up to date magazines to read. One odd thing is that you're asked to sit facing away from other clients in the waiting area. When other clients leave the girls are told to cover your face with a magazine, in an attempt to maintain some privacy. I was asked to wait in the bedroom. Nina and the other girls then stood at the door and I was told to strip. Urk! This occurs with everyone watching and when I took off my underwear, Nina said "OK, he's naked" and they left. Obviously a filter for cops. Still, I really didn't expect to perform in front of all the girls! Giselle came in and took off her clothes, gave me a towel, and told me it was time for our shower together. I was told to put all my valuables in a small basket and to take the basket with me into the washroom. The shower was actually quite clinical and not nearly as interesting as I thought it would be. We both also gargled with Listerine. We went into the bedroom and I can report that Giselle, while a little quiet, gave full value. Oral sex and feeling everywhere is part of the package. Giselle let me massage her for the balance of the half hour. Nina gave a small knock at the door to signal that the time was up, and looking at my watch, I found that she was accurate to the minute. Before I left Nina gave me a card with their phone numbers and address (without the apartment number). She gave me my "code name" and the appropriate answer to a specific question for the next time I called. This would allow them to drop the weapons check and strip tease on my next visit. While I was waiting, I talked to one of the other girls, Monica, and I made and appointment to see her the next day. About 10 girls work there during the week. The girls range from 6 to 8. One thing I found quite interesting is that the pictures of the girls quite often do not match up with reality. One girl whom I thought was kind of plain actually was quite sultry and pretty in person. Giselle did not have anywhere near the body that she seemed to have in her photo. You have to regard the photos only as rough approximations. This is a pretty good place. The girls aren't as pretty as the girls at Corporate Treasures but you get full value for $90. You actually get almost an hour with the girl, given that the drink and shower time are not included in your half hour.
Subject: body heat, priority gold (nyc) From: (Jook Savages) Date: Mon, 26 Aug 1996 05:16:54 UTC It had been a while since I indulged myself and last Friday I got the, umm, urge. I've been wanting to check out Jillian Bradley's for the longest time (thanks to Dick O's glowing reports) but I didn't have the number with me. I had cards for both Body Heat & Priority Gold, so I figure I'd try one of 'em. I hadn't been to either place for about a year. My vague recollection of Body Heat was unpleasant, but I figured they're still around a year later so maybe they changed their ways. Wrong. They're located on 3rd Ave between 82nd and 83rd. Making an appointment was a huge hassle... i.e., getting left on hold and forgotten about, etc etc. When I get there, I'm shown to a room and told the girls will introduce themselves. I was led thru a room with a bunch of aging dumpy looking "girls". I ended up sitting in this hot (and I don't mean sexy) room for 10 minutes and I thought they forgot about me. I went outside to ask what was up and I was sternly told that there were other gentlemen before me and to be patient. Fuck that and I left. If someone had explained there would be a little bit of a wait and offered me something to drink and read, it would have made all the difference in the world. Overall impression of this place was that it was nothing more than street hookers with a real attitude problem. Priority Gold is just around the corner on 83rd between Lex & Park. My memories of this place was of a limited choice, wimmin in the 6 or 7 range but great vibes. Some things never change, which is ok. It turned out there was only 1 girl available, Jennifer (and I was told this on the phone). And it was the phone girl! What she lacked in looks was easily made up by her great personality. Again I had to wait (she had to attend to business), but I was given a refreshment, magazines, apologies, and a super room with great furnishings and air-conditioned. I opted for the half hour at $100 [cheap cheap] and ended up with a 45 minute session. I left a $20 tip and Jennifer was truly surprised and grateful. This place is highly recommended if you want a hassle-free experience and are willing to settle for something less than an 8. -jook
Subject: NYC Review - Kimberly & Friends Date: 2 Oct 1996 22:13:37 -0400 I had my first visit to an in-call establishment yesterday. It is variously known as Kimberly and Friends, Kimberly and Associates, Madame Ruby;s, and Wendy's Wild Place. I got the information from thier web site, indexed in Yahoo. I called and made an appointment. They asked me to go to a street corner and call at th appointed time. I showed up and made the call, when they then gave me directions. (Manhattan in the 70's). It was on the first floor, so I don't think that they were looking for me, rather, they seemed very careful that nobody meet going in and out at the same time. I rang the door bell, and I was frisked, asked if I had a beeper or cell phone, and was quickly ushered into a bedroom. The room was a typical Manhattan apratment bedroom - clean, not lavish. Multiple times I was tole the prices - $170 for 1 hour, $130 for 1/2 hour, and tipping was appreciated. I was asked if I wanted a drink. The girl returned with my drink, and then proceeded to introduce me to all the girls, one by one. All were polite, six in all. Of the six, three were desirable, and the others were only OK - no dogs. I chose a pretty young asian girl with big tits and a nice ass. I would classify her as a 7. Her name was Mia. One of the other girls then told me to make myself "totally comfortable". When I only stripped to my underwear, she returned to repeat "totally"comfortable. After this, Mia returned. She asked how long i wanted to stay. When I told her the full hour, she picked up the phone and checked in. I guess the clock started then. She started with some small talk, and then started with a massage with me on my stomach. The massage was relaxing. She seemed very intelligent, and we talked of a few things. She then had me roll on my back. She massaged my legs and chest, and then the fun started. She went to go get some lotion, and asked me to put on the table "what she needed". She took out the lotion after I put the money on the table and got me prepared with a wonderful hand job. She then placed a condom on my cock and gave me a wild blow job. She had a beautiful pair of tits, all natural, with large nipples that were begging to be sucked. She easily moved around to accomidate my desires to play with her tits and pussy while she blew me. After tit fucking me, she teased me a bit by sitting on my legs with my cock just in front of her pussy. After just the right amount of tease, she lifted up and sat on my cock. She fucked my with just the right amount of tempo, letting me call the rhythmn but doing most of the work. Unfortunately, I did not get to try more than this position, as I shot my load fairly quickly. We lay next to each other for a few minutes, and she started to play with me again. She told me that coming twice was allowed, and proceeded to give me another hand job. She didn't say so, but I figured that another fuck or blow job was not in the cards. My time ran out before I could come again. We then got dressed. i gave her $40 on top of the $170 for the hour. She was pretty, sexy, intelligent, and extremely professional. She knew what she was doing. Subtle body motions told me that I wasn't to try to kiss her or finger her vagina, without her having to ruin the mood. After we were both dressed, she asked me for my name and a four digit number code so that, if I wanted to come back, they would know "I was cool". I certainly will be using that code in the future.
Subject: Britt, Sasha at Jillian Bradley's Date: 4 Oct 1996 06:17:43 -0400 I recently received some correspondence indicating that both Britt and Sasha, whose virtues I extolled in several reports back in May, are still working at Jillian Bradley and Friends in New York. Samantha, alas, is not. Both Britt and Sasha provide excellent value for $200/hour, plus tip. I found Sasha, an Indian, a little more attractive and Britt more passionate. Heads you win, tails you win. If anybody reading this patronizes this place or these ladies, please tell 'em "Frank from Dallas" says hi and still has many fond memories of the times he spent there.
Subject: NYC Brothel review Date: 20 Nov 1996 00:30:53 +0100 I checked all the listings in Screw, SuperGuide to NYC Sex, also NY Press and the Village Voice. I have indicated apts. I have visited with a * I have indicated apts. I have visited more than once with two *s (**). I like these ones, and the girls are hot. Each listing includes the name of the house (when available), the phone number(s), the price for a half-hour (sometimes also the hour rate), and the address. The last number is the number of girls available at the time I called. **Corporate Treasures 545-1714 $125 34th & 2nd 10 33-34 near bar Madame Ruby's 873-8158/5354 $130/170 69 & Bway 4-6 Men's Club 759-3605 $120/180 Midtown East 60s 6-8 Jillian Bradley's 779-3332 $160/200 E32nd & 2nd 8 deluxe **Body Heat 861-5969/717-0161 249-2436 $110/170 2 for a 1/2 is $160 82nd & 3rd 8-9 Sweet Elegance 317-1720 $110 2nd 57th-58th 4 **875-9755/1976 86th Col & A'dam $130/160 6 *Studio 46 221-6656/6059 $85/125 32 W46th 5th & 6th #2s 7 *679-1070 E30s $100/150 3
Subject: [ASP] Trip Report (New York) Trip report: California Girls (Manhattan) California Girls is a misnomer; it's strictly a one-girl operation, a former Playboy centerfold (August 1992, for the curious). Ashley charges $300 for a wonderful, unhurried hour. I couldn't really afford the price, but I've wanted to try doing this for a while, and this was a fantasy of mine. When I first called, she seemed nice. Unfortunately, she was on her way out the door, but we spoke for a couple of minutes. She mentioned her centerfold stint, gave me her measurements (38D-24-34 or so), and told me to try back after 3 PM the next day when she finished her day job (she works at a hospital). She seemed amused and interested when I mentioned that I'd heard about her from a post on the Internet, and she said there were probably a couple of pictures of her floating around online. She suggested I check it out and look at her picture first so I'd know what I was getting. I found her picture at If you can find the ScanMaster files ALAPPR01.JPG and ALAHDD01.JPG, those are her too. Wow! Okay, I was seriously interested. I was definitely going to give her a call the next day, damn the cost. When I called her the following day, she was on her way out the door again, but we talked for a couple of minutes more. I asked about her measurements, and she said she'd gotten a boob job a few years ago, so they were larger now. And she didn't look quite the same as her Playboy layout, which had been done almost six years ago. Later that day we finally got together. I followed her directions and called from an East Greenwich Village intersection, then she gave me directions to her apartment. She warned me that her apartment was a mess. First impressions: The apartment, a small studio place, WAS a mess...but Ashley looked great. About 5' 7", 115 lbs., measurements right on the money. Blonde hair, slightly lighter around her face. She was wearing a tight black one-piece dress that showed off her cleavage. She didn't look like her pictures, but she was absolutely gorgeous. She reminded me a tiny bit of Heather Locklear, but with much larger breasts. If you saw her passing by on the street, you'd certainly stop and stare before picking your jaw up off the sidewalk and continuing on, but you wouldn't recognize her if you'd just seen her centerfold shot. "Have a seat," she said, gesturing to the bed. She showed me her portfolio: shots from Playboy, a european Coppertone ad, modeling headshots (including one from the Elite modeling agency.) We made some small talk--I don't remember about what--and she seemed very nice, easy to be with. She put me at ease quickly. "Make yourself comfortable," she said, and I got naked. We took care of the cash, and I apologized for not being able to afford a tip. "Don't worry about it," she said. Then she took off her dress. She didn't look like she worked out, but had a great body. Pierced just above the navel. Smooth skin, didn't seem to have a single pore. It looked like she had brown eyes but was wearing blue contacts. Her breasts were nicely shaped, but obviously not natural, and there were some stretch marks visible on them if you paid attention...and she had my full attention. She began to give me head sans condom, which made me a bit nervous, but I got over it. She had good technique, full contact with the entire inside of her mouth and her tongue. No teeth. Suction above average, but not unpleasantly heavy. I watched her breasts bobbing against my legs as she moved. I brushed her hair aside so I could watch her face. I didn't want to come in her mouth, although it seemed like that would have been a possibility, so we switched positions. "Would you like to come between my boobs?" she asked. Sure! Why not! She rubbed some lotion on my cock and we went at it that way. It was fun to watch. We cleaned up (separately, unfortunately; I should've suggested a shower together.) She offered me a Snapple, and we sat and talked for a while. She offered to give me a back rub as we talked. She gives a good massage; her hands are surprisingly strong. She was easy to talk to. I had no sense of a clock running, a time limit approaching. I asked her about her implants, which she seemed kind of ambivalent about. She said she regretted getting the boob job. She's 26, and had it done a few years ago. When she did the Playboy shoot, there's a trick where they put gaffer's tape across your back to lift your breasts, and they did that for her. Later she'd look at the picture, then at her perfectly-fine-but-still-affected-by-gravity breasts and decided that they sagged just a bit too much. She went to a doctor to have them done. She didn't want them any bigger, just perkier. "I didn't know it, but this guy was a tit freak," she said. "He made them two or three sizes bigger." She was pissed. The doctor begged and pleaded, and said he wouldn't charge her for the operation if she didn't sue him for malpractice. She agreed. "I haven't had any complaints," she said. But if she had to do it over again, she would have kept the original equipment. "I can always go to a smaller size now, or have them removed," she said, ""but now there are stretch marks, and