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Norwich, Connecticut

Date: Sat, 14 Dec 96 00:56:16 -0800

Connecticut: Oct. 1993

      Nikki- I met Nikki at an incall establishment that used to operate
in the city of Norwich, that advertised in the Providence Phoenix, and was
called Frenchmen's Quarters. I had a tough time finding it as Norwich is
an older city and the streets are not laid out in a nice grid. Oh no!.They
go off at crazy angles uphill and downhill with traffic lights and
one-ways everywhere.I finally found the non-descript building with no
windows and a brightly painted door. I parked and ambled across the street
to the door, all the while my heart was pounding in my chest because this
was going to be my first time with a pro and I was wild with anticipation.
      I summoned just enough courage to push the buzzer and after a few
seconds Nikki opened the door and ushered me in. Nikki was a pleasant
looking girl about 5'9",135lbs.,big busted, and medium lenght brown hair.
She was wearing a legless body stocking with pantyhose,heels and a feather
boa. We were in a room with couches and mirrors all around. She led me to
a stand-up desk where Gloria,the madam, ran things. Gloria explained that
I pay her for the room time. It was $35 for 30 min., $40 for 45 min., and
$50 for 60 min. I took the hour.Next, gloria introduced me to the girls.
There were only two as this was !p.m. on a Monday. Nikki, of course, and a
black girl named Cocoa. Cocoa wasn't dressed very well. Nikki, at least,
gave some hint of illusion. It was Nikki, no contest,but, I hesitated
before choosing so that Cocoa didn't feel rejected.
      Nikki took me in back to pick a room. They were small rooms, all
with a bed, shower, porno movies and mirrors. In this state it seems
mandatory that you shower before anything else. I always shower befroe
going anyway. She left while I showered and was done when she came back.We
now sat on the bed and she asked me what I wanted to do. I mumbled
something about the "usual stuff" and finally blurted out that this was my
first time with a working girl and didn't know what to say or what to pay.
 She was very reluctant to name any price or activity as this is a no-no
legally. Well, I guess she eventually decided that this dopey asshole
couldn't be a cop, so, she looked me in the eye and said the tip was
usually twice what the room cost, in this case $100. To her credit I have
come to know that this is accurate. Thank you Nikki. She stripped down to
her panties and lay down on her stomach. I oiled her up and massaged her.
Nikki was about a 38c and was slightly overweight. She seemed to think she
was fatter than she really was, but, isn't that the way with everyone who
has looked in the mirror?
      I massaged her back and legs and worked her upper thighs, brushing
my hand across her pussy every so often. She murmured something about me
being a Godsend. I turned her over and started nibbling nipple. On her
back, Nikki's breasts were flattened by gravity,but, those nipples
remained in the upright and locked position! Fly me! I asked her if I
could remove her panties and she said "Yes." I asked her if I could play
with her pussy and she said "Sure". I asked her? What the hell did I think
I was paying for? My first time, oh well.
        Now, Nikki slipped a condom on me. She gave me head for a while
and I was so nervous I only got to half mast. I called for her to climb on
top of me and let those big tits hang in my face. I sucked those lucious
tits while she ground her ass into my groin. Now I was hard! Nikki asked
me if I had ever been breast fucked before and I said "No". She said it
was her specialty and that every man should have it done at least once. I
agreed. In retrospect, it was probably the easiest way for her to fulfill
her obligations to me. Nikki didn't gouge me on the tip when she could
have,so, I have no hard feelings. She lubed up the condom and using her
hands to squeeze her tits around my cock, gave me a satifying breast fuck.
I watched her as she worked between my legs and in the ceiling mirror. I
had a hell of an orgasm.
       As I lay there panting she asked me if we were done. There was still
10 min. left. I just said "Yes".

 On a scale of 1-10 this experience was a 4

 Note: This place was shut down by the locals in the winter of '94-'95
when one of the girls quoted prices and activities to an undercover cop. I
think it may have resurfaced as an outcall establishment or has moved to
the Hartford area where they are a little more tolerant.


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