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Nice, France


Promenade des Anglais. (at about 2 kms of the center of the town).

Young and nice girls. Most of them are from East-European Countries.

Price : about 500 FF ("love" in your car), 2500 FF (the whole night at
your hotel).

Pretty girls but they don't talk french or english. German-speaking.

Date: Tue, February 24th, 1998 Subject: Pleasure report from Nice, France GENERAL : The following original research performed by Dylan DePolignac. (C) 1996- 98 by Dylan DePolignac. Last update: 24th February 1998. Permission is granted to freely copy, modify, and distribute this document in whole or in part, provided that it is not done for profit and that this entire copyright notice remains attached. If you find these reports useful or if you wish me to research a city of your choosing, please write to me ( ------------------------------------------------------------------------ South of France in General -------------------------- How to find Prostitutes ----------------------- I couldn't find any real "scene" magazines nor even a real red-light district in most of the southern cities. There are 4 main ways of finding a professional sex worker ; - street walkers (not recommended) - hotel girls (highly recommended for quality but expensive) - Bars americains (American Bars - goodness knows why?) - small ads (best value for money and safer) Street walkers are quite cheap (around 300-500 Francs for a quickie in your car) but they frightened the hell out of me so I didn't try. For hotels, just sit in the bar of any 5-star hotel and fantasize. Don't be afraid to ogle the professional ladies. They will let you know if there is a possibility of moving forward. Bars Americains are in my opinion, complete rip-off joints. They prey on the itinerant tourist who wants to walk in off the street and is not prepared to make an attempt to speak a few words of French. The hostesses in the American Bars are usually very pretty and will usually speak your language but they are constantly under surveillance to sell horrendously over-priced champagne. You can easily spend 2000 Francs and not be certain what you will get for it. These sorts of bars are found near the railway stations. Even though France is a very liberal country (just look at the skin you can see on the beaches!), it is surprising to find that there are absolutely no discreet little ads in the main daily papers. If you purchase the local weekly or monthly "What's On" magazine, you will usually find a couple of pages of grouped ads for call girls or massage studios. Careful - massage is taken extremely seriously in France so sometimes that is exactly what you will get - i.e. a great massage but no sex. Often though you can very easily negotiate for extras. In the Nice-Cannes area, try the following publications ; - Spectacles de la Semaine (events of the week) - Officiel des Loisirs (official past-time guide) If you use the contact magazines (which is the most reliable), then you will have to telephone as addresses are hardly ever advertised and that means that you might need to speak French (see below). It is best not to try and negotiate on the phone - just get the basics like the address and leave the negotiating till later when you can see if you are interested or not. Most of the girls advertising in the South of France speak well enough English to get you to their place and get you horny. One word of caution about phoning in France: Calling Line Identifier is available and every pro that I have visited subscribes to that service so they are easily able to know your number and call you back. Your number is recorded digitally on a little device called "Boitier Class" and may be written down and recorded permanently. Doesn't matter much if you are in your hotel but best not to embarrass your friends or office colleagues by using a phone that can be traced to you. I never had a problem but I think people should know about this sort of practice. How to Negotiate ---------------- Stay cool. French ladies are lovely and respond to Gallic traditions of flattery and spinning out a conversation. If you don't speak French, and the lady doesn't have your language then you may have a few difficulties but the combined forces of lust and capitalism usually suffice to overcome any barriers. Most hookers know English words for the basics. "Massage" is universal - your mileage may vary on this item. If you go to a massage place - you may hear the French term "complet" (pronounced com-play) - basically your full service massage and suck/fuck. After that you have all sorts of small talk to describe extras from "branler" (pronounced "Bron-lay") which is a hand-job to "faire la pipe" (fair la peep) which is a blow-job to "faire l'amour" for full sex. N.B. Gutter talk gives you "baiser" (pronounced bazz-ay) which is a cynical derivation of "to kiss" which is figuratively interpreted as "to fuck". This has a pretty derogatory connotation and although you may hear it, you are better off negotiating if you stick to "faire l'amour" or stick to English and use the f-word. You also have "rester la nuit" (rest-ay la nwee) which means "stay the whole night" - some of the operators will do this but prices vary enormously and you may come unstuck negotiating a price. House of Pleasure: chez Cathy, Nice Location: Discreet appartment block on Blvd. Francois Grosso, 10 minute walk from central Promenade des Anglais. Call for address. Telephone: Facilities : Simple studio on ground floor with a bathroom and a bedroom with divan beds. Prices : On the telephone you may be quoted a price range of 600-800 francs. It will not be clear what is included. Apparently 600 is an erotic massage and maybe a blow job. 800 gets you laid into the bargain. General : Prostitution in this part of France is very common but also very discreet. The appartment block is respectable looking and the entry is very safe and clean. You are greeted at a video entry phone and allowed in. The lady meets you at her appartment door. Format: Like many places in the South of France, this is a one-woman knocking shop so there is not much choice. The woman is however extremely well presented (lingerie, heels, hair) and very welcoming. You are invited to strip and to pay the money in advance. Hostess Reports: Cathy: Personality:4, Body:5, Face:6, Technique:6, Overall 5/10 Despite immaculate presentation, Cathy has seen better days. Probably around 38-40 years old, medium height and robust build, short blond hair, large yielding breasts, nether regions rather plump. She's not really very talkative but quite pleasant if you make the effort. Cathy does mostly "complet" which is the massage/suck/fuck