the extra skin would mean sagging. It's okay for now, I guess." She's seen some famous clients, people whose names you'd recognize. A well-known lawyer answered the door in women's lingerie. A rock star, with this beautiful woman in the room ready to have sex with him, only wanted her to watch him shoot up. Another rock star, instsntly recognizable, tried to pretend he was someone else. She said there's a well-known offer among call girls in this town: if you want to make $30,000 quickly, there's a famous rich couple that has an offer on the table. The catch is, they can do whatever they want with the girl for 24 hours. Apparently some girls take the offer and come away bloody and hurting, but their attitude is, "What the hell, I'll heal in just a few weeks." None of that for Ashley, thanks, but she got tricked into seeing the couple (she didn't get any $30,000), then ran away when things started to get weird. Someone she knew went for a session with the couple immediately afterwards and was never heard from again. She talked about the massage places in New York, many of which charge exorbitant rates and offer nothing *but* a massage. It seemed to her like quite a ripoff; if a guy's paying that kind of money, he ought to get off. She worked at such a place for exactly one day before quitting. I told her I had to leave shortly; I had to meet someone at the airport. "Do you want to try to come again?" she asked. Hmmm, let me think about that one for a minute...well, okay, if you *insist*. ; ) We did it doggy style for a while, but after a few minutes I could tell I was temporarily out of gas. If I could've had a bit more time, I wouldn't have given up. "It happens with guys," she said, "but it's at least fun to try." I had to agree with that. We got dressed, and I left. I felt like we would have really gotten along if we'd met under different circumstances. And she was one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen since I started noticing girls over 20 years ago. You know how you every once in a great while see a spectacular woman in the car next to you at a light, or perhaps at a bookstore or out in public somewhere, and she looks just *too good* to be a regular person, she's got to be a model or successful actress or something, because normal people just don't look that good? It was like that. It sounds a little goofy, but I kind of miss her already. Unfortunately, I can't afford to see her least, not for a l - o - n - g time. But I'll be thinking about her a lot, and I'll probably be back as soon as I can, if not sooner. -Racer X
Subject: Girls from Ipanema Report Date: 22 Nov 1996 22:19:16 EDT I would like to add some information about my experiences at a New York City incall apartment to the list. The place has been written up by others, but it deserves to be written up again because it is a great place to visit. I have been to various other incall apartments in NYC and although I have perhaps found marginally better looking women elsewhere, nowhere have I gotten the "bang for the buck" (pardon the bad pun) that I've gotten here. It is just a hell of a lot of fun to play there. Here's my story. The place I'm talking about goes by the name of "The Girls From Ipanema" or sometimes as "Tiffany's". They normally advertise in New York Action or one of those other adult newspapers available from any adult bookstore and from most of the magazine vendors on the street (if you look carefully). The first good thing about it is that it is very convenient to midtown and the theatre district. You can stay in any of the theatre district hotels and easily walk to their building up Broadway. Its a nice, safe walk. It's also just around the corner from a subway station if that's more convenient. The next great thing about it is that the price is something like $135 or so for the hour, $100 for the half. And in the one hour session you can cum twice if you like. If you are a regular, they will give you a card that gets you a slight discount. I really like this, as it makes it much easier for me to then give the girl a nice tip, something virtually every girl I've seen there really deserves. I've always left with a smile on my face. Here's a rundown of my last visit. I was flying in that afternoon, so I called around 1pm and made an appointment for 6pm. I arrived at the appointed time and was introduced to 3 or 4 different women. None were absolute knockouts, but none were dogs either. I chose Linda, who is a blonde girl from Brazil (a lot of the girls there are from Brazil). She took me into a nearby bedroom. The bedroom was nice, as it had a nice sensual appeal to it. It was a double bed mattress, but it was laying on the floor. There were some strategically place mirrors nearby, and a bedside table with lotions, etc. And the room was very softly lit by a lamp in the corner, giving the whole room a nice sexy glow. All things considered, it was a great place for fucking. I gave her the money and she left while I got undressed. In just a short time (no long wait), she came back and disrobed also, gave me a towel, and off we went to the bathroom for a shower. This is another great thing about their technique there (and all the girls do it). You get a shower before the sex. This makes both you and her feel nice and fresh and clean, and is also a nice way to relax. It's not meant to be particulary erotic, but I still enjoy it. We got out of the shower, dried off, and rinsed our mouths out with a small cup of mouthwash, then headed back to the room. Dropping the towels and crawling into bed, Linda started to caress me by rubbing her hands all over my body and I was doing the same to hers. She has nice curves and nice tits; plenty to touch and kiss on, but not so big as to be saggy and unattractive. This is not like a lot of places where I've paid for sex. There is no rush to get you off and then out. Here, you pay for the time and you get the time, no rushing. So I just enjoyed holding her close and feeling the womanly curves. At one point she even took my hand and guided it to her pussy, which I gently stroked. It felt like I was spending time with a real lover. Since I wanted to cum twice in the hour, I fairly quickly whispered that I wanted to fuck her. She got the condom on me and I laid back and she mounted me on top. She then began a nice sensual slow paced fuck. I just lay back and took the scenery and the sensations in. After awhile, I asked if I could fuck her doggy style, and she got off and got on her hands and knees. I entered her from behind and continued the action. She was making a few appropriate sounds; nothing wild and crazy, but nothing that sounded totally faked either. Then she did something interesting. She sort of spread her legs somewhat and slid forward so that instead of being on her hands and knees, she was laying almost flat on her stomach with my cock still in her pussy. I kept fucking her in this position, enjoying it because it was easy to fantasize that I was fucking her in the ass, something I've never done but thought of often. It wasn't long after this that I had my first orgasm. We separated, and she got some tissue and took the condom off of me and cleaned me up. We then just lay together and talked some. Of New York, sports, whatever. Again, sort of like being with a lover. Linda is a really sweet, likable person. After awhile we started caressing each other again, and Linda worked her way down to my cock and started to suck me back to life again. When I got hard, we started fucking again, this time with me on top. Nice and slow and relaxed. Very enjoyable. Just like in the other position, Linda had some nice technique here also. As I started fucking with more and more intensity, she reached back and grabbed each of by butt cheeks in each of her hands. She would pull me deeper and deeper into her. Then as I approached my orgassm, she pulled harder and harder such that her fingertips were getting very close to my anus, and the pulling of my butt cheeks was sending some very nice sensations into my ass, while her pussy of course was giving my cock something to enjoy. A few more minutes of this action and I shot my second load of the hour into her. It was really nice. Now (and this is what sets this place apart), I was all done but there was still 10 minutes or so left in my time, so we just relaxed together. No rush to get me out the door. It was my time to enjoy and Linda made sure I enjoyed the after-sex relaxation. Eventually I got up and got dressed, tipped her, and was gone. Well, I hope this gives you an appreciation for the sensuality, the value, the enjoyment you can have at this particular incall apartment. I go in for a session any time I am in town. I've seen 4 or 5 different women over a 5 year period and only once have I had a mediocre or less experience. It is a great place to visit.
Subject: [ASP] Priority Gold review (nyc) Date: Saturday, 30 November, 1996 12:48 I've been to this place about 10 times over the past 2 years, and I've never had a bad experience. A couple of times I walked out due to a lack of good-lookin' wimmin, but even that was hassle-free. What I like about this place is its consistency. You can normally count on a 7 being present, very relaxed atmosphere and gorgeous furnishings, and the price is right... $100 and $150 for 30 and 60 minutes. Last night I wanted something better than a 7 though, but struck out with Jillian Bradley & Paradise, as they were both closed for the holiday. So I chose my old standby, PG. However, something was different upon entering. There were 2 9's sitting there smiling! It was a tough decision, but I chose the one dressed in black, Tania. When we got to OUR room, she offered her girlfriend also, but at first I chickened out, never having done so. She came back with my coke, and upon 2nd thought, I decided to splurge. But alas, her friend went out. Not to go into details, it was one of the best hours I've ever, umm, spent. They're uptown on east 83rd, not far from the wretched Body Heat. Meanwhile, who's got info on Hudson County, NJ?? All I can find is massage parlors that do only massages. [btw, anyone into this, I found a great place in Belleville called Figleaf... gorgeous wimmin]. What's the story on in-call places, or the street scene? Gracias!
Date: Thu, 2 Jan 1997 22:40:09 +0800 (SGT) Subject: WSG contribution Ashley operates an outcall and incall service from her Manhattan apartment, on 34th street I think. Phone (212) 614 XXXX. She used to have an apartment in the Village so I'm sure this is the same Ashley as reported earlier in the WSG. But my experiences date from before I saw them. I've met her three times. She claims to be a Playboy cover girl, but I doubt that she is the same girl as appeared in the August -92 issue of the American Playboy that she claimed. The looks are very different; I guess she could have changed. Still, she is nice, looks great and has a smashing body. The first two times I met her I would give her a 9 or 10 on looks and body, but the last time she looked a little tired and not so fresh. Also you could see the veins on her boobs which is a slight turn-off for me. Anyway, I'd still recommend her. Let me describe our first encounter (in -95, latest one was in -96). I had heard about her from a guy on the Internet (back when a.s.p wasn't completely spammed) and called her from a Manhattan hotel. She seemed a little surprised that I had gotten her phone number that way, but said she'd happily be over at 7pm. Well, it got to be 7, 7:30. At 7:45 I had almost given up when the phone rang. She was in the hotel, but couldn't find my room (it was a little hard to find). A few minutes later it knocked on the door and I opened. A really incredible looking blonde in a large fur robe was standing there. I helped her get her fur off to reveal a tight dress that didn't hide much of her really hard 37DD-24-34 body. She was about 25 years old, 5' 6" and 110 lbs. She excused herself with having difficulties parking, finding my room etc. [The other two times I met her she wasn't as late as this, so I think this was exceptional.] As she sat down next to me I could see a wonderful pair of breasts straining to get out from under her dress. She made no phone calls, nor did she want any money at this point. We chatted a little and she showed me studio pictures of herself. This girl had clearly been modelling and she looked great. Then she said "Let's get into something more comfortable." and disappeared into the bathroom. I stripped to my underware and laid down in bed. A few minutes later she appeared in a lacy red bra and red panties. Gorgeous! (Later I learned that she prefers to wear black stockings. At all times!) She sat down on the bed and said "You don't need these!" and pulled off my underware. Three seconds later she was laying down and had her lovely mouth wrapped all around my dick (with no condom). I let her give me head for a while, but then I wanted to see and feel more of those tits. I started undoing her bra and she then laid down on her back. I looked in amazement at a pair of incredibly firm, big and luscious boobs (well, maybe not so incredible; they had been artificially enhanced). After ogling and playing a little with her melons I pulled off her panties as well, to reveal a tight and well-trimmed pussy. I fondled her breasts some more and asked if I could lick them. "Of course, I like that!" she said. After some licking she said "Put it between my breasts." I moved my absolutely rock hard dick up between her breasts. Big boobs are absolutely wonderful for tit-fucking, and hers was definitely big enough. She still had to push them together to cover my dick because they were so firm and standing out. After a few strokes from me she bent her head down a little and took the head of my dick in her mouth as I continued pumping it between her breasts. Tit-fucking and being given head by this godess pretty soon got to be too much for me. I came. After having washed myself we laid naked on the bed for a while and talked (with my hands exploring her tits now and then). She told me about helping out some other girls that now worked in a strip club and that they sometimes had done outcalls together (Wow! I want a taste of that!). After 10 minutes or so she said "Do you want to try another time?". Did I? Yes! After a little work she soon got me hard again and we started all over. This time I got to try her pussy too (with a condom). It was no disappointment. We talked a little before she left, and I paid her $300. It was well worth it. She's the kind of girl you only see in pictures and then she had a nice personality to boot. The second fuck was not just trying to make up for being late, because the second time I met her we did it twice too. On our third encounter she seemed rush and did not offer another go. I didn't really feel like it either so I didn't ask.
