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New Orleans, Louisiana

Date: Thu, 27 Apr 1995 04:39:31 UTC

     I was fairly recently (October 93) in New Orleans and there are only a
couple of places listed in the Yellow Pages.  I tried a place on Baronne
Avenue (don't remember the name) that was all Asian.  It was $40 for 30 min
and $60 for 1 hr.  Take the half hour, since once the girl is finished she
will stop...which in my case was about 35 min.  I had a nice looking Korean
girl who was an anal virgin and said she would try anal sex for $80, but when
I started she said it hurt so we switched to straight sex.  Pretty good
service.  By the way, I roamed all over the French Quarter looking for
streetwalkers and had no luck finding any.  The old Playboy article on "Sex
in New Orleans" was no help at all!

Subject: New Orleans Date: Fri, 1 Sep 1995 14:16:00 UTC I was in New Orleans in late January of this year ('95). I was staying at The Charter House on Chartres right near Canal Street. There is this bar (sorry, never knew the name) where there was a black woman who called herself Van(essa). As I was walking down the street in broad daylight, she stepped into the doorway of the bar from inside, whipped out a tit and asked me if I wanted some. To make a long story short, she gave me a fabulous blow-job in the back of the bar for $75 (her original offer was for $100, though).
Subject: New Orleans Date: Thu, 4 Jan 1996 01:38:47 UTC Hi. I just found the World Sex Guide on the web, and I noticed you don't have much on New Orleans. Since I live here, and I'm a dedicated pervert, I thought I'd share what I know. Street Sex: Forget the French Quarter, unless you are looking for a transvestite. Street hookers used to hang out on Tulane Avenue, but they've been run off by the police. Now they are all out on Chef Menteur Highway, especially in the area between the I-10 and Crowder Blvd. Some churches in that area have started to put pressure on them, so they may be forced to move again. But as recently as last weekend (Dec, 1995) I saw girls working out there. Blowjobs go for $20, straight sex for $30. Bring your own condom, and you may also have to pay $12 for the hotel room if you don't want to do it in your car. A lot of the girls are desperate, so you may be able to haggle. I've had hand jobs for as little as $5. Massage: That same strip of Chef Highway has most of the massage parlors. My favorite is Tokyo Massage at 7742 Chef Menteur Highway. It's $60 for a massage and a shower. The hostess will lead you to a room where you undress, and then a girl (you don't get to pick) will take you into the shower room. You lie on a padded table and she lathers you all over and rinses you off. Then you stand up and she dries you with a towel. She takes you back to the room and leaves; in a few minutes she returns, nude. Massage and handjob are included in the price. Most of the time when I've visited I've had pleasant surprises, such as a tittie fuck or a blow job for no extra charge. (That's why this is my favorite.) The other places on the Chef Hwy follow the same format, but you will have to pay extra for anything beyond the handjob. In some places, you might even have to pay extra for the girl to take her top off. If you are a tourist and don't have a car available, you won't be able to get out to Chef Hwy. In that case, try the East Winds Spa in the 100 block of Baronne St. It's right next to the French Quarter, and follows the basic format described above except you'll have to tip to even get a handjob. Bars: Most of the strip joints are just strip joints, and most of the table dances are just dances. But once at Big Daddy's on Bourbon Street I did get a hand job from a table dancer. Consider, though, that by the time you add up my drink, her drink, the table dance, the other tips, etc. that hand job ended up costing over $100. Go get a massage, you'll enjoy it more and spend less. Miscellaneous: For gay men, or men who are interested in transvestites, there is a lot more available; but I don't know anything from personal experience so I can't help. Seek and ye shall find. I know that in other cities adult theaters and porn shops are often meeting places for sex. In New Orleans, they are for gay men but not for heterosexuals. The "Mini Movies" place on Bourbon Street sometimes gets a visit from tourist couples, but they just want to look at the movies and they freak out if they are approached at all. Don't forget Mardi Gras. This year (1996) it is on February 20. The two weekends before will be a voyeur's paradise. Forget about paying for sex then; the show in the streets is free.
