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Nashville, Tennessee

Date: 12 Mar 1995 00:32:55 -0500

When I lived there four or five years ago, I visited Cleopatra's every
couple of months. A half hour session was 80 and included fucking,
sucking, pussy eating...the works for no extra charge. I just revisited
Nashville and stopped in there again. I saw a cute young babe named Kala.
I gave her 100 for a 45 minute session. But then she wouldn't do anything
until I tipped her an additional 50. I ate her a bit (she had a sweet
pussy) then we 69'd. As soon as I felt I was about to come, I asked her to
quit so we could fuck, but she stayed on top of me and kept going until I
came....Oh boy I thought...I'm going to get to come twice in one session,
but no-go. She was done and she started getting dressed (it had only been
about 15 minutes) I asked her if we could do some more but she said that
was all I got. Even though she tasted sweet and gave great head, I feel a
bit ripped off. I know you can't even get that much for 150 at some
places, but I couldn't believe Cleopatra's had changed that much in 5
years! I think she may have been trying to skirt the rules a bit....just
thought I'd share the news...

Date: 15 Feb 1995 23:09:20 -0500 Try Dottie's on eighth Ave. Also Cleopatra's. It's been I few years since I lived in Nashville but I've had some great suck and fuck sessions for under a hundred at both places. The women I saw at Dotties were usually nicer, but you generally go with whoever answers the door. When you go into Cleos, the girls all line up for you and you pick the one you's not always easy! The girls at both places don't mention specific acts, but if you pay for at least a half-hour session, you'll get sucked and fucked just fine. Let me know how it goes!
Date: Thu, 27 Apr 95 16:15:00 -0600 Haven't tried the escort services. There are lots of massage parlors along 8th avenue. Lets see, Dawn's, Cleopatra's, Olivia's, several more. I think they are all owned by the same person or persons. There are several fully nude bars like Deja Vu, Classic Cat. I prefer Deja Vu because of the good location and I've always had a good time there. The girls are all 8+ and many are 10's. [...] Oh yeah, there are some streetwalkers along Lafayette Road south of I-40 but I would avoid them like the plague (as in AIDS).
Date: 10 May 1995 21:38:03 -0400 Check out the places along 8th ave. S....Dotties, Cleopatra's, Dawn's etc. There may be some asians, but these are mostly American staffed full-service "massage" parlors (you can get sucked and fucked and these's part of the deal)
Date: Wed, 31 May 95 14:53:00 -0600 >Has anyone been to the "massage parlor" next door to the "World's Largest >Adult Book Store?" I get to Nashvegas frequently and I'd like to check out >a new place. I'm looking for services, prices, protocal, etc. Thanks! It's ok, but the staff is limited. Full service can be had for $80 there. On 8th Avenue South there is also Dawn's, Dottie's, Ollivia's and Cleopatra's. Most of these want $100-120 for full service. These are all run by the same guy. Protocol: use hand signals. If you ask for sex you will be escorted out. Have fun!
Subject: Re: Nashville services Date: Fri, 28 Jun 1996 13:56:25 GMT >anyone know of a place to find street walkers in Nashville TN? Have had >some experience with massage scene, but looking for something different. Try Dickerson Rd or Lafayette street between Fessler's Lane and 8th Ave s.
Date: Thu, 09 May 1996 10:45:30 +0000 In the nashville area there are some really good massage parlor on south 8th street. Dawns is the lowest priced and they have a pretty large staff . Miko has some really hot girls but are a bit pricy.
Date: Fri, 19 Jul 1996 12:48:10 UTC Nashville Massage Parlors As of one year ago there was an older (late 40s) blonde babe named Lynn who worked at place that was called Relaxation Plus on Dickerson Pike. For $60 you could get an incredible blowjob (with condom) with rimming, ball-licking and she would slap her face with your cock while jerking you off. She is petite and slim with implants. For $80 she will fuck you like there's no tomorrow including deep french-kissing. I highly recommend her. I don't think the place is called Relaxation Plus anymore, but I don't know what it's called now. She will jerk you off for $40, and it is well worth the $$$. By the way, that's the entire cost listed above. Not a bad deal. :{) You can pretty much get laid at most any massage parlor in Nashville for around $100. The women range from 4s on up to 9s. There are an absolute shitload of massage parlors in Nashville.
