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Newport Beach, California

From: (Thor's Hammer)
Subject: Blond Bombshells in Orange County

INCALL service: see Donna at the Apollo in Newport Beach.  This is a
massage parlor, and $50 buys you 1/2 an hour.  Don't buy any more because
if you negotiate more than a massage you'll get the time you need.  Expect
to pay at least $120 for full service (1/2 and 1/2), but it's worth it.
Donna has a petite body with enhanced breasts, and is blond everywhere.
She is incredibly talented and worth the money if you can see her.  She
isn't young, but she looks great and her experience works to her

OUTCALL service: I have not used the services provided by Tori.  She is
great looking, 5' 7", at least "D" cups with a great hourglass figure,
beautiful blond hair and pretty blue eyes.  She also isn't young, but
she's not sagging either.  To perform a private dance at your location,
"no sex", she asks $165.  She admits to accepting tips.  I expect, though
I could be wrong, that more can be negotiated; my gut feeling is that her
price would be in the $250+ range for an entirely satisfactory "dance".
Her pager is [censored], and she can arrange someone else if 1) she
isn't your type or 2) is otherwise occupied.  If you call her, say you saw
it here.

Subject: false info Date: Tue, 25 Jul 1995 10:09:55 UTC The info on "Apollo" massage parlor in Newport beach, CA is false as found out. You should remove it for the benefit of future readers.
Date: Wed, 13 Sep 1995 19:12:19 UTC There is a comment from someone that the apollo information is false. I would like to interrogate the person who posted this to find out: - Is it true that Donna works there? Or was she gone the day the person went there? She has built and furnished her own room at that place, at her own expense, so I doubt she's left. A recent crackdown by NB police may have put her temporarily out of business. - Is the price or available service incorrect? Some people may try to get full service by saying that they "saw it on the net". This doesn't work. Without more details about how the information I originally provided was "proven false", the comment itself isn't very meaningful. I can assure you that it was true January '95.
Date: Wed, 11 Oct 1995 14:05:40 UTC There were some postings about Newport Beach. A couple of things. First, with the exception of the Korean places, expect to pay a lot more than for comparable services in LA. If you're there, or don't care, that's one thing, but I suspect most of the readership does this on a regular basis, so bargain hunting is an issue. There's an American place in Newport with a mostly- Vietnamese staff, but handjobs are very expensive there(like $50+$50 minimum, not even topless). The girls are attractive enough, but generally in their 40s. Lastly, I've never heard of a NB massage joint ever getting busted. Every single one I know of has been there for years. If they close, it's likely because of lack of business. There are something like 60 licensed places in NB, mostly of the "full body massage variety". Outside of the Koreans, only a couple offer full service.
Subject: Regarding Donna in Newport Beach, California Date: Sat, 23 Mar 1996 13:11:48 UTC I am familiar with the massage parlors in that area. The onlu Donna that works in that area doesn't work at the Apollo. She works at a little place right around the corner. She fits the description and has even decorated her own room. I have recently been to the Apollo, you won't find Donna there. I think Thor's Hammer didn't hit the nail on the head in this case.
Subject: Newport Beach, CA massage Date: Mon, 1 Apr 1996 02:58:46 UTC The Newport Beach massage scene is weak at this point.....evidently the police have been pressuring the massage places and some have closed. The best remaining is "the get away", on Quail street. The best that they have to offer is Lee, a very sexy, beautiful, classy asian girl who speaks and acts american....Great body, great face. For a change of pace go with Chrissy, also cute but not quite in Lee's league...she is very willing however.....
