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Northampton, United Kingdom

Date: Fri, 13 Oct 1995 03:46:11 UTC

Massage Parlour:

Thai House 01 604 721002 - Northampton ***RECOMMENDED***
These girls are good. Thai girls to please you. Double hydro baths
sauna,luxury salon.
Prices range from 30ukp for 40 minutes in hydro bath with 1 girl.
40ukp for 1hr massage & bath with 1 girl.
Additional services are extra. To be agreed with girl. Usually about
50 or 60ukp extra.

* My info is now out of date for the above place. If anyone has visited *
* the "Thai House" please let me know so I can update my info.          *

Subject: Thai House Date: Wed, 26 Jun 1996 05:49:12 UTC You are right this is the best in the UK!!!! Prices changed a bit UKP 40.00 hr one girl UKP 60.00 hr two girl Highly Recommend!!!! also they are now on the internet!!!! On their page you can see photos of all the girls and VIP customers can even book in advance via e-mail I am sure they would want you to add their URL to your page with them listed.....
Subject: Northampton, England Date: Wed, 28 Aug 1996 08:26:59 UTC From: Have read your update on Northampton, England, a parlour featuring its' own presence on the internet, no less, and some good reviews. Also happened to read "The Sunday Mirror" (newspaper) of August 18, 1996 which features an article about women recruited in Thailand and brought under none too gentle conditions to Britain and who are then virtually forced to work off their "debts". As read, sounds to me like the old slave trade story brought up to date. True or not, and I suspect it is given the extremely low prices per female masseuse and the advertising presence, the possibility that these are not free agents working in Northampton removes any of my desire to visit there.
Subject: new massage parlours.... Date: Sun, 20 Oct 1996 09:56:45 +0100 Please add and check out these web addresses of some great places in Northampton UK..... except for Soft Touch they all offer a full personnel service if you so desire and prices range from UKP 40.00 to around UKP 80.00 for everything. They are very clean and discrete. They are a must see. You can also get a full description of them on a page called this page list with descriptions the best massage parlours in the UK! If you could please add this to your great sex guide as well Thanks BTW the bad press on the thai-house was just that bad press. I know the owner and all the girls there. They enjoy their work there and would be more than happy to show you!!!!!
Subject: thai house, northampton (uk) Date: Tue, 10 Mar 1998 07:54:50 PST Having read previous reviews of the Thai House, I recently decided to there myself. This place is a complete rip-off !! For a 2 girl massage they charge 130 UK pounds, and the girls are not allowed to have sex with the clients. Additionally, you are not allowed to choose which girls to have, and subsequently I got 2 unattractive, small flat-chested Thai women who were both in their 30s. Save your money and spend it elsewhere !
Date: Fri, 20 Mar 1998 15:57:46 -0800 Subject: UK Update: Northampton Joe and I just got back from our second trip to the UK this year. From your guide, we decided to sally forth to Northampton from the Heathrow Airport area - and are pleased to report that Daydreams is a wonderful place to spend an hour or two with a beautiful young lass. Takes about 1 hour to get there from Heathrow, if you know where you're going. First timers should allow another 20-25 minutes to find the place - it's easy to get turned around on the round-abouts and small city streets. The directions to Daydreams (posted on their web site) are good enough to get you there. Once you enter the front reception office, the owner Tara will greet you with pleasantries and describe the rates. 35 pounds for 45 minutes, 50 pounds for an hour VIP massage, and so on. The ladies that are available will be introduced; there's usually two on duty. You select your partner (nice touch). Out of the three times we've been there, the 5 ladies we've seen are all 7-9's - and they are all genuinely nice young ladies who aim to please. Pay for the time you want, and it's off to the room with your temporary new friend. Once in the room, you shower, get into the massage, and she'll ask you what you'd like: oral for 10 pounds extra, full service is 35 pounds extra, massage with hand relief is NO extra. No pushiness, no negotiations, and no ripoffs. "Maximum charge in the room is 35 Pounds" (posted); and the ladies are genuinely surprised when (if) you decide you want to give them a tip beyond the posted/discussed rate. Pay the extra AFTER you're done, showered, and dressed (another nice touch). Bottom line for 45 minute message and full service = 35+35= 70 pounds; a FAR better value than anything in London or close to Heathrow ... Great place: no one's watching the clock closely, no ripoffs, and all the girls are genuinely attractive. The youngest one (blond, maybe 22) is not too experienced, but still a lot of fun. Nicole, Louise, Lisa, et al ... yes, we will be back again! Tips to get optimal service: While getting a massage, TALK to the lady! This helps them relax, and they feel better about their services. You'll get a payoff too in a more personal touch. They feel quite awkward with a silent 20-30 minute massage then 15-20 minutes of sex with no discussion. These girls are all pseudo-professionals; and they all feel much better if you talk to them as a person vs. just viewing them as a receptical for your sperm. You don't have to talk about personal things, but at least ask them something (favorite colors, foods, hobies, etc.). Only one drawback: the place closes at 2000 Mon-Sat. You can arrive just before 2000 and get in (after all, they're there to get money for service); but I'd rather they stayed open until at least 10 or 11 PM. Daydreams should make some updates to their web site - the girl posted does not do any justice to the quality and young age of the ladies you will find actually at the facility.

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