Date: Fri, 3 Jan 1997 14:55:41 -0500 Subject: Jillian Bradley's busted, closed :( Atta: I received this in the mail today: Dear Frank Let me start by thanking you for your letters to us. Let me introduce myself to you, although we've already met. I am Destiny (the phone girl) also Jillian Bradley's daughter. Your letters meant so much to us. My mother worked to create a place where a man could feel safe and comfortable, and we were happy to hear that we made your stay in New York a better one. Unfortunately, I'm sorry to inform you that Jillian's was busted and then closed for business in early December. Ne and my mother bouth would appreciate it if you would post this on the Internet. Once again, thank you for your letters, for they made running that house a pleasure. Write back soon. Sincerely, Destiny Bradley P.S. I would much like to hear from other clients, so include that wth address on Internet. Thank you. The address: Jilliann Bradley 250 E. 32nd St. New York, NY 10016 Shed a tear for the demise of a truly classy retreat from the frenetic pace of Manhattan. Take care,
Date: 9 Jan 1997 23:42:47 GMT New York: I read many mixed revues about Priority Gold. Used them almost two years, they used to be "2nd Avenue Affair." It is true, their quality varies, usually 6-8 range. However, you always get your money's worth, their place is clean and well kept, good neighborhood, and they are honest and safe. Corporate Treasures: Overraated, surly in my opinion.
Subject: NYC Madame Ruby's report -looking for Brandy I had the distinct pleasure of visiting Madame Ruby's in early December, 1996. After toying with the idea for quite some time, I decided to take the plunge and avail myself of beautiful young women. I never thought that life meant going without the intense pleasure of touching someone for the first time. To try out an incall studio was a good choice. No long term affairs, no fear of my wife finding out, just unabashed sexuality without any artifice. Or at least so I thought ! I first ventured to Acquiesce ( a club ?) at 11pm. I got out of the cab and immediately thought that something was wrong. A dingy street, warehouses and seedy people lurking in the shadows. I rang the buzzer was entered the elevator. A "normal" looking man was in the elevator, perring dejectedly downward as we went up to the 6th floor. I asked if he worked there. "No, I just left my g,oves up there". I took the opening and asked if it was worth it. "No, he sighed. Only 1 woman and a bunch of men". I thanked him and went back down, having saved $100. After returning to my hotel for a glass of wine and several hits of ajoint to fortify myself, I called Ruby's. The hostess greeted me warmly and invited me uptown. I was to call from the corner and then be admitted in. Once in the building, A sedate building in a residentiual area, I was patted down and ushered into the main room and then downstairs to my room. This was honestly my firsttime doing this, so I was overwhelmed with the sensations- perfume, glimpses of women, cool jazz. The hostess told me to take off my clothes and put on a bathrobe. I had no idea what was going to happen. The room was warm and inviting- exposed brick, a brass bed with a mirror on the side, nighttable with a variety of lotions, and a copy of Playboy (why?).A bathroom with an elevated full size jacuzzi sat to the left of the bedroom Several minutes later, a knock on the french doors and a woman entered and introduced herself and then left. Followed by 5 or 6 others, each as attractive as the first. I must admit that I love all women. While I might suggest that all were not blazingly beautiful, they were all extremely attractive, in their own way. The hostess returned and asked which one I wanted to be with and how long. I chose Brandy - a tan darkskinned Italian/ Amerindian (or so she said). Brandy knocked and entered the room. During the intervening minutes, I tried to psyche myself up and relax. 'What the fuck!" If the experience sucked, I would just chock it up to a life experience and move on. All I would lose would be a couple of hundred dollars. When she came in , I blurted out - "This is the coolest thing I have ever done. You are extremely beautiful and I would like to enjoy every moment of this experience and drink all of you in." Either I struck a chord of humanity, or she was an exceptional actress! She moved towards me and kissed me deeply and passionately. She was wearing a mini skirt, a short top and heels. As she pulled back from the kiss, she whispered that she would do anything with me, but she asked that I be carefull with her breasts since she had just had surgery for augmentation, the week before. Of course, I would be gently. I didn't care at all. She gently took off her top revealing her new set of 36D's which she admitted later cost her over 4 grand. She was the essence of beauty - no tan lines, several cleverly placed tattoo, a belly ring. Oh she said she had a nipple ring before the implants. She was wearing a blond streaked wig, but told me she had shoulder length brown hair. We were still standing by the bed and kissing when she grazed me under the bathrobe and suggested that we lie down. For some time, we kissed, touched and probed. She then went down on me for a while. I pulled her up to me and told her to sit on my face which she obiliged. She seemed interested in making eye contact and connecting during the hour. She kept on sayin how sweet I was to lavish her with compliments. But she was truly unique and vibrant. AS she lay on her back with me inside her, she asked if I minded if she got off with a toy. Absolutely not. It was a great turn on. We made love while she played with her vibrator. Extremely hot !!! I sensed that my hour was drawing to a close.She agreed and asked how I wanted to come. She pulled me out of her and said that she wanted to taste herself on me and sucked me. She then put me on my back and whispered -"It is a shame toss to say, I exploded in her mouth with great joy and release. She went to the bathroom to clean up while we talked. She said she was a nurse by day and had just started at Ruby's. I asked her who I had to pay and what were the rules for leaving. Since it was after 1am, we sat and talked for a while. I paid and left a $100 tip. and went back to my hotel. If I had planned a perfect fantasy, this experience was infinitely better. She was sweet,sexy and very talented. I wish that I could close this report with a Hollywood ending.I found out the next day that I had to come back to NYC the next week and tried to make an appt. Unfortunately, she was no longer working there. She wanted to do outcalls and lived in Queens. What I would do to see her again!! I returned to Ruby's the next week, desperately hoping that she would call in or that hey could contact her. No luck . I decided to try someone else and chose Lindsey, a Southamerican/Puerto Rican mix, Aerobics instructor by day. She was quite attractive, tight body with good back muscle definition and shaved. She was a "no bullshit" partner. no kissing, no insertion of digits, and no hard copulation. It turns out she had bladder surgery as a child. While I appreciated her beauty, her performance was lackluster.After 30 minutes, I was hoping to end it. I finally came in her mouth after she said -" Hurry up , my mouth is small and it clamps down." Admittedly, I am not well endowed, so the gambit didn't work on me. I would go back anytime. The women are friendly and open.I felt welcomed and warm; not an easy accomplishment given the nature of the bussiness. I just wish that I could contact Brandy and give her an additional tip for her breathtaking effort.
Subject: more on the Queens brothels Date: Tue, 14 Jan 1997 15:52:14 -0500 This is for those that want a quick lay for cheap. Go to Roosevelt Ave. in Queens after about 8PM and drive around between 94th Street and 108th Streets. Young Mexican looking guys will be standing n the sidewalk looking for guys in their cars to give little flyers with the addresses of the newest brothels. Usually there are about 3-7 open on any given night. Girls here range from vomit to fairly decent. But for the amount you are paying, don't complain. Another thing, don't try to negotiate the price. It is $25 for everything and $25 for only one thing. You don't pay until you have picked a girl and have gone into a room. The only trouble spot is getting in, if you look like a cop don't try, if you know someone who has gone before-take them. The girls will usually give half and half. Anything more I have never tried i.e. anal, kissing, eating them out, etc. Condoms are always used, most of the time two are used at once. They aren't the cleanest of places but they are workable. How about some more recent information on the street girls, I can't seem to find any except on the Lower West Side. The Queens Bandit
Subject: (ASP) New York: Tiffany's/Girls from Impanena Date: 22 Jan 1997 23:50:57 GMT Tiffany's/Carol's/Girls from Imanena are all the same. Sort of, but not exactly! Uh? Ok, Carol, and Tiffany are the same, but Tiffany is not Impanena's, although she runs it. Confused? As Carol puts it, she is French, not Brazilian. So, why you might talk to her when you call Impanena, you will see a Brazilian girl, not her. If you call her as Carol, you book with her. If you call as Tiffany's, you get her or another French girl. Confusing? Yep. Called the Impanena number last week. Talked to Carol, told her I had met her, but was looking for a change. So, says she, Impanena girls are booked, but she had other girls through her Tiffany business. You can read reviews in the WSG of her and her service. I will say: Yes, they are a good price, but pretty average looking. You are treated well. You'll never be cleaner in you life...everybody scrubs everything twice! Fairly clinical, litte passion. Except for Carol. Olga is ok...but a half hour will do. All in all I have done much better in NY..yes for more bucks, but worth it. One more: Her and her associates are not great phone personalities. Carol though, in person, very nice. Final advice, see Carol, others, look for reviews.
Subject: [ASP] NYC info and request Date: Fri, 24 Jan 1997 19:06:40 -0800 Hi Folks, Recently, I decided to try the "pay-for-play" action in NYC. So far, I must admit, I have not found what I've been looking for. Below you will find my adventures up to date. Please understand, your experience with the same parties may be different - so use your own judgment. I also have a small request - If you know a high-quality place or a lady that provides for in-call with full service, please send an e-mail to or post to this news group. Price for quality is not an issue. OK, here are my 2 cents on the places I've visited. This review includes: Jessica Unique Playhouse Paradise Suites Jessica ~~~~~~~ Overall Rating: 4 (looks 7-8, quality 3) Number of women/shift: One lady -- Jessica Location: in the 50s on the East side, nice and safe Price: $250/hour I found Jessica in the NY Action [December issue -- page 3]. When I looked at her picture, I thought she is a 9. When I actually met her, I changed my mind and gave her a 7-8. She is 5'7, 130-135lbs, fake "blond", boob job [although her chest is not huge -- I'd say 36C], very pretty face -- [with very heavy makeup]. In person, she appears to be about 10lbs heavier then on the picture -- her body is nice [soft feeling], definitely not tight. [I like athletic looking women which is the reason I downgraded her from 9 to 7-8.] She is advertised as Spanish/Italian, in reality she is from Argentina. OK, so I called and made an appointment -- [the appointment is made with an "agency"]. I was told to go to a phone in the area and call again. I was given an address to go to [in the East 50s]. Jessica lives/works in a small, clean studio apartment. She was wearing a tight blouse and jeans [very heavy makeup]. I complimented her on her looks and tried to talk to her, but she hardly spoke any English. So, I took off my coat, and she said "$250". I paid, -- she "checked in" with the agency. We got undressed, she laid on the bed and started to play with herself. I laid next to her and started to caress her and play with her boobs. She maid no attempt to touch me, but had no objection about me touching her. I believe she wanted me to go down on her, but I didn't. [I wanted to, but didn't want to take the risk] So, after about 10min of this, I was ready for something more exiting [like a bj or at least some activity from her towards me], I wanted some oral satisfaction, but was too shy to ask, so I said "how about a condom" -- she looked at me as if I'm from another world, then got up, and went to the bathroom to get a condom. [I'm still wondering? was she ready to do it without a condom? hmm..] She came back, and gave it to me [I had to put it on myself]. She laid on her back and I proceeded to do what I came there for. OK, so when I finished, I tried to talk to her -- but she hardly spoke any English. This was pretty boring -- and, I was too shy to ask for any "activity" that I wanted to get into. Disappointed, I decided to leave. Due to her lack of enthusiasm, I will not be visiting her again. [BTW, I am in my 30s, in very good shape, neat, and look OK for a guy. This comment is for those of you who may think she was just way too turned off by my physical appearance.] Unique Playhouse ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Overall Rating: None Number of women/shift: 3 Location: in the 50s on the East side, safe Price: 130/half, 180/hour Here is my experience with this place. I got their number from the NY Action & decided to visit them. I called at 11am and made an appointment for 2pm. The "lady in charge" said they have three ladies working, a blond, and two brunettes. I was told an address to go to [no double phone call method, just show up - they have a private entrance in the building]. I arrived at 2:00pm sharp. A young lady (phone girl) opened the door & told me that they are running a bit late, so can I come back in 20-30 minutes. I agreed and went for a walk around a block. When I came back in 20 minutes, the lady let me in but said that the last girl is about to go in, so it will take another 20-30 minutes. At the same time she introduced me to Rachel - the girl that was going in to see another customer. Rachel had long brown hair, and a nice smile, however, she was a bit too chunky for me [she had a small chest and a thick waist - she was not fat though]. I was ushered in to a room and offered a drink. The room was small with a mattress setup straight on the floor. They must have been very busy that day, because the room was kind of dirty. I saw condom wrappings on the floor and the sheets did not look "fresh." At this point I decided to leave, so I apologized to the lady in charge for not being able to wait another 30 minutes and left. Paradise Suites ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Overall Rating: 6 Number of women/shift: 3 at the time I was there Location: in the 30s on the West side, safe during the day Price: 150/half, 200/hour When I called this place to make an appointment, I was asked my age (33), race (white) and whether I live in NY (Yes). I was then told that they have 4 girls working today and I should call back at the appointed time from a pay-phone in the area. I called from a local pay-phone and was directed to walk two blocks to the place. They are situated in a two or three bedroom apartment which is kind off clean. They have pets (a cat and I think a small dog) so the place has a slight pet odor. An average looking (5-6), but sexy thin Spanish lady ("fake" blond in her early 20s) opened the door (I think her name was Sky). I was frisked and asked to show my wallet. I was then ushered into a bedroom and offered a drink. Sky said she was available and mentioned the other 2 ladies will come in to introduce themselves shortly. The room was decorated OK - not lavish, with a king size bed, separate couch, magazines and a VCR with "get yourself in the mood" movies near by. A lady named China introduced herself. She was oriental (7), about 5'6, small chest, 125lbs. Another lady walked in (I don't remember her name) she was blond, blue eyes, 5'8, 135lbs. To me, she was not very attractive [and I love blond girls!] I'd give her a (4). I was not very happy with the women I saw, but I was "in the mood" so I decided to spend a 1/2 hour with Sky. Sky is a woman with a lot of experience [actually they are all with a lot of experience :)]. She got me hard so fast, I could have finished before things have started - but I didn't. She started by "massaging" my balls with her mouth while holding on to my shaft real firm. She then slipped on a condom (with her mouth) and proceeded to deliver a highly stimulating oral. She turned her back side to me to allow me to play with her private area - and I got even more exited as I discovered her getting wet due to my efforts. She continued by mounting me and delivering strong, energetic rhythm. Several minutes later she increased the volume of her moans, and appeared to have had an orgasm [I doubt this - but it was a nice gesture]. We went on doing it doggie style. She was excellent -- again -- in her actions and vocals. I finally exploded. One small turn-off about Sky are stretch marks [you can't see these until it's too late].