Subject: Costa Mesa/Newport Beach Date: Wed, 17 Jul 1996 04:19:29 UTC Due to the heavy sting operation, many of the great NB massage parlors have been closed. NB has cut the number of massage licences by more than half. Due to the major stings, you want to be careful. Here are my hints: Once you get in, just get undresses and lay on the bed faced down. When the girl comes into the room, after what seems to be an eternity, don't say anything that could get you arrested. ie. How much for a _____? Wait until she puts her hand on you. Enjoy the massage for a few minutes. Once she places her hands on you, you know she's the real thing. Then ask what you want but be polite. The vice don't touch and wait for you to say something. If it seems as if they are trying to get something out of you, just tell her you want a massage only. If they ask you to leave after keeping your mouth shut, thank your lucky stars. You were about to be busted. Always pay for the minimum time, that gets you all the time that you need. If you are going to get extra's, they don't care about the clock unless it's busy. The story about La Fountain, he was just very unlucky to chose one of the two legit establishment. Even though many of the great places have close (Patea), new ones are popping up all the time. My new place that I really fancy is nameless. It's on Bristol just south of the 405. On the corner of Bristol/Randolf unit C101. It's in a large grey apartment complex looking place. It is actually many little businesses. All I've seen there are Korean ladies but I guess there are hispanics as well. Two of the three that I've seen are 6's if that good. They seem like thay are in their late 40's and they are saggy. But don't fret, the catch of the day is Mina. She looks like she's in her late 20's or early 30's. She's a strong 8 in my book. She's about 5'6" 115lbs. and a strong B cup. Her body is very tight and beautiful. She gives great oral w/out a condom. Her breasts are very perky and firm. Her pussy is very clean and fresh. She is great eatin. The first time I went there, she took her time w/ me because business wasn't that good. Recently, the place is packed. I called to make an appointment but I still had to wait about 45min. It was a wonderful wait though. The place isn't built very well. In fact, it is very poorly built. The structure is fine but the walls look like they were put in by a High school woodshop class. But that is the great part. As I was waiting for Mina's services, I could hear her in action in the room next door. It was so erotic. At the back wall, there is a 1/2 inch gap so you can hear everything that goes on in the room next door. I could hear her get banged and I listed as they both groaned and moaned. I was so hot that I was jacking off as I listed to them. I came all over the plastic plants. So go early and enjoy the music. You must ask for one of the room parallel to the hall to get the maoning. They only take cash, it takes only $40 to get in, then for full service it is about $60-80. Maybe more if you can't bargain. Definately no more than $100 for the tip. The "Narita" on Birch st. is also nice. I've only been w/ Candy so I can't say anything about anyone else. She's a vietnamese girl in her late 30's. She's a 6.5 but don't let that get you down. She is the best woman I've ever been with. Her forplay is just incredible. Once she knows you are going to get the special message, everything changes. The regular message is just with the hands, a fair message. When she knows you want extra's she no longer uses her hands. She uses her breasts and tongue. It is incredible. She lightly caresses your back with her breasts. She then does a tongue dance all over your body. The most incredible is when she licks your asshole. It is the most incredible feeling ever. Everythings else is just icing on the cake. She gives blowjobs like she's the grandchampion. I have pretty good stamina when being blown, as well as most men, but w/ her excellent technique, I climaxed in a matter or seconds. I swear, no more than 30 sec. It is $40 to get in and I got her full sevice w/ $70. Cash and credit cards excepted. "The Mirage" is another wonder place located on MacArthur/Corinthian. It's the place for you if you like beautiful women. The management seems very picky. All the women are 7-9's. They are all very beautiful with a full International Staff. They have a caucasian, asian, and hispanic staff. All which are very nice. I've seen many beautiful women but only been with two. Kimmy is a nice asian woman, she's a strong 7. She's probably in her mid 30's. Very tight body with tight b cupped breasts. She is quite expensive, probably around $150 for full service and $80 for a blow. She's OK, but as I said, this place is for looks. Evet is the popular one here. She is 5'7" 130lbs. with D cupped store bought breasts. She doesn't or didn't give me full service but she does give head, hand jobs, and you suck her huge breasts. Very expensive for not much but looks. About $80-100 for what I've listed for Evet. I recommend paying by cash because they tack on 10% to all credit card purchases 'The Getaway" also hires beautiful women, Beautiful Women. I've seen high 9's there but I never can get in. They don't like me or something. Maybe I'm black balled there. They always tell me that they are busy. They have camera's on you from the minute you park. The ladies probably see you and they decide if they want you or not. "Spa of Hawaii" on the corner of Slater/Beach Blvd. sucks. They don't do shit and the chicks are ugly. I hope this information is helpful. Now I want help from you guys. I visited the Patea many times before there untimely demise. I used to be very friendly w/ this gorgous 19 yr old girl. Her name is Kelly. She is a 9. She is drop dead gorgous and young. Her body is excellent. She had natural "C" cups. She was $80 for full service. She wasn't that good in bed, I think it was lack of experience, But her youthful body and look made up for it. If anyone knows where she is, leave a message please.