Subject: Re: Prostitutes in New Orleans Date: 20 Mar 1996 05:56:47 GMT : Anyone know where a guy can locate prostitutes in New Orleans? NEVER get a prostitute in the French Quarter. Not a good deal. But, a lot of the people in the Quarter will volunteer to give it up easily. Especially during Mardi Gras =:)
Date: Sun, 23 Jun 1996 06:05:42 UTC The quarter is a waste. All the strip clubs are not for those seeking a release. Go to the 'Wild Bar' on Dauphine. About 1 in 3 will be a transvestite, but there are a lot of quality girls around there. The best spot to try is on Chef Highway. The idea of the true prostitute is gone though. All of these girls are crack whores. $20 bj, $40 fuck, $17 for the room, or else do it in your car or one of the booths of the nearby porno theatres.
Date: 24 May 1996 05:12:09 GMT >I am planning to visit New Orleans this summer. Would appreciate >any information of massage parlors and escort services. Be warned -- there are some really low-class outfits in new orleans. (outcall) Lots of IV drug users, crack smokers. I have nothing against IV drug use in principal, but the average IV drug user doesn't happen to be a woman I wanna screw, y'know? Just look in the phone book under escorts. They're all outcall sex services.
Date: Thu, 02 Jan 1997 00:24:18 GMT Last summer, I spent several days in New Orleans and had a good time. I found a number of massage parlors with full service - all asian as far as I could tell, but that's OK because I like asians. Anyway, there are three or four downtown - in and near the French Quarter - but the price was high ($60 to get in and $150 for full service) and the service just so-so. Out on Chef Menteur Highway, though, I tried Tokyo Spa. This was recommended to me and I will repeat the recommendation. Good, full service for $120 from Korean girls who were fun to be with not just good sex partners.
Subject: Re: [ASP] Info on New Orleans Date: 12 Jan 1997 02:40:41 GMT Was in New Orleans last year, stayed at Sheraton by French Quarter. There is a massage parlor about 2 blocks "up" the street (make left as you go out door) and a half block of of main street (Canal I think). Was full sevice for about $150. Also is an other place Viet or Thia I wasn't sure about another two or three blocks up and another block or two in (is on corner and has blue neon sign ) that was supposed to be excellent( no first hand experience but reliable source) I walked to area about 2 in the morning but had a little altercation ( not a real good area ) and didn't want to press my luck. Best wishes P.S. DRIVE or go before midnight the french quarter doesn't seem as friendly as it used to.
Subject: Re: [ASP] Current New Orleans Info Date: Sun, 12 Jan 1997 03:07:46 -0600 As of 1/10/97 Tokyo Spa has been closed. I think the city closed them for back taxes or something.
Subject: Swaggart Jimmy Swaggart, a well-known evangelist, was arrested for fraternizing with a prostitute in New Orleans. Read the story at
Subject: Re: [ASP] New Orleans Date: 14 Jun 1997 23:03:40 GMT I stayed at the Sheraton a few blocks up from the Hilton right on the Riverwalk. There is a massage parlor (oriental) a few blocks to your left (as you come out the door) and in a half block to the left. It was full service then but has been a couple of yrs. Also was a second on in a few more blocks and further up ( left out of hotel, up six blocks or so and 2-3 blocks to left) it had green sign and was also full service. Both were pretty good and not to bad $120-150 from what I remember
Subject: [ASP] New Orleans area Massage parlor Date: Fri, 4 Jul 1997 19:24:13 -0400 The Bangkok Spa in the French Quarter was the scene of the crime. My friend and I decided to go nuts and get our first massage experience. So after paying $60.00 each for a (1 hour) session we were led upstairs and to the left to 2 seperate rooms ( I am not that nuts!). I was told to strip down to my B-day suit and laid on the hard bed/table on my stomach as the Vietnamese lady entered the room. She was about 35 and could go on a diet but I must say that once Willy is freed it would have taken a lot to reel him back in unsatisfied so I relented. She remained fully clothed during the first 15 min or so. I was rubbed liberally with baby powder and she did this neat thing with her nails raking my ass and the surrounding pucker :) - of course I am married and have NEVER had that done. So I got a REAL official massage for 15 min or so and was told to turn over where I noticed she was really eyeing my bird in his nest. She made half hearted attempts to massage my chest but her hand kept brushing the top of my pubes and sliding up to the sides of my balls. I started to have a little blood redistribution (wink wink) and she said in VERY bad english. YOU LAW MAN ??? So I said "Are you fucking crazy" - must have been the correct use of the english language because she immediately asked me MOUTH OR HAND and sort of palmed my nuts and rubbed a bit. I said those fateful