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Date: 4 Oct 1995 15:55:04 -0400

Try Tender trap in Commack ( 231 and 25) . Only one or two work after
hours , but they are not bad looking.

Date: Wed, 17 Apr 1996 15:05:55 UTC Anyone out there using the services of the ladies in Queens; I recommend checking out the Queens Tribune ads in the back for some fun... Interested if anyone has heard of Angel Health Spa on Queens Blvd? Good or bad?
Date: Sat, 2 Mar 1996 08:29:32 UTC I know of a FULL Service private establishment on West 77th Street. It's a one room apartment run by a woman named Emerita. She used to advertise her "sensuous massage" in SCREW magazine. She's an attractive light-skinned Hispanic woman around 40 years-old. Very classy. Her place is in a nice neighborhood, and it's discreet and clean. I've been there a couple of times and always get my money's worth. If you call her, Emerita explains that her service is a full-body massage, and that she went to the Swedish Institute of Massage. The session is about an hour long, sometimes longer, but never rushed. At the end of the session, she gives her customers what she calls her "special treat - a blowjob without a condom." Extra service is available at an extra charge. She's on the 5th floor of a walk-up. She greeted me at the door wearing a low-cut, short robe that showed a lot of leg and breast. Nice black hair, pretty face. She said I could pay when the session was over. After I took off my clothes, she got naked "so that we both would be comfortable." Nice tits, legs and ass. I laid down on the massage table and she rubbed me all over. Emerita's a great talker. After about a half-hour of massage, during which she let me feel her tits and ass, she said it was "time for the release." She placed a pillow under my head so I could get a better view, and then started massaging my dick. After a minute, she started sucking me, first slowly, then faster. While she was sucking, I grabbed her ass and held on for the ride. Every so often, she would come up for air. After about 15 or 20 minutes, I told her I was going to cum. She grabbed my dick and started jerking me off real fast, all the time looking me right in the eyes. She kept pumping me until I was dry. Afterwards, she washed me off with a warm towel and let me recover for a little while. Never a rush. I gladly paid her (well worth it), took her business card and left. Can't beat it. Nice, safe location. Very private. Pretty, classy woman. Didn't get ripped off. It's a lot better than going to some club and being just another face in the crowd.
Subject: New York's Best Brothel in New York Magazine Date: 14 Apr 1996 02:36:05 -0400 New York magazine has a special issue this week, "The Best of New York". They actually have a category, New York's best brothel. But they don't tell you exactly where it is. It has no name. It is in Queens on Northern Boulevard, in the 70's, on the second floor. Can anyone fill in the missing details?
Date: June 1996 Qlimax times has a good report about a full service session at "Luxury off Lexington", Low 80's off Lexington Ave.
Date: Thu, 9 May 1996 12:21:45 UTC Years ago I went to Manhattan for business and an associate took me to a hooker bar. I mean, it was like a regular bar that you had to be buzzed in, and all the girls were hookers. You could buy them drinks, talk, and when you were ready there was a limo outside that would take you to their apt. You could spend as much time as you wanted talking with all the girls then based on your mood at that moment choose the one you wanted. I don't remember who was paid when, though. Does anything like this exist in NY anymore. It was a memorable place. I figured you would know. By the way, the girls were outrageous.
Subject: Re: Studio 90 Date: Mon, 10 Jun 1996 14:09:25 GMT > I went to this place the other day. Let me tell you guys, if you >can't get it up or have doubts about it, then don't come here!! For a >nominal low fee, you can get whatever you want, and I am serious, If you >have a slight aggressive personality and aren't afraid of women, then >you'll get fucked or sucked at a much more reasonable price than those >"hour" ripoffs. Only drawback is, is that you must not mind any >voyeurism, because there are no private rooms, just basically two big >rooms with couches. But your hostess makes sure to get the most privacy >out of the situation! People who are into this sort of thing are URGED to >check it out. The number is in various "Ny sex guides" available at any >newsstand! Satisfaction guaranteed!!! Usually there are 20 to thirty >girls working at once, so if your wallet allows it, the sky is the limit! >Dig it!! Others who have went please post inquiries and results!! Dude, Are you taling about Club 2000? (38th?) If so I was there on Thursday. You are absolutely right. If you are on a budget, it's the only place to go. Let me tell you some of the girls are REAL HOGS. I was with a hot PR girl called Sachy. She gives the most amazing blowjobs. I still shutter to think about it. Ask for her. [Yes, Studio 90, Club 2000, and Club 90 are all the same.]
