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Nowalk, Connecticut

Subject: Korean parlor in Nowalk, Ct.

I have had good experiences at the Oriental 77 spa in Norwalk, Ct.,
located on Route 1 just east of the famous Stew Leonard's dairy store.  A
Korean place, it's definitely full service.  There are usually three or
four ladies at any one time, although a client seldom sees anyone other
than the one who answers the door.
Many of the girls are enthusiastic and really give you what you pay for.
My all-time favorite was "Miyoko", who really knows how to make you feel
*very* good in all respects.  Not only is her 'lovin top-notch (superb
teasing oral sex and luxurious fucking) but you feel like she does it
only for you... great.
Prices are pretty standard, $40/$60 + $100.  The place is clean, and
every visitor gets a good table shower.

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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