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Nottingham, United Kingdom

Subject: Nottingham Sex Service
Date: Thu, 27 Jul 1995 05:40:46 UTC

Massage Service in Nottingham, United Kingdom.  Mobile massage offered
by girls but "extras" are available.  Very pretty girls and reasonably
cheap as well.  Blow job about 325 pounds with full sex at 350-375
pounds, depending on the girl - condom is mandatory.  Telephone
number: available on request

The same service also offers male masseurs although I have not sampled
their delights as yet. :-)

Subject: Nottingham, UK Date: Thu, 28 Aug 1997 02:19:04 PDT The section in this guide about Nottingham was pretty poor so I thought an update was in order. Your choices are basically a visiting massage, a massage parlour or the street. A visiting massage - These advertise in "The Nottingham Evening Post" - You?ll get a massage and the inevitable "extras" - The basic massage will cost around #20 and extras will be from an additional #15 for a handjob and go up from there, with a blowjob or straight sex starting at #25 There are a number of massage parlours ( that also advertise in the Post ) around the town and for #20 you?ll get " a rub and tug" but that?ll be all. I?ve never heard of anything else being on offer in any of these establishments. So that leaves us with the scene on the street. The street action is on Southey Street in Hyson Green, on Forest Road East and across to Mapperley Park Road. Most of the girls work in the evenings but it gets quieter after midnight. The girls are very variable, ranging from rough to very presentable. The going rate for straight sex in your car is #20 with an additional #10 getting a full strip. Some girls will try and make out that #20 will only get you a handjob. As always - make clear what you?re getting before you part with your hard earned money. Some girls will take you to their "homes" for #30. This can be a little more risky - It?s usually not a problem but a couple of guys did try and steal my wallet once - ( It was partly my own fault for taking it - but credit to the girl - she got it back for me which avoided any unpleasantness. I don?t think it was premeditated but I?ve learnt my lesson. Until that time I?d been to the most dangerous places and never had the slightest sniff of trouble. You should be OK but be on your guard - if something doesn?t feel right just leave. Most of the girls will be straight with you - especially the professionals. Occasionally, you?ll get lucky and a lovely young girl will give you a fantastic blowjob ( without condom ) and let you suck her tits while giving you a first rate screw - all for #20. Sometimes you?ll see a girl you?ve never seen before and you pick her up and she?ll be an amateur - you?ll get a great shag and never see her working the street again. Maybe they just need a bit of extra cash to get them out of a short term tight spot - The police operate in unmarked cars so be careful - they occasionally mount offensives and put punter?s car registrations in "The Evening Post". ( Sales of the paper go through the roof apparently because of all the wives that buy it to see if their husband?s car is in there.) So be careful and discrete.
Date: Sun, 8 Mar 1998 07:26:54 EST Subject: Nottingham Street Girls I would like to advise any potential 'clients' not to pick up one particular female prostitute in Nottingham. She is about 35 years of age, black, wears fishnet stockings and usually works the red light area around forest road/woodborough road. Whilst she will offer sex in the car, upon arriving at your discreet area there will be some hefty guys waiting to roll you over. I stress this warning is not a hoax. Please be warned.

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