Subject: nashville Date: Wed, 28 Aug 1996 18:18:31 UTC I recently visited Private Dancer, strictly a "watch and jack" operation located in an old house at 1909 Division, near Vanderbilt and Music Row. Prices for the best sessions start at $80 (half hour) and go up to $140 (full hour). The local sports page and the Nashville Scene occasionally have coupons. No tip is expected. When you enter from the rear parking lot, you'll be asked if you've been there before. The best answer, honest or not, is "yes." By acting like a regular you may be able to avoid questions on membership. This place charges $5 every six months for an anonymous "membership." If asked what your membership number is, give your initials, plus the last four digits of a social security number, such as "rt4559." No one carries their membership cards (wives would find them)--so it's easy to fake your way through. You'll see prices listed in the front room. Then you will be asked to choose a lady and a type of session. The dancer of your choice will lead you to a private room, then leave for a few minutes while she logs-in the session and gets some music. Get at least a half-hour session and you'll get plenty of lap dancing. You can usually touch everything but pussy. Kleenex (but not lube)is provided. My favorite is a petite blonde named Cindy (works evenings). Once you find someone you like, give them a call @ 329-3539 to see who is working that shift. Obviously, these folks don't go as far as those in massage parlors, but these women are better looking (6-9s) and are more polite. Enjoy!
Subject: NASHVILLE In-calls: Mary's Health Studio From: This is a review of service I received on Saturday, August 31, 1996. Mary's is located [on] 8th Avenue South in Nashville. The only lady working at the time was a late 30's shapley blonde named Debra. I had been there before while shopping around and Debra was there with two more girls (of which I would have chosen Debra). The rates at Mary's are $2/minute. I was in a hurry, so I chose the 15 minute session and received excellent hand service from a totally nude Debra. More time allows for more "personal" contact. I totally reccomend her. I also have information on other Nashville services. E-mail for more details.
Subject: Nashville - Lilly's Express -- 1803 Church Street (Korean Massage) Date: 27 Nov 1996 00:41:30 GMT Erika (Korean) has good oral talents and loves to swallow cum. However, the management there will rip you off if you allow them to.
Subject: Re: REQ. Nashville Info Date: Sat, 18 Jan 1997 21:41:17 -0600 > I am new to the area. I have read the faq. on Nashville. Any > recommendations where the hookers are? Outcall, incall? Massage > parlors. Any help would be appreciated. I was in Nashvegas last December and had a good time with a girl named China at Olivas Dance Studio. Set me back about $120 for full service. Also went to Mikos and spent about $200 for a sauna, shower, massage, 4 beers and of course full service with a very attrative blonde from Texas. Can't wait to go back.
Subject: Re: [ASP] REQ: Nashville, TN Date: Tue, 04 Feb 1997 06:54:26 GMT I was in Nashville a few months ago and, on advise received here, went to Dawn's. 8 or 10 girls met me at the door and introduced themselves. All nice - rangeing from 6 to 9, I'd say - and I had trouble making up my mind. When I decided, we went to a well set up room. She quoted me prices, based on time, from about $50 to $120 - the difference in the length of time you get. You can also get a coupon from the local advertising paper, available in stores around town. As I recall, the coupon is for $10, so the full hour cost $110. No tipping, so that is the price for full service. I will go back next time I get to the Music City. I have also heard that Cleopatra's is good but can't speak from experience. Both places (and a few others) are along or near S 8th.
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 1997 18:15:00 -0500 (EST) Subject: nashville sex I thought I might contribute some info. I visited up-scale massage a month ago and saw a blonde babe named Haley. She's about 5'7" 125 36d-25-36(Nice implants) and will give you the time of your life. Every girl ther is hot!! I also frequent a place called Dawns and see a south African named Sandy (huge implants). There's also a girl named Alicha with implants also. Full service is 50$ with a coupon. Try sunn'y massage on 8th ave they have some nice looking orientals with implants. I like implants. Go to Olivias and see the hottest non-implant girl around her name is china. Does anybody have any info about an outcall girl named mia from Atlanta? I hear she used to be a feature named Vanna Doll.