words.... HOW MUCH for mouth. She said $80.00 (on top of the 60 I already gave her)....... Butttttt.....As they say a hard cock has no budget and I said 70........She said 75 and I felt as though I had won the battle! :) - Again I must assert her hand was on my nuts and I was not in the most sober of moods.... So she said I BE BACK IS OK? I said ok but sorry to say I was freaking that now I am going to be busted or on Hard Copy or something. So I waited FOR HOURS (cock time) probably more like 5 min or so and she returned. She took off her top and bra (if she had one on) and opened my legs and nuzzled up to my groin. Well folks! She was good! They understand what most wives do not. The MOUTH is the tool not the fucking hand! she was putting on some massive sucking sounds. I tried to think about how fat she was - about my Wife - anything unsexy but alas I was approaching completion. I had a condom on by the way. She had told me I could cum in her mouth and that s also a RARE occurance for a married guy! I am however VERY sensitive during and immediately after cumming and it was very painful with her 500lbs per square inch of sucking. She also let me play with her nipples but would not take off her panties. What is it about New Orleans that NO ONE shows bush except the College girls during Mardi Gra of course! Not a single beaver shown no matter how many clubs I entered. Anyways Bangkok Spa was a good release - marginal quality of ladies - CLEAN! Thats all that matters!
Date: Wed, 18 Feb 1998 20:13:37 -0500 (EST) Subject: New Orleans update--Feb 98 The "Tokyo Spa" on Chef Menteur Hwy has reopened now renamed "New Image." Apparently, all new staff. I was only interested in a shampoo/massage/h.j. and drew a "mature" woman whose name I don't remember. It is clean, has a fenced off parking lot, and is relatively safe. But Chef Hwy is a place where trouble can find one quickly, so be careful if you go there.
Subject: [ASP] New Orleans Asian Spa info Date: 1998/03/13 I was in New Orleans recently and decided to check out the massage parlors, all of which were Asian spas. In the French Quarter was the appropriately named Bangkok Spa at 509 Iberville. Saw two girls there, both were cute. The Shanghai Spa on Bienville seems to be no longer in existance. Across Canal Street from the French Quarter was the East Winds Spa at 414 1/2 Barronne (this is Dauphine St on the other side of Canal). The mamasan said they are open 24 hrs and have 7 young girls, although I did not see any. Just around the corner from them is the Thai Spa at 940 Common. The girl who answered the door there did not appeal to me. If you get out of downtown and get on the Chef Menteur Highway, you will first encounter Tabu at 7801 (on the left). Across the street is New Image; the not too attractive woman answering there said it was a modeling studio with a $40 fee. A few blocks further on the right is another spa...unfortunately I can't remember the name (but you can't miss the flashing lights). There was a taxi waiting in the parking lot, the driver was chatting with the uniformed off duty policeman guarding the place. The cop pats you down before you go in. I was given a tour and got a glimpse of four or so young girls who were sleeping in one room waiting for customers. Futher down the highway on the right is a strip club with two spas on either side: the Hong Kong and the Singapore, the address is 9000 for both. The girl at the Hong Kong was a bit frumpish, but the girl at the Singapore was pretty cute. She indicated that an $80 tip would get you "everything" (accentuated by a gentle pelvic thrust). Waaaay down the highway, past the intersection of I-510, on the left is the Miami Spa at 13151. Not very well lit, easy to miss. The mamasan indicated that I could get full service for a $40 tip. All these places charge $40 for 30 minutes and $60 for an hour. Only the downtown establishments take credit cards, none on Chef Highway do. I decided to do business at Miami Spa. The girl was young and very tiny (Vietnamese). She apologized for being in a bad mood; she was homesick for California and had been crying. Turns out she was also having her period, and my full service deal turned out to be just a hand job! Of course mamasan made herself scarce after I found out! Anyway, it was a session with a lot of cuddling and talking, and a little smooching, and I could not blame the girl since she did not know what had been promised. I would sure go back and visit her in a better week if I lived in the area. She indicated that she would not be in town for very long, and was only working during her period because there were no other girls available. I did not have the funds or time to adequately review a good cross section of these establishments. I had a theory that the places on Chef Highway would be less expensive because they were not very convenient, but I have no data to prove this theory. (If you need some cash the Winn Dixie on Chef Highway has an ATM).
