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Subject: NC Area Update


Mar 1997
Recently, I visited two massage parlours in the NC area
(eastern NC).  THe first place was called Magic Moments on
NC 74/87 in the tiny town of Acme-Delco. It had fairly attractive
girls on staff, and for my first experience, was thorougly
impressed. This place is about 20 minutes north/west of
Wilmington. It cost anywhere from 30-100 bucks for 15mins with
one girl with lingerie to an hour with two girls nude. Definately
worth a trip from the Lumberton/Wilmington areas.

The next place is in Fayetteville NC called Paradise Lounge. Its
on the corner of Murchison Rd and Shaw Rd. A rough area of town
but they open at 9am and you won't have any trouble. Its a small
shack, I was greeted by just one woman. A large black woman, but
she was extremely nice and courteous. This place only cost 20 bucks
for as little as a 20 minute session and went up accordingly. I
have been there with other women working (average to nice looking)
but I cannot personally vouch for them. Good luck and please
post some info on this area! I find myself in the area for business
frequently and am searching for an incall service. Especially girls and
ladies working out of their homes. And on Bragg Boulevard,
the going rate from street girls is 20 for a blowjob
(no condom) and 30 for a cuck. But be careful, this is not the
best area of town either but cops aren't overly active in prostitution
stings here either.

Spartansburg, SC
Well I went Back to the G-Spot lingerie place today 7/11 at about
1:00pm the main thing about this place is they sell/make dance wear
for the local strippers. and lingerie/nude model on the side
there was only one other customer at the time some girl buying some shoe and a
outfit. she was having them gift rapped. she was not much
to look at. I over heard her say to her friend(pregnent) which box shoul I
give him first.
Onto the review:
Well a sign in the place says to ask for Lisa or Sydney
well lisa was working in back sewing costumes, she came out and explaine what
a session would  be. she took me back to a small room
painted all black, some mirrors on the way and door, had a wicker love sat in
there. she said no touching her and she could not touch me and no sex wold be
envoled, $30 goes for the room (no time limit) tipping starts out at $20I said
ok lets go for it, Lisa is about a 6-7 on the scale. some reason she didnot
have any makeup on. she was ok looking in the face had about a 7-8 body,Big ass
for as small as she was very nice from the front. took care of the room harge
like a table dance at a strip club, I tipped her$20 she pulled down her op
nice tan breasts,nice hard nipples she squeezed them kind of on the smal side
but thats how I like them, tipped another $20 and off came the dress shehad on
a white thong thats when I could really tell she had a big ass, I tippedanother
$10 and off came the thong to reveal a shaved
pussy, she was very nice to look at from the front flat stomach firm tit,
oh yeah forgot to say after she pulled her top down is when I pulled outmyself,
she did not make any moves to grab me and I did not sense anything from er that
she was so I had to jack myself, she put one foot on the arm of the loveseat to
expose her pussy she spread it open rubbed it up and down played with he clit
(to dark I could not Really see
that good) I was real hard the whole time she would alternate between he tits
and pussy.
I asked her if that was about right for the tip she said no
almost so I dug out another $40 total of $120  $90 tip & $30  room fe
she said thats mire like it, the funny thing is she did not do anything iffrent
after that after a few more min. of watching her play with that shaved pssy and
me jacking off my hard cock, she reached over and grabed a couple of tisues and
gave them to me. I guess this was the hint to hurry up and finish, she ws atractive
and the pussy playing was making me horny, she just did not seem into itkept her
eyes closed all the time or her
long blonde hair was over her face, well I finished what I needed to do
and thanked her pulled up my pants and left wishing that I went on over o Models
or Unique Models shit for $30 more I could of got 1hr of good
sucking and fucking pluss watch the girl play with herself,
well we all know how it is to try something new especially when it comes
to thinking with our dicks!! right??

over all place was o.k. for lingerie place I might go back but not tip a
much I did like the not time limit part.

They addvertise in Greenville Creative Loafing and Vivid Magazine it
showed a picture of a girl and had lisa's name on I think they screwed u
it must of be Sydney

happy huntting clt34

Review of Empire Health Club, North of Durham, NC--Just East of the
I-85/I-40 merge at  I-85 and NC 86. Visit 4-17-97.