Subject: USA CA OC NB 714 Report: prostitution / massage Date: Sat, 12 Oct 96 19:18:00 PST A further report on the nameless place on Bristol south of the 405, corner of Bristol/Randolf unit C101 of large Gray business complex; I showed up at 10AM on a Saturday morning, a practice I recommend highly if you don't want a tired, rushed girl. At first I thought that I had the wrong place because the name was sort of strange (you will see what I mean), but it was C101, so I figured that I would give it a shot. First, I took a long walk around the parking lot to spot anyone waiting in a car, suspicious vans, etc. All clear, so I went in. I was greeted by an oriental woman (Korean?) so I asked for a massage. She collected $40 and showed me to a small clean room with a bed big enough for my six foot plus. I did the usual, undressing and laying on my stomach with a towel over my butt. She came in and started giving me the best massage I have ever had. I would have paid $80 just for that massage! It was so good that I almost forgot my original purpose. Being the paranoid type, I attempted to get her to be the first to discuss sex or money. It is very rare that the police will try to catch men soliciting at a massage parlor, what they hate is when we do it where people driving by can see and later complain....., but I could not get her to say the first words. I was beginning to wonder if this was really a full service establishment. The massage was SO good that I figured no way was she a cop, besides female oriental police are not that common, the Asian influx being fairly recent. I finally just came out and asked. I had to point at where I wanted attention because her English wasn't great. She unzipped the full length dress she was wearing, revealing a black silk underskirt and no other clothing. I had had her pegged at late 30s/ early 40s, but she had the body of a 20 year old. I think I was fooled by her makeup, which was pretty heavy, making her look 20 years older, in my opinion. Still with no mention of price, she started giving me oral with no condom. It was VERY good. I enjoyed it so much that this time I really did forget my original purpose. After an excellent orgasm, She excused herself, (brief sound of toothbrushing), and came back with a warm wet towel to clean me off. Very classy. I figured that that was it, but she continued the great massage! I was still floating on air from my orgasm, and to have more of those relaxing hands....heaven! When she finished, I gave her a $50 tip, for a total cost of $90. Best $90 I ever spent! I WILL be back! I did not mention a name, because I strongly suspect that everyone there gives great service. If I am wrong, don't tip and you are only out $40. (and DO report your findings here!) O.K., so I posted this report after almost keeping the secret to myself, so I ask you who read this to not screw up a good thing. Don't spread the word around to non interneters, O.K.? If this place becomes too high profile, we all lose, understand? Also, this is a class place, so treat the ladies with class. Take a shower and brush your teeth right before going. Treat her nice when you arrive (It never ceases to amaze me that some men think that they will receive first class service from someone whom they show no respect to!) And if any police are reading this, consider these points: One, I stopped cruising Harbor Blvd. when I found this place. Don't drive prostitution into the streets where it generates lots of citizen complaints. Leave it in low profile discreet places like this. Two, GOOD LUCK trying to get anyone there to incriminate themselves. I sure couldn't, and I usually can!