Subject: [ASP] Nashville MUST!!!! Date: Wed, 26 Feb 1997 23:15:57 GMT OK, how many of you have spent $100 or $200 and afterwards have wondered why, or not get full service??? Nashville has one of the best places to go that I have found throughout the US. I visited several of the places in Nashville and they were nice but still all seemed to be rushed and the usual, get them in and get them out mentality. I saw a posting briefly mentioning Miko's but it stated that it was too expensive,so I thought I would treat myself to something different so I visited Miko's (511 8th Ave South). I was greeted at the door and given a line up of seven girls that were all good looking, and a variety of types. I choose Jenny, a 19 yr. old, 4'11", 98 lb., from Thailand. The session started with a steam, sauna and then she gave me a body scrub on a wash table to wash all of the essential parts of my body. Then back to the room. All of this was done in a leisurely manner and no rush at all. Back in the room we talked and decided what we were going to do then she left the room to get hot towels and a soft drink for me. What followed was the softest most sincere session I have had ever, anywhere. Jenny was slow, tender and sincere about my satisfaction. While doing it doggie style she actually wrapped her feet around my butt to pull me deeper into her. She truly wants to satisfy you. At the end we still had some time left so she gave me a body rub with her her body. The prices are $60 for the room and then $150 for the girl. This is well worth it. That was the best money I have ever spent. If you are in Nashville you must go see Jenny, as she will treat you right. I did see Jena one time when Jenny wasn't there, and she was a very pretty, tall, slender brunette and very nice but not as good as Jenny. Tell her where you got her name, then let me know how it went for you.
Subject: [ASP] Finally giving something back -- another Nashville report Date: 27 Feb 1997 14:34:48 GMT I've been lurking here for several months now sifting through the spam and trying to assess whether this group is for real or not. I must say that I really appreciate those who do take it seriously (thanks Dick O' Stone and many others). I travel quite a bit around the country and have had numerous experiences that I can share with the group. It was Mr. Happy's report on Miko's in Nashville that prompted me to contribute. I have driven past there several times on trips to Nashville, but never went in--preferring an incall to my hotel room. Sounds like I missed out on a treat that I will be sure to sample the next time in town. With that, here is my first contribution: Music City Tours (MCT), Nashville, TN I've been traveling to Nashville about every other month for the last year and lucked up on this service that I would definitely recommend. I don't remember what name they were listed under in the phone book, but I originally found them in the Yellow Pages of the Nashville phone book in the Escorts section. I don't believe it was MCT, but that's what was on the business card I was given by "Linda." I told the "dispatcher" over the phone that I was an experienced consumer and wasn't in the mood for any lingerie or nude dancing rip-off. She assured me that the girl she had in mind would provide the services I was looking for. Linda showed up right on time. She was not a knockout, but she was also not the type that you would leave knocking on the door pretending that you were not in. I'd say about a 6.5 to 7 on the hot scale of 10. She was over 30 (at my request), claimed to be 36, which I'd say was pretty accurate, naturally red, or as she called it Auburn hair, a pierced belly button, and a nice tight little ass with a huge puckered asshole. Linda knew exactly what I wanted and the price was fairly reasonable-- $200/hr. Afer the preliminaries, she had me lay down and started to give me a rather skilled blow-job. She sucked me while I played with her tits and hair. She then layed down and let me taste her. My only complaint is that she was a pretty heavy smoker and that sometimes can make everything taste like ashes. She loved being eaten and made me believe that she actually came at least twice. She then got on all fours on the edge of the bed, revealing one of the biggest, puckered assholes I ever saw. It was what you would call an outie in belly-button terms. I got to rub it while fucking her from behind until I came (greek was not on the menu). All this took about 45 minutes, in which she never made me feel rushed. We talked for several minutes afterward and I even contemplated having her stay for the night for a price of $600.00. She was that good, in bed and in conversation.=20 Music City Tours will help make your evening all that you want it to be.
Subject: Nashville report Date: Tue, 01 Apr 1997 16:19:58 -0600 Olivia's in Nashville: Nashville seems to be full of whorehouses. Olivia's will accept $100 for full service, including tax, tip and everything. About a dozen girls, ranging from cute little blondes with butt cheeks poking out of blue jean shorts to a couple of chubbo supremes.
