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Northeast Nevada

Subject: Northeast nevada

>Can anyone tell me about the places in Wells ("Hacienda" or
>"Donna's")?  Any other places I should check out?  Are the prices
>and protocols here similar to the Carson City and Reno
>establishments?  Any info much appreciated.

i would have posted this except that news on this machine is really broken. if
you could post this from your account i would appreciate it...

i have visited most of the brothels along the I80.  the girls in general
aren't as nice-looking as the ones in the places around Reno/Carson City.
their clientele are mostly truckers, and hunters in the fall.  i've paid
between $60 (it was a really slow day and she offered me a deal) to $200, with
the average at about $150.  all of them either have lineups or a bar that you
sit down at and within a minute or so there'll be a girl or two at your side.
condoms are of course mandatory.

there are 5 brothels in Winnemuca, all on Baud (River) street on the north end
of town.  they're OK, but not outstanding, there weren't any great beauties
the last time i was there a year ago, except one named "Jessi" at Penny's Cozy
Corner.  tall, thin, very pretty face, very easy to get along with, mid-30's,
my friend still moons over her.

farther east, in Battle Mountain, there's the Calico Cat, corner of Mountain
Street and 2nd Street on the North side of town.  i like the 'Cat, it's a nice
place, very cozy, nice facilities.  the last time i was there i saw a
spectacular brunette with an incredibly pretty face and an outstanding figure
(marred only by an incredible scar on her belly she claimed was the work of an
Army surgeon), but i don't remember her name.  she was great, cost me all of
$150 for an hour, which including time in the hot tub. she had the most direct
stare i've ever seen in a woman, i just lost my marbles when she turned it on
me.  if you have a CB you can tune in as you approach Battle Mountain and hear
a woman on the radio broadcasting her siren call to road-weary travelers,
offering free showers and hot coffee.  the Desert Inn next door had been shut
down for a couple of years the last time i was there.

yet even farther east in Elko, there are 5 houses, all around Douglas
Street and 3rd Street on the South side of town.  these are pretty much
like the ones in Winnemuca, not in the league of something like the Mustang.

the only other two houses i know of are in Wells: Donna's and the Hacienda,
across the railway tracks on 10th street on the north side of town, right
beside each other.  they're somewhat upscale from the houses in Elko and
Winnemuca, but since Wells is pretty much a truck stop, what you tend to get
there is your standard truck-stop-brothel-working-girl.  there were rumours
that the two houses were to merge and the whole thing expanded into a
truck-stop/hotel/restaurant/brothel, don't know if that ever went
through.  i once had 2 girls for an hour and paid $400, both of them were
really cute, one was all of maybe 19.

purportedly, there are supposed to be a couple of places along the I80,
one called "La Belle", south of Winnemuca, but i've not seen them in
person yet.

if you haven't already been there, i recommend the Salt Wells Villa in
Fallon, a military town/base east of Reno on the I50.  an interesting
bar with buckets of character, it's a cathouse for officers (the
enlisted men go west down that road to the Lazy B), and some of the
women i've had there were outstanding, at least the equal of a ride in
an F15.  ask for "Sunny" if she's still around, but it's been a couple
of years...

