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Natal, Brazil

Subject: HOT TIP: Natal in Rio Grande do Norte State, Brazil

Natal is a tourist paradise, 300 days of sun a year, the city with the
cleanest air in South America, beaches, and a lot cheaper than Rio de
Janeiro.  Especially in low season.  High season is in July and December
till February (carnival)

At arrival at the airport, visit the Tourist information to check on
hotels. There are two major touristic beach (=praia) areas

** Praia da ponta negra: very nice beach, could not find a prostitutes (a
nicer name is "garotas de programa") in an entire week.

** Praia do meio: a nice but fairly rocky beach, more centrally located,
near downtown.  The tourist information person advised that here there are
problems with muggings and with prostitution.    The muggings certainly are
nothing compared with Rio, Sao Paulo, or Recife.  Natal is a fairly quiet
medium sized town.  If you do not mind the second problem cited by the
tourist info, then go to praia do meio.

At praia do meio, the working girls can be found all over the place on the
sidewalks, but often you need a trained eye to discern them.  Some start
working as early as 9:30 am.  In the bus stop opposite Hotel Reis Magos, if
a girl is very accessible, and if she does NOT enter the bus once it stops
there, she probably works there.
  If you look from the beach at Hotel Reis Magos, on the right corner, the
street where the hotel Maria Bonita is located, there is a littly vending
cart, there are several girls at night time.
Half a mile away, opposite Novotel, on the ladeira do Sol, you can find up
to 15 girls at daytime and even more nighttime.  Be a bit careful there at
nighttime. Drug dealings go on there, too, and the girls tend to be a bit
more hardcore than at the beach. Be streetwise.

Asking price is R$50 (1US$=1.10 Real R$).  You typically pay 30, you may
get away with 20 or pay up to 40.  They usually go for R$30 or even less,
for 1-2 hours.  For example to the Motel L'Amore, 5 minute walk from Hotel
Reis Magos, where R$ 8 gets you a simple clean aircon apartment for 2
hours, for R$ 17 you get a luxury apartment with TV and Sex film channel,
Jacuzzi, Fridge, ...

Most girls are fairly goodlooking, some girls are very pretty, most have
children but often they look so good you would not notice from their body.
Most are in the 18-22 year range and from simple backgrounds. Very few are
mulata or darker, most are light brown latino type (morena clara), some are
nearly white.

Do not expect to find hundreds of girls, at one night you might find 1 or 2
dozen at the beach, and another dozen opposite to Novotel.  And, to spot
the ones on the beach, you have to search.

A few months ago the police carted busloads of minors away, and now they
check the girls id constantly to make sure they are at least 18 years old.
If you go with a girl under 18, you risk jail, or, more likely, a few
thousand dollars bribe to get away from police.  Even talking to a minor
might be risky.  These actions are promoted by the federal government,
inspired by international moralistic pressure to protect minors from
exploitation. I have talked to a few minors, none of them was grateful for
these police actions that are meant to protect them from exploitation.

I heard that sometimes street prostitutes put Rohypnol in your drink, when
you pass out they take you to your room and clean your room out.  Most
girls are too innocent to do this, but watch out.

After going with a girl once or twice, if she likes you, it is possible you
may become her permanent boyfriend and she goes with you for free or
cheaply.  Do not exploit her too much,  ...   Most girls at praia do meio
seem to see the arrangements in less idealistic way and work mainly for the
financial reward.  There also is a tendency for the girls trying to leave
before the arranged time.

Most hotels do not like visitors. Reis Magos seems to accept them with no
surcharge, provided you signed up for a double room with double occupancy.
The hotel's rate is R$ 55.- with sumptuous breakfast. (1 US$=1.12)

Cheaper, and very friendly is the no frills Pousada Trairi (Av 25 de
Dezembro, 145, (084) 202 2811), right behind Hotel Reis Magos.  Only R$10 a
day.  It is almost like a youth hostel, you get your own room with bath,
can use kitchen facilities.