Subject: [ASP] Men's Club NYC Date: Wed, 29 Jan 1997 15:59:35 -0800 I visited the Men's Club in NYC last week. This was my first visit there so I had to go through the security routine. I had to call from a phone booth across the street before I was given the exact address. Men's Club is located in an apartment building on the east side of Manhattan, around 64th street. Once inside, I had to show a form of ID and was led into one of two bedrooms. The bedroom was small, but very clean and nice. I was told to get "comfortable" and each girl walked into the room to introduce themselves. There were six girls at the time, and two of them I would rate a 7 and the others around 4-5. I chose Corinne who was a busty 22 year old blonde. She was very good at her job and was easy to get along with. I would go back BUT it is not up to the quality of Jillian Bradley's -- a place I used to always visit. My search for a replacement to Jillian Bradley's continues... nycman
Subject: [ASP] NYC review, Unique Playhouse Date: 11 Feb 1997 16:19:45 -0500 Unique Playhouse ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Overall Rating: 5 Number of Women/Shift: 4 Location: in the 50s on the East side, safe Price: 130/half, 180/hour Tip: appreciated -- (I left $40 for 1/2 hour) I called and made an appointment, the lady on the phone said she has 4 ladies available -- Rachel, Christina, Michelle, and another (I don't remember the name). When I arrived, I was ushered into one of the rooms (they have 2 or 3 rooms -- I'm not sure). I was offered a drink, then the ladies introduced themselves one at a time. Rachel is a short brunette. She has a cute face (looks young 18, 19?) but a bit too heavy for my taste. I give her a 4. Then Christina walked in. Christina was introduced as a Cajun lady. She is a beautiful black lady with light skin, light (green/hazel) eyes, long light brown hair. She is well built, 5'8, 115 lb. I give her an 8 for looks, 8 for quality, 9 for personality. [You figured it out -- I chose her] I was also introduced to Michelle -- she has dirty blond hair, brown eyes, OK body -- I give her a 5. The last lady was short, and fat (hanging cellulite). She was blond with very white skin. So, I chose Christina for 1/2 hour (my first time with a black lady). The "lady in charge" walked in -- I had to pay her the fee. Christina was excellent! She started by giving me a superb massage -- really it was great (I wish I had more time). She said she likes to make sure her clients are happy and relaxed. She proceeded to deliver an outstanding bj/hand job (protected). She then asked me if she could get on top [SURE!]. Her rhythm was steady and energetic -- but not violent. She also said pleasant words during the act. We then proceeded doggie style until I finished. After the act, we talked for a while, then she went to take a shower. I was offered time to take a shower if I wanted to. Also, the lady in charge asked me how everything went. I said I was happy and left. BTW -- the place is not plush or anything. This time around, I've noticed the following: The mattresses are sitting on the floor. The rooms look like an unfinished basement in a nice house -- i.e. cheap carpeting, plainly painted walls, mattress on the floor. The bathroom I used looked unfinished too. Christina mentioned that they've ordered "real" beds and are in the process of redecorating the place.
Subject: [ASP] NYC - Info on Unique Playhouse & JBF Date: 13 Feb 1997 03:29:09 GMT Hello all. In my continuous search of a replacement for Jillian Bradley's, I visited Unique Playhouse last week. I visited on a Sunday night and the phone girl described five ladies working that night. Descriptions of two of the girls gave me enough incentive to visit the place. Upon entering Unique Playhouse, I was led to a room with a matress on the floor. I then asked to use the bathroom before the girls introduced themselves. As I walked around, the place looked liked it Unique Playhouse was just moving in. Anyway, only two girls were available for me to choose from. The first girl that walked in was older, around her late 30's. Forget that. The second girl (Elizabeth) was one of the girls described over the phone to me. It was a girl I knew from Jillian Bradleys (JBF). Her name was Allison at JBF. It was weird because she was always my favorite! Of course you know who I chose. Well, there is no need to tell you about the time I spent with Elizabeth/Allison. It was just as wonderful as it was when I visited JBF -- but the place is nowhere near the atmosphere JBF had. As we talked, I did learn about what happened at JBF: JBF was busted after they appeared on 20/20 a few weeks back. The place was busted three times in one week, and JBF was forced to shut down. Luckily Allison was not working that week and did not get into any kind of trouble. She further informed me that most of the girls from JBF's are now working at Wendy's Wild Women on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Allison said Wendy's Wild Women was a pretty nice place also, but not quite as nice as JBF's. So if any of you want to find your favorite girl from JBF, try Wendy's (They advertise on the Web and in NY Action). Oh, one more thing -- JBF may be opening back up at another location. Till next time nycman
Subject: [ASP] NC Brothel Date: 25 Feb 1997 15:44:03 GMT Empire Health Club (State Hwy. 86 & I-40/85, Hillsborough) won't make your "A" list (probably won't make the "B" list, either) but might be a good place to know about in time of need. The one big plus is that you'll get what you pay for and you can pay for just about anything you want without too much discussion. The minuses are: the place is a dump (luckily they keep the lights in the "massage" rooms so low you can't tell how dirty the place is - it's a former gas station building), and the quality of the ladies varies widely from an occasional 7-8 down to butt-ugly (the "Nobody else working? Well, I'll come back another time" variety) There's a 30-ish blond who works weekdays (or did a few months ago) who's quite attractive and fun. A brunette who can be very good or very bad depending on her mood. Once I saw a very young appearing (18?) blonde with an incredible set of natural breasts. But I've also left two or three times when the whole crew was substandard. There's a lot of turnover. Daytimes, maybe one or two girls on duty. Friday & Saturday 3 or 4. $40-$60 for the house, plus tip of $40-$100 for extras. Hours are apparently whenever they feel like it, but usually open until 11pm or midnite. Not worth a long road trip, but if you're in the area...
Subject: [ASP] Recomendation of NY/NJ visit-Must Read Date: 14 Mar 1997 17:23:58 GMT Hi all: After all the fustration of bogus review's and sub-standard places (JB was the best) I recommend Jackie and Taylor of Kimberley's and friends. Jackie and taylor both are very friendly and bang for the buck. They both donot work all the day's , so phone in advance. Jackie works on Mon/wed/fri from 11 to 6 pm. Hope fully many more will recommend her. Happy times are here again.
Date: Sat, 22 Mar 1997 10:02:22 -0500 (EST) Subject: [ASP] Girls from Ipanema Report in New York I had read a favorable report about The Girls from Ipanema incall place. I tried to arrange a meeting and was shocked to find that they only see white clients. Being that I'm Latino I though this was absurb being that from what I read, the ladies are from South America. Be warned.
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 1997 01:21:27 -0400 (EDT) Subject: NYC Incall Apt - Studio 46 Subject: New York Incall Apt - Studio 46 (Midtown Manhattan) Early August of 1996, I visited an incall-apt called "Studio 46",(formerly Girl-of-your-dreams). Studio 46 is rather small, attended by 3 to 4 ladies, mostly Hispanic or Black. I decided to try it because of the low price, but mainly because"Greek" is one of their specialties. Only $100.00 extra for "Greek". The establishment is an upstairs-walkup with 3 rooms, small but clean. The ladies are met at a sitting area where the customer will have his pick. None of the them ranked above 5 (in terms of looks); however, it's not too bad when considering the price and specialty. I explained to them I wanted a 30 minute session including greek, and they all offered it. I picked a mature lady because she had a nice rump, ripe and ready for plucking. I was expecting an explosive 30 minutes, but to my disappointment, the bang turned into a fizz. Barely 3 minutes into the session, she complained of pain and said she couldn't take it anymore; "You're much too big, it just hurts so much." She made such fuss about it I just decided to finish her off by straight sex. I could understand her complaint if I were 5+ inches hung, but I'm not. If you can't offer it, then don't say so! To make matters worse, there was no shower to wash off after the session. In my final analysis, I had a rather unsatisfactory visit, since I only got about 5 minutes of what I paid for. Also, the absence of showers is a concerns, for I wonder how the clean are the girls after the last customer? It's a pity I don't remember her name, or I would tell you to avoid her. But to be fair, I would give the other girls a chance only if assured of them staying to the end. I can't recommend this place with much enthusiasim, but at the same time I can't discourage you from trying. I can only hope you'll be a better informed customer.
Date: Sun, 04 May 1997 05:39:54 GMT NYC brothel: (4/97) Based on the info in the WSG and the ASP news group , I decided to check out a place called Wendy's Wild Women. They have a few alias and even a web site. I called in the early afternoon and scheduled an appointment. The typical "call us when you get to corner x" system was used. (It's in the mid-town area). Welcomed by a lady who patted me down and did the "cop test." Six women were working, five caucasian women and one black girl. They ranged from 6 - 9. All beautiful girls. The rates were something like $120 for 1/2 hour and $170 for an hour. Full service. Good head and a great fuck. I had a nice experience with the girl I chose and would go back.
Subject: [ASP] New York City, report on Kimberley & Friends brothel Date: 20 May 1997 05:00:21 -0400 New York City: report on Kimberly & Friends brothel I'd give an overall 6-8 rating to Kimberly & Friends (advertised on the web; apparently also known as Madam Ruby's or Wendy's Wild Women, according to earlier posts here), based on a visit there last week. The routine was as other postings have said: phone from the corner, frisked and asked to show ID (no notes taken) on entry, then shown a room of girls. There were 4 available at 3:30 on a weekday afternoon (I was told the lunch rush was over, the afternoon rush hadn't yet begun). I was feeling flush, so I took two ($300 for an hour). This was my first time with two. Christa was light brown hair, freckled, and big full tits straining against a white halter top. Shawna (I think that was her name) had black hair and a tight sweater highlighting more full tits. (Guess what I like?) They showed me to a room with a big brass bed covered by good pillows and covers, candlelights, mirror on the wall, told me to get "completely" comfortable (I stripped down), then came back with the beer I'd ordered. They got RIGHT to business. Even before Christa was in the room, Shawna was stroking my leg as I sat on the edge of the bed. Christa offered me her chest and after my hands roamed a bit, took off the halter. By now Shawna had also stripped down to panties, and I was alternating between sucking her tits and Christa's. Within 5 minutes, without my asking for a thing, Christa had a rubber on me and was sucking me hard. I came quickly (despite having jacked off just 30 minutes before), and she wiped me up with a nice warm cloth. Meanwhile, my hands and mouth were plenty busy with Shawna. Christa's tits seemed a bit stiff to me, and they were probably, shall we say, "augmented". But Shawna's were soft and real, absolutely delightful to play with. (Not that I'm complaining about Christa's, you understand!) By now, they both had their panties off without my asking. Both were young and in good shape, though Christa was maybe a little softer all around. They talked a bit about business, seemed sincere when they said the nicest customers are those who find them through the web. There was lots of bantering conversation back and forth. The reason they don't get my whole-hearted recommendation is that they were ultimately too concerned about safety to fully satisfy me. After lots of backrubbing, clit-fingering, nipple-nibbling (them on me), etc., I told them I like to eat pussy. No, they don't do that. Later I said I'd like to see two mouths wrapped around my cock. Turns out they don't do that either--first one sucks, then the condom comes off, another goes on, and the other sucks. I understand why they do that, it's just not what I wanted. Usually, I want a fuck rather than a blowjob, and I'm sure they would have let me, but we ended up with Shawna giving me an absolutely incredible BJ (definitely made up for some of my disappointment), practically humming while she worked up and down my shaft. Meanwhile, I fondled Christa's tits and cunt, and she had her hands down under my balls, working. She was also giving a great "blow by blow" on Shawna's performance (at one point, Shawna looked up and laughed, "I just love her narration!"). After my 2nd cum, they led me to the shower (I took my wallet and keys with me). There was no rush, and I would definitely consider going again. I left them each a $30 tip (the usual price for one girl is $130 for half-hour, $170 for full)-not sure if it was needed, but I did have a good time despite my reservations.