Date: 16 Mar 1996 12:56:12 -0500 I spent much of December and January in Northern Nevada.....Frankie and Lacey at the Lucky Strike [Elko] are reccomended. Especially Lacey..... she is flat as a board but makes up for it in the nice person department. She [Lacey] fakes nothing and can carry a nice conversation when your done. Many of the other brothels in Elko county were closed due to a lack of girls. Between X-mass and New Year there were only a hand full girls in Elko and Wells.... More guys taking showers than girls in Wells etc....Winnemucca girls seemed to have an attitude the night I was there and the only one that seemed interested was a great bartender that was off limits of course. I struck up a conversation with her and gave her an IOU for a face ride. She seemed interested but wouldn't make a date to see me when I came back through a week or so later. Overall the bad mood in Winnemucca might have been that some of the other customers were pissing the girls off. There were a couple of dumb drunken cowboys from Idaho that were running around saying"we all ho's, we're ho's from Idaho and you are ho's." No one thought it funny but them. I also reccomend the Subway in Winnemucca. The people that run it are nuce frendly people and are working hard to make it in a tough town. The Mustang was a riot on New Years Eve. I spent the time with a girl named Molly who was wonderfull and funny and I hope to see her again... we passed midnight togeather and I came back an visited the next afternoon. I was running out of time to head elsewhere or I would have taken for an outdate for a day or two on the town. I hear that she is going back in April and I give her ****** [5 star rating]. If you are a breast man she is a 38DD but not out of porporation [she doesn't look like a hunch front]. I checked out the other two brothels in that area [Mustang Bridge and Mustang II] and things were a little busy but not that fast. It always seems that the girls at the Bridge were unhappy because the old fart that runs the bar was running around being a jerk. He always seems to do that when I have seen him around and I think he costs them customers and working girls.
Subject: Salt Wells Brothel, Fallon Nevada Date: Tue, 2 Jul 1996 14:08:05 UTC I have recently visited Salt Wells. It is twelve miles east of Fallon and is a Navy hangout. The prices begin at seventy-five dollars and up. The best lady is Angella. She is five foot two, blue eyes and blonde hair. She usually wears a black silk robe that is wide open to reveal two beautiful bare breasts that are at least forties and not silicone! She is bisexual and enjoys couples. She also has a large clientel of the local women, who love those large breasts and her many specialities. Angela also like to do all forms of domination and dominant teasing. She is very user friendly!!!
Subject: Weekend at the Cathouses (for R-man) Date: Fri, 16 Aug 1996 08:55:36 GMT Near Reno and Carson City, Nevada Saturday, August 10 & Sunday, August 11 Weekend at the Cathouses On a recent outing to Reno, Ace and myself (R-man) dropped by a few...well, actually all the cathouses in the area. The cathouses were surprisingly like strip clubs. The whole lineup of girls eventually come by to chat and solicit services, be it private dances or, in this case, very private dances. Most cathouses had jukeboxes. Most of the music I heard was the same as at strip clubs. The only thing missing was a stage with a pole where the girls could show off their ecdysiastcal talents. Could this be a future addition? Since business is affected by the number of Reno tourists, we thought we'd visit them on both a Saturday evening and a Sunday evening, and compare. Saturday turned out to be very busy whereas Sunday was quite slow. I know some people will be disappointed about this posting since I am not going to mention any specific names of girls. I'm simply not into making girls burst into tears when they read private details about themselves on the net. However, I do think that some of the observations I describe may be useful for those of you planning to stop by these places, and at very least, will be amusing to read (hell, it can't be worse than the spam that accounts for 90% of the postings on this newsgroup:)) So we went to 8 cathouses close to Reno on Saturday. Mustang #1, Mustang #2, and Old Bridge Ranch were in a cluster only within 10 miles of Reno. Kit Kat Ranch, Kitty's Guest Ranch, Sagebrush I, and Sagebrush II were in a cluster near Carson City. Moonlight Bunnyranch Bordello was located only a couple minutes from the Sagebrush cluster; however, it wasn't as easy to spot from the road. On Sunday, we skipped the Mustang Ranch group and only went to the other 5 cathouses. Usually, cathouses use buzzer codes. Ring twice if you have been there before, so they won't bother to do a lineup. A single ring usually indicates a new guy and they will do a lineup. Most of the places didn't use the codes during our visits. They did a lineup regardless if you rang twice. However, if door person recognized us, they would yell out something like "returns!, relax girls". We travelled between cathouses a lot so that we could get a chance to see any girls who happened to be busy the first time we entered. I think we saw most of the girls at each establishment, since we must have been buzzed in about 35 times. The lineup at both Mustang Ranches stunk. Girls ranged from slightly better than average to downright nasty (in the bad sense). The lineup was quite diverse with caucasians, hispanics, eastern europeans, and indians, but I didn't see any asians. About 3/4 of the girls were overweight, with a few morbidly obese. One thing the place had going for it was that it was the largest of all the places we went to. The lobby and bar areas were clean; however, it was annoying that one can't bring drinks into the lobby area. It's worthwhile to have a girl give you a tour of the establishment (ie. VIP