Some hotels at Ponta Negra beach also accept visitors at no surcharge,
provided you paid for double occupancy.  Enquire about their policy.  Try
Hotel Las Palmas, with a US owner, phone 084 219 2979 or 236 2823.  Very
beautiful and well equipped, located in the sand, 25 feet away from the
ocean. Rate about US $ 30 a day in low season, $45 in high season for
single occupancy.  High season is in July and december to february.

Other things to do:

Spend a Sunday or a weekend on Ponta Negra beach and flirt with the girls
there. You get off season rates as low as R$10, right next to the Morro do
Careca sand dune on the beach.  Most girls are very accessible for talking
and flirting.  Still, it is not at all easy to actually get one to go to
bed with you.  Nobody speaks any decent English, schooling in the northeast
of Brazil is not good.

ask any 3 star hotel for the times when the Natal Shopping bus stops by.
You can go shopping, eating, or watch absolutely gorgeous teenagers roaming
the shopping center.  Girls here are mainly 14-16 years, middle class and
tend to be more stuck up.

sorry, no prostitutes at the shopping.  Rumors are that there are a few on
Ponta Negra, but I could not locate a single one in several days.  Enquire
at the beach vendors if you want to try.

Walk to the forte (fortress) about 2 miles from Reis Magos Hotel, on the
beach. R$2 admission.

Join a beach buggy daytrip to see other beaches.  Or rent a buggy for
yourself, preferably with a driver.

For info on Natal, check

If you do not buy your trip directly to Natal, inquire at Vasp or Varig
Brazilian airlines about an airpass.  Inquire also if you can buy a Ticket
to Natal with a free stopover in Rio, Sao Paulo, Recife, or wherever you
really want to go.

If you are an internet freak, check  If you are a member of
any of these internet providers, you can use any other one on your trip.
You will need to do some bureaucratic work and need to have your own
computer and find a phone line (very hard to do).

Bars, boites, houses of prostitution in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte state

The following information comes from a girl that worked at these places.
No guarantee for correctness.  Ask your favorite Taxi driver for help.

Except for Mira's, all these houses are much more expensive than the free
lancers at the beach (praia do meio).  The girls are said to be fairly
pretty.  You usually pay no admission, fairly cheap drinks, R$ 30-50 to the
house to take the girl out or to the back room, R$ 50 - 100 to the girl for
1-3 hours.  Some girls work at one place for a few days and then move on to
another one.

Like everything in the northeast, haggle and bargain.  The girl that asks
for R$150 may go with you for R$50.

At daytime these houses are fairly deserted, better try evening and nites
(not on sunday).

In Natal:
Mira Drinks
Av Airton Senna 200
in front of former Mandarcaru Club
7 pm to 3 am, except sunday

Fairly nice girls, not very sophisticated, low price,  R20-R40 for a
quickie in the back room, room costs R$ 10; Give it a try

Haras Club
Rua Avelino Sobrinho
Capim Macio

Na Estrada da Cida (empresa de Trator)

Tel. 207 2277 (unverified)
R$ 50 club fee +100 girl

seems to be together with Senzala Club now

 2pm - 6am

Praia do meio
near: ladeira do Sol

4p -2 am

too expensive, not too impressive looking girls ask for R$ 100 plus the
Club's fee

Eliene Drinks
Br 101,
near entrance Motel De Ville

Francisca Drinks ++++
perto da Eliene Drinks
also known as: antiga casa de Baby
enter street after Status motel

some nicer girls, has swimming pool!

Senzala  +++

Club fee + 100---200


Chale Bar (Casa de Baby)
near Supermarket Sao Jose in Capim Macio
(near entrance Motel Vilas?)
club's fee + 50-100 for girls

Aninha Drinks
near main entrance of Petrobras
30 club fee+30-50 for girls

over the hill girls
2p -2a


Mercia is said to be very a very good club, have no information


A little note:
If you get to the city of Fortaleza in Ceara state, study the newspapers,
you will find ads for girls and massage parlors.

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