I have read some postive comments about the Empire Health Club in past
reviews from this newsgroup.  I set out, with some apprehension, to give
the place a shot, as I have been aware of the difficulties of running a
successful full-service establishment in this area (SEE TOM CATS). I can
verify the accuracy of what past posts have contributed on this
establishment.  It doesn't look like much from the outside.  Except for
the neon "All Girl Staff" sign, you would think this place was abandonde=2E

My review will sound very similar to past reviews with some differences.
I went at approximately 2 pm on 4-17.  When I entered the building, I
scared the hell out of the two women who were in the front room.  They
appearantly were sleeping, both were on couches, and covered with
blankets.  The room was dark except for a tiny black and white tv.  Ther
was a blonde and a brunette, the blonde stood up and asked if I had ever
been before.  I stated that I had not, and she rattled off the prices.
Basically they are on par with what's been stated--$30/45/60 for a half
hour, the last being for fully nude massage.  She then told me "tips stat
at $30, and go up."  I then followed her to a back room.

 The building is not too big.  There seemed to be a couple of "love room"
and some bathroom facilities.  The room she put me in was ok.  Not dirty
just dingy.  There was a rather large, wide table with a foam pad, clean
sheets/pillow, and a chair in the corner.  Mirrors all over.  She asked e
which session I wanted, and I told her the $60 one, and she said "great,
told me to get comfortable and that she would be back.  I thought it kina
weird, that she was so open with me, she didn't seem to think I was a co
I guess.

 I got naked and got up on the table.  After a few minutes she came back
in.  I finally got a good look at her.  She was about a 6-7 (subjective)
Platnium blonde hair, her face was ok, body was good, a tad bit of fat o
her legs, but that certainly didn't bother me.  A model she is not, but
found her appealing.  She took off her bathrobe to reveal a pretty nice
package.  Her breasts were about a "B" Cup with long, erect nipples.  He
ass, as I stated had some cushion, but nothing abnormal.  She had me tur
over and began a very good back rub, going down my legs and paying
attention to my ass.  I then asked her what her tip scale was, and what t
would provide.  She told me for $30 I could touch her anywhere.  Then sh
asked me to look at her (I was facing the wall on my tummy), I turned an
she made a BJ motion with her hand and mouth--"this will be $50."  Then
she made a "fuck" signal by putting her finger in a hole created with he
other hand--"this will be $100."  I told her I wanted the lay and was
willing to pay $80 for it.  She didn't bat an eye-- "no problem." I gave
her the $80 bucks and she continued.

We made small talk and she is actually really nice.  I asked her how old
she was (37), her name (Christy or Christine?), how many girls worked
there (6), how long she had worked there (2 yrs).  She had told me that
the day had been really slow.  They had had only one other person come i
all day.  I the asked her what her rules were.  She said anything was ok
as long as I wasn't rough.  I was impressed with her, she made me feel
very comfortable.  I then asked her if she was willing to accept oral,
which I love to give.  She enthusiastically said yes (mind you guys, I a
clean, and smell decent--I'm not sure she would let any old person go don
on her).  She then told me to get up and give her a massage--I liked thi

I massaged her for about 5 minutes and then went down on her.  Her pussy
is neatly trimmed and clean.  It is not shaved, but not a bush.  I gave
her oral, and either she came, or she is one hell of a faker, as she got
really wet and her clit was sensitive when I  finished.  Either way it gt
me hot.  I then layed down and she put a condom on and started to give oe
hell of a good--albeit short-- BJ.  She then mounted me for a few, then
got on top and pounded her for awhile.  I was having trouble reaching my
brink, she picked up on it right away (I hate rubbers!)  She climbed out
from under me, and had me lay on my back.  She then started to suck me of
again, alternating with an excellent hand job.  It didn't take me long a
this point.  As I began to cum, she put my cock back in her mouth and
sucked it until I was finished.

