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Durham, North Carolina

Date: Tue,  3 Jan 1995 19:02:56 UTC

I have been to a few massage parlors in North Carolina, so I thought I
would pass along my experiences.

The Quality Bath House, Durham, NC.  I've been here once.  You walk in
and have your choice of two ladies.  When I went, one was white and the
other was black.  Both seemed to be in their early 30's and both were
reasonably attractive.  You are shown a price list for services.  I
don't remember them all, but I think it was $55 for topless and $70 for
nude.  You are also told that the ladies accept complimentary tips.  You
choose your session, and the lady takes you into a hot-tub room where
you strip and both get into the tub.  Here is where you negotiate
additional services.  I didn't have a lot of cash on me that day, so I
went for a "full body massage" (includes hand-job) for an extra $40.
We chatted in the tub for awhile and then went to another room, where
there was just a sheet spread out on the floor (!).  She massaged me for
a while, and then gave me a decent hand job.  This place seemed a bit
expensive, though, for what you get.  The initial $55 or $70 payment
only gets you in the door.

University Massage, Chapel Hill, NC.  I've been here several times, with
varying satisfaction.  Like the one above, you walk in and have your
choice of 2-3 ladies.  The overall quality is not as high, but there is
one named Chance who I especially like.   This place used to be a real
bargain:  Prices were $50 for a topless massage, $60 for a nude massage,
and $70 for a nude mutual massage (you get to massage her back, arms,
etc.--everywhere but the fun parts).  Now, prices are $70, $80, and $90,
respectively, although the time has increased from 20 minutes to 30
minutes.  Each of these sessions includes a massage and a hand-job.
They also accept tips for extras.  I don't know if it varies depending
on the lady, but I was told they range from $100 (intercourse) to $80
(oral) to $60 (tit fuck) to $40 (you can touch her anywhere).  I have
gone for the $60 and $40 extras at different times.  As I said, I like
Chance (not her real name, I'm sure).  She is attractive, personable,
actually seems to enjoy what she is doing, and (unlike some of the
ladies here) made no effort to hurry me along.

Denise's.  North of Rocky Mount, NC, on highway 301.  This is one of a
string of massage parlors along hwy 301, although rumor has it that they
are all being shut down soon.  If so, that would be a shame, because
this was a great place.  Its drawback is that it is approximately 1 hour
away from the Raleigh area.  The set-up is similar to the others.  You
walk in and have your choice of ladies and you are shown the price
list.  I can't remember all of the prices, but they started at $30 (I
think) and went up to $125 for forty minutes with two ladies.  Again,
all include hand jobs and massage.  I chose the $50 session--one lady,
nude, for 30 minutes with a very attractive lady whose name I can't
remember (it began with a D but it was not Denise--maybe Debbie).  The
rooms here are the nicest of any place I have been.  Nice beds, sheets,
etc.  Debbie gave me a great massage and then a skillful hand job.  Best
of all, though, after I came (about halfway into the session), she
rolled me over onto my stomach and gave me a great massage until my time
was up.  I would definitely go back here again if I was in the area (or,
if I had the time, I would make a special trip  :-) ).  I would love to
try the two-lady session.

Hope you all find this enlightening and helpful.  I'll try to answer any
questions I can.

