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Norwich, United Kingdom

Date: Sat, 16 Dec 1995 20:27:58 UTC


Despite being a fairly small city there are sexual resources available in
Norwich. This is not exhaustive or totally complete, but should at least be
a starting point.

General: In general, the prostitution in Norwich is pretty low-key. The
police are pretty hot on on-street prostitution, and always prosecute any
person found soliciting on the streets. Be Warned!


For the reasons given above, now pretty rare. The Police vice squad sweeps
the city regularly, and they prosecute girls and punters alike. The best
places to look are Ber Street, Rouen Road and Rose Lane. Many of the girls
are not local, but come down from the Midlands to work in what they see as
an easier city.


The off street girls, who work from flats and houses around the city are
relatively common. They advertise in phone boxes, either with printed cards
or stickers. The best areas to check are Rouen Road, Riverside Road and near
to the train station. There are usually several cards in each. The free
papers used to carry a lot of ads, but now they are more careful. One can
find some cards in the windows of newsagents etc. The girls themselves are
distributed across the city, and there is usually one close to your location
if you ring around. Price start at about stlg20 for a massage with hand
relief, rising to stlg30-40 for oral or full sex. Extras, eg dressing up,
usually add and extra stlg10.


These tend to come and go pretty quickly. They advertise in phone booths and
occasionally in the free newspapers, but you have to get lucky.


None of the girls have maids as far as I know, so when the door opens, what
you see is what you get. There are some real dogs around the place too. Two
in particular to avoid are Lucy, on Newmarket Street and Kelly, near the AA
offices. Another group to avoid are the ones at 108 Sprowston Road, who
cheat and don't produce the goods!

Some I can recommend are: a girl on Hill House Rd (no3, flat 4) age late
20's long blonde hair, slim, trimmed pubes. Very enthusiastic blowjobs and
great sex call 058984XXX3, a girl at 41A Cowgate. Mid twenties, long brown
hair, dark skin, small perky tits. Good oral. Call 66XXX0. Sue at 48 Argyle
Street good oral call 7XXX8, Charmaine, off Woodcock Rd, youngish, blonde
tattooed. Good screwing, tight little puss cal 058909XXX6, and if you can
find her: a redhead with a shaved pussy who gives oral like something

Date: Tue, 18 Jun 1996 04:22:47 UTC Norwich, very few street girls now, best go to a phone box (and there are a *lot* of phone boxes around). Incidentally, few of the phone numbers quoted are valid now, and I suspect a few were misquoted anyway, addresses ditto, you dont give addresses and phone numbers for anywhere else, so I'd remove them! ( I had a chat with one of the valid numbers, as soon as she had heard she was on the Internet she whizzed straight down to the local Internet cafe and had a look, wasnt best pleased!, and had only caught her 4 calls since the posting.)
Subject: World sex guide - Norwich, UK Date: Thu, 2 Apr 1998 22:03:56 +0100 I too have visited the girl at Hill House Road, but she has now moved to Number 8, flat 1, Stracey Road, Norwich (phone no. is the same). Her name is Sharon and is 33 years old. Very sexy, long blonde hair, very fit body, wonderful tits and legs (works out at the gym I'm told). Talks too much! (and not sexy talk either). She will ask you where you saw her advert - dont say the internet, she hung up on me when I told her this! Tell her you saw her card in one of the phone boxes by the station. She charges: stlg25 for hand relief, stlg30 for oral OR sex, stlg40 for both oral AND sex, stlg60 for a full half hour with body massage, oral and sex, stlg100 for a full hour including sex twice, stlg110 for domination, oral and sex. Sharon is a wonderful lady and very friendly so treat her well!

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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