Subject: Club 90 (now Studio 2000) Date: Mon, 17 Jun 96 06:09:55 GMT The place was busted a while back and some of the real hot chicks just seemed to have disappeared. There used to be a pretty little hispanic babe named Joanna who worked there whom I haven't seen since. She was a petite blonde with big, natural tits who never EVER disappointed. Her specialty was a tit job that was out of this world. She would start with a hot blow job. Then, while still on her knees, she'd pull out some baby oil from her bag and rub some all over my rod, wrap her big jugs around it and let me tit fuck her until I shot my load all over her chin (she never complained about getting cum-blasted either). She was hot!!!! If anyone knows where she might be working these days please post or e-mail. Thanks!
Subject: Another trip to Jillian Bradley's Date: Fri, 17 May 1996 14:33:53 UTC I did indeed go back last night (Monday) and had a session that reaffirmed my faith in this establishment (you'll recall my less-than-enthusiastic recap of my encounter with Nicole). (This is getting to be an expensive hobby. :)) This time, I chose a brown-skinned lovely named Sasha, whom I'd presumed was Hispanic on my first two trips there. It turns out she's Indian; well, probably an American citizen, but of Indian heritage. Sasha is about 5-5, maybe 130 ( a little bit of a bulge between navel and crotch), and I'd guess 34C-25-35. She has brown skin, dark eyes and dark curly hair past her shoulders. And she smells wonderful. Sasha says she's working toward being a dermatologist, spending most of her days at a large Manhattan hospital and working at most three hours a night at Jillian Bradley's before returning home to study. (I still don't know whether all this college-girl-wanna-be-a-doctor/lawyer/businesswoman stuff is a load of crap or not, but it certainly enhances the fantasy for me.) Sasha said she has no personal life -- work and study keep her from that right now -- so she enjoys her encounters at Jillian Bradley's. (She allowed as how she'd once encountered a professor of hers there and had had a session with him, which I'm sure must've made for an awkward classroom relationship thereafter.) She did everything she could to ensure that I had a good time, which I certainly did. She began by lightly stroking me to arousal, then licking and sucking my balls and much of my shaft. After maybe five minutes of this, she said, "Let me put a condom on, so I can kiss you." She proceeded to give me some wonderful oral attention, wonderful because of the duration and the skill with which it was administered. I asked her to stop so we could move on to other things. I won't bore you with the details, but Sasha either enjoyed herself or gave a pretty convincing imitation of it, moaning, panting, sighing, squeezing. She finally asked me how I wanted to come. I asked if I could come in her mouth if I left the condom on. She paused for a brief instant and then said okay. I told her, "I don't want to do it if it's something you don't want to do." She assured me that it was all right with her, and she proceeded to deliver an extremely intense and enjoyable ending to the session. An hour very well spent with a very pretty young lady. Afterwards, she said she's usually at Jillian Bradley's only on days when someone requests her, and only for that session and maybe one or two more. So if you're interested, you'll have to make sure she's available.
Subject: Heather in NYC is a SCAM Date: Sat, 06 Jul 1996 01:02:25 -0700 Heather in NYC [censored] bills herself as blue-chip and the best. She claims to be a centerfold of the year (and she is pretty) but not worth the bucks. In her phone message, she asks for $650 per hour (but will insist on a two-hour minimum). If you book an appointment, she'll tell you she rents out the 2nd floor of a townhouse on 39th St between 2nd and 3rd Avenues. It's only half the floor and she shares it with friends. I never even made it to the bedroom because she insisted on using the couch in the living room. It was a hot day and she didn't have the air conditioning on, only a dinky fan. We got naked and she rubbed me till I got hard. Then she handed me a condom and asked me to put it on myself. Then she lay on her back and I went into her. I pumped for 20 minutes while she moaned. Then she said she was getting sore and couldn't go any further. She had me remove the condom and put some lotion on me. She rubbed me for 5 minutes but I didn't come yet. She had she had enough and said that if I wanted to come, I'd have to finish myself off! Then she left the room and got dressed. I got dressed and left, fuming mad. Don't make the same mistake I made. Tell all your friends to avoid Heather in NYC.