room, hot tub, sauna, dungeon, etc.) even if you don't necessarily plan on doing anything with that particular girl. While the vast majority of the girls there aren't exactly desirable with regard to both attractiveness and personality, occasionally one can find a real gem. Many girls opted to sit at the bar. Relatively few came out into the lobby area. One girl said that she didn't like asking people from the bar area, because she didn't want to deal with intoxicated guys. In any case, the place is interesting enough to warrant a stop if you haven't been that tourist trap before, but don't come with high expectations. Old Bridge seemed to have a strip club atmosphere, but didn't have any dancing. The girls seemed to be a lot younger than at the Mustang. They didn't appear to be very experienced, as they would just sit on couches around you and not initiate conversation. The one girl that did say something, said "are you guys going to just sit there all night?!" Another guy and ourselves had only been there for about 5-10 min, obviously wanting some time to check out the place. All of us bolted at that comment, and I think that the other girls were kinda pissed at losing potential business. Both the Kit Kat and Kitty's seemed to be a mixed bag. The lineups were small (only about 8 or so). While most were average or below with regard to attractiveness, occasionally there were one or two pretty ones. I got a tour of Kit Kat. The girl pointed out the typical areas, including a pool, but what was funny was that we went through the kitchen. She mentioned that when there was food, one could actually get a meal for $5. There was even some guy there chowing down. Overall, the Kit Kat was pretty dumpy...I'd fit right in if I let a beer belly hang out, chewed on pork rinds, and cracked open a six pack of Olympia. Sagebrush I and II had the best lineups. Typically, about 10-15 girls work at each place. Over half of the lineups were in the "above average" to "could be a model" range. I recall someone posting recently about Hollywood and Angelica who are twins. I agree that they are very shapely and I would put them in the "could be a model" category; however, I wouldn't say they were drop-dead gorgeous. Now, if I could find identical twins... Anyways, every girl I met there was friendly, but most girls opted to chat with guys at the bar rather than the lobby. Several girls chatted with regulars who just dropped by for drinks, but the regulars didn't set up a reserved "office" area or anything. The special areas in these places were on par with other cathouses. A girl at a brothel other than the Sagebrush said that the difference between Sagebrush I and II was that Sagebrush II was "hardcore"...I have no idea what she meant by that, but I didn't get any indication that Sagebrush II was much different than Sagebrush I. Of all the cathouses, Moonlight Bunnyranch seemed to have the most potential. Although it was isolated and easy to overlook, it also proved to be the cleanest place. The lineup was on par with most places, but not as good as Sagebrush. The special areas were nicer than the other cathouses, and their dungeon made the other places look like a child's jungle gym. They also had regular sized glasses for drinks rather than those tiny 8 oz. "what-kid's-tea-set- did-you-steal-that-from" glasses. The drinks were expensive either. As with other places, there were a couple girls that did stand out from the rest. The place didn't have any line-up at all. Rather, the girls just lounged at the bar or in the lobby and strolled by to chat. I think that this setup could be an advantage over other cathouses, since the girls didn't have to be ready to do a lineup at a moments notice all through a 14 hour shift. I got the impression that the girls were much more relaxed, which probably prevented them from becoming terse with customers. I was told that Moonlight Bunnyranch and Sagebrush allowed girls to refuse services to anyone; whereas, Mustang Ranch allowed girls to "walk" undesirable customers, but had to pay the establishment the money that the establishment would have made, if it was a legitimate offer. Also, the Moonlight allowed the girls to leave after their shift each day. Other places required girls to live at the cathouse for a week or two straight. Something common to most of the cathouses was a menu of some sort listing certain entree's. Some girls even added "specials" to their menu's. It was amusing to see the outrageous prices next to each item. I got the impression that the girls actually made a lot of money from a few naive individuals who didn't know that regulars pay less than a quarter of the listed prices. A few funny things happened when we were there. At one place, a girl who was just ending her shift made a comment about a rather outgoing girl. She said "Two hours from now and she'll be drunk. You think she's obnoxious now, she'll be a bitch on wheels." Did I detect some animosity? The doorwoman at another place told a girl that the guy who was being buzzed in was a regular named "Frenchie". The girl said, "F*ck you" jokingly to the doorwoman. Apparently, he typically comes in there and is drunk. She didn't want to have to talk to him since he stinks. Along those lines, I was surprised at a few guys who came in duds that they had been just wearing while working out in the field. I mean, did they think skipping a shower and a clean shirt would help them out? Two really young guys came into one place and got a lineup. There were only two girls in the lineup, one pretty, one... well, not-so-pretty. Not knowing better, they felt obligated to each take a girl immediately from the lineup. They went to opposite sides of establishment...ok, ok, it was the Sagebrush I, now you can visualize it. A couple minutes later, one guy comes moping out and takes a seat at the bar. The girl he was with just passed him by. Just as he was sitting, the other guy comes out moping and they both promptly leave. One of the girls said that the guy she brought back there asked what he could get for $30. She told him "nothing" and sent him on his merry way. What? This wasn't a strip club? I guess these clueless kids better save up some more lunch money. Going to Reno to gamble...what a quaint idea:) R-man
