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Nigeria Travel Report

Subject: Prostitution in Nigeria

I travelled to Nigeria from November of 1995 to January of 1996.  Most
of my time was spent in the old capital called Lagos.  The women are
very beautiful and VERY cheap.  Most costing 1500 naira($12.00) for an
all nighter.  They will do anything that you want and then leave.  If
you are black, like me, you will be able to go anywhere in Lagos, day or
night, and find the cheapest women.  This is because black people don't
look any different from anyone else.  The women range from light skinned
with green eyes(IBO tribe) to very dark with high cheekbones and slanted
eyes (Hausa tribe)  If you are another race, it is best to have a guide
and DO NOT go anywhere besides your hotel at night because you will
stick out like a sore thumb.  If you are adventurous, you will be highly
rewarded because white people, or any foreigners are considered
wealthy.  The best places for white people is the AIRPORT HOTEL in
Ikeja, a suburb or Lagos.  They hang out right in front of the hotel and
on the weekends, the girls come to swim in these see-through bathing
suits.  Other hotels are the Ikoyi Hotel in Ikoyi(a section of lagos),
or The Federal Palace Hotel in Victoria Island.

There is some danger in finding women there, especially at night.  I
took one woman home from one of the nightclubs one night, and she didn't
feel like fucking until the next morning.  After this, she demanded her
money in the morning regardless of whether we fucked or not!  She also
threatned to bring back some boys to "extract" the money from me. I was
scared as hell but I told her I wasn't scared of her boys and she needs
to get the fuck out of here.  I finally resolved to giving her 500
naira(five dollars) and sent her on her way.

If you like marijuana, you can take a boat to a small island off the
coast of Lagos called Tarkwa Bay.  The boat-stop is by a place named
"Bonny Camp" and you need to describe to the taxi driver that you want
to take the boats to Tarkwa Bay.  Anyway, when you get off the boat,
head straight back and you will see a YMCA compound on the left.
Right across the sand in some shacks is a man named Peter where you
can get 17 pre-rolled joints for only ONE DOLLAR (85 naira).  You can
also get a lukewarm Guinness Stout for 50 naira.  There are also many
prostitutes on that island but they look kind of rough.  If you say
that [censored], the black man from America sent
you, you should be alright because everybody knew me there.  You can
find other places to find weed but you will need a guide and you could
get hurt or hit up for a bribe by the corrupt police (the natives told
me stories of how they take the white people for their money). I was
fucking one of the girls on Tarkwa Bay who was nicknamed Lucky.  (If
you ask for Lucky from Delta State, she should be there).  You haven't
experienced adventure until you are fucking an African in 90 degree
heat inside of a shack, in a village, on a two inch thick
mattress. WARNING (when they take off their clothes, some of them have
a wild tattoo on their stomachs so don't be alarmed)

I could go on and on about the women in Jos (Northern Nigeria) or
Enugu(Eastern Nigeria) but I won't because if you are white and make it
past Lagos, you won't need any of my nelp anyway.  They will also beg
you to take them with you but since the US has bad relations with
Nigeria, it will be very hard.

p.s.  prostitution laws are not enforced in Nigeria.

Date: Mon, 03 Feb 1997 11:16:50 -0800 Subject: Prostitution in Nigeria The difference between the women in Enugu and Jos is in their skin color and shapes. In Jos, the women there are of the Hausa tribe. They have dark skin, slanted eyes, and high cheekbones. They also have a kind of straight but curly kind of hair. Not like a typical black person's. They also tend to be tall and slender. These women are harder to approach because Hausa's are muslim. The best way to meet them is to have a guide take you to one of the universities. They would be offended if you offered them money right off the bat. Hausa's are the richer tribe in Nigeria and the women don't beg as much. They might fuck you just because they like you and if you are white, they will be all over you. In Enugu, the tribe there is mostly IBO tribe. They are mostly of a medium to lighter brown and they look more like black women in the US. They are very pretty and they won't be offended if you offer them money. The best way to approach them is to tell them that you like them and you want them go go home with you. Do not feel ashamed to be so direct because they take no offense. They will more than likely discuss the price to you. To meet women in Enugu, ask someone to show you to a suya (pronounced sooya) spot. Suya is like shishkabob. Enugu has a real nice one but I cannot remember the name of it. They serve drinks and it is like a club atmosphere. Do not be surprised to see a Lincoln Continental or Mercedes Benz pull up in the parking lot. The prices run the same all over Nigeria. About 1,500 naira (12 dollars) should get you a decent woman for the whole night. In Lagos, there are people from every tribe there because it is one of the major cities but most of the women are of the Yoruba tribe. You would not mistake these women for American. They have big wide hips and big lips and look more like a stereotypical African. If you like phat asses, Yoruba women are for you but their faces aren't all that great. Still, you won't have any problem finding women from every other tribe in Lagos.
Date: Mon, 03 Feb 1997 11:22:52 -0800 Subject: Prostitution in Nigeria I forgot to tell you one thing. Please add that the best, most prettiest prostitutes are college students and if all else fails, go to one of the colleges. They are not able to get part time jobs while in school due to the economy. I did fuck one student while I was there and she said, "Do you want fuck or do you want romance. Let me know, you pay, and that is what we will do."

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