I was really impressed.  The whole time she seemed really interested, an
enjoying herself, so I don't feel she was not enthusiastic as was stated
in previous posts.  She got me a warm wet towel and two dry ones, and let
the room.  I got changed, she came back in and led me out.  "Please come
back and see me" were the last word I heard.  I live in the area, but fo
you out of towners, it is about 25 minutes from the airport, 35 from
Raleigh, and close to Durham/Hillsborough.  If you are in the area I woud
recommend you definately check the place out, especially if you have the
chance to try other girls and report back.  The prices are decent ($140
total), and the staff seems to be pretty good.

Humbly submitted,

Greensboro, NC
Finally arranged a meeting with Tabitha...(3/97)

And yes she is just like her description-

5'7" 115# 27 year old former dancer now a independent in the
Greensboro/High-point area.

I arranged a Incall (she will do outcalls also..)

She has a great dark tan and lovely eyes to go with her shoulder
length Brunette hair. A real sexy 9+!!

We met at a local hotel and after introductions she danced & stripped
for me (that previous experience really pays off). Now I thought
this was great, this really breaks the ice (I was nervous a bit...)and
it shows she is not hurried or rushed to get you out.

After she was stripped she rubbed her titties in my face and mouth
and sat on my lap (this lap dance would not end there though!). Then
once I got comfortable she rolled-on the raincoat and I asked the rules-

No anal, otherwise whatever!   Cool...

I found her quickly rubbing her tits all over my cock and chest, she has
a petite figure about 32C-22-33 slim and tan with a cute tatoo? Tan

Well, from a enthusiastic blowjob to her on top. Well she enjoys her
work. After bouncing up & down on me she turned around and sat on my coc
while leaning back with her arms behind her on my chest. God what a ass.=2E

After going back to a 69 ...yes you can go down on her! She suggested I
get on top and she layed down doggy style. Well I knew what was cumming,
this is one of my weaknesses. I had strived to last a while. But after se
started urging me to do it harder and harder, she lay flat on the bed
and closed her legs together, raised her ass into me and man!!Whew!!!

After we lay awhile(she was in no hurry to dress or leave, she had no
appointments before or after me) i was determined to last longer next
time and try more things, I love a good tit fuck.

This was well worth the experience and the modest cost.

Tabitha is by far the best escort I have found lately.
Guys she is REAL, so be nice, be generous and email me if you don't
think so...

Page Tabitha (she has a roommate too!) at 910-XXX-2011.!!Update!!!
she has cancelled her cell phone...It would NOT stop ringing!!!

At $125/hr she is worth it.

Greensboro, NC
Tabitha was unable to do incalls, Furniture Mart was in Town(High Point)
So I went to Suns Again. I called ahead to see
who was working. Nancy & Lisa have left so I saw a new girl Mimi.

Greensboro, NC

Suns Massage (4/97)

Mimi is Korean, modest english, a little older 30'ish, but so am I.

Well after introductions she unbuttoned my shirt and reached inside
my pants and grabbed the big1's big one...

Okay this was new! Jeanie must have told her I've been here before...

Mimi had a long red dress and after paying for a session $40/30min
and $60/hour off it came. Now Jeanie gives great deep & hard asain
massage, Mimi just rubs. If you want/need a massage ask for Jeanie.

However I was in the mood for something else. She asked for $100
'for everything' I offered $50, no no $100, I show her $80 she
takes it with a pout and says OK.

She then gave me the best deep BJ I have had in a while, no condom.
We both know I don't intend to cum n her mouth unprotected but
man I really liked that (that was worth another $20).

After that she seemed interested in my body hair, us Italian guys
have it EVERYWHERE, yes even there! Mimi then explained in detail
how small and tight she was, she is a petite 5'1" 34C-22-33 but
the chest is small but firm (I felt enhancements...).

well after her on top, me on top etc...I asked if I could cum on
her tits, What? she asked, I said, 'cum' you know? Oh, oh she
said another $200! I thing we had a failure to communicate here.
I think she thought I wanted to cum on/in her mouth/chest. i just
wanted to shed the condom and get a little tit fuck. We agreed
that next time we work arrive on a solution for less than $200!

After I was finished, we sat an talked she is new, only here 2
weeks from california.