Subject: (ASP) Report NYC Date: Sat, 24 May 1997 10:37:28 -0700 I had another memorable experience at Tiffany's (a.k.a. Girls from Ipanema) last week. I first contacted Tryst based on discussion in this NG and their WEB page featuring the elusive Ashley Allen. The phone girl (Arlene) described the two levels of service available- elite models for $400 and centerfolds at $1000 per hour. I decided to pass and called Nina at Tiffany's. Nina is a wonderful lady who serves as proprietor, phone lady and traffic manager at Tiffany's, and has been able to pack nearly 300 pounds in a petite 5' 5" frame. I called at 8pm and advised I could be over between 10:00-10:30. Nina replied she doesn't do 10-10:30> it was either 10 or 10:30. We agreed on 10:00 P.M. Tiffany's is located in a security building on the West side near Carnegie Hall. I arrived at the appointed time and was escorted the waiting area in a vestibule between the kitchen and one of the bedrooms. Of the four ladies working, three were engaged. While waiting to view the other talent I was making chit chat with Tese (TesEE). Tese is mid 30's, shoulder length light brown hair and a fairly athletic build. I was set to chose Tess, but was distracted by the moaning sounds coming from the adjacent bedroom and decided to investigate this situation a little further. Within ten minutes the source of all that sexual commotion appears. Her name is Victoria and she is wearing a thigh high form fitting red dress that highlights every curve of her sensuous body. Victoria is Brazilian and arrived from Rio a two weeks ago. She expects to work a couple of months before returning home. She is about 30 years old, 5' 7", 120 lbs with shoulder length ash blond hair, well shaped breasts and a tight round ass. Her skin was very tanned with tan lines visible from her string bikini. After a shower together she sucked me bareback with great enthusiasm. After several minute of long vacuuming like suction it was dinner time for Victoria, cumming over her face and mouth. We then cleaned off and lay in bed talking about Rio. She laughed when I remarked that I was sure I saw her at Help disco in Rio. Responding, "it is possible". . We then continued to fuck for 15 or 20 minutes in a variety of positions. She was very passionate and become even more intense when I started talking dirty to her. I finally came again and we cuddled for several minute before the hour elapsed. I will look for her at Help next trip to Rio. Tiffany's charges $130 for the hour and $100 for , but repeat clients receive a $20 discount card. Highly recommended. (212) 399-0691 or 765-5810.
Subject: NYC Review Date: 20 Jun 1997 17:43:58 GMT Stopped at Madame Ruby's the week of 6/9/97 (212-873-8158). You can find general info on them using deja news, plus they have a link through Since JB's is gone, they are probably one of the best houses in NYC. As with most houses, they are very security minded with first timers. The house is in a good neighborhood, and is quite clean and elegant. You will usually have a good selection of ladies, mostly in the 6-9 range. Do not forget, most NY houses are very hygenic and careful, which is a good thing. That does mean that they have more rules than many. Latex is always a must for all activity. Further, it is unlikely that you will get a kiss, or perform any oral yourself. All in all, you can have a very good, albeit "commercial" time. I suggest a half hour will do, unless you really find a winner. Their is a range of personalities there, some very friendly, some more reserved, some more passionate, etc. My last visit was with Claire. Very petite, firm body, nice real breasts, yet small. Cute, pixyish look, friendly and enthusiastic. Looks 7 Body 7: 34c-23-34 (guessing) 5ft 5, brunette, 110lb Value 7 Personality 8 You can see some of the staff in their Webster, and some in the NY sex mags. I did find Claire in there paper ad, and it was her, so I imagine all their pics are accurate. Enjoy
Subject: [ASP] Review of Tara's Date: 29 Jun 1997 01:00:01 -0700 Recently, I decided to check out a place in nyc. Having been disappointed by just dropping by without knowing who is there, I decided to get a copy of a nyc adult magazines and pick a date from one of the photos. I decided on a place called Tara's (32st/3rd) and the lady name was Crystal. She's a light-skin woman with a sexy smile and a nice body. I called and made an appointment with Crystal. I went through the normal security checks. Anyway, when I arrived I sat and waited for Crystal, instead two ladies sat besides, one white (5) and the other from Argentina (7). Come to find out Crystal was not there. I was little shocked because all fantasy with Cystal were gone in 10 seconds. A similar thing happen at another place called "Body Heat". I looked in a nyc adult guide and all you see the pictures on beautiful white chicks (this was my white woman day). But, when I get there 6 of the 7 ladies are black. Unfortunately, I was feeling for a beautiful white lady but they did have nice black ladies (Bianca). Anyway, still horny I chose the lady from Argentine (forgot her name). She had a nice body and beautiful tan skin (close enough to black). She did not speak much english but she more than makes up for it in other ways.The fee was 120 half-hour/160 hour. I chose the hour. I'm not going to go into details. I can say that it was one of the best times I had in a long time; a lot of lick/kissing (chest, balls, shaft), blow job, 69, sex in every position I could think of (doggy, straight, side, in front a mirror), no rush, good acting (I think). Towards the end I starting thinking if Brazil is anything like this, I must book a ticket now. Overall, a good experience eventhough I was led to believe Crystal was there and she wasn't.
Date: Fri, 26 Sep 1997 12:28:21 -0700 I would like to report some experience from New York. It was my first time to New York. I was disappointed. The street scenes at Time Square, 42nd street, and 9th to 11th Street are completely gone. However, you can always go to the Peep Show or Live Show clubs on Broadway in Midtown Manhattan. If you spend $ 150 to $ 200, you can get a girl to fuck you in the chair. No beds. Some Hispanic taxi drivers can also take you up to a brothel in Bronx. Typically, the place is in a basement with room full of customers staring at each other. I went this time, because I couldn't find anything on the street, did not want fuck in the chair, and could not afford $ 300 escort service. First of all, you need a cab driver that speaks Spanish. They know where to go. When you get to the place, you will be screened by the watchdog standing around the corner. He will then take you down to a house. There were at least 8 girls there. Most of them ugly or below average and do not speak English. The place I went was filled with 12-15 customers, young Hispanic boys ranging from 15 to 22 years old. They all sat there quietly waiting for rooms. The place had three bedrooms. It costs only $ 25.00 for a 15-min fuck. $ 5 tip will make the girl happy. It was some experience.
Date: Sun, 30 Nov 1997 22:03:46 +0100 (MET) Subject: New York/Jillian Bradley(New) New York City - Jillian Bradley (new location) - Trip Report Having long been a reader of the very useful information contained in this newsgroup, I had refrained from posting because of my lack of knowledge on how to post anonymously. Now that I've discovered how relatively easy it is to do, I look forward to making the occasional contribution of my experiences along the way in the hope that this will prove useful to others - and that it will encourage others to contribute here as well. As these reviews will be written without the prior consent of the establishments in question, I will respect their privacy by not giving precise details of location or contact information. However, all should be readily locatable through the well known NY guides to this particular entertainment sector, or to the _Village Voice_, _New York Magazine_ and _New York Observer_, all of which carry a significant number of relevant ads. I will draw the curtain of chastity over the actual details of the encounters of any establishments reviewed - but it can be assumed that my satisfaction is based on a passionate and cuddly full-service straight session and an intelligent, physically attractive partner with some sense of humor willing to give and receive pleasure. Jillian Bradley - it's wonderful that JB's is back. Without revealing the exact location of her new establishment, suffice it to say that the heading used in her _New York Magazine_ ads: "A Wall Street Edition" is fundamentally correct. Perhaps the setting is not quite as luxurious as that of the midtown townhouse she occupied until last November, nonetheless, it's decorated with the flair and panache that has always distinguished her operation. A large salon with bar where one meets the ladies, a kitchen, and most important, two bedrooms. One is themed with an African/feline motif, the other decorated in what I can imagine is Victorianesque high bordello style and TV/VCR combination for playing those special videos intended to enhance the mood--the former is my preference if given the choice. Each has its own private even outfitted with a douche!... All is immaculately clean. However, since most of us do not pay a visit here for the decor, let me turn to the ladies - generally a selection of three or four individuals. Britt - whom some may remember from the previous establishment - a wonderful blonde - you'd more than likely do a doubletake should you pass her on the street - who has accurately described herself in ads as having the executive secretary look - has returned. She's warm, friendly and quite passionate - perhaps this is not quite girlfriend sex but it sure comes close; she's someone to whom one can return over and over again. Katia, a dark blonde, hails from Brazil and is remarkably well-traveled and polyglot. With a well-articulated philosophy of life, she explicitly states that it is the role of women to bring passion, variety and excitement to men - something she communicates without in the least losing her considerable sense of self-respect. That philosophy is amply and more than satisfactorily reflected in the experience of a session with her. Lisa, a leggy brunette, is an artist in another part of her life - and extremely companionable. Physically, she's not quite my type - but I can recommend an hour with her without reservation. Also present on the occasion of some of my visits has been Lauren, a stunning Latina (I believe). I've not had the pleasure of a session; she does give the impression - and perhaps it's only an impression - of being a bit aloof and disinterested in the affairs of the loin. Can anyone else report? Price: somewhat higher than in the old establishments, and indeed higher than the "average" NYC incall operation at $200 for the half, $240 for the hour. But that premium is well worth the amenities offered. All in all, JB's is to be highly recommended for the quality and beauty of its ladies - and for the consummate professionalism of its management.