Subject: [ASP] New Orleans Report Date: 1998/04/29 New Orleans Report April 1998 Artist Cafe 608 Iberville St. This is a small strip bar on Iberville between Chartres and Royal. The girls are all overweight and are 5's and lower in the looks department, with one a 6 (maybe a 7 if she lost a few pounds). One of the girls will latch onto you when you come in. She will try to get you to go to the "back room". This back room has about 3 cubicles each with a chair and small table. The girl will give you a massage while you sit, and will then give you a hand job. Price is $150, and the bartender will try to hustle a tip out of you ($10-$20), and the girl will also try to hustle more out of you either before or after the hand job. This place is to be avoided unless you are really desperate and are staying nearby (the Marriott is right around the corner). Bangkok Spa 509 Iberville St. This place is a much better value than Artist Cafe. Straightforward oriental body shampoo and massage parlor. $60 for the hour includes a nice bath, including soaping up and drying off by the girl. I had a nice Malaysian girl named Lee. After the bath she gave me a nice full body massage (nice but not very long), and then she finished me off with a nude hand job and prostate massage (a nice, unexpected and unrequested extra!). She got a $50 tip and seemed happy. Recommended. (This place is literally behind the Marriott.) NOLA Girls (New Orleans Escorts and Bodyrubs) I had seen this place advertised on the Web, and decided to give them a try. I called and found out that only Michella and Cecilia were working that night. I picked Michella. I had the option of going to their incall location ($180) or having her come to my hotel room ($200). I decided on outcall (I find that I am much more relaxed in familiar surroundings, even if the familiarity is only my hotel room). Michella arrived exactly on time, and fit her description exactly (though the photo on the Web is only a "look alike"). She was a very pleasant 19-20 year old co-ed. We sat and talked and got comfortable with each other, and then had a very enjoyable full service session (condom required). I thoroughly enjoyed Michella and would highly recommend her (and NOLA Girls). She stayed the full hour (despite the fact that I had the last appointment of the night), and we were not rushed, and there were no extra fees. Overall I would say that the "Big Easy" was a great place, and I would like to return someday and give Michella another call.
Date: Wed, 13 May 1998 14:43:19 EDT Subject: New Orleans An update on the massage parlor scene in New Orleans. There are now at least seven "spas" operating on Chef Menteur Hwy. The Tokyo Spa is now "New Image." A new place is "Thailand Health Spa" at 7822: very nice and clean. The "mamasan" said a shampoo and massage was $40. But the girl was utterly unimaginative, wanted $30 more for a handjob, and when I demurred (she had shown so little previously I didn't think it was worth trying) still had the audacity to ask for a tip. (This place is apparently tied in with Oriental Spa on Baronne Street, because they share an ad in the Yellow Pages--though it's misspelled as "Tia Lan Health Spa." There's also the Miami Health Spa way out at 13151 Chef Menteur. It's also new. New Image, Thailand and Miami have spent a few bucks on decor, but I've had no luck getting anything except perfunctory treatment, regardless of the bucks I have spent or been willing to spend. If someone has some info to share, I'd like to hear it.

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