Subject: Re: NYC CLUB 90 CLUB 2000 Date: Fri, 06 Sep 1996 20:12:22 GMT >what's been up with 90. It's been closed for two weeks now. Anyonce >know why? Club 90 got raided by the NYC police about 3 weeks ago. ALL of the girls were arrested and the landlord of the building asked the owners of Club 90 to move out. There was talk to setting up in a new location but it's still not open.
Date: 9 Jan 1997 23:42:47 GMT Rebecca: An individual girl. Complete class. Rebecca is about 5ft 1, red hair, green eyes, trim, 105 lbs, but curvey (though small perkey breasts). She is vary fair skinned, no tanned beach babe, more of a Victorian china doll. Very passionate, loving and tender. An abslutely wonderful time from a wonderful woman. She is often in the NY guides, as Rebecca. She often has a pic in, it does not do her justice. She arrives dressed in great taste, you could be seen anywhere with her. If all were like her, this would be legal. She is expensive, and will negotiate a bit, but do not insult her with a low ball offer. Outcall.
Subject: Re: ASHLEY ESCORT IN NY CITY - NEED INFO Date: 5 May 1997 22:01:23 GMT >I'm going to be in NY city on business in a couple of weeks, >and I would like info on how to get a hold of an escort named Ashley. >She supposedly is an ex playboy centerfold in 1992. Any info >would be appreciated. From the Dick O'Stone FAQ, posted to a.s.p. recently: ************** Q. Is Ashley Allen, Playboy's Miss August 1992, really an escort in New York City? A. We pretty well established in a.s.p. a couple of months ago that the Ashley who ran California Girls in Manhattan was not Ashley Allen, Playboy's Miss August 1992, even though she apparently told some people she was. (Whether she was a Playboy model in any capacity -- Book of Lingerie, Nudes, etc. -- remains open to some question.) Soon after that thread began, it was also noted that Ashley was no longer available, at least through the number that she'd been advertising. However, I recently received some e-mail that said that Ashley was working at an incall esablishment in NYC and had a picture at this URL: Playmate or not, she's supposed to be very good. If anyone has anything else to contribute, please let me know.
Subject: NYC Date: Fri, 09 May 1997 08:55:11 PDT Just wanted to report that Oriental Summer at 23 West 36th St, N.Y., N.Y. got busted on May 7, 1997. There was a sign outside their door yesterday saying that the premises was closed by the police for prostitiution and unlicensed massage. I'm a criminal attorney in NY and would sure love to pick up some of these clients (perhaps you have some ideas?). Anyway, just thought I'd also take this opportunity to let you know how much I've enjoyed your website and to thank you for the latest news. Keep up the great work.
Subject: Updates on NYC sex scene Date: Mon, 14 Jul 1997 18:43:03 PDT Here's what I can tell you about the peep show scene in the Times Square/Port Authority area (as of 7/97): -- Show World: It SUCKS!! It's not worth it, just a place to quickly lose your money. -- Most of the places have adult videos/mags/novelties in the front or on the first floor, and the live girls in back or on the 2nd floor. Only one place that I was in made me buy some tokens (Peepland on 7th Ave near Times Square, $2 worth). The deal is you use the tokens to open those windows in the private booths. $5 lets you do just about anything...some girls will let you lick their pussy and asshole! However, don't expect to get that far everywhere. I guess the peep shows are good for sex on a budget...don't know much about the other areas of the NYC metro region... Also note that Club 2000 or Club 90 no longer exists, as far as I know... Tell people who use the sex guide that more updated info is needed!! Please send a reply if possible, and please give me some tips on getting some sex on a limited budget.