Subject: [ASP] Nashville Review Date: 30 Mar 1997 21:52:14 GMT Hello Again, Finally made my way back to Nashville over the weekend and had the opportunity to sample the local talent. Never having liked the "street scene", I opened the Yellow Pages and was blown away by the sheer number of ads for Escort Services. There are either 8 or 9 PAGES of ads that I had to digest before hitting the phone. I finally tracked down a girl that fit my tastes and set up a time for here to meet me at my hotel. The service I ended up using was "A Touch of Class" ( O believe they are also affiliated with "Southern Comfort") at least the rates and options were the same. The girl's name is not being used per her request and according to her the standard policy at her agency is "no sexual contact on agency time". Apparantly, the escort services in Nashville do not employ the girls, they are independents that pay a refferal (sp?) fee to the agency. This fee is collected by the agency's driver that delivers the girls around town. So, I guess, whatever they do is on their own time. However, she also said that most of the escorts she knows meet their clients with the intention of providing full service for the stated fee with no tipping. The fee was $200/hour or 2 hours for $300. I chose the 2 hour option and had a very enjoyable time with an escort that rated about a 6 with "girl next door looks and attitude". Get off as many times as you like, or can, during the session. Here is some general info about other services I contacted: Southern Comfort - same fee structure, probably affiliated Farmers Daughters - $100/1/2 hour, additional time negotiated with escort. Petite Blondes - answered by same person as Farmers Daughters Showgirls - phone disconnected Blonde Models - phone disconnected Blondes & More - phone disconnected While I didn't count the ads, there were probably 75 different agency names and numbers in the phone book. If I get down there again soon, I'll try to do some more weeding to find out who is affiliated with whom.
Subject: Review: Dawn's in Nashville, TN Date: Thu, 8 May 1997 00:38:22 -0400 Well, as luck would have it, I found myself in Nashville ... and based on some of the reviews posted here, I decided to visit Dawn's for the evening. Before venturing out, I looked in the "Nashville Scene" newspaper, and found a $20-off coupon for Dawn's. Dawn's is 1-2 miles south of downtown on 8th Street. This area appears to be industrial in nature, but it didn't appear too dangerous. There is parking in front of Dawn's, as well as on a side street and behind the building. The building is not much to look at from the outside, but the inside is decorated very well. When I rang the bell, I was greeted by a short, attractive brunette ... I think she said her name was Sabre. Within a few seconds, about 10 young ladies had lined up to introduce themselves to me ... short, tall, blondes, brunettes ... you name it. I selected Angela ... a well-built blonde about 5'6" tall ... who escorted me to a private room to explain the rate structure ... everything from $30 for 10 minutes, to $120 for an hour. The 45-minute and 1-hour sessions include a dip in a jacuzzi ... and the coupon I mentioned above is only good for those "long sessions". I chose the 1-hour session ... $100 with the coupon. We went back up front and handled the financial arrangements. Angela returned, and we went back to another room in the back of the building. The room was attractive, with an angular platform/bed (with three mirrors) and a large, 2-person jacuzzi, again with a large mirror. Angela was wearing a short white halter dress, and as she bent over, first to adjust the water in the jacuzzi and then to put linens on the bed, she revealed very shapely, well-tanned legs. Angela left again for a 1-2 minutes to get me a soft drink, after telling me to go ahead and "get comfortable". When she returned, she removed the halter dress and her white french-cut panties ... revealing her well-tanned body. She had better than average breasts (implants, from the feel, but VERY attractive nevertheless) with nipples that were 1/2 long or better when erect. Her pubic hair was very nicely trimmed. BTW ... I know you're going to ask ... Angela said she was 32. We hopped in the hot tub after Angela put some liquid soap in it ... and once she turned on the jets we had LOTS of bubbles. We said facing each other for a few minutes ... engaged in small talk and a little light stroking. She placed her feet in my lap and gave me an interesting "foot and toe job" ... after which I turned around and she rubbed my back. When we got out of the tub, we both dried off somewhat ... but Angela beckoned me to get up on the bed ... she would finish drying me off. I laid face-down on the bed ... and she gave me a WONDERFUL 4-5 minute back rub. The then asked me to flip over ... and she did the same on the front. I noticed when I laid down that she already had a condom out of the pack and ready to go. After a few more minutes of massage ... she asked me to raise my legs, and she hopped up on the bed and sat between my legs. She put some baby lotion on her hands and gently massaged my cock. I sat up, and she sat up as well, and I sucked and licked one tit ... it was VERY nice to see and feel her nipple getting hard and erect. She wouldn't let me lay back down until