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Newport News, Virginia

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Here it is from Newport news Va.
The girl are 1 to 5s and are trying to make ends meet. The highest they
charge is $40 for straight or half/half. The cops are out there, but they
aren't too interested in whats going on. The girls keep things pretty low
keyed, out of sight, out of mind. If you ask for some tit, if she shows
and you touch your set. Beware of black gal, calls herself Brenda. Looks
great #10, but she is a he. He takes you to his room, has you give up $40
for half and half. Then has you sit on the bed, while he gives you
blowjob. After that he shows you what you really payed for. He out of work
right now, something about falling down some stairs. But I know he will be
back. A Good one is a brown haired gal, who always wear sun glasses. A
different set each day. She gives you your moneys worth, $40 for straight
or half and half. She is never pushy or in a hurry, seems to enjoy what
she is doing. She has some rules: 1. no kissing. 2.No finger in the pussy.
3. no rough stuff. She has waved 1 and 2 for me, because I'm an old
costumer. But don't push it, she is well like many and her back up isn't
too far away. All and all Newport News girls aren't too bad, mostly whites
and a few black. I don't know how long they are going to keep it going,
but enjoy it while it last

Date: Sat, 08 Mar 97 11:39:13 -0800 Subject: (no subject) I'm back from the town of Newport News Va, and here is another up date I just came from being with gal named Cat. She is a 3-4 on the scale, but she makes up for that in skill and heart. She is working just below J Clyde Morse Blvd. She had a lot of heart and did striaght sex for $20. She didn't rush me and seem to enjoy what she was doing. Her normal rates are $20 for a Bj, $30 for just sex, $40 for half and half. She has a partner that I never saw. She told me she was a short little Geargia Peach. She is worth your time, just look for a red hair with a touch of gray. Watch out Brenda is back and he has friends. I had the bad luck of have him and his friends (all in drag) pull up next to me. Nothing scare than car load fags wanting your ass. I have heard that he is after a few of the working girl. I things are going to get ugly around here.
Date: Wed, 24 Apr 1996 02:48:06 -0400 Subject: Hampton Roads First a Warning "STAY AWAY FROM THE PATTON HOTEL ON JEFFERSON IN NEWPORT NEWS" the cops are running sting operations they busted 20 people a week ago. Also the neighborhood is up in arms and video taping lisence plates. Now, where to go. There is a standard rule of thumb I use in N.N. if they are white and good looking they are probably cops. If you want to fuck a white girl go to one of the local go go bars and ask if any of the girls date, some girls will take an out and out proposition as a real insult and you'll get your ass kicked. The two bars on Washington by the shipyard are good places to do this they are predominantly black bars, but white's go to them and are not hasseled as long as they are not assholes. One of the brothers might even you hook you up with a dancer if you play your cards right, but be carefull of scams. The street is where I get all my pussy, Washington and Warwick by the shipyard used to be a good place, but allot of buildings have been torn down and there are not many locals arround and the East End girls don't come over as much. The best place to go is the East End. There are a couple types of girls you'll come across crack whores, welfare mothers and oppurtunity knocks girls. Stay away from the crack whores you never know what you are getting they could be a wild fuck of could cut you. Drive by them a couple of times about 5 if the are figity, yell or chase you, don't pick them up. Welfare mothers are the best they don't want allot of money and want to satisfy trying for repeat business. 20 to 30 bucks gets you a blow or fuck in the car, wear a rubber and keep your underware up herpes sucks!!! The East End looks pretty rough, but I'm a white guy and have never had a problem. Many think you are a cop and with the consealed carry law its not smart to fuck with somebody you don't know, act friendly and not arragant and you will be very safe, the brothers don't care that you are fucking their women you are a customer. Now, I pick up girls off of Hamilton the street behind Jefferson by the railroad tracks and the overpass. Also Madison between the supermarket and 28th. The roads parallel to these streets are also good but try not to get off the beaten track until you get to know the place. Crossdressers are mostly on Washington and on Jefferson by Mercury there are not many tall hookers in this area so if they are as tall or taller than you than they probably have a dick allot bigger than you. There are pros and con to CD's they give great head taking your cock all the way to the balls and then some also if you want anal sex most female prostitutes won't do it, but they are guys which means they might be able to kick you ass if they want too, also as with most homosexuals they probably are HIV positive and other STD's. In conclusion I've fucked alot of whores in Newport News and have not had very many problems. Remember you are breaking the law and if the cops catch you, you will be spending the night in jail with Tyrone and you might be his love interest. Also if you don't use a rubber for all sex that's blow jobs, pussy and ass fucking you will get an STD.
Date: Sun, 22 Jun 1997 19:31:26 -0400 Subject: HOOKERS/Va. (Newport News) Cops are running reverse stings along the hotels between Jefferson Ave/Mercury Blvd and Jefferson Ave And Main St. Ask them to show their breast to you and DONT mention Money. If they refuse leave and dont say a word. You can also stand around and watch to see if the previous customer got busted.

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