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 1997 06:14:49 -0800 Subject: Information for the Guide I live in Brooklyn, New York and I recently visited a place called Foxy Brown. It is in a warehouse area under the highway. I'm not sure if I should post address, but it is listed in Screw magazine. When you walk in, it looks like a real bare strip joint. There is a bar and a few arcase type games in front and then the room opens to the area where the stage is. As a DJ plays songs, 1 or 2 girls dance in stage and approach you for tips. They will take off there tops and allow you to place tips between there breasts. The girls do not remove there g-string, but will lift it out enough to stick money both in the front and back. Most of the girls that were there the night I went would allow you to see there pussies and place a tip there. There was a nice assortment of girls, even though it was a slow night. Black, white, russian, latin, conservative and wild (tattoos and piercings). None were real beauties, but certainly not dogs either. After the girls are done on stage they do the usual soliciting for lap dances. After a few girls came by me, I finally said yes to one of them. She then goes, it's $30 and we'll go in the back room where it is more private. Sounded good so far. So, we go in the back and she says I can have a handjob, blowjob or sex (half & half). Sex was $100, blow $50 and hand, I think, was about $40. She kept pushing sex, but I didn't bring too much money with me thinking it was only a strip club and nothing else. Besides, I already spent a lot on tips and $30 to get into the back room. Anyway, I chose a blowjob since I can never resist one. (This girl had a pierced tounge. That made a blowjob sound even more tempting). The girl places a rubber on you and sucks until you cum. When you are done, she gives you some wet-naps to wipe yourself with, says thanks and leaves. Not a bad experience and it turned out to be a nice experience. I do feel it was a little expensive. It was $80 for a blow job. Overall, I would recommend the place. Don't expect much in decor, but the girls will take good care of you.
Date: Tue, 09 Dec 1997 23:19:50 +0000 NEW YORK, NY (REPORT) --------------------- Just a quick report on the scene around Times Square, where I was recently on business. I was staying on about 48th and Madison, so it was a quick walk over to Times Square, and after trying out all the peep clubs and strip joints I knew about from the web (looking for a "touchy-feely" establishment) I decided that the best was certainly Peepland on 7th ave. Although the girls aren't very pretty in the main, it's quiet (I was often the only customer) and the girls have one rule - anything goes. Go into the booth, insert 4 quarters, give the girl of your choice $5 and you get about 2 minutes of anything you like. They will usually offer "top or bottom" - I usually went for the pussy. Unlike most of the other places it's not just feeling, you can stick as many fingers in her as you can fit. One girl (not pretty my conventional measures, and rather large) was amazing, as I fent her pussy & clit she bent over to stick her huge nipples in my mouth to suck. Then she saw I was playing with myself in the booth and she reached in to lend a hand...shutter goes down....fumble for more change...another $5...she takes my finger, turns round and physically forces it up her asshole - I can't imagine she was getting off on it but that's how it seemed! Anyway - after the next payment she offered to take me into the VIP booths. They are meant for a simple strip/lap dance (it says on the wall NO TOUCHING THE DANCERS) but she said to me "come in the VIP and you can fuck me". So needless to say I did - $20 later I was having anal sex with her...she seemed to be loving it :) Again - great value and 1000% better than any of the better known places.
Subject: [ASP] Report: Peepland in New York City Date: 1998/01/18 I was born in New York City in the early 1950s, but until business took me back last week, I hadn't spent any kind of time there for over a decade. This is a report on several visits to peep shows while there. It's adapted from an e-mail note to a close friend. I know some people might question the relevance of a peep show to the topic of this news group, but in this case at least, I think many of our law-givers and law-enforcers might actually consider it relevant. Last Thursday night after brief business in midtown, I headed west on 45th St. to check out the new Disnefied Guilanified Times Square with the hope (and with a certain informed suspicion) of finding a few relics of the Times Square I used to find more directly gratifying. Well, after heading up B'way past luridly pulsating lights, well-scrubbed throngs, CATS! hype, Lyin' King, Simpering Beauty... then lo!, on the east side of the street I spied... PEEPLAND! Just as I had remembered it, too--a long skinny Raincoater book/mag/vid store and at the back illuminated stairs leading to !!Live Girls!! I bought the mandatory 8 tokens for two bucks, ascended, and found it to look just about the way it had looked when I last went about 12 years earlier, with glass talk booths on the walls and three of those peeps-in-the-round thingies set about the floor space. But only one thing different... lounging on top of the peeps-en-ronde