I had treated the other tit to a similar tongue lashing. Angela has VERY talented hands, and I began to worry that I wouldn't make it thru the handjob ... much less the entire session ... and when she told me to let her know when to put the condom on, I told her that I would very much like oral. With that, she skillfully rolled the condom onto my cock, scooted back a little and proceeded to suck for all she was worth. I'm sure you've heard the phrase "she could suck-start a Harley" ... well, I'm sure that if anyone could, Angela could. Somehow though, I managed not to cum, despite several minutes of sheer oral bliss. I told Angela that I was really into GIVING oral as well, and after telling me that it wasn't really in "the program", she then agreed to let me lick for a few minutes. For a woman who's had several children (according to her) she had a very pretty, tight pussy ... but it didn't take long for it to get wet. I'm pretty sure she really came (I don't think she could have faked some of the convulsions, juiciness, etc.) and after that, we engaged in some good, old-fashioned man-on-top fuckin'. After hearing, seeing and feeling her cum, I was pretty excited, and it didn't take long for me to cum as well. We laid there for a few minutes, my semi-erect cock still inside her, just making small talk. I looked at the clock after we got up, and it was 50 minutes after I had gone back to the room. Angela plugged in a fan (it was getting a little warm, from both the jacuzzi and our aerobic exercise) and ran some cool water in the jacuzzi. I stood in it and rinsed / cooled off as she cleaned up. After dressing, she walked me to the door. As I was leaving, about 3 guys were coming in ... pretty busy for a Wednesday night. Bottom line: on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being the worst fuck you ever had, and 10 being sheer, orgasmic ecstasy, I'd give it a 7-8. Did I enjoy myself? Damn straight I did!! Would I go back? In a heartbeat!! Would I recommend Angela to my friends (and you)? Yes, yes I would!! I had a VERY enjoyable hour, naked, with an attractive lady ... who also happened to be naked ... who gave a mean backrub, sucked like a Hoover vacuum, moaned and squirmed at all the right times while being licked ... and then pumped the ol' Johnson dry. Yep ... all in all it's the best $100 I've spent on myself in a while.
Subject: [ASP] REVIEW: Nashville Date: Sun, 18 May 1997 12:06:53 -0500 Nashville is one of my favorite towns; something about that Southern hospitality. I've tried two in call places. The first is called Aja Toyo Spa. It's on the right side of 8th Avenue as you head south. I drove by the first time and decided to stop in . I did not see it listed in the phone book on subsequent trips. It's a light colored brick building with parking in the front. I went there three times during the summer of '96 and saw the same woman: Sandy (Korean, 5'4"" 105 pounds, curly black hair. about thirty. Very slender with a nice rack. I'd give her a 7.) Cost- $200. I got the full treatment (shower, massage,and full service.) Description- Super massage, including a walk down my spine. (I could use that right now!) Head was ok. Tight box, relatively enthusiastic. The first visit was great. The second visit was not as good, as I was told that it would be about 10 minutes before she could see me, but it ended up being almost 45. They were short staffed. The third time was awful. They were still short staffed and the wait was much longer than advertised. She was bitching about something with the other girl who was working, and actually left twice in the middle of massage to answer the phone and the door . By this time, I had been there almost two hours with nothing to show for my time, I asked for my money back when she returned and she refused. I told her that she had lost a repeat customer and left. I was in Nashville again this week and decided to check out Dawn's. This place is also on 8th ave, on the left side as you head south. the address is in the phone book. They have parking in the front and on the side street. I was greeted by 4 women when I arrived (ranging from about 6 to 8 in appearance. this was about 5:30 on a Friday afternoon.) Angela: (5'5" 125 pounds. Enhanced boobs, Angular features, yet soft. Curly shoulder length blonde hair. I would guess about 30 years old. Very tan, but her skin is soft and smooth and she doesn't let the sun get on her face. She's had at least one kid. No piercing or tattoos.) She said her regular hours were 12pm to 11 pm, every day but Tuesday and Thursday. Looks were in the 7-8 range, but she has a wonderful attitude. Cost- $100 for 45 minutes for "massage and hot tub". No tipping signs prominently posted, to discourage hustling. (I saw her settle up with the management before we went back to the room- It looked like 40 went to the house.) Description- FANTASTIC. Good conversation. We did the hot tub thing, and she rubbed my cock with her feet. She made me feel at ease and brought up the no tipping policy, as I wanted anal sex. She said she didn't like to discuss money, and that she relied on her customers to tip what they thought was appropriate. Amazing! We got out of the tub and went over to a raised platform with a cushion, surrounded by mirrors. She gave me a brief but satisfying massage and asked me if I wanted to flip