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Novara, Italy

Subject: Report for Novara-Italy

I'm from France but I go every week in Italy for my job.
the city is Novara (between Turin and Milan).
For streetworkers the situation is not bad.
First of all, you can find a few italian girls (in cars) and a lot of
african girls on the road "Statale per Oleggio e Malpensa". Always with
condoms, oral sex start at 20.000 lire to 30.000 (some girls try also
to ask some 10.000 or 20.000 more to be touched while). The full
service is around 50.000-100.000 lire always treatable, and always
with condoms.

Other zones in the city: Corso della vittoria, always some nigerian
girls but also east-european (pretty), Viale Ferrucci to the Rail
station: east-european girls prices for services are same as above.
There are some "massagiatrici" but I didn't try yet.

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