were the performers, joined by an occasional likewise-reclining blowup doll. [Tech note: Guess I was in kind of a fog, but I found the following address for Peepland on Switchboard: Peepland Adult Center; 216 W 50th St., New York, NY 10019-6702; Phone: (212)765-4732. The Switchboard map put it on B'way between 49th and 50th St. but in my memory it was just north of 47th St., and could have been on 7th Av. Can any contemporary NY'ers sort this out?] I made eye contact with a very dark-and-curlyish haired, fair-skinned, broad-faced, somewhat Bonitaesque woman--if you know Bonita from Ed Powers' brilliant pornvid series _More Dirty Debutantes_. She was very striking to me. I entered the booth directly below her, assembled four tokens ($1) to activate the peep window, and let the partition rise--it was about 16" wide, 12" high, and at about shoulder level. The woman appeared and said, "What do you want?" I was impressed at how clear she both looked and sounded (being more used to the nearly soundproof glass of the _Lusty Lady_ in SF). Assuming she was eliciting a tip, I fished from my wallet a dollar, searched for a slot through which to insert it, but was surprised when she simply took it from my hand: "Whoa, no glass!" She laughed. "Well, for a dollar, just a dance." "What else is there?" "Well you can touch, for a nice tip..." "Like what?" "A nice tip..." A bit flustered, I said well, just a dance for now. Definitely as good a dance as I'd seen anywhere. And a chance to talk. (She seemed to have an accent, and I clearly heard some Slavic language spoken among several of the dancers.) The window went down. I put in four more tokens. "What do you want?" "Uh, just another dance." (Still a bit flustered). "OK" (Slight eye roll...) Very nice. When I went out of the booth I thought a bit, found a $5 in my wallet, caught the eye of a really nice looking blonde woman probably in her early 20s atop one of the peep-o's, went in her booth, put in the tokens.... "Yes?" I gave her the $5: "May I touch you?" "Above or below?" "Can I touch your pussy?" She smiled and put one leg way up on the ledge below the window. God this was just heaven. She was fairly dry and I didn't want to penetrate her because, well, it seemed perhaps a bit too invasive, plus to do it nicely I would have wanted to wet my fingers, and I hated to imagine her being exposed vaginally to my (or especially any other stranger's) spit critters; anyway I was very happy to find her clit, zero in on it, and have her grind against my hand and fingers. Um, Dear Reader, do you have any idea how long it has been since I have had that kind of contact? It was *so* great. And in a way so humbling because I felt so... well, out of practice. (I have been married for twenty years, but our intimacies have dwindled nearly to nothing.) Anyway, I think I did this two or three more times, each with a different woman. I guess three. Another blondish woman. Then this really attractive woman with short, straight, black hair in bangs who looked (with lipstick) quite a bit like a young Kristara Barrington-- very pale, but entirely Euro-featured. [FYI: KB was a lovely early/mid- '80s porn star of mixed European and Korean ancestry]. This Kristara was so great because she had used some kind of oil on her (shaved) pussy, making her really nice and squishy. And then the first woman whom I'd asked only for dances earlier. Anyway my head was really swimming, it was just *so* great for me. Then I left, heading down B'way. If you were there that evening, maybe you saw me: I was the one in a semi-swoon, surreptitiously sniffing his fingers. Making my way to the subway, I noticed _Peepland_'s sister establishment on 42nd St., between 7th Av. and the Av. of the Americas (known to paleo NY-ers like me as 6th Av.) I had some leftover tokens so I figured what the heck. I went in, bought the mandatory $2 extra's worth, went up... oh my god. The place seemed really different. Uh, I really hate the word 'ugly,' I think it's really pretty cruel.... but I mean the women there were... sagging or emaciated or large-stomached... And aggressive, trying to call you over to their place. It looked as if they reserved the "nice" Peepland near all the Disnoid stuff for the sweet attractive Euro-women while relegating this place to less attractive, more rowdy talent. The clientele too seemed more New York too--not as touristy. Well I finally saw a woman who looked fairly nice so I tried to see if she'd perform--no, on break. So I went into a booth, put in my four tokens, three women appeared, and I was supposed to pick. I beckoned a pretty cute young woman but wanted first just a dance; gave her a dollar; and she just walked away with it. The others laughed when the little window shut. Well of course they make their money on the higher- grade service, but all things considered... I left, carrying tokens to use on a future visit to the "nice" Peepland. So, dear reader: I suggest you avoid the Peepland's 42nd Street establishment... Well, Friday for me was insanely busy; and Saturday was also busy. I was finally free at 3:00pm. I headed to Broadway, entered the "nice" Peepland, got my tokens, and ascended. I'd made a couple of resolutions--to talk more, to touch and caress more (i.e., not simply finger), and to make *sure* I hadn't somehow been deceived in concluding