From: Date: Wed, 4 Jan 1995 14:36:11 UTC This is to the person who e-mailed me with questions about my previous post. I responded to his e-mail, deleted it, and then found that my responses bounced back to me. Sorry. His first question was were condoms required for everything, including hand jobs? No, I've never needed one for a hand job. The staff at University Massage said one would be needed for oral or intercourse. Second question: What are the operating hours? University Massage is open from 10am till 2pm with a shift change at 6pm. I don't know about any others. Third question: Can you give more details on what the ladies look like? Are they several steps below top exotic dancer quality? The answer to this is it varies. Most of the ones at University are several steps below. The best looking ones that I have found were at the one I mentioned in Rocky Mount, although I've only been there once. Hope this helps. One more thing. There was an article in the Raleigh News and Observer about 1 mo. ago talking about the string of massage parlors near Rocky Mount, NC. The author seemed to think that under NC law, full body massages, including hand jobs, are legal. Don't ask me, I'm not a lawyer or cop or anything, but it's food for thought.
Subject: Tom Cats (Durham N.C.) Date: Fri, 20 Jun 1997 22:48:20 -0700 I happened to be paying a visit to NC, and decided to check up on this place, which several years ago had a good reputation. At the time, they were located on Highway 70 just north of Raleigh, and usually had a decent selection of girls. They used to have a "membership policy" which they used somehow to screen out cops. There wasn't a lot of nasty stuff going on, but hey, it's NC, and there weren't many other clubs around that provided caucasian women willing to give a "full" massage.... Times have changed. This club has moved up the road to Durham. It's no longer "members only". You can just go in and pay, but there's no reason to bother. It's a "conversation house" now, (even though you'll still find ads for this place under MASSAGE.) Maybe there is still nudity or massage there if you pay to talk to the ladies, and try tipping later, but I wasn't gonna shell out $100 to sit and gab, and risk getting snookered. So, cross Tom Cats off your list. There are other parlors in the Raleigh/Durham area that are for REAL. When you're in the area, be sure to call a parlor *first* and ask if a *massage* is part of the basic cost, in case anyone else is playing this game. (I know that the management of Tom Cats owns some other parlors around here.)
Subject: Tom Cats Date: Thu, 1 Jan 1998 15:33:39 -0500 qAlthough I had read much mumbo jumbo about Tom Cats of Durham, NC as being a ripoff kind of place, I decided to try it out for myself. This was actually my first experience for paid services in the US (South Korea is great for you!), and I took 70 North from Raleigh and made it there in no time. I went inside (12-31-97) and rang the bell. A tall brunette walked up and nervously looked around and asked if I had ever been there before. I told her no, so she asked for my ID and looked around again before she left. These gals evidently were a bit skittish. After she returned, she led me inside and introduced me to her and her two girlfriends. The prices were set (60 dollars 1/2 hour, 100 full hour), but she stressed that it was for conversation only. I thought of this as some type of disclaimer and blew it off. I had looked up this place and it was listed under massage (not therapy, mind you) and open until midnight. I had my choice of girls, and they were in the 5-6 range. There was the plain brunette in makeup, a petite blond, and a fake blond, large lady in way too much makeup. I chose Tori, the petite blond, so she took me into a dark room with two chairs and a tv. Tori was cute, about 5'5" and 94 pounds (she later explained that she had been in for surgery and dropped about 10 pounds) She explained that this visit was only for conversation and that there were not going to be any blowjobs or intercourse. In fact, no touching. I was rather shocked and talked with her for 10 minutes or so. I asked about the shower in the room, etc. and she said that sometimes the visitors use them, that they don't offer showers. All that aside, I told her what I had expected, and I wanted her to be frank with me. How did this place really work, etc... (For some reason women trust me...) She told me not to tell anyone but this place used to do alot of business, and Durham had really cracked down on them, forcing them to say that they are no longer adult entertainment, etc. and I read the placarded page in the room with a bunch of legalese explaining that this was no longer that kind of establishment. She hinted for a while that there was more and she finally explained. Your first visit is 60 bucks, half hour and they try to get that much as a tip, but they can't leave their chair and you can't touch them. She cannot undress or anything, but she can sit "not so ladylike" while you do yourself. She said with a tip she might push her panties aside a little, but first timers are just being evaluated. She showed me the stash of lotion and towels, etc. and welcomed me to it and told me there was going to be no blowjob or intercourse. I thought about this for a sec and I thought, "that doesn't rule out a handjob", but she declined...she didn't seem too excited about not doing more, and as I tried to get her to do more, she declined, kind of "I am sorry!" They have rules there, that each session gets better...okay, perhaps you never get laid, but she did show me her twat and masterbated herself in front of me. She had the finest legs I had seen in a long time, and I definately wanted to turn her into a pretzel. She was shaved, but not fully, leaving a nice rectangular bush...fat lips, definately edible. I thanked her for the information and she went into the back leaving me to dress. During this time I did a little research. I went over to the "unused" shower, (the ones that they used to shower with customers but don't anymore, and they never took out) and I felt the bottom to see if it