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New Delhi, India

Date: Sat, 27 Jan 1996 06:45:29 UTC

hi, since delhi is not on your list, here are the gory? details:

Cost USD 5 only for a whole night; good girls at GB Road.

Virgins cost $25 extra. Place and refreshments to be bourne by the

Another place to enjoy yourself is near AIIMS where you have to have a

Date: Tue, 27 May 1997 14:05:39 -0400 (EDT) Subject: india/new deli to whom it may concern, i was recently in india on vacation, i tried to find many brothels in different towns, but unless you are a native indian, most places will not let you in. In deli, gb road is the place to go, ask a rickshaw driver to take you there. when you arrive walk up and down the street looking up at the women hanging off the balconys, after you have picked one, go up the stairs below where she is. when you are up there you will see a man or woman who runs the place, when negotiating the price make sure it includes the room, the amount of time and the girl. they have condoms, but i used my own. WARNING; SOME OF THESE WOMEN WILL TRY TO RIP YOU OFF SO DON'T TAKE ANYTHING OF VALUE OR EXTRA MONEY . typical cost is usally $ 7 - $10 for one half to one hour. also i saw no women who i could even cosider being virgins typical age range 18-30
Date: Fri, 11 Jul 1997 15:35:24 -0500 Subject: Trip to New Dehli, INDIA Hey, just got back a week ago from India. My college buddy is Indian and I joined him and his family on their trip. I'll cut the bullshit and tell you what you guys really want to hear, and it's REALLY good. Getting laid here is SO easy. If you thought college was easy, imagine a place where you can just walk right outside your hotel and ask some random girl and BAM...your in! No joke. We stayed at the Hilton just outside Dehli called Rohtak. Here are a few tips. Only carry US money, it's worth more (INDIAN money is shit - don't bother converting) Also, carry only $1s and $5s because that's the largest denominations you'll need. Basically, girls here are dirt cheap and a BJ is worth 5 bucks and a fuck is 10. If girls see large money they get happened to me. You might want to leave your wallet at your room and bring about $15'll be set. Try hangin' around the hotel area - no more than 1/2 mile radius - that's where all the girls will be. They basically hang around the place selling food, souvenirs, etc. DON'T be shy when approaching girls. Trust me, 5 bucks in India goes a long way for them (about a 2 week pay check for them). Just kinda smile alot and they'll know. Me and my buddy didn't know jack shit in indian. Just start touching them on the shoulder and putting your arm around them and they'll know. It's pretty easy bringing them back into the hotel. I did all my shit during the late afternoon-easier than at night. There's alot more customers in the hotel and it's easier to slip in. Anyway, girls here are pretty cute...most have very large breasts but are pretty hairy. If you're used to the clean shaven american women you're in for a surprise in India. It's a jungle in the genital area! BJ don't require condoms but sexual intercourse does. Will be back in India soon...or when I get enough money!
Date: Wed, 14 Jan 1998 20:54:42 +0800 Contra to recent posting about Delhi: A local cabbie claimed that he only know two classes of women. The first were asking Rupee 8,000-12,000 for three or four hours in a guest house that you pay for. This avenue was not explored. Asking for something more moderate led to a three story walk up hovel. Lower floors were older women. Top floor younger. Some perhaps pre-legal. Asking rate was 250-300 Rupees. Perhaps 25 girls there well covered. They appeared clean, though the surroundings were horrid. They kept pointing to the only room open, with bed visible. Decided to pass on this one, as the cabbie was very nervous, and there were two policemen waiting outside. They watched us closely, but did not intervene. Will try to verify Hilton post on next trip to Delhi in March.
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 1998 Subject: Shardanand Marg (G.B.Road), Delhi Driven by my inner hunger that refuses to go away, I went to Shardanand Marg, also called by its old British name G.B. Road (actually it used to be "Gun Baction Road" in the old days) - Delhi's most notorious prostitution street. It starts at Ajmeri Gate, two-three kilometers from Connaught Place, right east of New Delhi Railway Station. Prostitution here is not easily spotted to the foreigner's eye. You can walk through this street and never notice anything but shops for electrical machinery and motors. This apparently is one of the least interesting streets in Delhi. But do step out from the semi-roofed pavement, walk out in the road beyond the clutter of parked cars, carts, battered scooters and waiting bicycle rickshaws - and look up! From first floor level and upwards the buildings have the appearance a slum of wooden sheds and corrugated iron. On balconies and in windows groups of women wearing brightly colored saris and dramatic ornaments and crimson lipstick gesticulate and beckon you to come up to them. It is difficult to see their faces due to the distance. Their shouts are barely discernible through the noice of the mad traffic. In fact you have a better view