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Nelson, New Zealand

Subject: New Zealand

I was in New Zealand a few months ago and used your information to find
the pleasures of the wonderful women down under.

I found though that you had no information on Nelson, and that is where
I had the best time in an adult establishment. The place was Bubbles.

I arrived there shortly after noon and there was one girl working.
Michele. She reminded me of Elle McPherson. She reminded me of her in
looks as well as body.

She first started with a massage, then removed her top and started
rubbing her breasts on my back.
Then she wanted me to turn over so she could do the front.
Well, I asked how much for full service, and she said $100 NZ.
That was a small price for what I received.
She wrapped that rascal and away she went.
She sucked me for a while and then I went down on her pussy.
When I climbed on top of her and I penetrated her, she wanted me to hug
her closely.
She was not just a good fuck, but was a companion. She was a lover.
I fell in love with her and will never forget her.
But it does not end there. She was so good that I could not hold out, as
I usually can, and came after about 20 minutes of beautiful love.
So as we lay there she rubbed my feet and I gazed at her pussy, while
she layed on her stomach. Her pussy was very close, and a beauty at
Then I decided to go another round . I gave her another $100 even though
she asked for 80.
She was well worth it.
She likes to be pounded hard. So pound I did.
We both climaxed and she thanked me so much for making her day.
She not only made my day, but I can't get her out of my mind.
What a treat from down under.
I hope someday to return, and hope she still works there. If so, I will
take her anywhere she wants to go.
I have made love to several women, and in places like this you just
don't find women as good as she was.

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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