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New Plymouth, New Zealand

New Plymouth ... New Zealand

This is a small town and there are only two escort agencies listed in the
phone book. I called both and settled on using the services of the second
one listed because they seemed to have more available women to choose from.
I chose the girl who the madam described as young, blonde and likes toys. I
do not remember her name.

As is usual she got to the hotel about 45 minutes later. It doesn't matter
how small the town is, I have never had a women show up in less than 45
minutes. This girl was very beautiful with a gorgeous body. Nice tits,
though they were fake. We got right down to business and she put a condom on
me and started sucking me. Then she went into her purse and pulled out this
fancy vibrating dildo that had a head on it that sort of spun around inside
(hard to describe) and a little second limb coming from it that was
obviously a clit tickler. She started to play with herself with this device
and it was pretty damn sexy. She was getting hot and got on all fours and
asked me to fuck her from behind. As soon as I had my cock in her she put
the dildo thing in there with my cock and it felt really good. With her hot
wet pussy and that thing massaging me in there it was awesome. We both came
after about 4-5 minutes.

After that we laid on the bed and talked. I was hoping she would ask me to
use the dildo and play with her but instead she got very caught up in
telling me how important she is in this town . How she "knows" everyone from
the police chief to the Preacher. She had some interesting stories. She has
a big ego and loves to talk about herself. I give her high ratings in my
book due to the erotic nature of the encounter.

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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