trio that can be turned in about half and hour. when I visited, it was pretty quiet and we had 45 minutes or so - no hassle about the time so that was nice. Good massage - uses the "smooth skin" technique (i.e. no oils nor powders in order not to raise spouses' suspicions). She does a nice relaxing neck/back/thigh/calf massage, terminating with a circulating boob massage of your back before you are rolled over for "la suite". Cathy's very best feature is her bust and she really uses this to maximum effect during the massage. She did an entire frontal massage on me starting at my lips and ending on my toes using her tits. Loosely, lolling along my sides, firmly squashing my thighs, gently teasing my toes and of course cumulatively coaxing my cock. She knows that this works well and seems to enjoy this bit of the game. She very nearly gave me the full pearl necklace and I would be interested to know if there would be any reduction in price for that. Anyway - she went on to give a passable blow job and screw (both with condom) and let me enjoy the boobs. If I'm back in Nice again I might try her one more time and settle for a tit-job. Recommended if you like tits and don't want to talk too much. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- House of Pleasure: chez Anna, Cannes Location: Very chic appartment block on Avenue Jean de Noailles in Cannes. Quite a long 30-40 minute walk from the centre - 10 minute taxi ride to the west. Call for address and rendezvous protocol. Telephone: Facilities : Very attractive ground floor appartment with entrance hall, large mirrored bedroom, large double bed and nice bathroom. Very clean. Prices : On the telephone you may be qouted a price of 600 Francs for "un massage tres coquette avec relations". Basically the whole deal. Format: You telephone Anna who will give you a rendezvous time. You turn up at her address and push a coded buzzer. You give the code word she gave you and she lets you in. This sounds elaborate and difficult for visitors but she speaks English pretty well. Normal for France - Anna works totally independently - she greets you and asks you to strip and shower. Hostess Reports: Anna: Personality:6, Body:5, Face:5, Technique:6, Overall 6/10 Anna has short brunette hair, slim good shaped body, quite short in stature with brown eyes. She has a good suntan and a sultry sort of face. She claims to be 34 but I'd say older. In a dress she looks OK but when she strips it is a bit of a bag-job. You know that feeling - when you wish you had a paper bag to put over your own head. Her torso is scarred - goodness knows from what and her breasts are smallish and very loose - too much liberation in her youth no doubt. I was naked and she had stripped quickly and jumped upon me before I noticed this level of detail so there was no real backing out. However, on the positive side, she is a real trier. She is energetic, using her whole body to rub the fuck out of yours. When she gives head it is real good. She made a point of showering and soaping my dick and arse and when she had me on the bed I could see why as she really gets into sucking and licking down there, to the point of swallowing your balls one at a time. She will place a condom on you with her lips and then give a pro blow job or ride you any way you like. I put up with the blow job until I thought I'd die and then begged a little rest before coitus. She is much better internally than externally and with a little lick of fingers to her labia, she jumped me and pumped me with plenty of full body contact and lots of wicked moaning and encouragement. The nice thing about the French pros that I've tried is that they seem to take a lot of interest in how well they've managed to spend you - so they look at the condom with pride after you're laying there wriggling with aftershock. Anna cleaned me off with a great deal of sensitivity and pride - ca fait du bien! Another quick shower - this time together and pleasant farewells. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- House of Pleasure: chez Sara, Nice Location: Turn of the century apartment block on Rue Marechal Joffre. Very central Telephone: 04.93.8x.xx.98 (look in local magazine referenced above to find the telephone that matches - Sara only wants serious callers) Facilities : Specially laid out massage room with sports massage table, nice decor, plants, relaxing music, scents. Manadatory shower. Spotless. Prices : Sara doesn't do sex. Prices are 400F for an hour long massage and 500F for the same plus a tantric lingham finisher. Format: You telephone Sara who will give you a rendezvous time. You turn up at her address and push a coded buzzer. You give the code word she gave you and she lets you in. Appointments with Sara are quite elaborate but well worth it. She speaks very passable English. Hostess Reports: Sara: Personality:8, Body:8, Face:8, Technique:8, Overall 8/10 Sara has mid-length fine brunette hair, dark sparkling eyes, modest bust, pretty face - she would be about 32 years old. She sports a dynamite body and wonderful long legs and well tucked ass. You get to see this in its veiled form as Sara is more of a "spiritual" being than a stripper. She dresses very sexily and makes your imagination work. She is extremely sensitive to personalities and personal hygiene. If necessary she will clean you like a mother cat with its kitten before the play can start. She speaks French and English and seemed happy in either. She gave an exceptionally good "californian" which is a body-rub down with oil - front and back including face, palms, fingers, toes, soles. I had paid the supplement so I received a lovely "lingham massage" as culmination. (Look it up on your favorite Search Engine!). She paid a lot of attention to cleaning me down, wiping off oil and keeping me warm - very chatty and friendly. Absolutely no rush whatsoever - I was there for 90 minutes total. Very pleasant lady, nice experience. Will return next time business permits me to visit France.
Subject: Nice Date: Mon, 9 Mar 1998 01:53:05 -0800 Went to Nice France and enjoyed my time there. Sex can be found in most parts of the city. Woman can be found on the streets during the day as well as night. One hot spot is near the airport next to the Phoenix Park (Sorry but I don't know the Street). Prices range from $30 to $100 depending on the girl and what you want. You can also find girls at night in the downtown area. Try around the corner from the Elysee Palace Hotel. Most of the woman are Russian but the service is very good. I got a Blow Job and Fuck in a parking lot for $40. Then I had the same girl come to my room the next night for $60.

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