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Newcastle-upon-Tyne, United Kingdom

Subject: Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

After some searching I finally did what it always says on here - picked up
a paper and looked at the adverts!

In "The Sport" there are a number of adverts for massage, up to about 1/2 a
dozen in the Newcastle Area.

I checked out a few by phone and visited one in Felling (a suburb south of
the Tyne). One girl there, say 8 out of 10, prices:

hand: gbp30
full: gbp60
anal: gbp130

Presumable oral is charged somewhere between hand and full.

Next time I'll try one in Jesmond (suburb north of the Tyne) that was
offering a 2 girl special for gbp80!

Subject: WSG:Newcastle (UK) Date: Mon, 02 Feb 1998 10:18:32 PST Dear Atta, I notice you have nothing in the WSG as regards Newcastle in the North-East of England. Despite being the regional capital of the North-East, Newcastle has very little going for it on the commercial sex front. The complete lack of a red light district, restricts the seeker to scouring the pages of the national paper 'The Daily Sport' or to the one single established brothel in Newcastle. Adverts in the Sport are generally private houses offering just one girl at a time, they are prone to cop busts and thus are often changing locations every once in a while. Quality here varies wildly. The brothel I refer to is called Harpers (or sometimes Bubbles Health Club, as listed in the Ncle phone books). The place is a basic massage place with UKP 20 for a (decent) half hour massage. House extras range from an additional UKP 20 for topless hand relief to UKP 40 for full sex. As far as I know there are only 2 girls working there, sometimes both at a time. Lisa: Is about 45, pretty face but losing her figure somewhat. She's quite enthusiastic about her job...but it's hard to be too enthusiastic about her. Simone: about 20, great figure she's got these huge boobs which are well hidden at first. About average looker, not someone who would turn heads in the street but, again, she is fairly enthusiastic. There are no saunas, the shower doesn't work very well and the place looks like its about to fall down (I always get the impression they're about to go bankrupt). The girls are honest if unspectacular...but its the best bet in Newcastle, certainly no rip-off joint. It's location is Blenheim Square (or road?) just off Westgate Road and next to the dominating Discovery Museum.
Subject: ASP : Report from Newcastle upon Tyne, UK Date: Fri, 05 Jun 1998 09:13:58 PDT Harpers : Tel.: 0191 222 0982 Small friendly place. There seemed to be three girls working at the time of my visit, two of them quite young. Simone impressed me as being specially gorgeous, so I opted for her. She had been described on the phone as 'busty' which usually means not completely flat-chested. But Simone is something else. If busty is your thing, Simone is for you! She gave me a very pleasant finger-tip massage and chatted pleasantly, making me feel relaxed and at ease. After she had shed her clothes she had to work to relax me again, but she succeeded very well! Overall the quality of the service was excellent and very good value for money. Highly recommended. I'll be back there on my next visit to Tyneside.

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