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Nogales, Mexico

Nogales: Nogales is a much smaller town about 90 miles south
of Tucson, AZ. It has a small boy's town about 2 km from the
border.  Again, you have to take a ripoff cab fare (if memory serves
me about $10) unless you take your car over the border, which I would
only do if it was a car I was willing to have damaged or lose, as
car theft is endemic around the border. There are about 5-6 bordellos
grouped in the same 1/2 km area. They are staffed mainly by unenthused
less attractive whores, but the prices are somewhat cheaper than Juarez
and considerably cheaper than Laredo, about $15-$40. Again, most of
the money is made in buying drinks for yourself and the girls, if you
are stupid enough to do this (I prefer to save my money for what I`m
really interested in). Nogales has a more small town atmosphere,
less pressure, less expensive; less likelyhood of being ripped off
(although this can still happen; by ripped off, I mean being
overcharged or paying for services that don`t meet your expectations).
I have never had money stolen from me or really been ripped off
in Mexico whorehouses, but then I'm somewhat cautious in my dealings;
you are much more likely to get robbed in the U.S.)

Unlike Juarez, the cabbies just take you to and from the district;
there is no kickbacks to the driver that I`m aware of. The bar
management is very good about keeping mental notes, as are the
girls about what kind of customer you are and if your nice and
somewhat generous; this makes a big difference when you return
again. Again, I have had some limited success getting pros and
just regular muchachas to come to my hotel room, but this is
harder to do in Nogales.

Subject: Nogales Mexico Date: Mon, 07 Apr 97 08:42:00 During the months from May to August 1996 I was a resident of Arizona. During this time I made several trips to Nogales, which is south of Tuscon, just across the border. The other postings for this city did not reflect the city that I saw - there was one whorehouse that I was able to find and the other places are ripoffs (see but don't touch). The name of the place is the Congo and it is located about 1 1/2 miles from the border. If you want to go there don't drive - take a cab. All you have to do is tell the cabdriver "Congo" and he will know what you mean. He will want $10, but will gladly accept $5. Once you get to the Congo the girls will come up to you ask you to buy them a drink. One good thing is the beers are only $1, in the other establishments in town it can cost up to $5 and you don't get to fuck them. After you buy them a drink they try to make small talk for a couple of minutes (most speak poor English, they can speak it if they want to though). They will bluntly ask you if you want to fuck and when asked, they say they want $75. You can talk them down to $40 - $50 dollars pretty easily. You then pay the bartender and escorted to the back to her room where the fun starts. The room I was in was very neet and the woman was pretty hot (8/10). After sucking my dick until I came, she cuddled up next to me for a couple of minutes and then started in again. This time she fucked me with her on top - nice moves - and when done we talked for a couple more minutes and I then got dressed. About the women - some are incredibly hot, there was probably 10 women there when I was and I would rate two of them a 10, three between 7 and 9 and the rest from 4 up. The lower level ones are still better than any of the ones I have ever seen walking the streets in the States!!!! About the place - The Congo was alot better than I expected, the people were actually friendly and I was not rushed. You be nice and they will be nice. Advice- Don't drive into Mexico, parking is plentiful and fairly cheap in the States. Enjoy some of the bars in the area, some are bad but some are pretty good. Although I had no problems, I would go with a friend if I went into Nogales at night. As far as strip bars go, the best one I found was between the border and the Congo, I forget its name but when facing south, it is on the left side of tracks and has a marque (sp?) like a movie theater. They open at 11pm. There is no cover charge and the girls ain't half bad. For three dollars you can buy them a drink and they will sit on your lap. You can rub their pussy (no entry ) and they will rub you back. Stay away from all other strip bars - really bad rip offs. PS Great Website - probably spend more time on yours than any other one!!! Please don't give out my e-mail address.
Date: Tue, 21 Oct 1997 20:02:03 -0400 (EDT) Subject: Nogales, Arizona VIP Oriental Spa Located on Grand Ave about three blocks north of the Mexican border in a small strip mall. Buzzed in by two young decent looking Korean women. Rates are $40 for a half hour and $60 for an hour. I paid $40 and was taken to a well decorated massage room to undress and was then escorted by Aiee to the Table Shower room where she proceeded to give me an erotic scrub down from head to toe with quite a bit of attention to my genital area. As I was getting the table shower, she began putting water in the Jaccuzzi where I relaxed for about 10-15 minutes. I was given a beer to drink while I relaxed in the spa. After I was done she dried me off and walked me back to the massage room. The massage was very good, and she bent me into positions I didn't think I could go. After working me over front and back she announced that she was done and asked if I wanted anything else. I asked if she offered any "special" services and she asked what I meant. At this time I told her I was interested in oral. She told me it would be $100 for oral and $200 for full service. I asked for a hand job which she did for $60 up front. She took off her top revealing quite large breasts with big nipples. She got some hand lotion and started to grease the weasle while she sucked on my nipples. She then got up on the table and stuck her nipple in my mouth while she jacked me off till I came. She then cleaned me up and helped me get dressed. Overall the session lasted about 50 min instead of the 30 min that I paid for. For Arizona, the experience is quite good.

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