Subject: Posting to Usenet group guide (NY houses) Date: Wed, 03 Dec 1997 11:18:13 PST Alright, so here's the story- About a week ago I find out that Jillian Bradley's was closed down months back because of some feature on 20/20. I decide to look on the web for any info about the original story on ABC. After plugging in "Jillian Bradley" into my search engine I come across this usenet location with all this info on NY incall places. I read on & on to find that yes, there are other people out there who've gone through all the trials & tribulations I have. And, I say "I have" because- "I Have". The fact is that I'm probably in the 1-2 top percentile regarding the number of places and women I've been to over the past 7 years (which was when I was first introduced the this shadowy world by a friend of mine). I had only thought that prostitutes were available on 44th street near the Lincoln tunnel before I was shown the light of the incall house. So as I read these postings of people's exploits I find myself feeling strangely obligated to chip in my own 2 cents. So for what it's worth- here's a compressed version of my experiences over the past seven years dealing with ladies of the night. I will preface my remarks with letting you know that I am a man of demanding tastes. If I say someone is "gorgeous" -it's not hot air, it's for real. Oriental House #1 - 1991 My very first encounter with a call-girl was at an Asian house. It was a very positive experience. Unfortunately, as I later found out, it would be the exception to the rule regarding the Asian places. More often than not, the Asian houses employ pushy den mothers who try bullying you into taking a girl of THEIR choosing at some ridiculous rate. If you decide to leave they will pressure you to do otherwise, and can often be nasty. Only on two or three occasions did I find places where the receptionist would be pleasant and the girls would be accommodating and into their work. I must add that on one of those occasions the girl I saw was an oriental knockout (a 9.5 looks wise) from Hong Kong. She would have let me come in her mouth and offered to fuck without a condom. I declined both- trying to teach her that it wasn't a good idea for her to engage in those practices (she did give me a bj without a condom, however). I never was able to find that girl again (to this day I wish I had taken her up on coming in her mouth -as I don't know when that opportunity may ever present itself again). Again though, for the most part the Asian places are bad news. The Executive Club/Corporate Treasures/The Candy Shoppe/Forever Yours This place is my old standby. It's run by a woman who is very attractive named Tina. Tina is quite strict in what she expects from her girls and runs a relatively tight ship. It's had many reincarnations since 1991, changing it's name as well as it's location (the first time I went there, it was located on Lexington Ave. near 28th street). Overall, the staff is very nice -usually comprised of women who had used to work the room as well (so they understand the needs of the girls & the clients). Over the years this establishment has had it's ups & downs (to, eh, put it tactfully). There have been many times that the selection was below par- but when they have a good selection, it's really good- as good as you'd find in a $300-400/hour agency. Some of the highlights in the last 7 years: (in order of appearance -to me) Ashley: Who went on to open her own "Kalifornia Girls" and worked out of her apartment in the west village (she's been written about at length in one of the previous posts here). She's a very sweet blonde with a great body (unfortunately she OD'd on the implants a bit) who will often give a BJ sans condom. She looks better on some days than on others but she's a sweetheart who likes to make sure her client is happy. Although she stretches the truth sometimes (yes, she WAS in Playboy - but NOT on the cover) and likes to act like a ditzy California blonde, she's a delight to talk to as well. Heather (the original Heather, that is): No longer around as I believe she's married and lives outside of NYC. A mid western blonde who, more than anyone I've seen, made me actually feel like I was sexy. At 5' 5" and 115 lbs. she had a very fit and gorgeous body (with very well done augmentation - & I'm VERY picky about breasts). If she liked you, she'd make you feel like you were THE one. To be honest, the experience with her was so intimate that I actually feel uneasy about talking about it in this usenet group. Suffice it to say that she got into the passion of event and knew EXACTLY what I wanted her to do without me ever having to say a word. She obviously understood what men liked and was uninhibited about providing it. There were a couple of times that I went to "the club" and decided to try someone other than Heather -and I could actually feel her being upset with me -like I was cheating on her. I know it sounds crazy, but that's just how it was with her. In any event, I'm happy she's found a life for herself & if she reads this- I wish her the best. Nadia: A dark haired beauty from... Columbia? Brazil? Venezuela? She would change it every so often. She spoke both Spanish & Portuguese, so it was hard to tell where she was really from. My guess is that she was from Columbia. Her real name was Daniella. She looked a bit like a young Teri Hatcher - except Latin Style. Absolutely gorgeous, 5' 8", 120 Lbs. with long sultry legs and an incredible ass. Still her face was her best attribute. In addition, she was wonderfully passionate- lot's of hot-blooded Latin heavy breathing, ear licking and the like. She was never out of energy and was willing to do anything as long as fluids didn't exchange bodies. This was one of those girls you'd look at in bed and just be in awe of -thanking the powers of the universe for allowing you this unexpected pleasure. I got the impression Nadia liked to dabble in a bit of light drug use as she'd appear to be stoned or wired on occasion. That often made for even more rigorous sex though, so I didn't mind it very much. Last I heard from my sources, Nadia/Daniella is back in South America married to a man she had been set up with long before she came to NY. Nikki: A petite Italian/Puerto Rican mix. 5' 4" and 115 lbs. silky olive skin and black wavy hair, Nikki had a beautiful face and exquisite natural breasts (shaped just like Nikki Dial's) and a very street-wise way about her. She would never lie or make things up to please a client. She was what she was and could, at times, be a real bitch - but she was an honest bitch. She would never patronize, act coy or play games. If she liked you, you were in for a wild fun sex ride. If not, you'd either storm out of the room pissed off or cower down like a beaten dog. I saw Nikki a lot because I love petite brunettes with natural features & she was everything I could ask for looks-wise. And, although gruff at times, I couldn't help but respect her honesty because when together with her, the experience was that much more real. Nikki went on to work for Kelly (see below) for a short time but then, I believe got out of the business when the profession began interfering with her personal life. Kelly: Ah, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly.... Kelly. Kelly has recently come full circle. Working for Tina back in the early 90's, then opening up a place of her own (called "Indecent Proposals") then coming back to Tina just recently. 5' 8" & ranging between130-140lbs. Kelly your classic busty mid western blonde. She is a real head-turner as she's got classic hot-blonde (Jayne-Mansfield type) looks. Her boob job is not the greatest though, -it's over done and bumpy looking. Personally I think she would have been hotter without having the work done. She's a nice girl, personality-wise but not very big in the passion area. Not to say that she's cold in bed, but she doesn't inspire one's blood to heat up either. If you try to kiss her on her neck or ears, she'll politely tell you not to do that. The thing that makes her a pick is her hot blonde facial features and body (which has changed a bit over the years). At the line ups she would ALWAYS get picked and was always busy -because to look at her was to want to fuck her. When she's was going down on you, looking you in the eye -you just couldn't believe it. I didn't go back to Kelly very much though, because of her coolness. But, she's worth the experience at least once. Last I heard (12/97) she had been working for Tina again but I think she may have gone back to the midwest recently -where her family is. Mercedes: Mercedes worked for Kelly when Kelly opened up her own place because Kelly & Mercedes are best of friends. 5' 10" & 125 lbs. I believe Mercedes is now working for another house that's listed in the Pleasure seekers web site. Mercedes, when she was younger, had a naturally perfect body -like Jamie Lee Curtis. Time does things to breasts and skin, but nevertheless she's still hotter than most girls you'll find working today. Very friendly and accommodating, the first time I saw Mercedes my eyes bugged out a bit & I had to control myself from jumping up & down at the thought that I would soon be having sex with this amazing kitten. The only complaint I had with Mercedes was that she wasn't the most careful when it came to cleanliness. She sometimes wouldn't change the sheets of the bed if you didn't mention it to her. Katie: Another mid western Blonde, Katie had the Baywatch soft skin of a Swede and a great figure. About 5' 7" and 120 lbs. she was originally a bit flat chested but got a very tasteful & modest boob job about 2 years ago. Katie can play head games at times, but for the most part is very energetic and loves to fuck. Without fail, she will start off the session by deep throating you (which is incredible) she also is orgasmic in nature. Unless she's a graduate of the method acting school, I believe she came big time during at least two of our sessions together (I've seen many other girls who act like they're coming -but with Katie it was very real). I haven't seen her listed in the papers recently though, leading me to believe she has gone onto other places and/or things. Angel: 5' 5" and 120 lbs, a blonde bodybuilder (soft features though) with a pretty face, Angel has a great sense of humor and is fun to be with. Having sex with her is like being in a playpen with toys of all kinds and wrestling around like a kid. She blurts out one liners like a stand up comedian and can reiterate at least a dozen blonde jokes in no time. Basically, a nice cute girl -I don't know if she's still working though. Maritza: Although originally at Tina's, Maritza now works at Body Heat. I ended up giving Body Heat a try simply because Maritza had moved there. She's about 5' 4" and 110 lbs. with a beautiful face, great ass and great technique. To try and quantify her, although her breasts are smaller, she is very similar to Heather Hunter in both her looks and her sexual energy. She likes to get playful and erotic and knows how to include the best of fantasy during sex by doing things such as getting it on while you are partially clothed and having the layers pulled away as things progress. She looks you right in the eye with a coy smile as she goes down on you and has a great naughtiness to her. Because of these factors she's very often busy as guys can't stop going back to her (she's like an addiction). I have found myself thinking of her in the middle of a slow day. Maritza does have days where the energy may not be there, but for the most part if you're looking for a feeling of naughty danger -there's no better girl than Maritza. Maritza has a sister who also worked at a couple of the houses and goes by the name of Jojo or Jodi. Years ago Jojo was almost as much fun as Maritza but with giant bouncy tits (that were completely natural). However, the last time I saw her she rushed the session, was not in the mood and had lost much of her figure. Body Heat: Of all the places I've gone to Body Heat has absolutely no screening process- no appointments, no codes, no nothing. I wonder how they've managed to stay at the same location longer than most other places (Men's club had a really stringent screening process and they were closed down). Body heat has only 3 girls I'd currently recommend. One of them is Maritza whom I mentioned above. The other two are Bianca and Audrey. Bianca is an exotic-looking black girl who has also been written up previously somewhere on these postings. She's very slender, very pretty with great lips and an ass that won't quit. She looks taller than she is which is about 5'6". She must weigh about 105- 110 lbs. Bianca is very accommodating, friendly and really works to make you feel at ease. She's also a real fantasy girl as you could easily imagine her as that hot little Jamaican chick who works at supermarket or at the video store. Audrey is relatively new to Body Heat but has worked in the business for many years. She loves her work and it really shows. She's white with dark hair, about 5'5",130 lbs. with a very pretty face. The best thing about Audrey is that there're no hangups with her. Ask her to do something and viola - she's into it and loves it. With this attitude, you just can't go wrong. I'd like to say that this great attitude goes on with the other girls at Body Heat, but it's just not the case. The vast majority of women there are surly, "don't do that", "are you done yet"? head cases. These include Kelly (of Body Heat), Stephanie (who used to work in Amsterdam and tries to work by their "pay as you go" rules), Erin (who's also mentioned in a post) and others. Erin has worked in a number of places uptown & down over the years including Tina's. Most of these girls make your dick go limp 10 minutes into the session with their whining -at which time I would just get dressed and leave (losing my money). Also, although I don't think she works there anymore, there was a girl named April who also worked at a lot of places. She was blonde, naturally busty (great tits, but she wouldn't let you play with them) and I think also from the mid-west. She was also a jokester (she would get herself into mischief a lot) and actually was talkative and friendly, but you could tell she didn't like working at all and would treat a session with the passion of filling out a DMV form. It's amazing how you could be naked in bed fucking a hot blonde and be completely unaroused. I'd go to the movies with April but wouldn't have sex with her again. Overall, Body Heat is a not a good place to find an evening of real satisfaction unless one of the right girls happens to be working that night. Wendy's Wild Women: I'm not sure what name their going by now but when I went there (about 2 years ago [in 1995]) they were on the upper west side in a very enchanting townhouse. They were very friendly on the phone, never pressuring you and always looking to help you find what you wanted. Very professional and tasteful. I only saw one girl the two times I went there. Her name was Joelle. A dream come true -she's a "9" who is a Naomi Campbell look-alike. I don't believe she works there anymore as I'd called-in a few times to check. Last I heard she was off to Africa on a modeling assignment. To describe the session would be frivolous, just try imagine going to bed with Naomi Campbell (ass-kicking bj, doggie-style till you drop, her on top with a tight stomach, long black hair and that Naomi Campbell type mouth that you can't stop staring at)-that's it in a nutshell. Although the first time was better than the second -as she was in a better mood. Upon first seeing her I was just so happy I had $200 in my pocket and was in the right place. Okay, so now can now I can say I've had sex with a real fashion model. Gentleman's Choice: Used to also be on the upper west side, I'm not sure but I think it was run by the same people that now run Body Heat. The only girl there worth mentioning was named Sierra, a physical "9". She looked a lot like Nadia (listed above) tall, dark haired, pretty and slender -only she had a hotter body (nicer full-sized, natural tits) but wasn't nearly as hot-blooded. Sierra didn't really like her work and had to be coaxed into changing positions ("c'mon, please?"), and treated the whole time just like a job. It's an interesting trade off because when looking at the two choices one might be tempted to go for the better body, but after experiencing both -would easily go with the one who is truly sexier (Nadia). I don't see Sierra in the papers anymore & doubt she's still working at any of the NY incall places. Jillian Bradley's: Never got the chance to actually "see" any of the girls. Every time I called they were too booked up and would kindly ask that I try in 2-3 hours. I was never patient enough. Only once did I almost see the incredible Tylor (a tall, blonde "9.5"). I was led into the room only to be told that they forgot Tylor had a previous appointment and that I'd have to pick someone else. At that point I decided to leave. Although never getting to experience their service (and now never will), they were always very kind, professional and had one of the most nicely decorated houses I've seen. Back to Today (late 1997) I know most of the girls I've mentioned so far no longer are available today, so for an update on the current situation... the place I've been going to is the new incarnation of Tina's place which I believe is now called "Forever Yours": Remember how I said they have their ups & downs? Well recently they've been experiencing a big UP. Although the rates are quite a bit higher than they used to be, the average caliber of woman has also gone way up. Upon my last visit there (to see "Alexis"), I was bombarded by a slew of other eights and nines that were strolling around the very well decorated duplex townhouse. I have yet to have sessions with anyone other than Alexis but "Paige", "Natalie" and "Savanah" are all in the fabulous babe category (at least looks wise). My jaw dropped open to see the selection of girls they have. In any event, Alexis is the most overtly sexy of them. She's got a natural set of 44D's that she's very happy to share (I've never seen a pair of big, full, natural jugs at any of these clubs that have compared to Alexis'). She keeps her legs silky smooth, she has dark hair, roots in South America and she's about 5' 7" at 125-130 lbs. She's relatively new to the business but has learned very quickly how to deal with her clients and have them leave happy. She definitely has the business end of her work in mind as she'll often remind you that tipping is would be nice -but she's worth it (especially if you like naturally busty women). Note: One note about something I've noticed about many of the NY in-call girls is that a lot of them have had babies. Some of their bodies show signs of childbirth more than others (some you can't tell at all), but the fact is that the vast majority of them seem to be supporting a child of some kind. I also found it interesting that they often bring it up during conversation. I don't know if it's a way to convey to you that they can use the money, or whether it's just something they feel they want to tell people before they start bumping uglies. At this point I think I'm going to wrap up this report. I know I haven't gone into as much detail regarding the sessions as some other postings have, but I can't go into each case at length or I'd be typing all week. Unfortunately, there are over 50 other women I could report on but would have difficulty remembering the specifics on. Alright, so now I've done my part and paid my dues. Let's hear more from you guys out there- Has anyone gone to see the $500/hr. girls like "Pamela" or "Heather". Heather sounds like an incredible flake on her voice mail, while "Pamela" ("young & fresh" as the ad states) sounds intelligent & seems like quite the morsel. I'm really curious to hear what these girls actually offer for the $$.