at them from the other side of the street. Here a considerable number of Indian men stand transfixed with their faces turned towards the women on the balconies, consumed in a silent and passive staring at them. The greatest number of women are in the part of Shardanand Road which is closest to Ajmeri Gate, a historical ruin. But you will find them at intervals all the way down to the high water tower, very visible at the far end of the road. The male who decides to give in to the siren's song from above moves across the street whenever the stream of dusty, worn-down vehicles permits. He finds the entrance leading up to the group of whores he wants to visit. The stairway is old style Indian: narrow, steep, and with high steps marked by the wear of thousands of feet. It is soothy and grimy and dark as the falling night. Many levels in the house seem occupied by shouting women grabbing for his arms and clothes. At the top floor the screaming voices rise to a hysterical crescendo because two brothels, one on each side, are competing for his attention. The voices make an infernal howling concert, the groping hands become almost violent. The darkness up here makes it difficult to see the woman you would like to be with. I took one the closest, the one I immediately found most attractive. She took me with an iron grip by the wrist and lead me in an overly eager way out on the very balcony where I had seen the women a few minutes before. I did not feel at ease by becoming visible to the glaring men down there. She made way through the group of colleagues and opened two doors to closet-like room, just big enough for a double size bed. At the moment I first saw it it was without any mattress or linen, just bare, smooth planks. A very young Indian guy stood on it, buttoning his pants. Wooden walls, a fan in the ceiling, no light. "My" woman resolutely started spreading a quilt on the bed, smacking it with brown, bangled hands so dust came off in big clouds. Then she covered it with a worn bed sheet. Then she arranged a dirty pillow at one end of the bed. As soon as my shoes had come off and I was settled in this love nest an old hag appeared, demanding 250 rupees for half an hour and 500 for one. I paid 500, and the doors were closed and darkness fell on the woman and me. She started by cuddling in a half loving, half over-active way. Long, intensely pleasant moments passed. Then she started what I soon found out was "second round" of the payment: demanding baksheesh. At first I refused to give her anything at all before after, but her stubborn insisting persuaded me into finding from my bag the 400 ekstra rupees she kept demanding. Immediately her demands rose to 500. She got them. The next 20-25 minutes were spent with her repeated attempts at extracting 400 MORE rupees from me. I refused categorically and actually began to prepare myself to leave without having got what I had come for. But she changed her attitude, exchanged words with a colleague on the other side of the wall - part of a board was missing and let in a sharp ray of light every time a bulb was lit in the staircase. Condoms were handed in by a girl's hand. She began masturbating me with movements that were a little too groce and hard. She kept most of her clothes on. But she nevertheless hit a note of music in my nerve system, and my prick started growing inside the condom. Seemingly she took for granted that we were going to do it in the missionary position, me on top of her - something I find difficult under any circumstances. After all that talk of money and the repeated interruptions I wasn't in the mood anyways and ended up masturbating myself with my own hand on the rubber. She was quite loyal in holding me with firm, friendly arms until I had an orgasm. She made a merry giggle while the electricity crackled in my nerve fibers. It seemed to be a point of importance to her that no seed was spilled on the linen, but neither cloth nor kleenex was available. After all that: silence, peaceful (or almost peaceful) resting in each other's arms, until time was up. At the very end of it all she became eager for me to stay the night for an extra 1000 rupees. Men I declined. General impressions: If this woman is very unhappy for being were she is, she certainly does not show it. She gave me the impression of being a lively, rude girl, a high energy hustler for baksheesh. - The name of the game with her (and the brothel) was rip off. She was not generous with caresses. But you can get along with her. I went away happier than I came, releaved by a strong orgasm and her touch. - Language problems are used as a tool to confuse the customer. A stream of Hindi words are aimed at un-balancing you while you struggle to understand what she is saying to you in the darkness. One good advice: Go there around five in the afternoon, see the women and where they are in the last light of day. Then return after dark when the electrical lights are on inside the staircase, giving you a clear view of whom to choose. More to tell? The woman's name was Shanti and she was from Puttaparthi in Andra Pradesh, and she was an adherent of famed guru Sathya Sai Baba. I actually liked her even if she went out of her way to get my money.

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