Date: Sun, 24 Nov 1996 02:31:50 -0500 Subject: nameless on Bristol & Raymond-Newport Beach-California After seeing several posts-decided to check it out for myself. Was greeted at the door by a nice looking asian woman. I asked if Mina was available-she said yes and showed me to a room. After undressing and lying down another girl came in and asked if I had payed. I explained and gave her $40-then she said Mina was not working and tried to give my money back. I told her that another girl would be fine. She asked if I was sure and I assured her I was. After another long wait, guess who comes in but the same one who tried to give my money back. She told me her name was Monique. She gave me a great massage, and I tried to ease things up with some small talk. I should explain that I've been told by several people that I look like a cop. About 20 minutes into it she suddenly excused herself. After about a minute she came back. In about 10 more minutes she signaled me that the massage was over. I told her that I was interested in 'extras', but didn't know how to go about asking. She got a little flustered and told me they couldn't do extras. I then asked if she worked for tips. She said yes but that she wouldn't. It was clear to me that I wouldn't be getting any this day. I told her thanks anyway as she left, and I got dressed more than a little disappointed. As I walked out, she was in the reception area-gave me a big smile and told me to come back soon. I don't know if I should chance another $40 on Monique-just because I'd be a repeat customer-or try another girl. Maybe she thought I was a cop. Maybe she was pissed because I didn't have a raging hardon. She was ok looking, but the enthusiasum wasn't there.
Subject: [ASP] Newport Beach C101 Date: Sat, 23 Nov 1996 05:34:04 GMT Recently went to the location talked about in a number of posts in Newport Beach, CA. The original poster was correct, the location and name of the facility leave one a little perplexed. After waiting about 20 minutes I was led into a room where the price of the massage was discussed and paid for, $40 dollars for 30 minutes. I then got comfortable and waited for the lady to reappear. The young lady was about 25-28 years old and I believe Korean. The massage consisted of lightly rubbing her hands over my body, pleasurable but not very relaxing. On coming close to the end of the session additional services were negotiated. While I did not ask for nor receive full service, I left feeling satisfied with money left in my wallet. Definitely not a rip off joint.
Date: Sat, 22 Feb 1997 12:45:02 -0800 Subject: Latest info for Newport Beach Intrigued by all that I've read above, I decided to make a round on Saturday to check out the action. This is not a full report, but will update you on what's happening. Because "The Mirage" was highly rated, I decided to make this place my first stop. Unfortunately, they are open only Mon - Fri. I could not locate "Narita" on Birch. I went to the "no name" place off of Bristol/Randolph. They were open and the name didn't seem all that wierd. Anyway, when I arrived an attractive petite woman greeted me. I asked for Mina, she replied that she didn't know Mina or Mina wasn't working at that time. I then asked if I can see someone else. I was taken to a room in back, and it's true what was said about the rooms. They are kind of raggedy. Later a woman came into the room wearing a mini-skirt and heels. She did have a great body, but I couldn't see her face in the dim light. The massage was great, and as I came to an end I asked if she'd do more. She was adamant about doing more and told me that she gave me the full service (just the massage). Following the advice previously given above by others I thanked her, dressed and left - very disappointed. Although the massage was OK, I would have preferred more and she did have a great body. My last stop today will be the "Get Away". They open at 2pm on Sat. and I don't know what their schedule is the rest of the time. If anyone else found any other place in Newport Beach I'd like to know the details.
Date: Tue, 27 May 1997 10:35:35 -0500 Subject: Newport Beach massage scene Newport Beach scene is winding down. Was there three months ago and was told that Mirage was closing. Also that Carol, the owner of the Mirage and the Getaway, was thinking of relocating to Costa Mesa. Noticed some stuff about Dona. She worked both at the Apollo and the Getaway. Had a talk with her and she told me she was busted by a John! Apparently he was an old customer who was pressured by the cops. I iunderstand that Donna, Sherri and some of the other girls are up by the Ontario Airpot now. I think they said Airport Plaza. They also busted girls at both Getaway and Mirage for not wearing proper clothing. Since it is almost as hard to get into med school as getting a massage license, almost all the action will soon be gone in Newport. All that is left is asian places in Costa Mesa. They are getting pretty paranoid also.
Subject: [ASP] Orange County info - Getaway Date: 1997/06/28 Went to the Getaway last week in Newport Beach. $40 for the massage and $80 for the girl to give me a hand job. She was a nice looking white girl, nothing spectacular, but all she would do was jack me off and let me touch her. No fucking or BJ. Oh well. I'll let you be the judge about if it's worth it or not.

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