Subject: [ASP] New York in-calls Date: 1998/01/03 Following are two good places for in-calls in New York: XXX West 86th Street......212-875-9755 always 5-8 girls available at any time of the day. $130 for 1/2 hr, $160 for 45 min., $200 for the hour. Bad girls........212-479-7939 This is a recording for more information. This place has moved a few times in the last months. There are some real winners here, especially Heather who comes in from the mid-west. She has a great petite body: she is in the gym every day. Sandra, a 30-yr old will speak Greek. If anyone has some good information about young Oriental girls, please let me know. It seems that the Oriental places in the city employ the old and worn out.
Subject: (ASP) NYC - New mini reviews - Tiffanys Date: 1998/01/08 Now that instructions have been given for anonymous posting (it's very easy), all the lurkers should share their experiences... There's been some discussion lately as to the declining quality at Tiffany's. I have to agree, although until someone posts that there is anything better for the money ($90 for the half), it remains one of NYC's better values. Specific comments: Katerina - She was the subject of one of the worst reviews here. I've seen her about 5 times, the first one about a year ago. It started out wonderful the 1st time...without going into details, she permitted more than anyone else as Tiffany's. Last time however, things were more rushed and she became less willing to allow previous acts. Perhaps tiring of the trade? Monique - definitely the hottest looking, filthiest talking. A fun time, but she likes to be in control throughout. Angela - OK, but most detached personally. A little bit cold, but good technique Vanessa - nice, but older. Dim the lights and you won't notice. Haven't seen Michelle or Susy yet; is there anyone else currently working there that I don;t know about?
Subject: [ASP] NYC Review & an invitation to join the NYC Action List. Date: 1998/01/12 Jan 9, 1998 Dear ASP'ers, Greetings from the NYC Action List Keepers. This message contains a recent review of a fine "new" NYC incall establishment "FLOWERS" as well as an invitaion to join the NYC Action List. First, the review: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This review was submitted to the NYC Action List on 01/09/98. Service_type: Incall Establishment: Flowers AKA Bad Girls Lady_Name: Ashley Street1: 9th Ave. and W36th Phone: CENSORED BY EDITOR (The number is available on the site) price: 250/hour, 200/half Skin_color: Caucasian Eye_color: Blue/Green Hair_color: Blond Age_range: 18-22 Height: 5'0"-5'3" Weight: 100-110 Summary: ~~~~~~~~ Place: 6 Decor: 6 Clean: 3 Madam's attitude: 9 Ashley: 8+ Attitude: 9 Looks: 8+ Skill: 7 General/Place: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ When you call, you get a recording with a description of available girls. 2 girls were available. Both girls sounded nice, so I called the number provided in the recording. The woman on the phone assured me that this is full service and I would leave happy. I asked her if the girls will kiss, and she said "Ashley may kiss." I arrived on time and was let into a nice walk-up. The place was nice but "dirty" with clothes laying all over. Sort off reminded me of my room in college. The place has two bedrooms with bathrooms, but the shower is in the hallway. The bedroom was neater with plain furniture. Girls: ~~~~~~ I must admit, the recorded description was right on the money. The measurments and general appearance were as stated in the recording. Now, unlike other "high-end" places (I'll compare to JB or Madam Ruby's) the girls wore plain clothes (jeans & t-shirt) and no make-up. However, they did not need it! Both were young (under 23) and both are knockouts! Session: ~~~~~~~~ OK, I wanted to take a shower and the Madam told me that the time will not start ticking until I'm ready (Great!). Then, Ahley came in. She is a petite (fake) blond (waist 22") with a hard body and fake 34-D tits. She is hot! She just arrived to New York from Atlanta GA (yesterday), and will be leaving New York on Tuesday. She laid down on the bed and let me enjoy her tight, hot little body. She allowed me to go down on her and seemed to enjoy it. She allowed kissing, and responded back, but no tong. She proceded to give me a covered BJ. Her technique was OK, but I don't think she's got a lot of practice. Then I asked her to mount me. She rode me nice and hot for about 10 min. Then we flipped over and I banged her. Finaly, we did it doggie style until I was done. Let me tell you something, this girl's body is tight! She told me she works as a dancer in Atlanta and only does this out of Atlanta (like NY). After the session we just relaxed and talked for a while. Then I took a shower and left. Anyway, I spoke to the Madam and she explained to me that she only has out-of-town girls working there (while visiting NYC). The selection changes from week to week so there will be some variety. NOW, ABOUT NYC ACTION LIST: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The NYC Action List is a FREE and MODERATED mailing-list/site seeking to share adult information on/about sex trade in NYC. To join the "List" you MUST SUBMIT A USEFUL REVIEW on/about your (or others) experiences in NYC. You will then gain access to other reviews and information stored on the site. There is NO SPAM or any other "crap" on the site. The site is for "contributors only!" Working Ladies, please feel free to contribute to the list as well. We will grant access to the site to all that contribute useful NYC information! Also, your reviews will be posted on the site, but your identity WILL NOT. To Join: please visit the site and submit a review! HERE IS WHAT'S AVAILABLE ON THE SITE: (as off 01/09/97): ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Multiple reports on: Acquiesce (11/11/97) 5 reports Jillian Bradley (01/05/98) 9 reports Madam Ruby's AKA Wendy's Wild Women (12/03/97) 10 reports Studio 90 (01/08/97) 21 reports Tiffany's AKA Girls of Ipanema (01/08/98) 9 reports Curent ADDITIONAL reports on: Incalls: 62 reports including places like -- ~~~~~~~~~~ Body Heat (01/08/98) Zoey (01/07/98) Angeliques (01/07/98) Flowers (01/06/98) NEW PLACE! Super Models (01/06/98) Gloria (01/05/97) more... Independents: 25 reports including -- ~~~~~~~~~~ Tina, Liz (AlizaDD), Coty, Frances, Diane, Rachel, Jennifer Ashley Davenporte, Nicole, etc... Massage: 39 reports ~~~~~~~~~~ Outcall: 15 reports ~~~~~~~~~~ Street: 28 reports ~~~~~~~~~~ NOW, IF YOU ARE READY TO JOIN -- PLEASE ADHERE TO THE FOLLOWING GUIDELINES: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ To Join: please visit the site and submit a review! Guide On Writing Reviews: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Basically, we want to see the types of review YOU want to see. What we (YOU) want to see in a review: In addition to physical attributes requested on the "review submission form" please report on the following: * Attitude (both the girl and/or the place) * Performance (any special skills) * What activities the girl will, will not do * What you actually paid/tipped vs. the price quoted -- were you hustled, did you get a good deal * How difficult was is to set an appointment * Are there other girls available at the place or service used * Anything else you think is important Regards, The NYC Action List Keepers.
Subject: [ASP] review - NYC - JB's Date: 1998/01/28 After diligent research prior to my recent trip to NYC, I wanted to try the famous Jillian Bradley's. I received valuable advise and response to my posting. Thanks to all who made the effort to respond. This is truly the value of this NG. I will not post phone, nor address. Phone is obtainable in DejaNews. The location is in lower Manhattan, close to Wall Street and walkable to the subway with no problem. Made my appointment, showed up on time. The building is like most NY buildings, can be marginal on the outside with surprises on the inside. I rang in, went to the appropriate apartment and was greeted by a rather gruff woman who searched me, asked for ID, etc. I knew the drill for ID, but had never been searched before...Not that big of a deal. You are asked to go into the living room, where the ladies await. I was poured a drink, engaged in conversation with the ladies (3 on duty, but only 2 available). You are instructed that when the room is ready, you will be escorted into it by the "guard" and asked who you prefer. Of the two, I could choose from a petite younger Latin (I think) brunette (can't remember her name), or a taller, more buxom blonde. I chose Britt, the blonde. She only had 1/2 hour available as another appointment was scheduled after me Britt is 25 or so, 5'6-7", 120-125#. 34C-26-35 (I'm not great with these measurment things). We began the session, slowly, no kissing allowed. After mutual oral stimulation, I elected to finish that way. Somehow, I just didn't seem to have the "chemistry" with her that inspired me to work very hard. She was pleasant but matter-of-fact. OK, but I probably would have gotten more response out of the brunette. One interesting thing. Money is never mentioned. After the fact, I just paid ($200 1/2hr or $240 1 hr.) and left. All in all, lived up to the expectations I had developed. I must say that other cities, much smaller, and much less "worldly" outdo NY in the professional companionship department. But if your ever in Manhattan and get the urge, try it out. Britt Looks - 7 Attitude - 6 Technique - 7 Value - 7 Keep it up!
Subject: [ASP] NYC-Forever Yours - A JollyRoger Report Date: 1998/02/08 Returned last week to Forever Yours (currently dba Wild Side) to discover a virtually entirely new group of ladies available on this particular afternoon. I chose to select Stephanie, a 5'3" or so light brunette/dirty blonde, mid-20's, C(?)-cuppish who seemed to merit my attention by fixing a most wonderful set of bedroom eyes on me while I was in the living room pondering my choice. She was perhaps no prettier than some of her colleagues, however, the fact that her demeanor made it clear that she truly wanted the session distinguished her from the more languid attitude of some of her disinterested, Cosmo-reading co-workers. I was not disappointed. Stephanie turned out to be a Parisian who'd arrived relatively recently to seek fame and fortune in Gotham, with some formal training as an actress (...could it be that this might explain her effective come-hither stare...? No matter where its origin, it worked....). The hour began with hugs and caresses which soon intensified to far more passionate activity, varied, delightful and enthusiastic. 'Nuff said, except to say that unprodded by me - no pun intended - Stephanie initiated a second round of activity. This is enterprise I have encountered all too rarely in my explorations of this side of life and is to be most highly commended. All in all, a very pleasurable, return-inducing experience. Do treat Stephanie well. Happy and safe adventuring - and cheers,
Subject: [ASP] NYC Review (Tiffany's) Date: 1998/02/11 Last week I made my second visit to Tiffany's in the last six months. On my previous visit I had spent time with Victoria who unfortunately has returned to Brazil. I was a little concerned because there had been a number of less than favorable reviews during the last few months. I am happy to report that Tiffany's remains one of the best service providers I have ever encountered. I called on a Monday evening about 9:30 pm and made an appointment for 10:15. When I arrived there were three girls available including Monique & Michele. Based on looks and some prior reviews I selected Michele. Michele is short with a wonderful tight body (fully shaved) and long black hair. She may not have the prettiest face but I found her to be very sexy. After the preliminary shower, we settled down to an hour of unrushed but enthusiastic sex. There were no limits other than anal and appropriate safety precautions were taken. As has been previously reported you pay for the time. I was never rushed and Michele made sure that I was satisfied and satisfied again. The pricing is the same now as it was six months ago and the repeat customer discount remains in effect. This place is terrific.