over. Head with rubber was ok, but she was enthusiastic and made good eye contact while she sucked me. I returned the oral favor and she seemed to enjoy it. We fucked in the missionary position for a while, and I was enjoying her noisy encouragements. I was about to let loose, so I asked if we could stop and commence with the back door festivities. She looked startled, and said "What?!" I reminded her of what we talked about in the tub and she told me she thought I said oral sex. (The water was running and the jets were on, so this is understandable.) I said it was O.K. if she didn't want to. To my surprise,she said that she was willing, but we might have to stop short, as she didn't know if I would fit inside her. (She had a nice tiny pink pucker, and while I am of average length, I am quite thick.) She rolled over on her side and lubed us both up with some slippery gel. She inserted the tip of my cock in her ass and pushed back until I was buried. She told me to go slow, and she moved her hips in time with my slow, short strokes. I rolled my self up on to my knees and pumped it into her while she was on her side. The mirrors made the whole thing very erotic, as I could see my cock stretching her ass. This went on for a while and then I rolled her over on to her tummy and fucked her a little more vigorously. I asked her several times during the ass fucking if she was ok. She let me know when it was too much and she encouraged me when she was comfortable. She was enthusiastic and was driving me wild with dirty talk. I wanted to come on her tits, so she unwrapped me, wiped me off thoroughly with baby wipes and finished her work by simultaneously stroking me, playing with my balls and fingering my ass. I let loose with four or five huge spurts, which looked very nice on her tanned round titties. We finished in about 50 minutes, but I did not feel rushed at all. I tipped her $80 and we agreed that I should stop back on my next visit to Nashville.-
Subject: Re: [ASP] Nashville Date: Sun, 25 May 1997 01:46:23 GMT I was in Nashville last summer and, on recommendation, tried Dawn's on S 8th. Lots of girls to choose from, all pretty nice and enthusiastic. The prices are quoted in 10 minute increments, the more time the more service. Look for a coupon in the local free advertising paper available in markets etc around town.
Subject: Re: [ASP] Looking for Nashville Information Date: 8 Jul 1997 23:13:46 GMT You can't go wrong with any of the "massage parlors" on 8th st. Dawn's and Cleoptra's delight are my favorites but Miko's and the others are excellent also. The price and selection at these places is so good and the girls are great fun. i've never bothered with an escort service when I hit Nashville, IMHO it's easily the best sex scene in the US.
Date: Sun, 24 Aug 1997 13:59:39 -0400 Subject: Nashville Update I recently visited The Private Dancer in Nashville and found it not to be as reported earlier. After ringing the doorbell I was met by a lovely young lady who showed me to he front of the building <no questions, no membership #, etc> and showed me a "menu" of services. basically it was a price list for the # of songs. The list included $10 for 1 song all the way to $140 for an hour's worth. I chose the "foreplay" -- 4 songs for $60. I was taken to a room and the girl went to get a CD. When she returned she started the music and within 15 seconds was totally naked. She proceeded to get all over me...rubbing her nude body all over me, using her knee and hand to rub my crotch...and then the most surprising thing happened...she lowered her pussy down on my face! She tasted very good and I got to eat her as much as I wanted. After the 1st song she mentioned I could undress also and stated $20 for a hand job or more was available if I wanted. We negotiated $60 for a blow job w/o condom. She was fantastic! Took her time and didn't make me come too fast. After the session was over she told me next time to get the $140 full hour since it included full-service with no additional tipping required. Needless to say the next time I am in Nashville I will return to the Private Dancer. Oh BTW...when I visit there were 4 girls available (3pm or so in the afternoon) and all were in the 6-8 range. I had my choice and could not have gone wrong with any of them. I highly recommend the Private Dancer!
Subject: Nashville massage parlors Date: Mon, 3 Nov 1997 14:46:14 -0500 I have just moved into Nashville and have tried four different massage parlors to find one that has the best ladies. The best was Olivia's where I met Haley who is about an eight and for a "tip" of $100.00 gave me all. I also tried Angela there but she was a little rougher than Haley. I also tried Dawn's and Cleopatras which rated about a couple of steps below Olivia's. One place to stay away from is Lily's on Church Street. Erika is no longer there and the lady I was with was very skitish and not all that good looking. I think they may have been raided. The Nashville establishment is trying its best to get rid of the adult entertainment industry. Fireworks to start soon. An addendum to my report. There are no street walkers on Lafayette Street as reported before. Also, all of the Escort services are about the same and there are hundreds to choose from. There are also some private ladies you can get from Nashville Scene magazine.