Mimi looks a little older with long black curly hair, she is friendly,
smiles but talks a bit too much. She is very agressive, enthusiastic and
is a willing helpful partner. Firm smooth skin, no wrinkles or flab.
The best new girl at Sun's (Greensboro).

Lady J's on South Blvd (Charlotte) has lingerie modeling,
that gets very steamy, but no onsite can jo as girls model.

Alpine Health Club in Salisbury has very pretty ladies, is fun, but hand
jobs only...not expensive though.  Would love to hear email from others
who have tried these or others in the area.

Do not visit Tom Cats (near Raleigh and Durham in NC)!  Although it
advertises under both the escort and massage categories in the yellow
pages, it seems to offer only conversation services.  I was even told
that these ads are a mistake... When I first visited the place, I was
told that their policy is that the girl does not take off her clothes
during the first visit.  She could dance and talk dirty, but I could get
better service during my next visit.  This precaution made sense, and so
I went ahead and proved that I am a good customer. However, the same
thing happened when I visited them a couple of months later.  They knew
that I had been there before, but I was told that service will improve
gradually.  Unfortunatelly, this time the attendat was not willing to
dance, but offered to touch herself without showing anything for a $40
tip.  She hinted that I could get a hand job (no sex or bj) only after I
have been there a few times. I am not sure that they ever offer anything
more than conversation.  Even if one can eventually get a hj, it is stil
not worth it.  You would have to shell out at least $300 until you become
a trusted client.  Only then you can possibly get a hj for around $150
(my estimate).  That's kind of steep, considering that there are other
options. If anyone has similar or other experiences with Tom Cats -
please post them.



Any of the following:
Dream Girls Lingerie
Total Xperience Movie mates (GSO & Charlotte)
Sensual secrets (Charlotte)
Carlonia Video & News (Gastonia)
Plus MOST others like this...
Call and ask If they give 'relief' or 'touch'!

otherwise they are no touch or you jack off yourself!

Driving through NC yesterday, so I thought I'd keep an eye out for the
Empire Health Club mentioned in the above posting.  It didn't really soud
very appealing, but central North Carolina doesn't have an abundance of
full-service establishments, especially of the non-asian variety.

The place is right off the I-85, State Highway 86 exit - north side of te
interstate, about 2 miles east of where Interstates 40 & 85 merge near
Hillsboro.  The original report was just about on target.  Especially frm
the outside, the place is pretty much a dump.  Sign on th door says
they're open from 9am-10pm, 1-10pm Sundays.

I was there early afternoon and there were two girls on duty.  A brunett
who was sitting on a sofa watching soaps with a blanket over her, so I
have no idea what she looked like and a blonde who was apparently "up" ad
didn't look too bad, so I just followed her.

The room was not really filthy, but pretty dark.  Mirrors on walls and
ceiling, with a foam pad over a large massage table.  The girl explained
the house rates were for the girl to wear lingerie, topless, or nude at
$36/$48/$60 for a half hour session.  She had kind of a "redneck girl"
look, probably late 20's, with small breasts and a nice ass - not a bad
combination as far as I'm concerned, so I took the $60 session.

She came back, stripped and showed some nice erect nipples, and began a
fairly decent massage on my back.  When I reached over and started rubbig
her ass, she said "there's a $30 tip to touch me" - uh-oh!

I decided to get down to the real business and asked how much for a half&
half.  She said $120, I offered $80 and she jumped at it, so I suppose I
could have gotten her for less.

At this point I asked her name - Christy.  She leaned over and began
rubbing her breasts over my dick.  When I was good and hard, she asked i
I was ready for the blowjob, I said I was, and she rolled on the condom
and began what turned out to be a very good oral session.  She wasn't rel
enthusiastic, but she certainly knew what she was doing and did it well.
After 10 minutes or so, she said "are you ready?"  I was and climbed on
top.  Again, not very enthusiastic, but a pretty good fuck.

In fact, the whole session, was quite acceptable, but not outstanding.
guess if you're tired of the jack joints in Raleigh or want a change fro
the oriental places in Greensboro, this place will be okay.

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