Subject: Nevada info for the FAQ Date: Fri, 17 Oct 1997 21:16:35 -0700 Fallon area: Both the Lazy B and the Salt Wells Villa are closed down.
Subject: Ranches around Reno Date: Mon, 26 Jan 1998 20:46:45 -0800 I was reading some of the reports about the ranches around Reno, particulary the Mustang Ranch and the two next to it. I have been to these ranches many times in the last 15 years, and some of the prices that I have seen posted by others on here are outrages. I have never spent over $100 for half and half with any of the girls that I have been with at these ranches. When I enter these ranches they have the girls line up, but I always tell them that I want to sit at the bar for a while and have a drink first. The girls ussually will sit back down and if i see one that really suits my fancy I will motion to them to come join me for a drink. We will sit and talk for awhile and I can find out alot about a girls attitude by sitting and talking with her, and you will be surprised about how much more you can get from one of these girls just by talking with them and listening. Sometimes these girls will have a attitude when I am talking with them, and then I know better than going into their rooms even to discuss price. Almost all of the brothels will have bars in them and I suggest that men going into these places use them first, and survey the scene. You never know who will come out of the back while you are sitting there, and if you don't see a women that strikes your interest then go to another brothel. There is no law saying that you have to take one of the women in the brothel you went into. Now for some of my experiences at the brothels. The Mustang is ok, and they have lots of nice looking ladies (ussually any range between 5's and 9's), but I find that you ussually pay a higher price because of it's reputation. You can ussually have a women in the Mustang anywhere between 60 and 150, but if the women don't like you then they might give you a higher price. That means don't go walking in there with a attitude or treating them like dirt. They are people like anyone else and if you are walking in there it must mean you like the service they are providing so don't treat them like they are cheap or beneath you. Yes you might have to barter a little to get them down on their price but if they enjoy your company you might be surprised at the price you can get one of these fine ladies for. I myself am not a great looker, but the women like that i talk to them and listen, so personality counts for something. My favorite though is the bridge ranch right next to the Mustang ranch. They don't have as many women as the Mustang, but they have some very nice looking women working there, and again if you don't see someone you like in the lineup sit at the bar and you never know what will be walking out of the back. You can ussually find women here between 4's and very high 8's with a occassional 9 thrown in once in awhile. They are not as busy as the Mustang so you get a better chance to talk to them. Depending on how you barter and who the girl is you can get half and half for a hour for $100. I was had a oriental girl and white girl in here both for $150, and it was the best time that I ever had in a brothel. I definitly walked out with a smile from ear to ear. I have been to the Mustang II but I have never felt comfortable in there so I really can't report on it to much except to say that the girls in here are not of the quality of the Mustang. Maybe this is the place for the girls that don't do to well, but maybe the prices would be alot better. Sometimes if your willing to settle for a little less in looks you will save some in your pocketbooks and you might be getting a girl who really wants to please you. Sometimes I will settle for a 6 even though i was talking to a 9, because the 6 is willing to do more for you, and her personality might be great. Just remember that looks doesn't indicate how well a girl will be in bed. Some of the best sex that i ever had has been by women who rate a 6, and some of the worst were by women who were 9's. I've been to ranches around Carson City, and they are also very nice, and had a excellent selection of women and the prices is depending on the customer. Just remember these tips when going to one of the ranches, they work for me, and let me know how they work for you. 1. Don't just walk in and select a women out of the lineup. Sit at the bar have a drink and if you see one you like invite them over for a drink. 2. Talk with them and listen to them. If they seem to have a nice personality you probably will have a good time with them. 3. Treat them with respect. This will help you go along way to having a great time and getting a better price. 4. Remember to barter. Most time a girl will give you a higher price because she knows you will try to talk her down. If you are not good at bartering just tell her the price is a little to high for you to handle. If she is not willing to lower her price go back out to the bar and wait for someone else. Ussually I will start with a low price that is kind of rediculous, and she will try to work me up while I am working her down. Have a good time, and good hunting.
Subject: (asp) mustang alive and well Date: 1998/03/09 Well the Mustang Ranch is still in biz, Went on 3/2 ( tue night ). Had rushed 1/2 n 1/2 with tall black woman, offered 200 and she jumped on it, ( so to speek ) still all in all not a bad outting. Be sure and check out Fantasy Girls Bar on 6th while in Reno, 9s and 10s, wow! $40 laps in vip room, quite a ride.

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