there were no Asian women there--how could there *not* be, I asked myself. So--I got upstairs and immediately I saw Kristara from last time--I went in, gave her five; fun. She wasn't lubed but still. Then I saw a woman who really looked Filipina, with a sort of triangular face, darkish skin--she was really good looking with an incredibly body, really small waist and amazing butt. Her accent wasn't Filipina though so I asked her where she was from--Jamaica. That really fit better with her body type and hair. I was totally mesmerized; it was so great feeling her butt and hips and waist. Again, just completely out of my range of experience (well, my memory at least), she felt so dynamic and firm. Suddenly it occurred to me that I really wanted to experience touching a woman's breasts. That's the part that, more than anything, has been kept away from me for years. I made eye contact with an attractive blondish woman. But her breasts were large but sagging. I felt her below instead, and we talked a bit. She was nice. I asked her what that Slavic-sounding language was that I kept hearing: Ukrainian, she said. Aha, no wonder I didn't recognize it. Interesting. Toward the end she really started grinding. Mmm. I went into another booth but I guess I had mis-beckoned the woman on top... so a line-up of three appeared. I picked a cute woman with darkish hair, Ukrainian too I think. "May I touch your breasts?" "Sure." Very soft, medium sized, attractive; it really felt good. And she reached through the window, stroked the back of my head, and pulled my face into the center of her chest. I nuzzled around until my mouth was over one nipple, then circled it lightly with my tongue while caressing her other nipple in my hand. She moaned. I wasn't born yesterday but still, that was a nice touch and made me feel good. After the window went down I really had a new understanding of myself--I really *love* the feel and sensation of breasts. Maybe even more than pussies although if I'd had one to lick and kiss right now, I might uh, revise that... Anyway, armed with my new self-knowledge I headed for Miss Jamaica. Wow, all natural, wonderful dark gumdropsized nipples, a*maz*ingly firm, incredibly firm. And uh, it's a lot easier to talk and look her in the eye when I'm working higher up! Well, finally I made my way back to Kristara. Her breasts were much softer than those of the bionic Ms. J., but they were super nice in their own way. I asked her where she was from. I had thought she would be Ukrainian like the others but no--from Germany. I spoke German with her and she was really friendly. I couldn't quite hear where she said she was from--sounded like M?nchen but not quite, and anyway I strongly suspect she would have been from Eastern Germany since that is where economic conditions have lead many to work abroad. Also I didn't detect any Bavarian in her accent, which is something I probably would have noticed. At that point I knew I was *really* having fun--burying my face in the breasts of a lovely young woman while trying to revive my rusty German (comically, I kept almost-coming out with... well, another language I use these days much more than any of my European languages.) By that time I figured I'd used quite a few fives, but on the other hand I probably paid for it by not taking a single cab my whole time in NYC. I don't know if nuzzling breasts is actually a $5 item, yet I don't regret not experimenting, since you get what you pay for and what I got was exceedingly pleasant. Naturally, I'd **REALLY** like to hear as much as I can from others who have been to Peepland and have experiences and information to share... whether by posting or by e-mail. Among other things I'd really like to hear what you know about pricing, available uh.. services, the women and their working conditions, your experiences with the glass booths/shows on the periphery (which I didn't check out)... anything. Anyway, that is my story. You may very well find it tame or mundane in the light of your own experiences. But I promise you that for me, it felt like nothing of the kind. It was wonderfully life-affirming, like being dropped into the most sumptuous garden after a long and odorless and dry winter. It really makes me know that being in touch with women's bodies in a fully physical way is something I want and need in life and that without it, I'm not fully living. I guess this could be called shallow, but shallow or not it is true, and it is something about myself that I haven't any desire to change.
Date: Sun, 21 Jun 1998 02:30:47 +0100 Subject: queens&manhatten hey i just wanted to let you know that the queens brothels are great. just cruise junction blvd. and talk to poppy about a card and they will give you an card. go to the address listed and there will be another guy standing around, park, go to him and he will take you to the door. $25 dollars gets you a quick suck job for erection then one fuck. i nicknamed it the 25 dollar suck&fuck. tips get personalized service. manhatten 8th ave is getting more hookers between 42nd and 50th and on 28 and lexington but the girls here are very expensive 40 for a suck job and cops are everywhere 8th ave is cheep and easy but the girls are sleezy. new look massage parlor is the best bet in manhatten on 37th st.

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