was wet. What do you know, it was. Obviously SOMEONE had been in that shower in the last 30 minutes. Now, I can only vouch for one room in this place, and it had no bed, which told me something, but I am sure that something else goes on there, but only for their regulars. Tori said that when you seem okay to them things get much better, but she wasn't supposed to say anything, because a first-timer gets only "conversation." Frankly, I think that they are trying too hard to hide what is obviously going on here...I think that the better customers get a lot more for the money, but these girls are too paranoid of getting busted to satisfy new customers. I mean, really, they are looking for about 100 bucks for you to watch somebody fully clothed (and see their puss if you are nice). I will go back there for some more research...especially to see Tori, who actually asked what I was doing that evening once she got off. I already had plans, but I was available (new years eve) until about 11 pm...unfortunately she had to go over to her parents house about that time and wouldn't be available until later, but I couldn't be with her then... dooh! I didn't get the impression that these girls do side work at all, because I think she honestly was looking for a nightime date for the new year. I also got the impression that these girls never have sex, because she was telling me of her operation which would make it fairly impossible right now, and she thought about working at this other place (don't recall the name) but she couldn't imagine having sex 5 times a day. I guess I am supposed to think that they don't have sex now, right? Tom Cats is open 10AM-midnight at the SE edge of Durham, NC on 70
Subject: Re: your list.......World Sex Guide Date: Sun, 08 Feb 1998 04:23:16 PST Okay here you go.....for Raleigh area. Empire Health Spa in Durham, NC A total dive with unattractive busy ladies whom seem to cater to the truckers. Old Phillips 66 gas station converted to a den of lust. Typical rates of $60/hr, $40/ are 40 for hand, 60 for bj, 80-100 for full service. If your desperate, get it here. University Massage in Chapel Hill A much better place and one of the best in the area. Girls vary on look s and pricing. To get in the door it is $70-$90 depedning on the amount of time you want. If you go downstairs and towards the back, you can get full services. If you stay upstairs a handjob is the max. Tips range from $40 - $150. Normally $100 tip get you everything. A definite must in the area. Quality Bath House What an ironic name. It is anything but quality. Old house, no hot water, the two girls working were about 42 years old, must you can get is a handjob, jacuzzi is broke a lot, rooms stink and the tubs are falling a part. A step above Empire Health Spa but not much of one. Rose's in Greensboro The best of the best in Greensboro. Normal in door prices of $40/60 with tips ranging from $40 for hj to $100 for full serive. Normally $80 will get you full service. Have seen both American and Oriental gals working here and all are good!! looks and service wise. A must in the Greensboro area. The others are take your own risk, sometimes good, mostly bad.
Subject: ASP Review Quality Bath Mates Durham NC Date: Tue, 24 Mar 1998 18:25:00 PST It was New Year's Eve 1997 and I had nothing to do, so I decided to visit Quality Movie Mates in Durham. First off, the place looked totally deserted sitting on the side of the road, but there was a sign saying that the parking was in the rear, so I went. I went in the back door of this place, which had "all girl staff" and I was greeted by an older lady, perhaps in her late thirties, perhaps 40. Tabitha, as her name turned out to be, asked the usual questions, such as "have you been here before" etc. She asked for ID and went into the back after I gave her 70 dollars for 1/2 hour. I don't specifically remember any signs, but I think it was 70 for 1/2 hour and 100 for a full hour. She asked if I wanted to get wet in the sauna, but I decided against it. So, she led me into a run-down room with a chair. I could tell that it was a bedroom at one time because of the layout and the adjacent bathroom. Tabitha came back, fully nude, with a white sheet and some lotion. At this point I talked to her for a little bit and tried to get as much as I could. I don't remember the exact prices, but everything short of oral sex and intercourse was open. I ended up with the most expensive deal, the 80 dollar deal, which, although intended to be "russian", i.e. between the breasts, it allowed me to explore her at my leisure (except for the mouth) and get a hand job. Yep, it sounded expensive to me, but I was already there, so I went for it. Now this woman was petite, but you could tell that she wasn't a spring chicken. Really, I think the shock that she wasn't really young skewed my viewpoint a little, but I guess she was about 37. Blond, about 34B/25/34, and her breasts were the softest things I had ever felt. She grabbed my penis immediately and put some lotion on it as I laid her on her back. If I wasn't going to fuck her for real, at least I could imagine it. I spread her legs and began feeling her body, caressing her breasts with my hands and tasting (and kissing) her all over. I began to explore her pussy with my left hand, and it was dry at first, and then began to moisten. She then put a little more lotion on me, and really started in. This woman may not have been a ten, but her hand was so expert, I could honestly not tell I WASN'T fucking her! I really didn't want to cum, but I knew I was in for, so I dug into her neck and breasts, sucking them especially, while I worked her pussy with my hand. Before long, I came hard, and shot all over her, much to my pleasure. She then got up to get me a warm,hot cloth and she thanked me for coming. Yes, it was expensive here, but I enjoyed it. Tabitha Face: 6 --not ugly, but a little older for my taste Body: 7 --quite trim, except a little pillowy (see age) Skill: 9 --years of experience! Felt like vagina (really!) Attitude: 8 --friendly, not shy at all! Forward.

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