Subject: Nashville update Date: Mon, 09 Mar 1998 18:00:47 PST Am in Nashville now, 3/9/98. Have been to several places this week and thought I would give updated pricing....... Dottie's - all druggies and gals are about a -4 on scale Kathy's - only open until 5pm. Never got there. Sunny's - American gals were there now all great fucks. $125 full service session. Tokyo - spa, very quick and to the point, can get bj for $25.00 Cleopatra's - my 2nd favorite in Nashville. Great gals, they all take their time, no tipping great service. $100 to $125 for full service. Olivia's - great gals, small place, cost is lots higher...$105 for full service session but must tip to get it. $50 to $100 tip thus it is $155.00 to $205 total. Dawn's - my favortie. $100 for full serivce with hot tub. Lots of gals to choose from and very nice looking. Get some hot tub time too. A MUST VISIT! Try the two gal sessions. Miko's - Very high class and high price. Cost $60 to get int the door. Gals want about $260 now for a session. Good gals, good sessions but can get just as good at Dawn's for $140 less. All other places suck or are too new to find. Stick with Dawns and you can not go wrong.....
Date: Mon, 9 Mar 1998 21:02:53 EST Subject: Nashville Greetings, what follows is a report on this weekend in Nashville. Some of the reports in on the Nashville area give conflicting data, but my experience this weekend revealed a couple things, the main one being that the stated price in most places is for full service if you choose the 45 minute or one hour session. Three places on 8th avenue south offer one price service, Dawn's, Cleopatras, and Olivias. Both Dawn's and Cleopatras offer whirlpool service. Going rates are for one hour are 120 at Dawn's. 110 at Cleopatras, and 105 at Olivias, but bring correct change as you will not get any. 45 minute sessions are probably the best value and they cost 100, 90, and 85 respectively, but if you pick up a copy of the Nashville Times magazine there are coupons for 20 dollars off the 45 and 60 minute sessions at Dawns and Cleopatras. Each place operates the same way, you enter, the available girls line up and give you a name, you choose one and go to a room and they discuss prices. No tipping signs are posted everywhere. My advice is to visit each place and find the one that has the girl you want and go back there. Dawns keeps copies of Nashville Times, so go there first and grab a copy on the way out the door. The use the coupons when you come back. This weekend I enjoyed sessions at both Olivias and Dawns, and may still go to Cleopatras before leaving town. At Olivias I paid 105 for time with Angel, I cute tight 24 yo phillipina from Dallas in town for just two weeks. The session was okay, a half hearted massage, good conversation, and a nice missionary fuck, but their was no time stated at the outset and it was shorter than I had hoped for. I want to Dawn's later and chose Kira, a 21 yo college student, tall and creamy white skin...on her recommendation I took the 45 minute session and with my coupon handed her 80 dollars. The girl gets half of the amount. She left and came back and started to fill the whirlpool. I enjoyed 20 minutes in the whirlpool with her. Her body was firm and her breast excellent. She was quite intelligent and we enjoyed a good conversation. We were not rushed at all. We got out and she helped me dry off and then put a condom on me and gave a very nice blow job. Half way through she said, "I hope you like doggie, cause that's my favorite way. After five minutes of blowjob she got on her kness and I did her doggy. It was great cause I could see the clock in the room and could tell how long I lasted and there were mirrors everywhere. Some of her comments were obviously staged, but she did work with me and I had a nice cum. Afterwards, there was no hurry on her part and we chatted for a few more minutes until someone came and knocked on the door. All in all a very pleasant experience. I tipped her an extra 20 as I left, so it cost me 100 for a rather enjoyable time. I would go to Dawn's again, but it is important to wait for the girl you want, the better ones stay busy and are not always readily available while some of the others are worth avoiding. A word on Miko's, I went there two years ago and stopped in there again. Without a doubt they have the best selection of girls in Nashville, all shapes and sizes and all nationalities, and there you get shower, steam bath, sauna., massage. The drawback if you're cheap like me is that they are a little more expensive, 60 is the upfront fee and the girls work for tips. Still you can get full service and an enjoyable time there for 160, which is still better than most places in this country. I recommend Nashville highly. It's the last expensive for the best time of places I've been in country. Out of country is a different story of course.
Subject: [ASP] Nashville Date: 1998/04/20 8th Street is still alive and well. All the old places still there (hope none got damaged by the tornado last week). New places popping up for limited stints... Just look for the houses w/ the OPEN signs, and no curtains. This city RULES...... Check for some good reviews.

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