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The Netherlands / Belgium Border

Date: Fri, 29 Dec 1995 03:35:08 UTC

Living in Belgium, I usually go to the Netherlands because it's
cheaper on the first hand and the girls are more kind and cooperative
than in Belgium on the second hand.

Not far from Antwerp (Belgium) my favourite one is in Ossendrecht,
Calfven 161 tel 00/31(0)1646-13394, ask for "mariette". She will tell
you how many and which girls are there. It's always a minimum of 4.

Bedrooms, showers all clean
Softdrinks : free - alcohol : +/- 7 usd
Girls : 120 usd for approximatively 1 hour (for doing it in fact -
depends on you :=)), fellatio no problem.

From Antwerp take the direction of bergen op zoon

Not far from Sint Niklaas one of the same group but not easy to find:
just a bit after "Hulst" go to Vogelwaarde, Margaretsedijk 39, a
little sex farm. Same services and fee as in Ossendrecht.

Not far from Liege the last of the same group in direction of
Maastricht, Kerkrade, Kaalheidersteenweg 154.  I never went there; I
am from Brussels and it's easier to go to Antwerp (30 miles) instead
of Liege (65 miles).

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