Date: Wed, 18 Feb 1998 22:35:58 PST Hey all, I'm back in New York on business. (I live here half the week usually.) It's been raining here, so street action has been somewhat dead. Since Chicago has sucked so much, I decided to go for the sure thing and went to Wendy's Wild Women (aka Madame Ruby's). (you can find their phone # on the net. Just do a search for New York Sex) I went at 5 PM and there were 6 girls available. I have been here several times before, and I only recognized one of them. I tried a new girl named "Savannah" and I went for an hour. (They raised their prices now... 150 for half hour, 190 for a full hour.) (plus tip too...) She was blonde, 5'8, around 28 - 30, decent body but great personality. She dry kisses and is very gentle and caring. I loved the attention she gives. She's not like the typical call girl who wants to get her business done asap... She was really attentive to my comfort level.etc. (it was too hot in the room, etc.) She was so good that I gave her a 200 tip and I got her number... if you're ever going to be in New York, I highly recommend her. (you can give the girl a 20 dollar tip if she's not good...) I may try the street action later on tonight or tomorrow.
Subject: [asp] Review - Jillian Bradley's Date: 1998/02/19 I just had an experience at the new Jillian Bradley that I need to tell someone about. Thanks to this usenet group- I will manage to tell plenty of people. About two months ago I learned that Jillian Bradley was finally back in business. Being that over the last few years I never had the opportunity to actually have a session at JB I was happy to know that I would finally get my chance to give them a try. It turned out to be probably one of the top 5 sessions I may have ever experienced. I got a bit lost for a while trying to find their location (in the Wall Street area) but once I arrived, I found myself in a spacious and beautifully decorated apartment complete with pool table, full kitchen large living room & two very exotic and romantically furnished bedrooms each with a private bath (it would be a great apartment to live in -for many reasons). Of course neither of these bedrooms are complete without someone to share them with. Via E-mail from other people who had originally told me about JB1s reopening, there were two people that had been recommended to me. One was the sophisticated blonde Brit, who I believe has been a staple at Jillian1s for many years and the other was Katia, who I knew nothing about. Upon my arrival I was told that neither of these girls were in -but that Katia was expected within a half hour. Being that it took a while for me to get downtown & find the place I figured that I might as well just wait. During the time I was waiting I was invited to play a game of pool with the security person who happened to be a woman. I never got to know her name but I had a great time playing pool with her. Both she and Destiny, Jillian1s daughter who handles the phone calls, really made me feel at ease. Never pressuring me in any way and finding ways to help pass the time while I was waiting. As the time passed I got the feeling Katia might take longer than expected. While I was playing pool I found the concentration on my pool shots constantly being broken by a beautiful brunette named Lauren, one of the girls who was on that day and was trying on different outfits just within my view. She reminded me a lot of French adult film star Lydia Chanel, except that Lauren is quite a bit prettier with more petite breasts. She1s 24 years old, about 51 62 and 115 lbs with beautiful brown eyes, long black wavy hair and a slim taught body. I couldn1t resist the temptation any longer and finally decided to take a session with Lauren -Katia would have to wait for another day. I walked into the plush bedroom and waited while Lauren arrived in gorgeous sheer black nightgown with a bikini top and bottom. As the hour session began, we slowly got to know each other. At first, because she was so attractive, I had a fear she might come along with some attitude. Those fears quickly disappeared as our timid beginnings led on to some hot & heavy friskiness. Lauren has more energy than anyone I can remember being with. She1s a sexual dynamo who was in full gear for practically the entire hour we were together. We tried all different positions and throughout the whole time she kept up the passion and never came up for air. I was so amazed and happy that such a sultry beauty as Lauren was completely uninhibited in her sexuality. It was as if we were long-time lovers and had just been reunited for the first time in years. It was the type of sexual encounter you fantasize about except for the fact that- in this case- it was actually happening. The only problem was that, being 10 years older than she, at some points I just simply had to take a breather. I have no doubt that my session with Lauren burned more calories than if I was both on a rowing machine and a stair master at the same time. If I could afford JB1s on a regular basis, I1d cancel my membership at Crunch and make my 3workouts2 something that I1d know I1d always look forward to (wouldn1t that be so great?). One of the wonderfully alluring aspects of Lauren is the aura she emits as almost a kind of smoldering she-Vampire. Remember the Dracula movie directed by Francis Coppolla few years ago- with the really sexy Vamps that try to seduce Keanu Reeves? Lauren would fit right in. She wears a white lace collar around her neck that makes you wonder what1s under there- and during our time together I remember being bitten at least two or three times.(nothing too painful & no piercing of the skin). It wasn1t until the next morning, when I woke up with bite marks on my neck and torso that I fully appreciated what I had been through with Lauren. To sum up, it was definitely one of those rare experiences that will stand out in my memory. And, I don1t know if it1s Lauren1s mystical vampress spell, but I find myself thinking about her quite often since then. I1m very happy to report that I must highly recommend the new Jillian Bradley1s. Although it is a bit pricier than some other NY houses (by about 25%), I can1t imagine any better place in the city to come away with the feeling that life is wonderful. Happy Sailing,
Subject: brothels in Queens Date: Thu, 23 Apr 1998 03:01:48 -0400 this is an update on Queens brothels. I am responding to recent research done on Queens and have become quite the expert. First, the ones in flushing aren't that great. If you happen to be black, sometimes the korean places just wont let you in. But I found a great one in astoria. Its called Oriental happiness, and it is quite the place. They advertise in a neighborhood magazine and it even gives the address and phone number. So i dont think it is a disservice to mention them here. address: 31-17 23rd ave. If you ride by train, just take the yellow line to astoria to the last stop. they are almost around the corner. I had this great korean woman, probably in her late 20s. She gave great head while putting on the condom. She gently stroked my cock with her teeth. the full cost is $150 plus any tip. she had the tightest pussy. needless to say, it was great. and at a moderate cost. Although i enjoy going to the massage parlors, I cant continually go. if anyone can give any info on finding some great sex for free, please post a message. thanx
Subject: [ASP] NYC review Date: 1998/05/10 Visited Erica at Bad Girls about a week and a half ago...My first visit to Bad Girls, it's kinda a neat place in that there is a phone # you can call in advance to hear descriptions of the available women for that day... Chose Erica b/c for an additional $100, she would speak Greek... Nevertheless, when I got there, I met all 4 women -- she was clearly the most attractive, but still not the prettiest woman I've ever been with... About 5'3" 110 lb., very nice, firm (albeit fake) breasts (maybe 34D or DD -- she's petite...) wonderful, sexy, sexy body (probly the best I've seen)...from South Carolina (comes to visit about every 6 weeks)... So, she begins by kinda arguing with me over how much light the room should have...finally, she begins a fairly erotic striptease, and then, when naked (I already am), she began rubbing her breasts over my body... Now, I was VERY nervous about this place, since the phone # is fairly explicit in what's offered -- they also take credit my anxiety was doubly strong... About 12 minutes into the session, there's a knock on the door (one bedroom in a multi-room apartment), I KNOW my time isn't close to up, and I KNOW there shouldn't be a knock on the door...she gets kinda dressed and opens up the door a crack -- one of the other women is there, and I hear the word "cop" murmured... She comes back in, VISIBLY nervous, and starts getting dressed. I get VERY nervous, because I figure I was either a) set up, or b) just about to get busted... A few seconds later, there's another knock -- she goes back -- now she comes back and tells me to "hurry, hurry, hurry." I ask why? She says, initially she thought the first woman told her _I_ was a cop, now she realizes they said a cop was in the apartment!!! I REALLY start moving now...In the end, the "madame" comes in and says she "sent the guy away..." To the incall's credit, they gave me a WHOLE hour beginning 15 minutes later -- so that we each had a few minutes to calm down... When she came back, things were absolutely horrible -- we were BOTH so nervous, especially me, I could barely hold an erection -- as a result, it was one of the worst experiences I had -- again, to HER credit, she told me if I came back again, and paid the agency fee, she'd credit the "greek" tip to me, and it would apply to THAT session... So, glutton for punishment that I am, I went back... This time, no close calls, but I realized part of my "inability to maintain" had to do with her...Normally, I am lucky enough to get a BBBJ -- here, no luck...but that isn't SO bad...after the condom goes on, she walks away, comes back with a washcloth, and rinses the condom off -- by now, I'm not exactly "stiff" anymore -- finally, she gets me hard again by hand, is READY to do oral, and I tell her not to bother -- at this point, I'd prefer to just be inside...she gets ready to get on top, then reaches over and pulls out a lubricant...ok, I'll go along with this...then she starts INSPECTING the condom -- decides, because there's a droplet of pre-ejaculate in the condom, it has to come off and be replaced... ARGH! Off it comes, on goes a new one -- lubricant applied... Now, I would NEVER advocate unprotected sex with an escort, but I am not so virile as to suffer no ill effects from a condom... Anyway, suffice to say, once again, it was a frustrating, unsuccessful encounter...Nevertheless, I would've loved for it to have worked out! :) Sadly, this event MAY have marked my "retirement" from the hobby (although at 29, perhaps I still have time for a comeback! :) Ratings: Appearance: 7.5 Oral: N/A Sex: N/A Intangibles: 5 Total: 12.5
Date: Sat, 13 Jun 1998 14:17:34 EDT Subject: Madame Ruby's, New York, NY I had the opportunity to visit Madame Ruby's (MR) during May 1998. It is truly first class, and I want to share my experience with the Guide's readers. MR advertises heavily on the WWW, and further specifics can be found there ( Examples of the staff are shown. Having some free time on a Friday afternoon on the upper west side, I called MR. I had called previously but had been advised to call close to the scheduled appointment. Finally, I called at 10:45 a.m. for a 1:00 p.m. slot. A female voice told me to call again from the corner of 72d and Broadway (where it meets Amsterdam) near Verdi Park. I called from the corner grocery, and she told me they were way behind schedule. I cooled my heels in HMV Music. When I called back, she gave me directions to a nearby duplex. MR has a separate white call box and I was buzzed into the lobby. A blue door opened and the madame of the house led me in. She pleasantly asked for ID and politely frisked me, asking whether I carried a cellular phone or beeper. She led me past the computer and telephone on the left to a warmly furnished living room with an off-white shag carpet. I sat on a sofa and was quickly offered a drink. Then six young women introduced themselves. The madame (Dana) asked if I had decided. Fumbling, I chose the last an American young woman named Jodi. Dana gave me no further details, but she confirmed she was "nice" when I asked. The preliminaries (that were in no way unpleasant) over, Jodi showed me to a corner bedroom to the left of the entrance. The room was neatly furnished with a king size bed poster bed, chair and thick carpet. The white walls and jazz on the radio made the ambience comfortable, like a girlfriend's apartment. Jodi came in and said, "since you are new, your initiation is to get completely comfortable." I undressed and put on a hick terry cloth robe. Jodi returned to join me and handed me a Coca-Cola with ice. She checked in using the wall intercom. She suggested for starters giving me a massage. I of course accepted, being worn out after giving an after dinner speech the night before. I lay face down talking with her about poetry as she firmly massaged my back. The massage was perfect and lasted for at least 10 minutes. I then offered to massage her, which I did with lotion and as I sat on her pear-shaped ass. I moved to her legs and feet and she showed her approval. Next she turned over and I began to caress and lick her breasts. They were firm and natural with small perfectly round nipples. She enjoyed the licking under her breasts and I worked up to her nipples. She would not let me kiss her face, saying that was reserved for "real life." Too quickly, she placed a condom on my erection and vigorously began to fellate me. Her technique was practiced and her tongue stiff and the grasp of her lips as strong as a teenage fantasy. The sensation was intense and nearly brought me o orgasm in minutes. Eventually, she fell under me and I entered her. Too soon, I ejaculated (much as I tried not to) and lay quietly on her. She fetched a warm towel and we lay naked, talking. She lightly stroked my skin as we discussed her boyfriend (a lawyer), relationships and life in general. With eight minutes left (Dana buzzed a warning) I took a quick shower in the immaculate and well-stocked bathroom. Jodi followed for a quick shower of her own. We said goodby. She gave me a business card with a private "212" number for future use. I gave a 4-digit code to identify myself. Dana politely said goodby at the door. How would I rate the experience? Perfect. The location is upscale and it is professionally managed. I will return. Cost $150. for 30 minutes and $190. for 60 minutes. Tip requested. Hours: 11:00 A.M. to 1:00 A.M. Mon-Sat 1:00 P.M. to Mid Sun Telephone: 212-873-8158

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