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Norridge, Illinois

Date:         1998/02/16

V.I.P. Health Spa (5050 N. Cumberland, Norridge, Illinois)

The establishment is located in a strip mall in an adjacent Chicago suburb,
$80/hr. massage in a cubicle;  $100/hr. in a larger room (w/ jacuzzi?). The
place is clean, well-lit and spacious.	There are about 5-6 (Korean) ladies
who work here, all slim and young looking, probably rate 6-8 for looks in a
10 scale.  Like the other asian spas in the area, one gets an assisted shower
and a decent massage. The extra services are similar to the spa reviewed
below - manual relief.	You can let your hands roam, but the times I"ve been
there, the ladies were all wearing body tights under their clothing so flesh
contact is nil.  Of course, a tip is much appreciated afterwards.

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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